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Bomb Shell Bottoms 7

Bomb Shell Bottoms 7

Studio: Vouyer Media
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Bomb Shell Bottoms 7:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Bomb Shell Bottoms 7 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Bomb Shell Bottoms 7 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Bomb Shell Bottoms 7 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Bomb Shell Bottoms 7 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Bomb Shell Bottoms 7 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Bomb Shell Bottoms 7 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bomb Shell Bottoms 7 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/20/2010

The Little Details

Running Time: 146 min.

Production Date: None given

Director: Zander

Cast: Daisy Cruz, Gracie Glam (extras only), Jenny Hendrix, Juelz Ventura, Katie Summers, Krissy Lynn, Johnny Sins, Marco Banderas, Mark Wood, Mr. Pete, and Sascha

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: I haven't checked out anything from Vouyer Media in quite a while, so I'm curious to see what Zander does.

Initial Reaction: There's plenty of chemistry in each of the scenes with well captured action, but it could have used a bit more of an ass focus.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a lighter ass fetish movie or just plain hot sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting an anal sex movie

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects show some very good care. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I didn't notice any background noises. The video is very nicely presented in anamorphic widescreen. There's nice lighting with a few very minor but realistic shadows, and a nicely clear picture.

Music: There's sexy music during the tease openings that nicely disappears once the sex starts.

Watermark Warning: Although I can't say that I like watermarks, I do understand why some studios include them and don't really mind them provided they're done right. Here I can't say that they're done that right. They flash on and off in the bottom right corner fairly far into the picture, and are done in dark lettering that makes them noticeable and attention getting rather than resting there lightly throughout the movie where they'd be easy to forget.

Menus: The main menu blends the boxcover with a few clips from the movie in a decent manner. The chapter menu nicely lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene along with the name of the girl in it.

The Feature

Bombshell Bottoms 7 keeps things fairly simple. Each scene starts out with a tease from the girl in monochrome before moving on to the main action in full color.

Scene 1 – Jenny Hendrix and Mr. Pete

Jenny, who's now joined the ranks of bottle blonde generic pornstars with the exception of her great booty, starts out showing off wearing a gold bikini with the footage being captured in sepia tones. She shows off her ass as well as her tits with the help of some baby oil as she strips down before things go full color as Jenny continues to show off in front of a bathroom mirror. Mr. Pete arrives to admire and play with her from behind as well as to to eat her holes before quickly moving on to fuck her pussy from behind while fingering her ass. He grants Jenny's request to taste her ass from his fingers and after fucking her a bit longer, lets her drop down to throat his cock and suck his balls while giving him plenty of great eyes. They head into the next room where Mr. Pete fucks Jenny doggie style with a few spanks and a little ass thumbing mixed in before getting up to ride him cowgirl style. She sucks his cock in the room and on a staircase they move to before riding him reverse cowgirl style, and then continue down the staircase to spoon on a couch. They finish fucking cowgirl style so Jenny can show her great ass off fucking one last time before taking Mr. Pete's seed on her face and in her eager mouth as she sucks the last bit out.

This is a pretty darn hot scene. I can't say that I'm overly fond of Jenny's new look, but there's no denying that she still puts out a great fuck or that she has a killer ass. She and Mr. Pete have great chemistry, and put out plenty of energy with Jenny also throwing in some great vocals through the scene. The changing locations got to be a bit of a distraction, but thankfully the sex was hot enough to quickly draw me back in after each location change. This is a very nice start to the movie.

Scene 2 – Daisy Cruz and Marco Banderas

Daisy starts the second scene out in a purple-toned scene wearing an animal print bikini showing off a nice but fairly heavily inked body with the help of a little baby oil. The scene switches to full color as she lets her tongue tango with Marco's on a couch in front of a pink wall and staircase. She lets him grope her ass and strip her down to suck her tits before stripping off his shirt and letting her help open his pants to suck his cock. Daisy strips off her panties to ride Marco cowgirl style with him giving her ass a few light slaps before turning around for the reverse cowgirl ride. They also fuck in doggie before Daisy gives Marco a bit more passionate head and lays back for him to bone her missionary style. They finish fucking doggie style before Daisy turns around to take a good creamy pop from Marco in and around her eager mouth.

