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Bottom Dweller 4: The Final Voyage

Bottom Dweller 4: The Final Voyage

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Anal , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Bottom Dweller 4: The Final Voyage:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Bottom Dweller 4: The Final Voyage overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Bottom Dweller 4: The Final Voyage Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Bottom Dweller 4: The Final Voyage Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Bottom Dweller 4: The Final Voyage Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Bottom Dweller 4: The Final Voyage Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Bottom Dweller 4: The Final Voyage DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bottom Dweller 4: The Final Voyage A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/7/2002

Running Time: 125 min.

Production Date: 7 / 16 / 1996

Director: Patrick Collins

Cast: Kelly O’Dell, Victoria Queen (Vicca), Nikita, Devon Shore, Nadia Moore, Pryce Leigh, Nicole Lace, Belinda Bayer, Frank Gun, Martin Stone, Roscoe Bowltree (aka Patrick Collins), Santino Lee, Tom Byron, Thunder, and Thomas Ryder in sexual roles, and Al Terengo and Jimmy Capp in non-sex roles

Initial Expectations: I’ve heard okay things about this series, and Elegant Angel has appeared to have been trying to increase their DVD quality lately, which makes me have a bit higher hopes than I normally do with Elegant Angel’s DVDs.

Initial Reaction: It’s a lot of fun and has some hot sex

Who Should Watch It : Fans of gonzo style porn such as the Buttman series, but who doesn’t want a really heavy anal sex emphasis

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a lot of plot or really high production values

Audio /Video Quality: As one would expect with an older feature such as this, the audio and video qualities aren’t as good as they are in current releases. The audio ranges from being nicely balanced to having the background noise being louder than the action on the screen. The audio is often slightly hollow, and is on the low side throughout the feature, especially the non-sex portions. I’m thankful for the description on the box cover, as otherwise I’m not sure I’d even know what the movie was supposed to be about. The video is a little grainy, and has the common problem, at least common with Elegant Angel’s releases, of having a light multicolored bar along several of the edges.

Music: The music is a little different, and not in a very good way. It appears very random, since some scenes have it and others don’t. When there is music, it’s at a nice level and very noticeable, which although it sounds very good, makes the randomness really stand out.

Menus: The main menu is extremely plain and unimpressive. The chapter menu is much the same, offering a small clip from the scene to help you choose.

The Feature: Bottom Dweller: The Final Voyage follows Santino Lee and Martin Stone as they try to track down the well known sex doctor Harry Dweller, played here by Patrick Collins. As they search, Santino finds himself having to portray the good doctor and help women with their sexual problems, which Dr. Dweller himself is also doing. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, since much of it is hard to make out thanks to the poor audio quality.

Pryce Leigh starts things off having Thomas Ryder spray and rub her down before she goes out tanning. Pryce has long bleached blonde hair, tits that are pushing a little over implanted, full ips, nice tan lines, and a great ass. Pryce teases Thomas for a bit both inside and outside as he rubs her down, before they go back inside and has him strip down a bit and give her a foot massage. She warns Thomas that she might fall asleep, and if she does it’s impossible to wake her up. Feeling like a challenge, Thomas plays with her pussy with his fingers and tongue as soon as Pryce nods off, and amazingly wakes her up. She lets him eat a little longer before returning the favor, and soon after starts riding him reverse cowgirl. They work through several other common positions before Thomas launches gobs of guy goo to spray her entire front. It’s a fun and hot scene that gives the feature a very nice start. There’s some good chemistry here, and Pryce does a great job of both teasing and getting fucked.

