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Bomb Shell Bottoms 5

Bomb Shell Bottoms 5

Studio: Vouyer Media
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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stinkfist's ratings for Bomb Shell Bottoms 5:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Bomb Shell Bottoms 5 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Bomb Shell Bottoms 5 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Bomb Shell Bottoms 5 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Bomb Shell Bottoms 5 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Bomb Shell Bottoms 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Bomb Shell Bottoms 5 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bomb Shell Bottoms 5 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  11/12/2009
With Winter creeping in what better way than to wank the Winter Blues away with some hot new porn Bombshell Bottoms 5 to be precise,i must confess i watch tons of porn and the thrill of watching hard fast action has my cock dancing about in my pants the way a drunk father would dance at his sons 21st birthday party.To my local porn store i went after work,i was feeling so randy i would even shag a hot loaf i thought to myself,but all my dough is going on this porn title.(better get these jokes in early) i think i am kneading hospital treatment.

As i reached the porn store the shopkeeper was outside at the shop window,someone had drew a cock on the glass and he was using a cloth to try and get it off "For fuck sake if you rub it any harder it will just get bigger" i said to him while rolling my eyes and smiling i was greeted with silence lol,anyway into the store i went followed by the shopkeeper i quickly grabbed Bombshell Bottoms and paid for it,let the party commence.

The action is Directed by Zander-and not a condom in sight,get the Champagne out guys n gals.

Scene 1-Jayden James

Straight into action we go and first up is the beautiful Jayden,phew scene 1 and it looks like there is a cure for erectile dysfunction already.An intro of her scene flashes up but i always look away as i love surprises,so did my ex girlfriend....until i woke her up at 5 am one morning with my cock wedged up her ass.Actually i never lol,she never let me anywhere near her asshole i tried everything even the magic password (my bank pin number) but sadly there was to be no fairytale ending,well there was actually as i shagged her best pal..ok she slept through the whole ordeal but a shags a shag lol,did i mention her friend is 95 year joking.Ok back to the movie

Jayden is such a babe and im not just saying that because she is on all fours getting interviewed by gonzo specialist Zander,she has on red and black bra and panties,Jayden not Zander lol..or is it a thong,maybe it's dental floss.She has long dark hair and sparkling eyes,blowjob eyes.With the camera trained on her ass i looked down at my cock and whispered to him "Prepare for all out war later on sunshine" that got him standing to attention,Jayden has such a peach of an ass round firm and spankable and looks like she could fuck all night.

As Jayden continues to get interviewed the camera is now capturing her pretty face,she is so sexy looking and with a great smile,her lips are coated in red lipstick i want to walk over and perform a sex act on the television even some cock slapping against the screen..oh please i pay my TV License.Ok look away now for those with weak stomachs lol,Jayden continues to reveal little juicy secrets about herself and giggles away,i think i love this woman

Those juicy secrets of Jayden's involve whats been up her ass,toys and fingers and she goes on to say that Phoenix Marie has done her ass with a strap-on,even Zander is getting emotional now lol and after asking if he can see what's going down under that thong Jayden pulls her thong aside with her long pink finger nails to reveal a beautiful pierced pussy and perfect asshole.She has quite large pussy lips,she is still on all fours and rubs on her pussy then slides a finger up her ass,Jayden begins to shake her ass and says she loves her own booty

Now the male talent has arrived and he wastes no time in slapping Jayden's ass and with her still on all fours she buries her head into the sofa and he begins to lick her ass,i feel like crying..with jealousy,and he is getting paid for this i need a cock transplant please lol.Jayden sits back now with her ass almost hanging over the edge of the sofa and with her legs wide apart and the male talent slaps those big cheeks of hers,it all looks so sexy.I have not even seen her tits yet,but hey it's an ass themed title,now it was time to lose the panties..Jayden not's only tights i wear at the weekends..for robbing banks.

