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Boobaholics Anonymous 5

Boobaholics Anonymous 5

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Busty , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Boobaholics Anonymous 5:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Boobaholics Anonymous 5 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Boobaholics Anonymous 5 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Boobaholics Anonymous 5 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Boobaholics Anonymous 5 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Boobaholics Anonymous 5 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Boobaholics Anonymous 5 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Boobaholics Anonymous 5 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/5/2009
Alright fans time for a new one from Mike John and it focuses in on big ole boobies!! You want to scratch your itch for large round melons, this is the place to be as Mike's got some great ladies here from Rachel Love to Rayveness for the more experience crowd and for the newbie lovers you have Ami Jordan and Cali Couture and hello did I mention Avy Scott's back and in this title so yeah put this in your player and enjoy the next couple hours!!

Rachel Love:

Our first girl up is someone I enjoyed in my younger porn viewing days and well she took a break for awhile and is now back making movies. Loved the boob pull out and suck from Rachel we got early on and the blue top was a good color to balance against her blonde locks. Rachel's boobs are bigger than I remember and that's a very good thing, these titties were awesome as was the licking/ sucking she did to get me in the mood and I bet a few of you out there as well. Mike then lets Rachel make her way over to the couch, more great boobage and a little pussy play too. Papa Steve Holmes then joins in and he's all over those tits and we get some hot shared nipple licking so hello this scene's shaping up rather nicely. This experienced lady then shows her skillz working over Steve's cock and yeah she knows a thing or two about the oral arts and loved that she took her time here some too. This was a great pairing fans, Steve with the pussy lickin he's so good at and then the sex, great bouncing reverse, titty fucking and Steve even fingers out a couple juicy climaxes for Rachel's pussy before we hit the pop which is rained down beautifully into Rachel's mouth, cleanup right after. Ok this lady's is back and damn sure worth the time to check out, Rachel Love you rocked it girl!

Ami Jordan:

Young Miss Jordan has a tough act to follow but she's looking good when we first see her, nice pink nightie and Tim Von Swine has fun shooting those close ups, yeah we get the focus on the boobs but also a little on her ass too. Ami is quick to pull those fully grown puppies out and they are indeed spectacular and she does a good job caressing and fondling them before Tim gets her to lick them for us. Ami has a pretty good smile working here too. Needless to say I could watch big natural boobs jiggle all day long but Tim gets in more tease here besides her awesome rack. Her pussy looks nice'n'juicy, made for a cock but we first see her fingers get to tickle those lips. Some will also love the Tennessee accent so anything Ami says might get your libido raging. Mr. Pete is then brought in to play and he's all over those funbags with the hands and sucking them before it's time to drop down for titty fucking and young Miss Jordan gets to use her mouth as well to work Pete up. Mr. Pete gets in a few licks himself before slipping the ole tubesteak in her pussy, spoon and cowgirl early on but you just knew they'd hit reverse and that doesn't disappoint. Pete thrusting up as hard as he can while above you have those tits jiggling up a storm plus she's talking so the accent's in play. They finish it off in doggie where Ami tells Pete to cum and we're treated to a creampie finish and it's falling out even as he's pulling out. This was the third scene I think I've seen with Ami Jordan and it was the best so far. She seemed much more at ease in front of the camera and the boob playing was pretty good too.


We keep the pendulum moving here fans swinging back towards the more experienced performer and Rayveness has been doing the game now for awhile and from what I'm seeing still having a blast. The shot here moves up from the floor hitting her lace covered pussy and we see that she's also wearing a sexy lace bra, notice too the garter and stockings-- most sexy and Rayveness is ready and willing to show off everything first her pussy and soon after those huge knockers! Our third round of self nipple licking too which hello pleased me! Our girl has fun playing with those nipples and she moves down then to show off those pussy lips again, note too the nice patch of bush above the kittie. Sean Michaels is called in by Mike to have a closer look, don't need to ask him twice! Sean wastes little time in moving in to get a taste, there's a great shot of Rayveness then spreading that pussy really wide. Next up blowjob and hello this woman loves to suck cock as you'll see here. The sex was pretty good hitting a few positions until Sean's ready to nut and it's a pretty good pop too right into Rayveness's mouth.


We hit the pool for the last scene finding this sexy black woman outside. Mike has her hold off showing the boobs first because he tends to go dumb when they're pulled out so we first see her ass but once those cheeks start quaking I can see an ass lover having some problems holding the camera, lol. But Mike makes it through so we swing back around to the front where Luxury starts to shake, rattle & roll those funbags. The ground shot was nice, gives you a very good perspective on the size of her tits and finally she pulls them out and we make it four for four with the nipple licking! Luxury then pours the baby oil on making them nice'n'shiny, doing more jiggling right in Mike's camera and give him credit it's held steady! The action then moves indoors where we find Steven French waiting, some good cock sucking from Luxury soon follows first to Steven and then to Mr. Pete who's also joining the party. The boys then takes turns letting Luxury ride them in reverse, lots of great titty flopping here plus more good oral from her. We end the scene with twoloads dropped into Luxury's waiting mouth, a fine end for disc one, now on to disc two!

