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Boulder Boys

Boulder Boys

Studio: Marina Pacific
Category:  Gay

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Joe Shaver's ratings for Boulder Boys:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Boulder Boys overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Boulder Boys Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Boulder Boys Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Boulder Boys Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Boulder Boys Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Boulder Boys DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Boulder Boys A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  2/22/2004
I first became acquainted with PatandSam productions when they only offered their productions on VHS. I found a couple of these “amateur” (but NOT amateurish) films on auction sites and enjoyed them. Since I no longer watch VHS, I had forgotten how much I did enjoy them until renewing my acquaintance on this DVD.

Although it has lots of entry points, BOULDER BOYS (a pun on or misspelling of “Bolder”) is divided into two parts: “The Saturday Marathon” and “Rick’s Anal Awakening”.

“The Saturday Marathon” begins with Brian and Lenny seated on the sofa. Brian is short with close-cropped hair and is straight. Lenny is younger and gay. They strip completely nude and begin to stroke their cocks while watching a porn film. Brian has tattoos on both arms (including the Marine Corps insignia) it’s an average body. Lenny is very pale and soft. When they stand up to flog their meat and the camera pans behind them we see that Brian has a great ass. Pity he’s straight. Brian cums and goes.

Lenny is clothed when we see him again, but not for long. Louis has arrived. He is short, and has dark hair with a mustache and goatee. When they strip we see that Louis has a wiry bod. A thatch of hair is between his pecs. Hardly any hair above his cock. He has clipped it really close to emphasize his major attribute—a huge cock. It is not long before Lenny leans over and sucks on the monster. He is doing this when Jason arrives and quickly stops. Jason is quite young and very c-u-t-e. Even though we are told it’s his first time, he is quick to shuck off his clothes and join the others on the sofa. While Louis and Lenny are watching the film, Jason seems fascinated by Louis’ big cock. So, when Lenny goes back sucking it, Jason reaches over and strokes Lenny’s head, then grabs onto Louis’ cock. Louis reaches over to seize Jason’s, which is a nice one for such a young lad. Lenny then sucks Jason. This seems like such fun that Jason goes down on Louis. Mikey—uh, Jason—likes it! He really likes it! One taste of cock and the kid becomes an addict. He moves over to suck on Lenny, but Lenny makes him stop for fear he will cum, so Jason dives back onto Louis. Peter—a really handsome young guy—enters and watches. We cut to the three (Jason, Louis, and Lenny) sitting demurely on the sofa jacking off, but before long Jason is on his knees sucking on Louis’ maypole. Lenny stands and moves closer and now Jason has two to suck. Often he takes both into his mouth. At this point the cameraman (who is as stiff as I am) says, “Hey, Jason”. The kid wastes no time in scooting over to sample this new meat, pulling down the zipper for better access. Lenny has taken over on Louis so when the cameraman withdraws his tasty sausage, Jason fastens onto Lenny. He also gives Lenny the finger. Lenny cums. As they sit back on the sofa to jack themselves off, Jason cums first. Louis then drops a huge load on Jason’s belly.

Everyone has left now but Jason and Peter. Jason is clothed again. We are told that Peter thought Jason was cute and wanted him for himself. (Peter and I are of like minds.) These boys waste no time in getting out of their clothes. Peter has a navel tattoo of Chinese letters. He has trimmed his pubes. It doesn’t take long before Jason is going down on Peter’s peter. (Why doesn’t this kid live next door to me?) Now as Peter is about to go down on Jason might be a good time to point out that Jason has a nice big dick. Peter’s dick is really stiff when Jason returns to it. Once again sitting side by side they shoot their loads.
Now that’s the way to spend a Saturday!