Jayden looks amazing,her panties have been pulled down just over her pussy and with her legs together her curves look sensational,more ass spanking continues before her panties get taken off then it's back to feasting on her ass,i love the way the camera is looking up at the action,did i mention Jayden is shaven,that's right a shaven haven.Oh Oh time to get jealous as the male star unzips his jeans and with him standing his cock flops out and Jayden sinks to her knees to savour his cock,and i get my first look at her tits,they are massive and her nipples stood out like 2 drug dealers in a school playground.

Jayden gives this guy a magical blowjob,at times really sensual she also sucks on his balls,i think this guy should go to the Electric Chair,she uses 2 hands on his cock while she feeds it in and out of her sexy mouth.She loves her blowjobs this girl,she also gets her mouth fucked.I am green with envy here,im like a skinnier version of The Hulk just waiting to explode with action soon swings over to the sofa and as the male talent lay back i knew what was going to happen next...or did i.

Jayden went cowgirl on him,and judging by his moaning and faint screams this guy carries a man bag about with him (joking lol) it's great to see Jayden's thick booty bouncing around and with the camera looking up at the action it makes her ass look even better.Her pussy must be soaking wet as this guys cock is glistening with her juices.Jayden controls the fucking and it's great to watch a girl take the lead,i think i spoke to soon as he starts slapping her ass.With her moans and groans Jayden is loving it.

More camera angle changes and it's great to watch,god i love big butts so i do,and with that Jayden slipped a finger up her ass while she was getting pounded and scream she did,holy fuck i will have the neighbors looking at me tomorrow with that "Did he score last night" look on there faces.Some side on fucking now and this looks amazing,really shows of that shapely ass and curvy thighs.Jayden has her belly button pierced and a tattoo on her left pelvis.

As she gets fucked hard her tits are swinging about like 2 chimpanzees on acid and she rubs on her pussy and calls out to get fucked harder which the guy duly delivers until a powerful orgasm rips through her body,Christ on a bike even my toes were curling up there.Now a favorite position to watch and Jayden has her legs in the air but tight together and gets her pussy rattled,this is a great position for watching her curvy legs as well as her ass.We get a quick look at the male stars face,and what a porn face he is pulling lol and he looks a bit red in the face,should i mess about with my color and contrast buttons.

Jayden loves playing with her clit while she gets fucked,a clitorious..what the fuck is a clitorious lol,im joking i did have The Joy of Sex book when i was younger.Now it was time for Jayden to taste her own juices from this guys cock and sloppy blowjob time it was and throw in some wanking and you have got to hand it to the guy for lasting the pace,i nearly creamed my pants in the sex shop and that was just when i purchased the title.Back to side on pumping and with her ass just hanging over the edge of the sofa,all i can say is sofa so good...i will get my coat lol.

If you like your girls noisy when they are getting fucked then you will love this and with the camera zooming in and out of the action and with more ass slapping etc you will be needing a new furry glove for Christmas,and if your flush for money come January a new Guide Dog.Now it was time for Jayden to lie on her front and the guy took control and pumped her silly,what a great position.i must try this out with my pillow tonight lol,the camera catches this action from overhead and it looks amazing if your a big butt fan this is a position you will love as Jayden spreads her cheeks apart while she is getting fucked.He pulls out and begins to fuck the crack of her ass,is there no end to this guys talents lol

If does look great and a rather sweaty Jayden is loving it,she has been fucked hard and took all he could throw at her and still she wanted more,some blowjob action follows before doggie style action sees her get a good humping and with clit rubbing and screams from Jayden she is loving it,some reverse cowgirl now and it's great to watch this sexy woman take control,her pussy is red from all the fucking it's not long before the guy is rubbing on her clit as she bounced away,the finale sees Jayden lying on her front again and spreading her ass cheeks as she gets a final pounding with him eventually pulling out and wanking over her bum cheeks she then uses her finger to scoop some cum and tastes it before winking to the camera.