Devon Shore, an average looking brunette with a nicely natural body, catches Martin Stone and Santino Lee in her apartment, and thinks Santino might be Harry Dweller there to help her with a sexual problem. She hasn’t been able to have an orgasm, and agrees to do whatever “Harry” wants her to do in order to try and cure her. He has her give a great bend-over and then suck his cock, which she nicely does, even after Martin starts to fuck her from behind. After fucking her a bit, Mark pulls out and fucks both of her holes with his fingers, which Devon takes very well. She fucks Santino in a few positions, and puts some nice energy into sliding her pussy up and down his cock. The guys continue to take turns, but only Santino fucks her ass. Mark blows his wad first, nicely decorating Devon’s face, while Santino continues to fuck her ass, and even moves her around for a little anal doggie style before he decorates her crack with his jiz. Mark even joins in to give her another facial, and I’m really glad we didn’t have to see him working himself over to do that, since he’s never shown between his cumshots. It’s not quite as hot as the previous scene, but it still has some nice chemistry and a fairly fun feeling. Devon does a nice job, and plays her part pretty well restrained.

Nikita introduces Vanessa to Patrick Collins, who’s interested in them since they’re lesbians. They go up to a hotel room where he questions them and then watches them kiss before joining Nikita in kissing and caressing their way around Vanessa. They take turns eating Vanessa’s pussy, as well as working her pussy over with a pocket rocket. Nikita works both sides of the street nicely, and switches back and forth between rug munching and meat sucking, but surprisingly never takes the cock anywhere other than her mouth. It’s a different feeling scene, but also a very good one. It’s much softer than the two scenes preceding it, and there isn’t even a pop shot because the girls prefer each other and leave Patrick on his own.

Nicole Lace talks Nadia Moore and Pryce Leigh into being with a woman, namely each other, as well as herself. She guides Nadia and Pryce to make sure they get the right start, right down to how to suck a nipple before breaking out the dildos. They work each other over with their tongues and toys, including a double dildo, before coming to a pretty good ending. The ending doesn’t feel cut off, and instead feels like the girls are actually done with each other. Nicole does a great job of driving this scene, and Pryce and Nadia do a great job as her eager, but sometimes slightly nervous students. There’s some nice intensity here, most of which is due to Nicole, but the scene also doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, which really helps the feature out once again.

Santino Lee returns, this time to help Vicca, in a very early role, and Frank Gun with their problem in exchange for them helping him find Harry Dweller. Frank and Santino encourage Vicca to do a small tease, which she follows up by sucking both Frank and Santino’s cocks. Santino also gives Vicca’s holes a little warmup with his tongue before sliding his shaft into her snatch. The guys each take a turn in Vicca’s pussy before Vicca begs Frank to fuck her ass. Like any other red blooded guy, she doesn’t have to beg for long before Frank buries the bone in Vicca’s ass. He alternates between fucking it with his cock and fingers while Vicca continues to suck Santino’s twig and berries. Santino finally pops in Vicca’s mouth as Frank continues to fuck her ass, with Frank blowing his ball butter in Vicca’s gaping ass and on her pussy soon after. It’s another pretty good scene that has some nice chemistry. Vicca seems a little hesitant to take on Santino at first, which feels right since she just met him. It also works nicely with only Frank getting to fuck her ass. It’s a good scene that fits in with the feature well and has enough tinges of reality to help it out even more.

Patrick Collins pays a house call to Belinda Bayer, an average looking dyed redhead with great real tits, and her husband Thunder. Patrick doesn’t think Thunder really appreciates what he has with Belinda, so he makes him watch while he plays with Belinda’s tits, pussy, and ass. After getting Belinda warmed up, she finally lets Thunder kiss her on the mouth and between her legs. Belinda returns the favor before fucking Thunder reverse cowgirl, and then moving into doggie and missionary at the good doctor’s request. She finishes it off by taking a decent pop on her bush and stomach, but surprisingly never takes it in the ass. It’s a pretty good scene that has some nice chemistry. There’s some great interaction between Belinda and Patrick that adds a nice fun tease to the scene as well.

