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Bouncer, The

Bouncer, The

Studio: Big Blue Productions
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Bouncer, The:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Bouncer, The overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Bouncer, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Bouncer, The Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Bouncer, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Bouncer, The Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Bouncer, The DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bouncer, The A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  3/6/2004
The credits announce The BOUNCER as a Blue Blake film. This is indeed accurate, as Blake makes films not just porn. Instilling his productions with a strong plot makes Blake a man after my own hard. His star in this one is Jake Gianelli, a muscular hunk who could win the Mr. Olympia competition. Wow, but this man is built. Jake ‘s character is a bouncer by trade, but makes most of his income selling illegal steroids to weightlifters and other athletes. (It is a plot right out of today’s headlines.) Also in the cast are Jim Slade, Jason Hawke, Ben Campezi, and Tony Valentino who are becoming Big Blue regulars. New to me are Viktor Perseo and Tony Cage, a great-looking muscle hunk who is called Luke Cage in the Behind the Scenes section. Blue’s brother Gage has a cameo appearance. Blue himself appears in a non-sex role.

As the film opens Jake is asleep beside a female who is stroking the bulge in his undies and reaching inside them. The phone rings but Jake feigns sleep. It is the dame’s cue to leave and she does. As soon as she is gone, Jake reaches under the bed and pulls out a box containing his steroids, a large wad of cash, and a package from Fed Ex. The package contains a video, which he slips into the VCR. He sits to watch the film. On the screen we see Gage Blue flex and exercise. He also exercises the uncut muscle containing a fine Prince Albert between his legs. Jake begins to feel the need for a little exercise as well, but doesn’t. In the film, Gage shoots a mighty load.

Jake now goes to shower, leaving the wad of cash in plain view. Two outdoor workers spy the money though the window and enter the bedroom. They are played by Viktor Perseo and Ben Campezi. Oddly enough, once they are inside the bedroom they become more interested in one another than in the cash. Well, maybe that isn’t so odd after all. Ben is a beautiful hunk of man. Black hair tops a moviestar-handsome face. His torso is totally hairless and gleams like fine porcelain. His dick is uncut. Viktor kneels to suck it. In Blake’s film STRAIGHT JOCKS CONFESS, we learn that Ben is married and that his wife helps him prepare for his roles by fucking him with a dildo. She also accompanies him on the shoots. Well, Ben may be straight but he really looks good with a cock in his mouth and in his ass. And his own cock is rock-hard as he consumes Viktor’s. After Viktor has fucked him, Ben shoots an enormous load.

There is now a huge gap in the plot. Did these guys take the money? Did Jake finish his shower in time to catch them? Was the use of the bedroom all they wanted? This bothers me. Inquiring minds want to know.

Well, we next see Jake tooling along in his automobile. He uses his cell phone to call Tony Cage to tell him about his new supply of steroids but Tony tells him he’s clean and is going to stay that way. He adds that he never wants to see Jake again. Tony has been working out with dumbbells. He now begins working out with his shaved balls and dick. He thinks of Jake showering as he beats off. The steroids may be out of his system, but Jake is not. Of course there is something else out of his system as the scene ends.

Jake arrives at the gym where he quarrels with Jim Slade who owes him money. When Jim refuses to pay, Jake makes an ominous phone call. Jason Hawke has entered the locker room and tells Jake he wants to be bigger. “I’m not a personal trainer!” Jake snarls. Jason tells him that he has heard about the steroids and wants to try them. For Jake to consider this, Jason must first suck his cock. Jason tells Jake that he’s straight. (He’s removed his tongue piercing for the role.) Jake just shoves Jason’s face into his crotch and Jason’s off and sucking. Now Jason is one of those performers who always makes my uh, interest pick up. He’s beautiful to look at and he’s a skilled performer. His uncut cock sticks straight out as he swallows Jake’s. Jake cannot resist it and begins to blow Jason. He tells Jason that if he can have him for sex occasionally, he will give Jason the steroids he needs. Jason readily agrees. Jake’s attention now turns to Jason’s delectable butt. He tells Jason he wants to eat it. Jason gets on all fours on the locker room bench to give Jake access to his ass. It’s also a good position to get fucked. Jake does just that. They finish the fuck in the mission position. Jason gets a steroid starter kit as a reward.

As a result of Jake’s phone call, Jim Slade is forced into a van and driven to a secluded spot. There he is dumped from the vehicle and forced to suck Tony Valentino’s dick. He’s about as reluctant to do this as a man dying of thirst would be to drink water. Tony is a hot Aussie with a shaved head. He has a beautiful smooth body with a plump cock and even plumper balls. He’s “gay-for-pay” but well worth the money! Jim is well muscled and admits to being “bi”. He does know how to suck dick. After giving Tony’s tool a real workout he leans over the tailgate of the van for Tony to ride his tail. Tony’s plump cock makes a big hole in Jim’s smooth buns. Jim then sits on the thick tool taking it all the way. (The camerawork is especially good here.) The scene ends with Tony spurting a humongous load into Jim’s mouth. Jim sucks the skuzzy cock clean. His own load spatters the stones. Tony then telephones Jake to tell him that Jim has been punished. THIS WAS PUNISHMENT? If it were me I’d never pay Jake in hope that Tony would “punish” me again and again.

Finally we see Jake at his bouncer job. He throws out an unruly customer—Blue Blake and stomps on him. Blake is certainly courageous. There are not many directors would give an actor such temptation.

Jake now has a fantasy. In his fantasy he imagines he is in bed with Viktor Perseo, and Viktor is sitting on his face. Viktor next digs his tongue into Jake’s crack. Jake moves into a 69—rather a 69 ½--sucking Viktor’s dick while Viktor continues to eat his ass. A nude Ben Campezi appears. His stiff uncut cock is a temptation and Jake yields to it. As Jake and Viktor lie side by side, Ben takes turns going down on both of them. Jake then rims both their asses and fucks them; Ben sucking Viktor’s cock when it’s his time to get fucked. They jack off lying side by side.
The fantasy ends and Jake gets a phone call from the doctor telling him he has been given the wrong medicine with unusual side effects such as we have just witnessed.

The DVD is loaded with extras. In addition to the traditional Scene Selection, there are Cum Shots where we can cut right to the finish, Previews of other Big Blue Productions, a neat Behind the Scenes where Jake tells Ben not to be too tight as it will hurt his dick, and a gallery with great photos.

Blake has an excellent videographer in Andre Adair who is at the top of his form here. The music by Rock Hard is among the best I have heard.

Despite the great holes in the plot, this is a fine film and would make an excellent addition to one’s collection. THE BOUNCER will provide all the workout you’ll need.

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