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Boobwatch (Wicked)

Boobwatch (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Busty , Comedy , Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Boobwatch (Wicked):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Boobwatch (Wicked) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Boobwatch (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Boobwatch (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Boobwatch (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Boobwatch (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Boobwatch (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Boobwatch (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/7/2011
Good morning porn fans time to check out a new Jonathan Morgan comedy and it's ok if you immediately think of the popular 90's series Baywatch as I think this is modeled in part on the hot girls. Can't say I was a fan of the show even with the babe power it had on it so not sure how much of the story here would be similar to a plot from the show but who cares right we're going to see Alektra Blue fuck a couple of times and see the likes of Jayden Jaymes, Rebeca Linares and Lisa Ann get busy too so I'm down either way just to see those girls do their thing. It would appear they use the slo-mo motion style too for some of the running the girls do-- yeah all the better to accentuate those titties dancing! Time to check out a few highlights. The opening credits were hilarious as we see the girls ID'd and you see more of the over eggagerated running style of the girls.

Alektra Blue & Rebeca Linares:

So our first scene opens with a short but clever voice over from Alektra who takes up her post watching over the beaches along with the nearby surrounding areas which also hold some beach like hazards she and her team of 'highly' skilled busty babes will protect. Alektra spots a possible weenie roast going bad so she heads over to investigate finding Danny Mountain there along with his hot girlfriend Rebeca, oh yeah. The two even comment of the slo-mo style Alektra was running in and I have a sneaking feeling this will be used in every scene and it's funny now let's see if that lasts. Alektra arrives to survey the situation and decides Danny doesn't quite have everything in control, bad hot dogs!! The only cure for that is to have the two girls tag team Danny's dick. The close/ side shots show both girls doing quite the good job working over Danny's cock and making sure it's not a burnt weenie! Very nice shot soon after with Danny nailing Rebeca in mish while Alektra is up top with her pussy squarely over Miss Linare's face. They keep this shot going for a bit too and can't say I blamed them at all. There is some dick action for Alektra in the scene but probably the best shots were with Rebeca, cowgirl was way hot with Alektra getting down there to tongue bathe his balls along with dipping her face in to lick that ass. The best shot with Alektra comes in reverse with Rebeca going behind to smother Danny's face with that freshly fucked cookie. Danny does good sharing the load to both girls splashing across both sets of tits. No worries about a burnt weenie here boy'n'girlz!

Jayden Jaymes:

The next scene begins with Tommy Gunn hard at work in the gym but you hear a pesky fly buzzing around and he wonders who left the window open but before he can fully speak the thought it flies down his throat causing a choking situation. Just as his luck would have it there was a lifeguard in the area and we hear the whistle blowing as Jayden comes rushing in. As with the first scene Jayden does the ridiculous slo-mo shot and it is getting slightly annoying already but I still manage to chuckle alittle. Jayden decribes the situation to Tommy, how dangerous it could be and he doesn't just need a glass of water but she's here to make sure he is completely functional- her words! Out comes his cock and Tommy doesn't object to this unorthodox style of lifeguard technique. Jayden takes is a little slower here at first which I like but she also manages to do a good job deep throating him too. Tommy doesn't really play to much with her boobs when they come out and that's a shame but they do start dancing nicely when he bangs her doggiestyle. Reverse showed the tata's off even better with the floor shot giving you the upwards angle. Spoon was also quite good in giving us the best shots of her tits but there needs to be some love for the butt lovers so they close in cowgirl and that ass dances about as well as her boobs do. Tommy ends the scene leaving his load on those tits with cleanup from Jayden. I think his throat is A-OK!

Lisa Ann:

Our next scene brings Lisa Ann into the mix and she was an inspired choice for this role. We've seen her comedic chops before in the Palin' movies and now she's going into Baywatch waters, easy move for this busty babe. Don't ask me how she knows but Alektra seems to have a spider sense about danger in the neighborhood and it was tingling big time about a possible shark invested water scenario so she dispatches Lisa Ann at once to find out what's up. The shot then takes us into a typical surburban house with Rocco getting into a bubble bath-- hmm do guys really take bubble baths, lol. But he gets to enjoy the slo-mo running stylings of Lisa down his hallway until she bounds into the bathroom stopping at the edge of the tub. Rocco needs to immediately get out, there's a shark in there, lol. Lisa has a few funny lines here, maybe the funniest so far. Rocco finally gets out of the tub and we soon have Lisa giving a closer inspection to make sure there are no baby sharks- in or around his cock! Rocco still has the suds on his back as Lisa works his cock in and her tits out. The picture quality has been excellent throughout and you'll be thankful for that as the excellent bj unfolds. Good sex here too especially reverse with Lisa's titties doing the dance. Pretty good shots in cowgirl too, no anal here but you see that ass in its full perfect glory. Spoon was a fine way to wrap it up ending with the pop not quite making it to her boobs as Rocco leaves it just outside her pussy on Lisa's bush.

Carolyn Reese:

The next scenario brings back Tommy who is describing the wonderful event that happened to him the other day and Dane Cross isn't believing a word of it. The thing is the guys are washing the car and this is a possible water splash hazard which has already been spotted by Alektra from afar and she's dispatched Carolyn to check it out. Dane soon realizes that Tommy was speaking the truth as they both see the slo-mo running of Carolyn along with the blaring whistle blowing and I have to add the catchy guitar tune was funny as well. Carolyn arrives just in time, lol. A few witty lines of dialogue and we're off and running. Dane gets a few kisses in to the boobs before Carolyn drops down for the two man blowjob and she is in perfect position between the guys. Good ground shots, she gets the two fist stroking going and we see those boobs move ever so slightly in time with her knob polishing. The guys do a good job sharing her pussy and they work through a few positions until it's time to unload, one to her pussy and the other is left on her boobs which Carolyn squeeze together for a perfect landing area.


We began this show with Alektra and she did some funny bits in between scenes dispatching her team throughout the neighborhood and now it's time to close it out and she takes this one all by herself. Chris Johnson is about to have a lazy day by the pool but he is unaware of the potential dangers lurking here. The whitle blows and then it's time for Alektra to slo-mo herself across his back lawn with the strumming guitar beat giving her company. I just noticed she was doing this while wearing black boot like shoes, not your typical lifeguard foot wear I would imagine unless this pool is in Chatsworth, CA!!! A witty lines of dialogue and we're ready for the finale. Alektra gets her tits out early as she goes in for the close inspection on his cock. Chris then gets to diddle her pussy while also licking in when Alektra stands up placing her pussy at his eye level. Reverse, doggie, spoon all worked in leading to the pop across her bewbs.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was pretty funny. I liked the angle with Alektra dispatching her girls all over to thwart all the potential water dangers people might not be aware of and the slo-mo running could easily get annoying to some but in the end I was still laughing every time so it was good. Lisa Ann's middle scene might have been the best stand alone scene, she just fit the role perfectly. Alektra's two scenes opened and closed the show in fine fashion with some assistance from Rebeca in the first scene. Carolyn Reese does the other two person scene taking on two cocks in hers while Jayden has the remaining scene and there were several good shots in that showcasing her sexy body. The extras were a bit light for this, no behind the scenes but there is one more Alektra scene as a bonus and it's from the recent release Anarchy which I just reviewed and it was a good 2 on 1 for her so check it out. If you want to laugh a little and see some good sex this movie is worth checking out.

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