What a way to start the first scene,Jayden is a hot babe with curves in all the right places,amazing boobs and butt a lovely toned body,beautiful smile,lovely long dark hair,do you know what im considering asking her out lol.The sex was great here i also loved the tease and Jayden took a good pounding but she also liked to be in control too,she loved to rub on her clit till powerful orgasms ripped through her body.My fave sex scene was with Jayden lying on her front and spreading her ass cheeks and getting nailed deep and hard.

Scene 2-Kristina Rose

A quick intro of Kristina's scene flashed up on screen and i looked away,that's right up there with someone showing you your Christmas presents then wrapping them up,i like my surprises too much lol.The scene starts outdoors at the pool and Kristina is relaxing on a sun lounger wearing a tiny bikini her legs are positioned at quarter to three,i think there will be a few baby stinkfist's dripping from the ceiling tonight after this,i might even have to put a muzzle on my cock in case it takes a bite out of my thigh.Kristina looks beautiful she has a sexy toned body and with her long dark hair she looks so sultry and with her designer shades on and her pretty face this is going to be awesome to watch Kristina getting fucked.

Did i mention Kristina has lipstick on,lipstick and sunbathing holy shit this girl is high maintenance lol,im only getting by on the minimum wage ive not even got enough money to keep her in sun cream..looks like ive lost my chance oh well Kristina it's your loss lol..i think im going mad.She begins to get interviewed and sounds so sweet,is this girl really a cock crazed individual who yearns to get ploughed with the biggest cocks possible pushing her boundaries further and further YES and on that note i better get my wanking kit prepared.After Kristina's scene my cock is going to have to be identified by my next of kin.

As the interview continues Kristina is so at ease and her fun side shines through i kept glancing down at her little titties,i know you cant take me anywhere lol.It's going to be great to see them out and with that the camera begins to sweep down Kristina's body what a sexy figure she has and looking at her bikini bottoms i spy some pubic hair peeking out.I think i will press pause and go over and lick the television screen,im not sure what kind of reception i will get..or if we are on the same wavelength.Enough of my crap jokes lol on with the action and Kristina's body just looks so yummy.

Im getting flustered here as she has just took of her bikini top to show of those little titties they are small and perfectly formed..a bit like my cock,looks like we are compatible after all Kristina lol.I must confess i love all shapes and sizes of tits,small tits,medium sized tits,ones that need pushed about in a wheelbarrow i love them all,Kristina you will be thankful of those small little titties when you reach 60 years of age and everything has gone due south who wants tits that just have ground clearance when you walk anyway,i think im losing the plot here lol.

Kristina's nipples are beginning to get hard someone crack the Champagne open we are onto a winner,again the fun side of Kristina takes over as the laughs continue during her interview she then gets urged to show of her other assets and with that the bikini bottoms get slid of and she parts her legs to show of a nice bush and pretty pussy.There is so much smoke coming of my cock im actually worried as i cannot open a window for fear of the local Priest knocking on my door enquiring about the smoke emitting from my flat as he thought a new Pope had just been elected,Kristina looks amazing with her legs parted and as she spreads her pussy lips wide open i want to eat her alive,she has on blue and pink nail varnish and has lovely little dainty hands.

Her pussy looks so inviting it's shaved at the sides but she has a little tuft of pubic hair making her look so fuckable,and with her talking dirty i could cream my pants right now.Kristina gets asked to show of her booty i think i am going to die and go to heaven and with that she goes on all fours on the sun lounger and what an ass she has,gorgeous curvy thighs and an ass so round and peachy i will end up with a bigger bicep than Arnold Schwarzenegger with all the wanking that is going to be coming my way.Kristina leans forward and arches her back and puts her legs tightly together and this looks wonderful it really does show of her adorable bubble butt.

