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Booty Juice 2

Booty Juice 2

Studio: Exquisite
Category:  Anal , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Booty Juice 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Booty Juice 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Booty Juice 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Booty Juice 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Booty Juice 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Booty Juice 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Booty Juice 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Booty Juice 2 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  5/26/2004

Booty Juice 2

Prologue Justin Slayer and his crew have made a big splash in the porn world recently, especially in the interracial arena. This DVD features his crew and sweet African-American women. For me it doesn't matter, beautiful women getting a good physical workout is all I care about. I'm familiar with some of the honeys in this volume and it touts the first anal performances of two of them on the cover. Hopefully, that won't slow things down. Let's watch them play.
Adora is a tight looking, pretty woman who reminds me a bit of Lil Kim, although with real boobs. We're treated to a dreamy montage of Adora showing off her hot little body. Inside the house she plays with her kitty until J Montey shows up and starts stroking her. He puts her pretty pink pussy on display and manipulates it for her delight. Slipping some tongue in Adora's snatch is another way to raise the heat a little. Kneading, slapping, kissing and licking her ass works, too. Montey sticks a peppermint candy in her asshole, helping her to fight morning breath. He does take it out and sucks on it and shares with her after. He douses her ass with baby oil and makes it look amazing. Cut to Adora sucking Montey's turgid member, making use of at least one of her piercings. Adora assumes the position on a couch, gets more baby oil slathered on her sweet cheeks and has Montey's dick inserted in her pussy. Montey asks her if "that's her good pussy" as though she has another one for chumps. After getting happy in that position Adora makes some oral love to his dick before climbing on in cowgirl. She totally creams on his cock in this sequence. That ass of hers is an absolute revelation. Firm, round and tight as a drum. Adora lays back for mish and we can see her beautiful tits and nicely developed abs. Bent over the couch, Adora is getting her ass prepared for invasion as Montey thumbs the cornhole. He inserts his cock and works it very slowly, trying to help her get used to it. It takes a little while to get it sliding freely and she seems to be between pain and pleasure, but not comfortable. Cut to cowgirl anal and Adora moves her ass in the beginning of this position, riding Montey's cock. She hops off for some A2M and gets cornholed in doggy this time. The strokes go really deep this time. They switch to mish anal and after a lengthy bout,with one possible cut, Montey pulls out and sends his jizz flying all over the place.
Coco Pink I've seen Coco Pink in one film previously, Feeling Black 2, and was impressed by her. cute face, thick body, super ass and a sweetness to her. This scene is labelled as her first anal. J Montey gets the honor. He starts by showing off that ass and licking out her bunghole, really digging in there. Coco really likes that so she recipricates by licking his balls and shaft. She takes him all the way to the root and he fucks her face gently. They indulge in some 69 action on the floor and switch to some missionary vag so Montey can work his way into her. He rolls her up with legs on his shoulders and goes as deep as he can, bringing an intense pleasurable reaction from Coco. The pace picks up at this point and the real pounding has begun. Montey turns Coco to her side and strokes hard, then in doggy and prone positions. Pulling her back up in doggy, she arches her back and he spits right into her asshole, a bullseye. He dips his wick in her pussy again and turns her over, entering her ass shallowly in a position between pile driver and mish. Coco turns over and presents her ass for the real anal penetration and Montey quickly embeds his dick in her shithole. He works to get that hole loose and pretty soon he's stroking hard. Coco tells him to go easy or she'll have an accident. He re-plants and works Coco loose again, still in doggy, but working over to the couch. Back on the floor for mish and a quick CG anal before Montey unloads a small pop on her asshole.
