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Booty I Like 4

Booty I Like 4

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Booty I Like 4:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Booty I Like 4 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Booty I Like 4 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Booty I Like 4 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Booty I Like 4 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Booty I Like 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Booty I Like 4 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Booty I Like 4 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  8/15/2008
Booty I Like 4 (Fall, 2007)
Themes: Ass obsession, Interracial, Multi-ethnicity, Foreign
Starring: Dana Vespoli, Donna Red, Sative Phoenix, Xena, Donna, Claudia, Blaque Chyna, Sumaya, Bianca, Justin Slayer & Nat Turnher
Directed by: Justin Slayer

Now, “Booty I Like 4” is something that I’ve been meaning to see for a very, very long time now. I know when it first came out, I was like “What the fuck is Justin on?” This was because every time I saw his boxcovers for his flicks, all I saw were just a bunch of unknowns. It’s not a bad thing, but I was like “Where are the superstars?” This reminds me of having a female who I used to talk with ask me this question: “Would you fuck a porn star?” And I had asked her why she asked. She told me that Justin Slayer was trying to get her to star in one of his videos. [NNM] I was like “Whoa!”

Again, I’m not one who’ll say that the quality of Justin’s flicks have dropped over the last few months he’s been at Evil Angel just because he hasn’t shot a lot of interracial scenes with white females like he used to. “Mami Culo Grande 6” and “Ass Everywhere 2” were masterpieces that I had to own on DVD. I have seen the first two flicks in the “Booty I Like” series, which is another multi-ethnic series dedicated to hot sex, big butts and ass obsession. I must say that even though “Booty I Like 2” had the best female cast, part one was a much better flick. Let’s see what this one has in store…

SCENE ONE: Xena & Nat Turnher
(Themes: Black, ass obsession, oral sex, doggy style, cowgirl)
Xena starred in “Ass Everywhere 2” and did a scene with Caroline Pierce. Xena is a very attractive dark-skinned black woman, who from certain angles, resembles a mixture of Tocarra from “America’s Next Top Model” & “Celebrity Fit Club” and Sister Patterson aka “New York’s Mama” from VH1’s “I Love New York”. She’s seen putting a bunch of baby oil on her lower torso and throwing on a backless bodysuit. The ass obsession in this scene is pretty marvelous. Nat Turnher arrives and after Xena sucks his dick, she takes him in her pussy from the back, with her outfit only down to her thighs. The two of them are really enjoying each other and Nat looks like a warrior, beating her ass up! I normally don’t care for POV cameraworks, but it really works in this scene right here. While most of the sex is in a doggy style position, you get to see Xena ride the dick in a very nasty cowgirl position, where you can see baby oil and come all around her genitalia! They continue in sideways and doggy again before Nat busts on her ass, then slides back in her again. This is one of the sloppiest sex scenes I’ve seen, but it’s all right. I have got to say that this scene was much better than her scene with Caroline Pierce in “Ass Everywhere 2”.
RATING: 100% (“Flawless Victory”)

SCENE TWO: Donna Red & Justin Slayer
(Themes: Ass obsession, long tease sequence, oral sex, doggy style, cowgirl, missionary)
Donna Red is one of the most beautiful motherfuckers that I’ve ever seen in my time. She is a black & Mexican woman, with a flawless body and she reminds of another Angela Bassett (or should I say an African-American version of Deborah Taylor, the Brazilian beauty who starred in “The Best Ass in the World”, “Buttman’s Anal Show 5” & the “Rio Carnival Orgy” series). She teases with some beautiful smiles, tongue-flashing, ass obsession (sporting a lime-green outfit), overall body obsession and her laying on a bed, masturbating. Her body is so, so incredible and I can’t stress this shit enough. I hope she gets “Slayed” so properly! She switches around, showing herself off that much more. The tease sequence is very slow and lasts for well over 25 minutes and damn-rightfully so! Her clothes do not come off until after her and Justin share some intimate tongue kissing. She sucks him off (dick and balls) real proper-like while he grabs her hair all up in a bunch. Soon after, she bends her sexy brown ass over so Justin can hit that fine, feline pussy from behind. She makes a few comments here and there, but that can’t override the noises she makes when her kitty purrs with come and ecstasy, not to mention the dreamy faces of pleasure and pain that she makes. Tell me, why is this n**** Justin wearing his sunshades, a duo rag and wearing boots while he’s fucking this breezie? {LOL} She moves to a hype cowgirl position where she bounces her ass on and off Slayer. Justin pulls out at one point, just to finger the crap out of her pussy before he pops back in. They continue in missionary before Justin busts. Justin and the cameraman talk about how bad she is and how somebody’s gonna fuck around and marry her. This is one of the best black-on-black sex scenes I’ve seen in a very long time!
RATING: 100% (“Flawless Victory”)