This is one girl i want to see taking it up the Bournville Boulevard her asshole looks tighter than scrooge at Christmas,the pose she is in just now will have Big Butt fans milking there cocks at this part of the movie it's just perfect,she still has her shades on..what a Diva lol.Kristina spreads her ass cheeks wide to show us what she calls her "Little piggy bank" lol,oh bless her i never had a piggy bank like that when i was young,i wish to god i did i reckon i would be a Millionaire by now with the amount of deposits i would have put into it.This is the kind of girl you could take home to Mom,after more talk about who she is working with today it was indeed time to meet the lucky bastard..sorry the male talent and with that he has arrived and walks forward with his cock already out of his trousers,what a welcome lol

Kristina gets serious,yes that's right the shades get positioned on the top of her head and only now i get my first look at those pretty eyes.She has on purple eyeshadow and black eyeliner and with a twinkle in her eye she wastes no time in wrapping those lips around this guys cock before teasing that she can play a tune on his cock,my own cock is out of tune these days..nearly out of commission if you ask me lol.Kristina goes to work on that cock and looks so sexy giving head,as for the male talent i have seen him in plenty of titles and could probably tell you how many veins he has got in his cock...but i wont lol

The BJ action is great with Kristina gagging on his cock and with the camera angle changing to an overhead view it looks great,she uses her hands too and the way she is using both hands to twist and jerk his cock im surprised this guy is not crying out for his Mummy lol.She sucks on his balls too before looking at the camera and saying "I think it's my lucky day" then she goes back to chomping on his cock then with saliva dripping from her chin she gets urged to jerk him off really hard and fast,and as she is doing that she takes the tip of his cock in her mouth and sucks away.The guy is doing well to still be standing,my legs would have buckled ages ago lol..wait a minute my legs HAVE buckled lol.

The action moves indoors now as it was time for some hot fucking,Kristina danced her way through the door lol she lies on the bed with her legs wide apart and the male talent is down there quick as a flash to feast on her pussy,mmm i bet those beef curtains taste delicious.He seems to be pressing all the right buttons as Kristina is moaning like a woman who has just found out that Desperate Housewives is to be taken of the air,does this guy think he is playing a mouth organ here he has not come up for air at all..well technically he IS playing a mouth organ lol.i think i need to get out more,porn envy is a terrible thing.

The guy deserves credit as he has just brought Kristina to orgasm via pussy licking,in contrast to my ex girlfriend i had to "Fire" her up with a cattle prod in the morning just to try and get some spark in her.Oh god bless her,back to the action and this guy is going to town on Kristina's pussy if this is the way he treats a pussy can you image him with a watermelon,that's right lock up your watermelons.With Kristina placing her legs behind her head he rubs on her clit till another orgasm rips through Miss Rose's body,and with that he springs to his feet and plunges his cock into Kristina's drenched slit,

The action is caught from overhead and it looks great to see her pussy swallowing this cock with ease,even the guy is making those ohhh ahhh noises,who says guys don't show emotion anymore.Kristina's pussy looks so tight it literally strangles his cock as it's plunged in and out of her i would love to plunge in and out of her too.I think i will need to settle for the furry glove and good imagination,or if im feeling perverted i might wipe my knob on the curtains later on lol.The joy of staying alone..i wonder why i am still single lol?.Kristina is very vocal as she is being fucked and it adds to the debauchery on offer.

If her pussy gets any wetter i fear the bed and everything else will get washed away,more dirty talk from Kristina and my cock and ears are loving this.My ex girlfriend was noisy during sex too..until i found out she was asthmatic lol.Im loving the dirty talk from Kristina and it's not long before he is down there having a good lick at Kristina's wet juicy pussy once again,love is in the air lol.He gives her asshole a quick lick then goes back to fucking Kristina and as she holds her legs wide apart this looks great.He begins to pound Kristina and she is moaning out louder and louder as another powerful orgasm shudders through her,the last time i made a woman that happy was when i gave her my credit card for the weekend.