Mya Mason This scene starts off with Mya and Boz already in an embrace, standing, with Boz stripping off her clothes. She is truly lovely. Pretty face, lithe body and perfect teacup tits with hot looking nipples. She has a sexy/cute overbite, too. Boz goes right to work licking those hot titties, then laying her back on the couch, spreading her legs and eating at the "Y". With her puffy vag opened we get to see another endearing physical trait. Mya has a nice large clit. A perfect target for licking and sucking. Boz gets right after it, too. There's some good pussy licking here as Boz dips his tongue into her honey pot and up her snatch, tongue whipping and sucking her clit some more. Mya looks very contented and giggles when he's done. Now that she's ready, Boz plants his huge member in her wet pussy. That snatch is just foaming now. Mya turns over for doggy and soon after CG. He's filling her little hole and thrilling her body. Cut to doggy over the arm of the couch. Nice action here and she probably came. Cut to mish laying back on the couch and Mya is all smiles as he enters and all moans after. A little ass licking from the doggy position that looked like it was a set up for anal, but quickly cuts to the first bj of this scene. How's that for rearranging the menu? Mya multi-tasks and strums her clit as she works his anaconda. Cut to Boz planted in Mya's ass doggy style. He's not getting much penetration and his dick is bending, but he is trying to loosen her up by strumming her clit. They grapple for control of the little man, but the idea is the same. Cut to spoon anal and Mya is working her clit hard as Boz insinuates himself much deeper. They cut to Boz pounding Mya's pussy in mish trying to drive them both home. Mya looks like she might have gotten her nut and we cut to Boz stroking himself off over her face. It takes awhile, but he finally unloads a decent and thick load into her waiting mouth. Good post cum play and thus ends a great scene.
Cherry starts her scene dancing and playing with herself in front of a mirror. Pretty face, great ass. I believe she goes by the name Sexy in Feeling Black 2. A dick is stuck in front of her face and she immediately goes to work on it for a no hands bj. The cock belongs to Justin Slayer and she works it over pretty well before sitting on it in CG. Her lube starts running right away as she appears thrilled. Slayer fucks her hard and Cherry seems to angle herself a bit so he touches everything inside. They move to missionary position and Justin folds her up and drives in deep. They move to doggy for some more satisfying thrusting and fucking back. Slayer picks her up for some flying thrusts and sets her back on the couch to prepare for a dick in her ass, which happens shortly after. Cherry rubs the hell out of her pussy as Slayer eases his big dick in her littlest hole, just fucking her with the tip, thumbing her snatch, having Cherry fuck back as it slides easier. Cut to doggy anal and the penetration is deeper and there's a mess of lube running out of her hole. Slayer gapes her several times as he continues to loosen Cherry up. Cut to anal CG on the couch and Cherry is doing the driving. She's still not taking more than half his dick but the fucking is lively and Cherry is enjoying herself. Cut to RCA with Cherry laying all the way back on Slayer. He feels his nut coming on from here, brings his dick to her mouth and releases a small pop inside. A little PCH and Cherry's done.
Kiwi and Stallion There is footage from the beginning of this final scene in the BTS feature. The Pipe Layers are in Miami and enjoying a smoke under some scaffolding on a street corner. They're just hanging out and bullshitting with a women they just met, who is also enjoying a smoke. While bantering away with her, they're keeping tabs on the two women that they'll be screwing shortly, who are sitting at an outdoor cafe and dressed very provocatively. Apparently they're acting as bait to interest passersby. When they receive some amorous attention, the girls get up and go across the street to the waiting crew. Before they get there the guys ask their new friend if she wants to hang with them. She begs off saying she's meeting someone. Too bad. It would have been interesting to see her reaction to the shennanigans they had planned, even if she only remained as an observer. The two women in this scene could not be more different. Kiwi (not the Kiwi from RLD and Anabolic's shoots) is small and lean, with small tits and a big shelf behind her. Stallion is a very big woman. Not fat. Big. Tall and broad shouldered, large tits and ample ass. She has a Carribean look to her face. Kiwi is practically wearing no clothes, a long slit skirt and diaphonous strips just covering her tits. Stallion is wearing a black mini-dress. They go to an apartment building and the girls start to show their asses on the stairs leading to the elevator, Kiwi