This is a pretty good scene. Daisy has a pretty darn good body, but I was a bit turned off by her multitude of tattoos that I thought made her look a bit trashy and even ended up being a distraction from the action. She has decent chemistry with Marco, and with the size of smile on his face as they start he looks to be more than happy to be paired with him. Daisy puts out some pretty good vocals and energy through the scene, but I can't say that there was anything that seemed that special about it. This is a pretty good scene, but nothing overly special, and came in as the weakest scene in the movie for me.

Scene 3 – Katie Summers and Sascha

Dirty blonde Katie starts her tease out in a striped bikini and sepia tones showing off with the help of a little baby oil. The action goes full color with Katie now in a full blue bikini eagerly starting to suck Sascha's cock while giving him some great eyes and mixing in a bit of stroking and ball sucking. Katie quickly strips down to ride Sascha reverse cowgirl style and to let him finger her ass. The scene cuts to Sascha spooning her bald pussy before he fingers her ass more and fucks her pussy missionary style. It cuts again to Katie riding Sascha cowgirl style before presenting herself to him for a doggie fuck. She sucks him clean before going back for a second round with most of the positions, and then takes a happy facial finish.

This is a good scene that had the potential to be great. Katie and Sascha have great chemistry, and they put out plenty of energy along with enthusiastic vocals from Katie. At the same time, I wanted more. The positions were rarely chosen to show off Katie's ass, and it looks like she was more than open to some good anal action. This is a hot scene, but at the same time it left me feeling like it could have been even better.

Scene 4 – Krissy Lynn and Mark Wood

Bottle blonde Krissy dances around in a star spangled bikini and puts out plenty of ass shaking along with taking on the baby oil attack. She changes to a pink bra and panties as she joins Mark in full color to kiss him and let him admire her from behind with plenty of tongue action for her chocolate starfish as well as a bit of groping and face sitting. Krissy helps Mark out of his pants to suck his cock while she sits on his face before getting on her knees to give him more sucking and stroking as well as giving him some titty fucking. Krissy shows off her nice round ass riding Mark cowgirl style and letting him fuck her from behind before turning around to suck her juices off his cock. They go back to fucking reverse cowgirl style before spooning, and Mark eats her holes before letting her have it missionary style. He even fucks Krissy a bit as she lays on her side before popping on her eager tongue as she takes it with wide open eyes and then plays with the cum a little before giving him a great smile.

This is a great scene right from the start. Krissy has a great body, and an even better attitude. She looks thrilled to be getting it on with Mark, and he looks every bit as happy himself. There's great vocals, plenty of energy, positions that show off Krissy's nice round ass through most of the action, and nicely done camera work that captures it all well. This is one of the best scenes in the movie.

Scene 5 – Juelz Ventura and Johnny Sins

Heavily tattooed and dark haired Juelz does her tease in sepia tones with a metallic bikini and a fair amount of baby oil before the scene goes full color with Juelz strutting up to Johnny wearing a sexy little dark outfit as he sits on the couch. She climbs into his lap to let him admire her tits before he picks her up and lays her back to eat her pussy and ass. Juelz reciprocates with plenty of oral action and stroking before getting on all fours to let Johnny fuck her from behind. She sucks his cock before riding it cowgirl style, and mixes in a little extra finger play as well as spinning around for the reverse cowgirl while keeping Johnny in her twat. They also fuck missionary style before Juelz gives Johnny some great sloppy head while he plays with her pussy. She lets him spoon her before taking Johnny's load in her mouth, swallowing it down with a dirty smile, and then swallowing Johnny's cock one more time for luck before taking a taste of some of the cum that escaped her mouth from her chest.

This is another great scene. The positions aren't chosen that well to show off Juelz' ass, but she and Johnny have amazing chemistry with Juelz looking like she loves every single stroke Johnny takes inside her. There's no shortage to the chemistry between them, and Juelz turns out plenty of vocals along with great energy. This might not be much of an ass fetish scene, but it's still a great scene.

