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Bound Beauties (Anastasia Pierce)

Bound Beauties (Anastasia Pierce)

Studio: Anastasia Pierce
Category:  All Girl , Bondage
Directed by:
Starring: , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Bound Beauties (Anastasia Pierce):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Bound Beauties (Anastasia Pierce) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Bound Beauties (Anastasia Pierce) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Bound Beauties (Anastasia Pierce) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Bound Beauties (Anastasia Pierce) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Bound Beauties (Anastasia Pierce) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Bound Beauties (Anastasia Pierce) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bound Beauties (Anastasia Pierce) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  2/4/2013

Running Time: 82 min.

Production Date: None given

Director: Anastasia Pierce

Cast: Akira Lane, Anastasia Pierce, and Claudine

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very well done for a fetish release. The audio has a small hiss in a few places, as well as a few hollow spots, but normally is clear and nicely balanced. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks very nice. It's clear and well lit with a good hand on the camera.

Technical Problems: It took me three different DVD and DVD-ROM players in order to fully watch this disc. The problems were very heavy around 52 minutes and 76 minutes and often caused the movie to freeze completely and make me restart it. I examined the DVD for physical problems and could not see any.

The Movie: In Bound Beauties, Anastasia Pierce focuses on rope bondage, as well as classic lingerie and foot and leg worship.

Scene 1 - Anastasia Pierce

Raven tressed Anastasia starts out in a black patent corset and high heeled thigh high lace-up boots along with a baby blue garter belt and bra running a crop around herself to help show off her big tits. She pulls down her bra to show her tits a bit more before sitting back in a chair and showing off her pussy. She rubs it and works it over with a purple dildo before licking the toy clean.

Scene 2 - Akira Lane and Anastasia Pierce

Asian Akira starts out in a light lavender bra with a dark lavender garter belt and dark stockings as Anastasia shows up in her own classic lavender lingerie outfit complete with elbow length gloves. They chat about Akira's client being late as she admires Anastasia's outfit before Anastasia drops down to worship Akira's legs and shoes. Akira rubs her pussy softly as Anastasia worships her legs and feet before letting her admire her nipples with her mouth and hands. Akira runs her hands around Anastasia from behind before worshiping her legs, shoes, and feet in return, and helps Anastasia out of her top in return. Anastasia has other ideas in mind, and has Akira lay back so she can bind her ankles with a lavender rope before moving on with her wrists. Akira happily lays over a bench for Anastasia to tie her to the bench before spanking her ass and running her nails around her. She leaves Akira for a moment before returning with a gag and then teases her rubbing her breasts around Akira's face, flogging her back, and removing her shoes to worship her feet. Anastasia runs a cope between Akira's back and ankle to hold her feet up so she can flog them as well, and masturbates in front of Akira with her unable to do anything but watch. Finally she lets Akira know that she sees a customer out front and needs to get back to work before leaving her with a few slaps on the ass and laughs with Akira still bound to the bench.

Scene 3 - Anastasia Pierce and Claudine

Anastasia starts the next scene in a sequined corset smelling a rose before letting raven-tressed Claudine have a smell and running the bud around her body with Claudine wearing purple stockings along with a sheer black bra, panties, and corset. Claudine can't help but start rubbing her pussy as Anastasia runs the rose around her, and Anastasia moves in to worship Claudine's legs a bit before leaving Claudine to put on a little show with her legs showing off her purple stockings and sliding off her panties. Claudine breaks out a baby blue dildo that she sucks and runs inside her stockings and between her feet before finally working on her pussy. She fucks herself laying back and on her knees with plenty of sucks mixed in for her toy before Anastasia returns unhappy that Claudine started without her. She spanks Claudine's ass with the rose before taking Claudine across her knee, having Claudine hold her gloves in her mouth, and spanking her. Anastasia reaches under Claudine's classic garter belt and lifts it up to spank her bare ass while commenting on how warm and pink it's getting. She runs her nails around Claudine's red ass and pokes it with the heel of her pumps before having Claudine get on her knees with her arms behind her. Anastasia pokes Claudine's nipples with the heel of her pump before having Claudine sit back in the chair so she can tease her pussy with the heel and the toe of the pump. Finally Anastasia puts the shoe in Claudine's mouth to try to quiet her down before the camera fades out.