just pulling her skirt off entirely. Stallion is wearing no underwear and Kiwi has fishnet pantyhose and a thong over it, which she pushes aside to expose her charms. The guy the girls walked away from is seen peering in the front door of the building, so they put on a little show to frustrate him some more, Slayer eating some of Stallions pussy and J MOntey licking Kiwi's ass. They decide to pass on the elevators and take the stairs, pausing for more posing in the hall. Slayer sticks his dick in Stallion as she's bent over, holding both walls for stability. It's like fucking a giant. Quite a sight. She's liking this attention, too. Montey rips a hole in Kiwi's hose and is licking her from behind. They go to the stairs which are on the outside of the building and stop at a landing with bars facing the street to do some more posing and fucking, this time Kiwi getting some dick. A couple more flights and posing at another landing with the guys doing more fondling, licking and fucking, Kiwi taking dick at both ends. At one point Stallion is deep throating Montey and even has his balls in her mouth. That's impressive. These aren't the prettiest women in the video, but so far they seem to be a lot of fun, especially Stallion, who appears to be enjoying herself immensely. They finally reach the apartment and get down to serious business. Stallion is giving a nice no hands bj as Kiwi is being eaten out on the bed behind her. Getting Slayer rock hard is Stallion's task and she's working his cock, spitting on and pumping it. Slayer plants his dick in mish and brings Stallion off in a big way. Now that she's good and wet he goes balls deep, bringing ecstatic moans from her. All this while Kiwi is getting eaten and occasionally sucking on Boz's meat. Stallion climbs on Slayer in cowgirl and gives him a ride worthy of her name. We see Kiwi getting some dick now, rolled up in modified mish with Boz providing the meat. The guys line up the girls side by side in doggy and continue t fuck them. Most of this action belongs to Stallion as she's the more animated one. The guys switch girls and Stallion is still getting lit up. Slayer gets a positive reaction from Kiwi and then pulls her into a spoon position. She's looking pretty juicy down there now. Switch to Stallion taking Boz in mish as Slayer fucks her face. Cut to Kiwi riding Slayer in cowgirl as Stallion licks his nipples and then replacing Kiwi on his cock in RC as she cleans his wet dick off and licks some clit. Boz gets in there and enters Kiwi from the rear as Stallion takes another great ride on the baloney pony. Such a great ride that Slayer can't hold his load and fires an impressive squirt on Stallions face. We're just getting started here, nobody has tapped that ass yet. Cut to Slayer entering Stallion's ass in an up and over doggy. This girl is bottomless. He can go as deep and hard as he pleases. Next he enters her ass as she's laying on her side, with her bottom all oiled up and looking fine. Cowgirl anal is next for Stallion and she's having another good ride. Kiwi is just an innocent bystander at this point but we cut to her taking a facial to end this scene.
Epilogue This is a pretty strong disk. The women were attractive and into the sex. The only scene that appeared to be a first anal experience was Coco Pink's. It's amazing how far she's come since then. By the time Mike Stefano filmed her she was taking the big dicks up her ass with ease and throwing in enthusiastic A2M blow jobs. All the women found the anal to be challenging and they were all game. I especially liked the Mya Mason scene. She is just irresistable. I would have liked to see Stallion work alone, maybe with multiple guys. She appears to be a man eater.
The Disk The extras are a photo gallery, cumshots and the BTS footage. There is some insight into the Pipe Layers. They come across as sex crazed frat boys. At the end of Mya's scene with Boz, it seems that J Montey, who wasn't in the scene whacked off onto Mya after Boz came. After she cleaned up and while she was waiting for her ride, Slayer just flat out molested her. It was also interesting watching a couple of the women wash their partners dicks. I don't think that goes on at many shoots. Coco Pink relates the instructions she received on how to physically prepare herself for an anal scene. On the negative side, this disk has problems playing straight through on a stand alone DVD player. On the computer it works fine. I experienced the same problem with Slayer Unleashed 3. With Slayer hooking up at Evil Angel I'm guessing that problems like that will be things of the past.
Recommendation I give this a strong rent recommendation. Buy it if there's a discount.

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