SCENE THREE: Claudia & Nat Turnher
(Themes: Brazilian, Shot in Brazil, outdoor, oral sex, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style)
Claudia is a “cover-girl” Brazilian lady, who’s on the middle-left of the boxcover. She’s on a beach, in the fading daylight, somewhere in Brazil, a place where Justin has been shooting a lot at lately (see films like “Big Booty Revenge 3”, “Ass Everywhere 2”. “Mami Culo Grande 5 & 6”, etc.). While she’s not as thick as the previous two women we’ve just seen, she definitely has some long legs and a killer style. She goes from the beach to a local backyard, where she sucks and fucks Nat. The sex starts out pretty slow and bland, but after a minute, she rides the shit out of Nat (cowgirl) and it turns out to be hype. The same happens when she moves to reverse cowgirl and it looks like Nat’s dick is too big to be inside of this girl with skinny legs. Before Nat can take her from the back, the sun has already gone down and you can tell it has taken a lot of time for this scene to be shot. The sex gets a lot better when Nat does Claudia from the back. It’s over when Nat comes and they both play with the semen, when some of it winds up on her nose.
(Female Looks: 5, Tease: 4.5, Sex: 4)

SCENE FOUR: Sative Phoenix & Justin Slayer
(Themes: Lovemaking/sex, missionary, doggy style)
Sative Phoenix is a sultry, spicy-ass. She looks as if she’s multi-racial, with some Latin and Black in her. She’s in the kitchen, pouring baby oil all over her body, with some red lingerie on (all this damn baby oil in pornos lately). She takes her drawers down and drowning herself in baby oil and shit. The ass obsession in this scene is miraculous and it takes place after she’s through with all of the baby oil. She’s got some blonde and reddish highlights in her hair and when I say she looks like a fucking fox, I mean exactly that! Justin goes straight for her pussy-tail from the back, causing her to scream like a madwoman, spitting on herself and shit. And Justin really isn’t even fucking her. He’s sexing her up and grinding on her and shit. All of that calms down when Justin keeps hitting it, turning her over for some missionary bangin’. That’s when Justin really starts bangin’ her ass. The scene ends with a note on the screen, that says “To Be Continued”…
RATING: 100% (“Flawless Victory”)

SCENE FIVE: Dana Vespoli & Justin Slayer
(Themes: Ass obsession, indoor/outdoor, standing 69, doggy style, cowgirl, standing cowgirl, missionary, sideways)
Dana Vespoli is a long-time favorite of mine and she’s the main reason why I wanted to see this flick in the first place. The tease includes some hype booty shots, her beautiful smile and Justin taking a bunch of photos of her outdoors, with her sporting nothing but some knee-high boots on. The two start fucking after Dana explains how horny she is. Justin slides deep in her pussy from the back, with nothing being seen but her sweet buttocks and Justin’s dick plunging what’s hung up under her booty. This is being shot in a crazy POV direction, with the camera moving right along with Justin’s rhythm. They move indoors where there’s the standard standing 69 position, then they fuck again in various positions. Now, this is a plush-ass house they are fucking in. Right behind the couch they are fucking on, you get to see a photo of Malcolm X, pointing his finger in the air and this is some live-ass shit, which may turn some people off! BTP, Dana can really ride a dick in a cowgirl position while she’s lip-locked with Justin. This is mostly a quiet scene and you only hear Dana out a time or two. Towards the end, Justin gets really rough with her before he busts all on her booty. This is also probably the best Dana Vespoli scene I have seen!
RATING: 100% (“Flawless Victory”)