Evie Delatosso:

Our first young lady on disc two is one I had the pleasure of meeting in Vegas this Jan and she's cute and a lot of fun to chat with, plus she's great to ride with in hummer limos!!The scene opens with Evie on a big piece of round furniture and we slowly move in on her, she's clad in all black too from lace bra and panties to stockings and the heels are jet black as well-- all matching her hair I should say which falls nicely around her shoulders. As Evie works out that spectacular set of natural titties for us, dangling them down we see above the Papa Perve is watching, that'd be Steve Holmes! Evie's oozing with sexy appeal here and she doesn't even have to say a word, it's the body moving, hands caressing the breasts and her eye contact is really where the sexuality is conveyed beautifully. The way she gazes at us while licking her nipples, I nearly nutted, haha, so slap Mr. Happy because we have Steve coming in soon and you know he can do things even more right to pleasure this young lady. This was a very good tease, maybe the best so far, no talking, just letting Evie tell the story with her body and eyes. The young lady moves upstairs and damn the quiet is soon ended as the two collide in several long kisses and Steve gets the first of many boob sucks in. He has some fun then with her pussy using fingers to work out a nice quickie for Evie, her quick bursts of moaning were very hot. Steve then gets in some good licking on those pussy lips before turning it over to Evie who envelops his long schlong and I'm thinking the boob and pussy play had her so horny she flew at his cock taking it in. Cowgirl was good here but once again the bouncing titties in reverse lead the way. A fantastic load right into Evie's mouth ends the scene, it's pushed out some and there's some fine cleanup too from Miss Delatosso-- awesome young girl and definitely keep an eye out for her this year.

Avy Scott:

Our next girl up is one I've been a fan of for some time, it's been a few years now since Young Ripe Mellons and hello Avy looks as sexy as ever and more importantly those tits are still as amazingly hot and bouncy. Mike opens with some all around shots moving over Avy's body, nice long legs and I even saw a little cameltoe action going on with the bottoms when Mike zooms in. Moving around Avy gives us a shot of her ass and it's not bad, again the closeup was appreciated Mr. John. But we're here to engage in admiring those boobs and it's not much longer before Avy's got them out and we can all say yeah those are just as awesome as we remember. I liked it that Avy just the whole bra off too, no need to clutter up the shot with a bra, let those boobies out!!Looking down on Avy as she's stroking over her pussy, the boobs gently swaying, her eyes looking up, it all painted a great picture and had me ready. Sean Michaels then makes a smooth entrance and the two start chatting/ kissing like old friends. The two stand up with Sean going behind to caress and slip a finger or two inside her panties to tickle her lips and Mr. Michaels really does it right then putting Avy in a doggie pose and getting face down between her ass, licking that pussy-- I think he knows what he's doing don't you. Avy then gets to return the favor and those lips look real good working over Sean's cock. Sean then licks a little more kittie and we procede to some pretty good sex highlighted by a fantastic ride in reverse. Mr. Michaels has saved up a pretty good load too which is fired directly into Avy's mouth which instantly wraps around to get the last drops out and offer up cleanup. Welcum Back Avy!!

Cali Couture:

Alright fans one more scene to enjoy and we're going poolside again as Mike catches up with Cali. The bikini is pretty tight on her too especially the top where the boobs are practically falling out, lol. We've had some great racks in this one fans and Cali's was no different, so bouncy and round, great bubble boobs!! Cali gets fully nekkid then heads inside where she sits on a couch and tickles her pussy lips as well as caressing more on those boobs, 36DD!! Double Delicious! Mr. Marcus is brought in and we get a little cock stroking as she reaches back while he's fingering her pussy as she's in a doggie pose, it was a nice shot. Cali then delivers an even better shot as we do side angle for the blowjob and loved her taking a little time in working over Marcus's cock. Ahh we get the old pick her up and hang upside down trick, him licking pussy while Cali's still engaged in sucking his dick. Sexwise she's got such a fine all around body cowgirl was a great starter position and when they hit reverse, floor angle, titties bouncing I bet you'll be near at this point. They work it just a little longer in doggie and mish, titty fucking and finally the pop to Cali's open mouth. Very nice closing scene.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans for big boob lovers this was a fine journey from Rachel Love to Cali Couture with some amazing fucking in between. The ladies were pretty good with the self nipple licking, the guys do a good job playing with the boobs and the blowjobs were also pretty strong from the ladies. Now for extras you can see pics, repeat the pops, see a cast list for each scene if you're unsure of who the cocksmen was. There is also some BTS here, just over 31 minutes so check this out, Mike John often has very funny goings on in between scenes. Well worth a purchase for big natural tit fans, the ladies deliver and Mike/ Tim capture the action pretty good, a win/ win for everyone.

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