The camera angle changes and we get to see some great shots of Kristina getting pounded missionary style,the male pornstar does have a big cock..was this guy born in Chernobyl.Yet more pussy licking follows and do you blame him if i got a chance to lick Kristina's pussy it would take 12 bodybuilders to scrape me of her lol.More deep missionary fucking and even the bed is doing some heavy breathing,or is it the springs lol.With the camera angle changing we get to feast on the action from some great vantage points,onto some doggie style action now and the good hard fucking continues.

Kristina shouts out that his cock is "So fucking big and hard",even the hookers ive been with never even said that about me..and i payed them extra.Some good viewing now as Kristina is the one who does all the work and backs her bubble butt into his cock to control the fucking and with her shaking her ass it looks great.I love watching a girl take the lead like this,it would seem the male talent is loving it too as the whoo and ohhh noises he is making is not for stinkfist's benefit lol.i hope not im a vagetarian,a fish eating vagetarian you hear,on with the movie and the guy begins to pummel Kristina's pussy again and you can hear her pussy juices squelching away or i have i just creamed my boxer shorts...again.

Kristina screams away as she gets drilled,i would love to have her as a neighbor you would not even need to do the old glass at the wall and against the ear trick.I would just drop my pants and listen and wank as she got fucked each night and if she brought some girlfriends over for fun i think my wanking arm would going into overdrive lol.Kristina's toe nails are painted purple,although i guess that is the least of your worries right now but i like feet and would not miss a chance to rub my cock all over her little tootsies if i was the male talent hint hint lol,Kristina you need a real man in your me lol

Kristina goes on to get fucked in a variety of positions and with the action being nice and hard and with dirty talk and orgasms and ass slapping along the way i am glad i bought this title,my cock is ecstatic.Kristina sucks on his cock to taste her own juices then goes back to taking the lead in the bedroom.My ex girlfriend used to take the lead in the bedroom actually she used to take this piss lol,she wanted all of the bed every night and only for sleeping purposes.The finale involves Kristina lying on the bed and getting pounded in missionary position with her hands behind her head talking dirty and begging for cum before the sperm fairy arrives and covers her face and tits in cum,put that under your pillow Kristina darling you will get a fortune in the morning.She goes on to say "I got exactly what i wanted".

This was a great scene,great chemistry and great fucking made it a joy on the eyes and a feast between the legs lol.Kristina is beautiful and puts a lot of energy into her scenes.By the end of it both of them were hot and sweaty and it made for good viewing,she took a good pounding and at times took the lead and with dirty talk pouring out of her mouth and orgasm after orgasm ripping through her body this is one scene i will go back to again and again..once i have ordered my Guide Dog that is...and a new furry for stinkfist.

Scene 3-Kelly Divine

As with the other scene intros a quick preview of Kelly flashed up on screen i looked away as i really do not like to spoil it for myself lol,im a big kid at heart.Now it was the start of the scene and Kelly is in the bedroom and as she is on the bed on all fours i think we are laughing all the way to the bank here..the sperm bank,Kelly looks lovely she has long hair,a pretty face and a beautiful smile and with her eyeliner and lipstick on she looks so sexy,just ripe for a good fucking.It only took the camera man seconds before he was zooming in on her magical bubble butt and what a butt it is,it looks solid and sturdy an ass just made for doggy style i think im going to wank myself to death lol.

Kelly begins to get interviewed and her sweet personality shines through and with her revealing juicy secrets about herself it's going to be great watching her in action,did i mention she has on a matching bra and panties in red and pink and her tits are bursting out of her bra,this girl looks smoking hot.I hope the gusset of her panties are made out of fire retardant material as im sure that is one hot pussy she has got down there.Let the action commence and with that her meat sandwich has arrived in the shape of "Fiona" yes it's the guy with the "I love Fiona" tattoo Marco Banderas.As long as he can give Kelly a good hard fucking i will give him the benefit of the doubt and by that i mean the tattoo annoys me as my eyes are always drawn to it when he is fucking.