SCENE SIX: Sumaya & Justin Slayer
(Themes: Ass obsession, Brazilian, Shot in Brazil, Cowgirl, Doggystyle, Indoor/Outdoor)
Sumaya is a hot-looking Brazilian female with ocean blue eyes, with some real thick curvy curves. The tease is pretty dry and slow, but things get better when Justin appears and slides right in. You really can’t even see him slide in because Sumaya’s ass is too big. The sex is tight, though. Then, it stops so that she can massage herself in baby oil and ride him some more in various positions. They move indoors where they continue to fuck and you hear her speak some English. This is a very good sex scene, without very much being remarkable. Things only get spectacular toward the end of this scene right here. The tease is severely lacking. Therefore, I can only give it an 83%!
(Female Looks: 5; Tease: 3; Sex: 4.5)

SCENE SEVEN: Blaque Chyna & Justin Slayer
(Themes: Ass obsession, black-on-black, doggy style, missionary)
Blaque Chyna is an African woman, nice-looking and she looks as if she could be kin to Brandy Norwood (Ray J’s sister). She has a spectacular body. I will just leave it at that. With the cameraman instructing her how to pose on camera and this-that, it’s obvious that this girl has no idea what the she’s doing at first and that she’s probably a first-timer. The cameraman has to instruct her how to do this-that and that he doesn’t want baby oil on his lens, which is all over her body. She switches a great deal, sporting some transparent pumps… she’s got a great body, with some nice long legs and beautiful black skin. She hops in the shower, where she washes her ass, shakes it while she’s washing it and this should be enough to make you harder than coal. After she showers, she puts even more baby oil on her body. The ass obsession will make a man wanna kill. Believe me! This reminds me of the first time I ever saw Ayana Angel in “Ass Worship #4”. She really knows how to move her body and it would be delightful to see her dance to some Reggae/Dancehall kinda shit. The tease is so wonderful that it makes up for the fact that this scene didn’t start out right at all. Justin comes through and tears her ass up, dogging her pussy out from the back and then missionary. Similar to Xena’s scene, when they fuck in certain positions, all you see is baby oil and nasty bits of come all in her genitalia. These two Nubian Mattress Monsters really know how to fuck! For real! Justin pops all in her mouth. And that’s that!
(Female Looks: 4; Tease: 5; Sex: 4.5)

SCENE EIGHT: Bianca & Nat Turnher
(Themes: Ass obsession, Brazilian, oral sex, cowgirl, doggy style, sideways, missionary)
Now, this isn’t the same Bianca that was in “Ass Everywhere 2”. This one is Brazilian, very beautiful, dark-brown-skinned, bootylicious and has a beautiful face. She’s also on the front cover of this DVD and you see her face over anyone else’s. She drops her drawers, only to pull them back up, so that she can tease the shit out of the camera. She drops them again, wiggling her butt in a circular motion, killing us softly with that big-ole’ bunda. The tease keeps up until Nat Turnher appears and the two of them get busy. There’s a very heavy sense of sensuality with this woman and she seems like an expert at everything she’s doing. After she blows him, she rides his dick in cowgirl and I’m here to tell you. It’s so raunchy and beautiful. All you see is her big-ass moving back and forward in front of the camera, with her big brown ass all open and spread and bouncing. They switch positions a few times and Bianca jacks Nat off before he pops!
(Female Looks: 5; Tease: 5; Sex: 4.5)

22 minutes of extra footage, 9 trailers, cast info/film-ographies, cumshot recap, photo gallery, etc.

To be honest with you, I didn’t expect for this to be a “flawless” flick. Yet, it is intensely enjoyable. Out of eight scenes, you have 4 “Flawless Victories” (Xena, Donna Red, Sative Phoenix & Dana Vespoli), 1 scene what was 3% away from getting a “Flawless Victory”, 2 scenes that were “Tight” and 1 scene that was just a “Take it or leave it” (which was the scene with Sumaya, thanks to the dry-ass tease sequence). So, with that being said, Sumaya’s scene was the worst in this flick. But… that doesn’t mean that it’s an overall terrible scene at all! This is definitely on the same level as “Mami Culo Grande 5”, “Ass Everywhere 2” & “Big Booty White Girls 2”! This is very worthy of a purchase and it’s a shame this is overlooked, because it’s such a beautiful porno with Donna Red, Sative Phoenix, Dana Vespoli, Xena & even Bianca holding the torch up in this flick! Did I mention that the extra footage with Donna Red is brutally beautiful?!!

RATING: (760 points out of 800 - 95% - Own it!)

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