Finally, Kelly O’Dell leads into her one and only anal scene with Tom Byron with a bubble bath and a little toy-free masturbation. She plays with her nicely bald pussy very nicely, but avoids her soon-to-be-stretched asshole. She finishes before Tom arrives, but doesn’t get fully dressed. When he arrives, Tom washes up and finds a naked Kelly O’Dell (which is one of the best kinds of Kelly O’Dells) on the bed. Thankfully Tom looks pretty clean here, as opposed to the stretch of his career where he lived at the Dumpster Hilton. He puts on a paid of rubber gloves and goes to work on her bald pussy as she writhes around the bed before finally working his way into her ass. She returns the favor by sucking his cock, and stroking it while playing with herself. Tom tastefully reaches into his pants for a rubber as Kelly crawls all over him and plays with herself in anticipation. She finally climbs onto Tom’s cock and has him play with her ass as she gets completely into his cock. Kelly lets Tom fuck her pussy a little bit before having him slide his cock into her ass from behind. They move around so Tom can spoon Kelly’s ass, and she finishes it up with a great facial. This is a great scene to finish the feature, as well as the Bottom Dweller series with. Kelly is really at the top of her game here, and does a great job of moving the scene along and heating it up. I’ve seen Kelly in quite a few scenes, and although she almost always put on a great performance, I’ve never seen her quite as animalistic as she is here. She really seems to get into her ass fucking, and I’m surprised she didn’t do more anal scenes after seeing her here, unless this was her very last scene, in which case she went out with great style.

Bottom Dweller: The Final Voyage shows what Elegant Angel can do when they put their mind to it. The sex is fun and well done, and although the plot is hard to make out, it too is enjoyable. There isn’t really a single bad scene in the entire feature, but both of Pryce Leigh’s scenes really stand out as the cream of the crop here, with Kelly O’Dell’s one and only anal scene providing a nice cherry on top. Patrick Collins and Santino Lee also do a great job, and deserve much of the credit for the fun in the non-sex portions as Dr. Harry Dweller and his imposter. Added up, it all combines to make Bottom Dweller: The Final Voyage a fun porno that should hold up to plenty of repeat viewings.

Extras: Trailers are included for Sugarwalls 31, Where the Girls Sweat 5, Booty Duty 9, Cumback Pussy 41, and Filthy First Timers. Several photo galleries are included, such as a behind the scenes gallery from Buttwoman Iz Belladonna that lasts about a minute, twisted pics by William H Nutsack, a gallery of off the wall and altered porn star photos that lasts about a minute and three quarters, thirty six hardcore photos and about seventy six soft core photos which appear to also come from Buttwoman Iz Belladonna. I have some mixed emotions on the photo galleries. It’s a nice glimpse at Buttwoman Iz Belladonna, but that’s about it. The twisted pics are a little amusing, and definitely something different, which is also a very good thing. My reservations about them is that it doesn’t fit in with the overall DVD and feels like it should actually be on a different DVD, with the exception of the twisted pics. I’m pretty sure that all the usual extras, such as the photo galleries, aren’t around for this feature due to the age of it compared to DVD’s rise, but when you look at the extra features menu it looks like they’re all for this feature rather than a completely different one.

The main extra, however, is a Tribute to Buttwoman, which lasts about ten minutes and is a lot of fun right from the start. It merges footage from the Buttwoman series with interviews with Patrick Collins, and an extremely amusing framing sequence. It’s a great tribute, and does a great job of showcasing the entire Buttwoman line starting with Tianna, continuing through Tiffany Mynx and Charlene Aspen, and ending with the most recent BellaDonna. It’s a lot of fun and does a great job of capturing the heat in the series, which is just what a tribute should do.

Themes: Straight, group, inter-racial, spanking, anal, lesbian, toys, rimming (female > female and male > female), and tease

Raincoat Factor: Very High

Overall: Currently, Bottom Dweller: The Final Voyage can be found online for between about $13 and $23 with all but one store offering it for $20 or higher. The movie itself is a great blend of heat and fun, but unfortunately the transfer leaves much to be desired. The extras are well done, but don’t seem to fit the feature that well.

Note to Elegant Angel: This feature proves that you can make a top of the line feature (not that I didn’t), but the transfer really held it back. The extras were nice, but didn’t fit the feature at all.

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