By the look of it Fiona has been working out,ok no more Fiona jokes lol straight for Kelly's booty he goes and he begins to caress those ample cheeks and it's not long before Kelly is squeezing on his cock.He only has on jeans and that's all,no top no socks what is the going rate at Vouyer Media when the male talent only has a pair of jeans to wear lol (there was a joke in there,honest) Kelly looks amazing and as she sat back her ass looks just Divine,she has a tattoo at the top of her back and with that she gets her bra removed by Marco.

I was never any good with bra's,i used to just cut them off..with my teeth,now Kelly gets what she wants and that's hard cock in her mouth and she undid Marco's jeans and pulled his dick out then wrapped those pretty lips around his shaft and with her looking into the camera as she sucks him off it does look sexy.I bet Fiona is in heaven Kelly is loving the blowjob action and looks great as she goes to work on his tool.As she wanks him off i have just spied another tattoo going around her wrist,the camera angle changes to give us some good shots of Kelly with a mouthful of meat

Some good deep throat action follows and there i thought Kelly was a quiet girl,her tits look fantastic really big and juicy.Back to the action and Kelly spits on his cock and gets her mouth fucked too and you can hear that glugging sound as he tickles her tonsils with his truncheon.The last time i fucked a girls mouth like that her head fell off,and i got sacked at work for interfering with a mannequin lol.

Kelly gets her hair pulled back as she is getting her mouth fucked she seems to be loving this,the male talent then gets her to go on all fours on the bed and as she arches her back she begins to shake her booty and i have just noticed that she is wearing a nice pair of sexy sandals.He is soon over there and is in about her ass and her panties get taken off but in a way that looks fantastic and shows of her curvy butt,her legs are tightly together and her ass,thighs and pussy look great in this position.This is the kind of position a bubble butt fan loves to see when it comes to tease.

Kelly's pussy and ass look great and the male talent wastes no time in feasting on her juicy slit,when Kelly reached back and began plunging fingers in and out of her pussy my cock was so hard it could have knocked Fiona sideways lol.I love watching a girl finger her pussy it just looks so hot and even better when she is in doggie position doing it,it looks so fucking hot.Fiona is straight in there for a lick of her ass and who can blame him with that tight little dirtbox winking at him,Kelly begins to back her ass into his face and to see her ass wobble like a perverted jelly was amazing,take a bow Kelly.Marco changes position and lies underneath Kelly's ass to get the facesiiting treatment,what a lucky bastard he is.

Now it was time for some fucking and Kelly simply went from sitting on his face to sitting on his cock as she began to ride him her ass wobbles about and we get a sneaky look at the chocolate factory,the asshole lol.Kelly spreads her ass cheeks wide and it looks great what a figure she has and with the camera looking up at the action it's pervtastic.Both Kelly and Fiona are getting really vocal what a pair of randy rabbits they are,when he pulls out from fucking her we are treated to a close up of her gaping pussy before the pork sword is back in there and she rides away until an orgasm rips through her body

The next shot has Kelly side on with her legs tight together and pulling on her ass cheek to expose her asshole and wet juicy slit before Marco gently slides into her and begins to pump away gradually picking up the pace till i feared for his wiener lol.This is a great position to fuck he can get really deep we can see all the action and marvel at that bubble butt.He pulls out a couple of times during the fuck and the camera angle changes to treat us to another view,reverse cowgirl now and this looks so hot to watch Kelly straddling into position

I bet after 30 seconds of Kelly riding him like this Marco might well be going to the tattooist to get that tattoo altered to "Who was Fiona" lol Kelly really rides away and this looks so sexy her breathing gets deeper and deeper,hey was it you that phoned me last night lol.Her pussy must be getting so hot and wet you can hear all her juices squelching away.I hope they have a fire extinguisher on set i think those lips are going to burst into flames,as for Fiona i think he will be needing CPR after this.It's getting serious now as Kelly has just removed her sandals and continues to ride away then pulls out his cock and her lips had a better pout on them than Mick Jagger's could ever dream about(what lol).After wanking him off she slides his cock back into her bubbling hot pussy and Fiona screams like a teenager that has just been grounded with no Playstaion 3 for a week lol.

