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Liz Love Bound (Wicked) 4 starsBound (Wicked) 4 starsBound (Wicked) 4 stars
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Bound (Wicked)
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Bound (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Bound (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Bound (Wicked) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Bound (Wicked) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Bound (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Bound (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Bound (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Bound (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bound (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/23/2008
Hello fans thought I'd say a few words on another Stormy Daniels movie I was lucky enough to get a hold of, a Michael Raven movie too. The gist of the story is Stormy starts off as a drug crazed woman, using sex to get her fix, heroin I believe it is. You see a souless sex scene with Vodoo where they both go through the motions and it was on purpose-- not that it didn't look good mind you but there wasn't a passion for what they were doing. Well she hits rock bottom when from nowhere a former customer of hers from a previous job she held waitressing comes to her rescue. He's an older gentleman and she resists at first but as times goes on she warms to him as she also kicks her drug habit, the two wed and have five years of good times before cancer claims the last five years where she grows to hate him while also hating herself for having these feelings.

Tony DeSergio is the family lawyer I gather and he helped out the old man while he was alive but after he's gone his attentions turn to getting Stormy back on her feet and out into the world-- indulge yourself he says. Again Stormy is reluctant and after he takes her to a swinger's party she's even more apprehensive but something at the party awakens dormant feelings she long surpressed. Back to the party, though, where we get another fine sex scene, this time with two couples. The girls were Roxy DeVille and Diana Doll. The lighting was a bit darker than perhaps I'm used to seeing watching so much gonzo but you still get good views of both couples fucking, they switch it up too before the ladies take the loads, Diana does most of the tasting from what I saw. Stormy didn't see this part but Roxy had also come on to her so this also helped to spur her sex dreams on and soon she's having fantasies about sucking Tony's cock, also you get some fine shots of Stormy in a bubble bath, boobies coated in soap, nice shot! I liked too in her dreams while sucking Tony you had lots of sparkling from her necklace to his shirt, to her eyes, I can't recall things sparkling in my dreams but it was interesting. Only a bj but she takes the load to her open mouth doing cleanup so even after five years of no sex she remembers how to suck dick!!

Well as the time goes on, months pass by she becomes more and more in his spell doing his crazy sex games like candle wax to her belly!! Cut to Tony in her house, wearing a robe, he's made himself quite at home it seems wonder if he's scheming for her fortune? Well we get Tony on the cell phone telling someone that he'll take care of it and he seemed worried but then Stormy walks in and he clams up saying he's only working on something for her. So to distract her he holds another party and this time it's packed with swingers and Stormy doesn't rush off watching this spectacle unfold. Candles flickering, Tony turns Stormy loose in the capable hands of Roxy who only a few months ago repulsed Stormy with her advances. Well the two girls have a seat on the couch and this time Stormy doesn't run off, giving in to the impulse. We hear Tony having a interpersonal dialogue too while watching, I think he's really falling for her and doesn't know what to do, so again I think he at first just wanted the money, stay tuned! Cut back to Roxy who uses some sort of electrical stimulation device on Miss Daniel's tits, tongue, and pussy. You don't hear it only see the facial reaction so judging by how she looked I'd say she felt pretty damn good, then you have Roxy diving in to eat her out which I know felt awesome. Good open view here too as those pretty pink pussy lips were spread wide open for Roxy's darting tongue, Stormy caressing her breasts, pulling Roxy's head deeper inside her thighs =Awesome!

Ok we finally get the juice the plan comes into the light and it's Roxy and Tony working together to get the dough from Stormy. He's supposedly tormenting her and from the dialogue from Stormy it seems she's been conflicted but not painfully so but Roxy after licking that sweet pussy then goes to confront Tony on how come their plan isn't farther along. Roxy deduces that he likes her, loves her even and he tries to act tough but Roxy drops down to take out his cock and well their spat can wait!! Roxy you bitch!!! A most spirited bj follows, then Tony lays pipe to this scheming vixen before dropping a nice load on her tongue. Cut to the next scene where we're at a dinner party featuring Tony, Randy Spears and Gianna Lynn-- she's signed a contract to be his sex slave, only speaking when he says, only eating when he says, she's surrendered her will completely. Gianna tries to justify what she's done but it almost sounds like a robotic response, she's been trained and now we get a demonstration of how well trained she is. Right there as they're enjoying their meal she whips out Randy's cock and as the music plays she blows him, guess the chicken wasn't to good, lol. Randy lays a little pipe too before splooging on her tongue. Tony then gets alone with Stormy and asks her does she wish that was her giving over so completely to Tony's will and she said yes. Would she fuck him in front of everyone, sign a contract giving her mind, sould, and most importantly her money to him and yes she did. Well still don't know if he's gonna 'screw' her but in the meantime they fuck!! Boobage and most impressive boobage as Tony suckles those melons. Cut then to Stormy giving a very nice looking bj, sensual and totally the way I'd want to see it done to me, lol. Reverse in the sex had some real good grinding and bouncing letting those titties dance-- even with a corset on they got to move a bit. Tony closes out coating those marvelous melons with his spunk squeezing the last drop out-- oh yeah she'd had a dog collar on too and some cum gets on that and she licks it off like a good slave.

Well as she slumbers we get Tony having an inner monologue about how he'd been screwed over during these past years, how it had been him who'd built up the fortune with the decisions and Stormy got it all instead of him. Roxy comes by and again wonders why this show isn't over yet, how come they don't have the money-- ahh they were married before, not now but she still wants the money she's been promised. He's in a hard spot it seems as he does like Stormy-- speaking of her that last conversation she overhead the last bit and finally knows the score. Well Tony decides that he just can't do it, cuts the dog collar off and sets her free, he loves her but got this love under false pretenses. As the movie fades he's come back to the house calling out for her, he'd got the money but lost the one thing he'd really wanted all along though he didn't know it, Stormy.

Well, well this was a pretty good flick. Tight direction and the story moved along nicely, dialogue handled well by the principals. Loved the bitch turn from Roxy, didn't see that coming until she confronted Tony but it just fit and kudos to her for doing such a good job. Stormy as the lead carried her part well, starting off as a junkie, turned into a loving wife who then has a guiltrip about feeling mad at her husband for first making her happy then taking that away by dying of cancer. Enter Tony as the 'friend' who at first awakens dormant sexual feelings and this was good until we learn of his real motive-- but then he's redeemed to a degree by setting Stormy free but in doing so loses the one thing he truly loves on this planet. Well told and the sex wasn' to bad either from Stormy taking on Vodoo or Tony to Roxy taking on Tony and then eating out Stormy's pussy-- a definite highlight. So all in all good flick well worth renting or purchasing for fans of Stormy and Roxy. Ok these extras are just that this time and jammed packed. You get a scene from the recently released Predator 2 with Stormy and Penny Flame who's dressed as a cop so yeah this one rocked it good. Also there's an extended cut of the Vodoo scene from this movie along with an extended cut of the BDSM that was going on during the Roxy/ Stormy lesbian tryst. It wasn't focused on to much during the scene, just peripherally so if you're into the whole whips and what not check this out. Finally there is some BTS for this going on for nearly a half an hour so yeah check this out too if you enjoyed the movie. Great job everyone, I don't watch to many features but this one certainly has me curious to see more.

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