Bombshell Bottoms 7 is a pretty hot fuck flick. The setups end up being a little generic with how close they are to each other, but the action is all well captured. Jenny Hendrix and Krissy Lynn turn out the best ass fetish scenes, but Juelz Ventura also turns out a killer scene even if it isn't as ass fetish oriented. Sadly, for what should be an ass fetish movie that's the biggest problem with the movie. The action is well captured and there's normally great chemistry, good energy, and nice vocals in each scene, but the movie never feels like it's that much of a movie about ass. I'm sure some expect anal sex in a movie that mentions bottoms in its title, but I'm more than happy to have a movie that's all about loving ass. That never comes across here, as reverse cowgirl and plain old spooning are all too prevalent through the movie instead of working in a little bow and arrow action that could show off the girl's ass quite well. The teases are the same way. I liked the teases quite a bit before they turned into the same opening for each scene, but they frequently seemed to be about the girl's body as a whole instead of having a girl who has a hot body that's acknowledged along with a killer ass that's focused on. Bombshell Bottoms 7 is a hot movie, but as an ass fetish release it leaves a bit to be desired.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Untapped Assets, Untapped Assets 2, and Teen Mother Fuckers. The photo gallery lasts about three and a quarter minutes with about seven seconds per very nice looking snapshot. There's also cutting room floor footage, a bonus scene, and weblinks.

The cutting room floor footage lasts about twenty minutes. Juelz starts out showing how cold it is and how she's thankfully putting on a little weight before Katie shows off her ass and talks about her ass. Krissy shows off and talks about showing off. Daisy about being a SoCal girl who's been thinking about being a pornstar for a bit, getting kicked out of school, and deciding being a stripper is better than getting an education. Things return to Juelz to talk about being violated, Katie to talk about how wild she can be and what she hasn't done yet, and Krissy to talk about how busy she's been. Daisy returns to show off her ass and talk about her wildest scene and what she hasn't done yet that she wants to before talking with Juelz about her phone and Katie about sex and sensuality. Krissy talks about working on her ass before Jenny finally appears to show off her ass and talk about her body. Daisy talks about masturbation, her upcoming scene, and her body before Juelz talks about fans and relationships. Finally, Katie gives a little love to her fans. This is a very nice behind the scenes featurette. There's a fair amount of eye candy along with plenty of personality from the girls. Most of the girls seem like a lot of fun, and there's some nice banter with them. This is a very nice addition to the overall DVD.

Bonus Scene – Gracie Glam and Mark Wood

The bonus scene comes from S.W.A.T. 5. Brunette Gracie starts out looking young and cute in panties with her hair in pigtails working a hula hoop before chatting while on the couch wearing a tank top and shorts. He talks about sex and why she likes working with Mark Wood while she shows off and plays with herself lightly before Mark joins her to help play with her pussy and kiss him. Gracie eagerly sucks Mark's cock as soon as it gets close to her face and lets Mark give her a little guidance holding her pigtails as she sucks him. She gets up to ride him cowgirl style and encourages him to spank her ample ass before getting on all fours to let Mark pump her from behind. Gracie eagerly sucks her pussy off his cock before bringing them back together for a reverse cowgirl ride. She also bounces on his bone sidesaddle before laying back for him to fuck her missionary style and to spoon her. Finally Gracie lets Mark hold his head down as he sprays his seed on her smiling and satisfied face.

This is a great scene, which is no surprise with Gracie Glam and Mark Wood. Gracie comes off as cute and fun loving as always, and puts out plenty of energy and vocals as she takes on Mark. There's great chemistry between them, and the action is very nicely captured. This is a smoking hot scene that makes me think that maybe I should check out a bit of the S.W.A.T. series.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, anal (finger), ass to mouth, rimming (male > female), titty fucking, and swallowing

Raincoat Factor: High

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many Vouyer Media DVDs can be found online for between about $16 and $25 with most stores offering them for about $20. This one's worth the money unless you're a major ass fan. There's plenty of chemistry and great sex in the movie, but the positions could have been chosen better to show off the asses in a few of the scenes. The technical aspects show some nice care and there's some good effort put into the extras to help out the overall DVD. This is a hot but flawed release.

Note to Vouyer Media: You did a great job filling this movie with chemistry and hot action, but if you're going to make a movie about hot ass it would be nice if it were focused on a bit more.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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