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Bottoming Desire, The

Bottoming Desire, The

Studio: Marina Pacific
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Bottoming Desire, The:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Bottoming Desire, The overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Bottoming Desire, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Bottoming Desire, The Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Bottoming Desire, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Bottoming Desire, The Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Bottoming Desire, The DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bottoming Desire, The A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  2/22/2007
Just when I feared I was becoming disinterested in porn by seeing the same old things over and over, along comes a new studio with a talented team and a fresh approach that appears to take porn filming seriously. Fierce Dog is the new studio. THE BOTTOMING DESIRE is its first feature film. With handsome young actors, fine production values, some good sex, and an actual plot—it is an awesome and auspicious beginning.

The star name is the established performer Brad Star, but the star of the film is Tory Mason whom we ogled in the December Freshman Magazine. From his head to his toes this slender young hottie is very desirable. Indeed his feet are so beautiful that I couldn’t imagine why one of the others didn’t give them the oral worship that is their due. (Okay, so I have a foot fetish!)
Tory plays an artist whose work has lost it. Brad is his agent who hopes to get Tory’s work back to its full potential.

As the film opens Tory is getting a blowjob from Kyle the Trick. (That’s the name he’s listed here as.) Kyle is a curly-haired cutie who eerily resembles a straight kid I know. Kyle brings Tory to orgasm; then hops up and declares, “My turn!”
But Tory is non-reciprocal. He wipes the cum from his chest and belly with his underwear, tosses the sodden briefs to Kyle, and leaves the deserving lad to fend for himself. Sniffing Kyle’s cum filled underwear, Kyle jacks off.

In an effort to rekindle Tory’s art, Brad has brought by a couple of hot young models to pose for him. One is Steven Pulse, a youngster with two pierced nipples and a tuft of bleached hair sticking up from an otherwise dark head, making him resemble a cockatoo. (I think cockatoos are cute. I think Steven is too.) The other model is the up and coming star, Jarett Fox. Jarett is another bottle-baby. I’m referring to his hair which is longish and unkempt. That together with his unshaven appearance in this film gives him a somewhat seedy but very sexy air. Jarrett is very slim and is the enviable possessor of quite a large dick. I don’t know about his inspiring Tory, but Jarett certainly inspires me!
Before departing and leaving these models alone with the artist, Brad tells Jarett to come over later.
“Do I have to?” he replies grudgingly.
It is, however, an order.

As Tory sets up his canvas and starts to sketch them, the two nude models on his sofa start to take matters (and other things) into their own hands. Finally, Tory stalks off and leaves them to it. Cocks are sucked, and Jarett screws Steven. When it’s cum-time Jarrett’s load is awesome, thoroughly coating Steven’s neck.

Jarett now shows up at Brad’s as requested. He is required to audition Jaime Donovan, a delectable twink with a pierced lip. Getting Jamie to turn around, Jarett quickly lowers Jamie’s pants.
Jamie is surprised and somewhat confused. Brad tells him he is free to leave at any time. Wanting the job, Jaime submits to the casting couch approach. He’s glad he did when Jarett’s tongue probes his sphincter. Brad—seated across the room—is watching this and pulling on his growing prick.
Tory appears at Brad’s door and Brad ushers him in. Tory quietly goes over and sits on the stairs to watch.
As Jamie gives in to Jarett’s probing tongue and settles down to sit on Jarett’s face, Brad (now as naked as the boys) strides over and goes down on Jarett’s admirable dick. Jamie’s ass becomes the recipient of both Jarett and Brad’s cocks. On the stairs, Tory jacks off.

Tory returns home but is still turned on by what he has witnessed. Placing a mirror so he can observe himself, Tory lies on the bed and begins inserting fingers into his butt. While thus engaged, Steven Pulse who has forgotten his bag of toys surprises him. Steven takes a huge black double-headed dildo from his toy bag and soon has one end of it up Troy’s squirming ass. Tory is in heaven. He asks Steven for the real thing, but Steven says he has a better idea. He sits down on the other end of the dildo. Lying butt to butt they take turns banging their butts together, fucking themselves on the shared dildo.

Now alerted to the joys of anal intercourse, Tory high-tails it over to Brad’s (no pun intended—okay, there was). He tells Brad he has an idea for a masterpiece. Spreading a canvas on the floor, Tory dribbles paint on it ala Jackson Pollack; then strips and gets onto the canvas. His ass is in the air waiting for Brad’s cock. It’s not a long wait. Brad plows the artist’s ass. Brad’s low hanging balls bang against Tory’s.
It’s not often we see a performer convey extreme enjoyment in being fucked. Troy certainly does! In the Freshman interview he describes himself as a “power bottom”. He proves in this film that that is an understatement.

In the final scene, the awakened Tory knocks on Kyle’s door. He apologizes for his behavior in scene one. He drops to his knees and sucks Kyle’s cock. (It is the first time we see Tory suck a cock in the film. That makes it both hot and shows his sincerity in appeasing Kyle.)
After moving into the bedroom where Kyle gives Tory a mutually-enjoyed fuck, Kyle tells repentant artist that his apology is accepted.

Jarett Fox (listed sometimes as Jarrett) is a star on the rise with quite a few films to his credit. Troy Mason (making his debut here) tells us in the magazine interview that we will see him in future films from Titan, Studio 2000, and Channel 1 Releasing as well as another for Fierce Dog. I’ll be waiting.

Kudos to Billy Sparkles the director and Jesse Kiehl the executive producer (who appear to be the guiding force behind Fierce Dog) for a fantastic debut.
I would have been happier if we had seen the initial entry of cocks into asses instead of joining them already in. But perhaps that will be remedied in future productions.
This is a hardcore movie—not a fuck film. And for that—HOORAY! (It’s even in widescreen format like a Hollywood production.)
I will definitely be keeping an eye open for more films from this studio and team. I suggest you do, too. In the meantime, check out “The Bottoming Desire: Masterpiece”.
It may not be a great “Masterpiece” as its subtitle suggests (referring of course to Troy’s flesh-painted canvas) but it’s certainly a minor one.

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