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Boob Squad 6, The

Boob Squad 6, The

Studio: Bang Bros.
Category:  Busty , Reality Porn
Starring: , , , ,
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Peter North Is My Hero's ratings for Boob Squad 6, The:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Boob Squad 6, The overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Boob Squad 6, The Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Boob Squad 6, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Boob Squad 6, The Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Boob Squad 6, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Boob Squad 6, The DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Boob Squad 6, The A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Peter North Is My Hero  on  4/2/2006
I love enormous natural breasts. The majority of the sexy, beautiful, young girls that inhabit the world of porn these days have modest or very small breasts; which can be a good thing for the right girl with the right body. Some of my absolute favorite examples of starlets with small or modest-sized mammaries are Ryan Star (she performed in probably fewer than 7 harcore flicks -check her out), Madison Monroe, Dani Woodward, and Christie Lee to name just a few.

Back to giant boobies. I'm not going to go into who the Bang Brothers are as you've probably heard of them already as the kings of internet porn. They have a unique style that appeals to me, but internet porn sucks due to picture and sound quality limitations.

However, the Bang Brothers' life work is available in all its glory with the crystal clear picture quality and sound that DVDs provide.

Here's what the 6th edition of Bang Brothers' "The Boob Squad" has to offer:

*****LUNA*****(Front Cover Largest Featured Girl)

This Italian gemstone has a face miles beyond gorgeous. There is not a flaw on her. She is one of the rarest of the rare: perfect trim body, perfect ass, and enormous DD breasts to put busty super stars like Sammie Rhodes and Lain Oi to shame.

One of the superb staples of the Boob Squad series is lots and lots and lots of pre-fuck groping, squeezing, pinching, bouncing, and general molesting of these ladies' racks. Luna's ass is also throughly played with.

Plenty of POV dick-sucking and lots of Titty-Fucking (of course!). Perfect POV and various shots of Luna being penatrated while she's on all fours (the guy wears a condom which subtracts a little bit of the fantasy factor - but no big deal) She fucks the hack while on top, front and reverse, he gets fucked froggy style, and then they finish in missionary. Lovely Luna gets a decent facial. (The guys' just no Peter North.)

The lighting in this scene was superb.

*****ALEXIS*****(Girl With The Largest Picture On Rear Cover Art)

Lord I love this woman. It's difficul to guage her age, but she may be a more mature woman in her 30's. Some may think her face isn't that amazing, but she's my favorite girls on the whole disc.

We get to see a very long session of tit-teasing with Alexis squeezing, pinching, sucking, and biting her own rediculous-sized breasts. She eventually oils up her titties and continues to bounce and swing them around. Then some lucky SOB starts a long session of playing with all of Alexis' lubed up sweater meat. Her thong is removed to reveal a perfectly proportioned ass - not a hint of cottage cheese.

Very nice cock-slobbing and tit-wanking cinematography follows. More POV shots would've been nice, but one can't be too picky. PLenty of shots of of Alexis' perfect ass riding her stud while on top (the guy wears a condom again) She also rides in reverse. Incerdible views, including POV, of her getting fucked from behind -just amazing. One the guy pounds her in missionary you get a truly fantastiv view of those jugs bouncing with every thrust. This woman practically has cleavage while she's lying on her back- Very nice Vadge too.

The facial is excellent with lots of squirts directly to her face, leaving the poor woman blinded.

*****JASMINE***** (rear cover, lower left hand corner of box art fucking reverse cowgirl_

Poor Jasmine only has A-Cups........just kidding.

As I see her, she's the least attractive of the 5 bouncy, busty, breast-bountiful beauties on this amazing disc; but who cares she has 100% authentic, puberty-induced Double Ds.

Yup, she gets her mega-mammaries molested, pulled, squeezed, bounced, oiled and examined in every which way possible: only when the Bang Brothers are behind the lens. Jasmine's ass even gets a thorough groping.

There's a justifiably very, very long cocksuckery session with plenty of russian-style sex.

The highlights of this chapter are always the P.O.V. shots of Jasmine's meaty ass jiggling as she gyrates on a very big weiner (wearing a condom. WTF?)

She gets a decent faceful of cum for all the hard work.

*****ANA*****(girl rear box cover, center, lying on her back with huuuuuuuuuuuuge tits)

Oh my god. Oh--my--god. People say a girl with big breasts is blessed; maybe so, but Ana is CURSED. The clinical term for this condition is hypermastia, which makes this gorgeous woman an excellent candidate for breast reduction; but thankfully, not yet. I'm pretty certain, between Luna, Alexis and Ana, Ana is my favorite on the whole disc. Her face is so adorable, looking a little like Aspen Stevens', but far sweeter.

Ana tells us is in all sincerity (with an endearing, slight southern accent) that she got her first bra at age 7: a 27-B no less.

Now that she's 22, Ana's ready to have her GIANT boobies oiled and massaged by one of the sinister Bang Bros.

The breasts massage scene goes on for a long, long time until Ana's breasts, i kid you not, look like giant, shiny pearls.

I was disappointed that we never get a great P.O.V. angle of Ana's face as she sucks dick, but maybe it's because she was shy? (I've definitely never seen this girl in any other porno)

Ana squeezes her enormous cleavage together so the Bang Bro can titty fuck her. Now we get a great view of her precious face. I just loved this part.

It's noteworthy to mention that Anna's crotch isn't perfectly buffed. She doesn't have a full, 70's forrest, but she's definitely sporting more pubic hair than most sexy, beautiful, young things these days. I overwhelmingly prefer naked vulvas, but Ana is so fucking hot, her extra growth didn't bother me at all.

Naturally, the Bang Bro fucks while she's on all fours, pulling her hair into a tight pony tail. Then the lucky son of a bang brother gets to stab away at Ana's pussy in missionary.

Of all the positions, Ana looks the most incredible while on top. On her back she has a massive tatoo nearly as wide as her two boobs put together. Very nice tush to complement that sweater meat. She could use a little anal bleaching, but then again, I'm just splitting pubic hairs here.

She gets her mouth sploodged on and she is genuinely grossed out.


Yes, another young scorcher with hefty boobs. She speaks with a foreign accent.

Like all the girls before her, Sonya has her breasts goosed in every way imaginable by both herself and the Bang Brother.

Things get fantastic when the director provides P.O.V. angles of Sonya giving oral and having her tits fucked.

The Bang Brother pulls her g-string off of her big (but 99.99% fat free) behind, and proceeds to fuck her like a dog. She looks slightly fucking hot getting it on all fours.

When the Bang Bro stabs away at Sonya's vadge in missionary, there plenty of gratifying P.O.V. angles provided.

Same with her on top. Truly amazing how this girl sports such a big butt, yet there's not even a hint of cellulite on either cheek.

She gets just her boobies squirted on, which is the only thing (besides Sonya's accent)that didn't please me as I watched this chapter.

There are some very brief outakes included on the disc that are worth checking out: Ana getting it doggystyle and stating "Sorry, I'm not very deep."

This is the best Giant All Natural Boob DVD I've seen to date. Red Light District's "Boobaholic's Anonymous" has received alot of well-deserved praise (yes, I saw it and it was good), but this DVD was a whole step above. Red Light's big boob DVD feauted all the biggest names in Hypermastia, while "The Boob Squad" stars equally gorgeous girls whose names aren't as familiar.

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