Kelly now climbs of Marco and stands over the edge of the bed while she sucks him off she has a tattoo on the base of her back i cannot make out what it says,wait a minute i think it says "I love Fiona too" lol With the camera looking right up between her legs we get a good look at her ass,her pussy and asshole and her lovely tits and curvy thighs while she sucks away on his cock.Some Fiona's have all the luck eh lol,some side on fucking now and this looks great it looks like i will have to wear boxing gloves to bed tonight to try and keep my hands of my cock.Kelly is moaning away as she gets pumped really hard and fast,the last time i made a woman moan like that i accidentally stood on her toes at the January sales.

Kelly is turning the air blue with her filthy talk and commentary as she gets fucked urging Fiona to fuck her pussy harder and harder,how can i not meet girls like Kelly my ex girlfriend used to just lie there like a sack of potatoes when i fucked her,wait a minute my last girlfriend was a sack of potatoes.Oh well another chip on my running out of jokes here lol.Back to the action and the fucking is relentless and with Kelly barking out the orders it's hot to watch and listen to,she order Fiona to "Don't stop" as she is going to cum.

Maybe it's just me but with the short haircut that Marco is sporting he looks like a less muscled version of Arnold Schwarzenegger im half expecting him to say in Terminator 2 style voice "I want your clothes your boots and your....wet pussy Kelly" On screen and it's a change of position to doggie now and with Kelly rubbing on her wet slit Arnie has never had it so good lol,he wastes no time in banging her and it's not long before Kelly is screaming away,there is more deep breathing and moaning going on than what you would get from a nuisance caller lol.

As Fiona pulls out Kelly drives her fingers deep in her hole before he plunges back inside her and while she is getting fucked she rubs on her clit,more frantic fucking takes place and Kelly is once again really vocal i might rip the audio from this onto my MP3 player so i can have a wank on the train to work in the mornings while listening to Kelly's sexy talk,im joking honest lol.Kelly decides she wants to taste her own juices and is soon spinning round to take Arnie's cock deep in her mouth,a great position now with Kelly lying back in missionary position with her legs wide apart and holding her legs high in the air,the camera is looking directly at her and Marco slides into her.Her pussy looks stuffed with Marco's cock and he manages to really go deep on her he pulls out a couple of times and her pussy look soaking wet and with the camera zooming in close his cock is smeared with her juices.

He really picks up the pace and Kelly once again has an orgasm,after more pumping Marco stands up and lifts Kelly up and begins to fuck her cowgirl as he stands,told you it was Arnie.The camera is capturing all the action looking up at Kelly's sweet ass as Marco's legs tire he flops back onto the bed and Kelly takes over with the riding before some blowjob action is on the menu,some standing doggie now with Kelly putting one leg up on the bed while she gets a good fuck before she lies on her front and gets fucked while she is face down on the bed.This is so hot looking,some doggie finishes the scene as Marco pulls out and Kelly spins around to take his baby gravy which lands on her forehead,job done lol.

This was a great scene the chemistry was excellent and Kelly with that huge apple bottom was simply stunning,i loved her curves and she went on to take a good pounding from the male talent.Kelly was very vocal and whatever Marco could throw at her she lapped it up,at first i thought oh no when i knew she was paired up with Marco as i was not what you would call a fan due to that "I love Fiona" tattoo,but he proved me wrong he did a fantastic job fucking Kelly and it was great to be "proved" wrong his fucking was relentless and maybe..just maybe it is Arnold Schwarzenegger,has anyone on set seen "Marco" cut himself shaving etc...was there any wires as this guy is a fucking machine lol.