Scene 4 - Akira Lane and Anastasia Pierce

Akira and Anastasia start the penultimate scene on their backs on the floor wearing only black porno pumps and pantyhose. They're bound to each other with red ropes at the wrist and ankles and struggle against each other while also working in a few rubs at each other's pussy. They struggle to try to get into position to trib without success. The bonds magically change so they're bound wrist to ankle, as well as at the thighs scissoring each other while barely being able to rub against each other's pussy. Their situation changes again as a piece of gold duct tape appears on each girl's mouth while they continue to struggle at their bonds, and once again with a magic wand vibe appearing bound to Anastasia's leg with the head against her pussy. Akira holds it against Anastasia's pussy a bit as she tries to cry out, and then figures out how to move her body so that she can also feel the benefits of the toy.

Scene 5 - Anastasia Pierce and Claudine

The action returns to Anastasia and Claudine as Anastasia buckles a new shoe into Claudine's mouth. She strips off her top to rub her tits against Claudine before turning Claudine around to bind her wrists with a pink rope. She warns Claudine that she has plenty more in store for her and has her sit down before sliding her bra down to grope and lick her tits. Anastasia plays with the shoe in Claudine's mouth running her tits around it and licking it before Claudine magically appears in a complex rope bondage grid with Anastasia admiring her. She removes the shoe from Claudine's mouth and has her suck her tits before moving down to admire Claudine's stocking and rope clad legs. Anastasia rubs her pussy and kisses Claudine before running another rose around her bare breasts with Claudine moaning and letting her know how horny she is. Anastasia puts a rose in Claudine's mouth and leaves her bound in the chair before returning to put a pair of nipple clamps on Claudine and to tease her with the rose between her legs. She kicks things up another notch for Claudine putting on a series of metal spikes on her fingers and running them around Claudine's breasts and tongue while laughing. When Claudine starts begging for a cock, Anastasia gets her baby blue dildo and feeds it to her before running it around her pussy. Anastasia even grants her the pleasure of having the toy inside her before leaving it beside Claudine well within sight and reach, if she was untied, and then leaving Claudine alone to struggle against her bonds.

Bound Beauties is a very nicely done fetish release. Anastasia Pierce does a very nice job mixing things up to add a bit of depth to the scenes, rather than just having scenes with girls tied up, writhing around, and moaning on the floor. I love how she started the first scene with Akira with the foot and leg worship before moving on with the rope bondage, and Akira did a great job with her both in that scene as well as the later scene that focused much more on the rope bondage. Claudine also did a very nice job with Anastasia, and I really liked how much Anastasia drew things out with her. That said, as Claudine's two scenes here seem to be one scene split into two, I would have much preferred if this would have been one extra long scene with how much Anastasia built on her treatment of Claudine. They worked very well together, but I think having the rope bondage scene between Anastasia and Akira split it up tempered some of the heat of their scene. My other complaint is the opening solo scene with Anastasia. It's not a bad scene by any means, but it also just doesn't seem to fit in the movie. The rest of the movie had a rope bondage aspect, and this scene seemed to be just there for Anastasia to show off a bit. She works a good tease so I can't complaint too much about this, but this is the kind of scene that would have made a great bonus scene in the extras, strengthening both the main feature by leaving it a bit more focused as well as the overall DVD by showing some care and effort towards the extras. Bound Beauties is a very nice fetish release that leaves me looking forward to check out more of Anastasia Pierce's fetish releases.

The Extras: None

Final Thoughts: If you're a fan of classic lingerie, foot and leg worship, or rope bondage, it's definitely worth checking out.

Note to Anastasia Pierce Productions: You have some very nice scenes here. I hope in the future you put a little effort into the extras even if it's something as simple as a bonus scene from one of your other releases.

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