“Rick’s Anal Awakening” begins with Rick’s first appearance at the “studio” when he jacked off with Lenny. We are told that Rick is straight and not into “that oral stuff” and indeed when Lenny offers to give him head while they are watching the video, Rick refuses. Rick is a real beauty: dark hair, a face that is movie-star-handsome, a nice swimmer’s build, a nicer cock, and great pendulous balls. Although he won’t let Lenny give him head he does allow him to lick those low hangers. Lenny does so with a pierced tongue and Rick is not long in shooting, leaving a stream on Lenny’s cheek. “It’s just one step at a time for me,” Rick explains. But in the next scene he takes a giant leap forward.

For Rick’s second time there is a bit of a plot. We find him in his bedroom. He strips, draws a pile of dirty magazines—straight ones, of course—from under his bed, and proceeds to view them and stroke his meat. His roommate Santana comes home and hearing something in the bedroom goes to investigate. He sees Rick take a butt plug from a bag, lube it up, and try to insert it where the sun don’t shine. Santana enters to give him a helping hand—and much more. Santana, a handsome Latino with a good build, tells him there is so much hair in the crack he’s having rough time inserting the butt plug. They get in the shower where Santana shaves Rick’s crack, teasing him all the while with his prick nudging those virginal buns. Returning to the bedroom, Santana inserts the butt plug to loosen Rick’s hole. This done, he places his bare dick against the hole and enters him raw. Rick’s first fuck is bareback. Santana eventually pulls out to cum on Rick’s back. Rick solos with a dildo stuck up his butt.

We next find Rick showering. In the living room sits Austin. He’s blond, wears glasses (which he removes, although he looks good in them) and has a nice smooth body devoid of hair. The lack of pubic hair makes what we are told is a ten-inch dick look even larger. (I’d like to measure it to be sure.) Austin is watching porn and getting horny. He starts to stroke his cock. He sees Rick go into the bedroom wearing only a towel. Rick is playing with his butt plug when Austin quietly strips and offers him something else. He begins with the dildo Rick used at the end of the scene with Santana. A long yellow gizmo with a bulbous head. It’s but a brief prelude to Austin’s ten inches. Like Santana’s, it is a doggy fuck. Unlike Santana, Austin uses a condom. The film is overexposed for this scene—yes, it has been transferred from film—giving us a picture quality that is not up to DVD standards. But these guys are hot; and, although miffed, I am willing to overlook this. Rick sits on Austin’s dick facing him. Austin speaks softly and encouragingly to him and then proudly tells the cameraman that Rick has taken the whole ten inches. Rick changes position, now facing away from Austin to continue riding the long cock. Then it’s back to the doggy position where Rick now pushes his butt back onto Austin’s cock as though he can’t get enough. Austin massages Rick’s back and shoulders while his cock massages Rick’s entrails. They lay side by side to jack off. Austin is the first to cum. He massages Rick’s balls to help him achieve orgasm.

My only disappointment with this one is the fact that the DVD only has two chapter entry points: one for each part. I would have liked for it to have entries within those, so that one could cut right to the Austin-Rick scene in Part Two, for example; or to the Jason-Peter scene, say in Part One. That’s why I’ve rated it low for the“Extras”. That aside, Wowee!

These films follow much the same idea as the Body Shoppe or New Meat series in getting a group of amateurs together to have sex on camera. But they are much, MUCH better! Unlike the Body Shoppe Productions we don’t have a dirty old man reaching out from behind the cameras to grope the participants, and we don’t have a gravely voice constantly chattering away promising the performers “pussy next time” which I find a real distraction and turn-off. There is no such pretense for guys at Pat and Sam. Whether straight, bi, or gay these guys know exactly why they are here. So I don’t feel uncomfortable like I do watching the Body Shoppe. Unlike the New Meat series we don’t have an old personage who would scare Dracula making the boys have sex with him. The people at Pat and Sam don’t force the performers into having on camera sex with them. True, the cameraman offered his dick to the greedy Jason in this one, but it was an offer Jason was more than willing to accept. And it was a YOUNG dick!

In my opinion, when it comes to amateur videos, PatandSam’s are the best things out there.

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