Scene 4-Isis Taylor

After the quick intro of Isis that i looked away from as i do not like any of the action spoiled it was time to get my first look at Isis and as she sits on a sofa about to get interviewed she looks lovely,with her long flowing locks tumbling past her shoulders and her pretty face and smile this is one hot Latino babe indeed.She has a lovely smile and gorgeous big brown eyes and as she gets interviewed she reveals details about herself and she proudly says she is from the Valley and goes on to prove it by showing of her Valley Girl tattoo on her arm.,this is shaping up to be another cracker of a scene.

After some more talk Isis is soon standing up to show of her best asset but before that i must mention she is wearing a pink bra and matching panties and has a great set of tits,without hesitation Isis goes doggie on the sofa and arches her back and shakes her booty.It looks so soft just made for fucking,her ass not the sofa lol phew im getting quite emotional here lol.Bubble butts do this to me they turn me into a sexual deviant and at this rate the poppers will be coming out..and that furry glove i got free with my last purchase from the sex shop lol.Isis who is still on all fours getting interviewed goes on to list her favorite sexual positions i am looking forward to seeing her get a good hard fucked.

Isis turns over onto her side and says "I would really like a dick in my mouth" and before you can say "A dick" the male talent had walked forward and his cock was already hard and hanging out from his boxer shorts,and what a horrific looking pair of striped boxer shorts they were lol.Someone get this guy a decent pair for his Christmas please lol,Isis wastes no time in feeding her new toy into her mouth and begins to suck away on his cock this looks fantastic she really glides those lips over the head of his cock before gulping down his length.

As the male talent fucks her mouth you can hear all the saliva from her wet mouth sloshing around,she only stops to undo her bra and release those puppies for all of us to enjoy then goes back to cock sucking.With the camera close in on Isis she is such a pretty girl and when she looks into the camera with those big brown eyes and a cock in her mouth she looks fantastic,with the cock deep in her mouth she slaps on her cheek while the guy pulls her hair back the camera man says "It's like toothbrush but only bigger" lol the only thing is this cock is big enough to smash out her front and back teeth and probably raid her fridge looking for a sandwich too.

A big dribble of saliva hangs from her mouth before landing on her chest and as the camera pans back to show of her wonderful boobs her nipples were already rock hard,this looks hot as hell and what a pair of tits they are.The camera pans down to give a teasing glimpse between her legs and although she still has her panties on her hand traces over her clit,back to the cock sucking and Isis seems to be having a great time she slides her tongue all along his shaft and the guy groans away with pleasure.Looks like Isis is having a ball too and quite literally as she traces her tongue around this guys nuts.

Isis has such a sexy figure and as the male talent reaches forward to kiss her i see that she has her belly button pierced,she plays with her tits while they enjoy a sloppy tongue sucking kiss he then moves down to one of her tits and begins to suck on her nipple and when he pulled away her nipple stood to attention.More nipple sucking and he is really gorging himself on her rock hard nipple,now the left boob gets the nipple treatment and Isis moans away softly.He must have hit all the right buttons as she lies back on the sofa and with her legs high in the air and tightly together she peels of those panties

It makes her ass and thighs look amazing in this position her pussy looks so inviting too and with that she lies back and spreads her legs and the guy moves in to eat her out.The guy mumbles "Delicious" what was he expecting does he think he is at a restaurant and he is "Head of the table" testing the wine out lol.Isis spreads her pussy lips for him and he continues to eat her out she is loving this and when he flicked his tongue against her tight little asshole she let out a little giggle.He then licks from her asshole to her pussy in one continuous motion and as Isis keeps a watchful eye on him this looks hot.

He then goes on to tongue fuck her asshole and pussy and as Isis spreads her cheeks for him i have just noticed she has long sexy finger nails,Isis has a lovely shaved pussy but with a little tuft of pubic hair at the top.She gives her pussy a gentle slap before she stands up to treat us to a great view of her ass,as her cheeks begin to wobble about i sense a fucking coming her way and with her still standing she bends over to show of that bubble butt before the male talent is pressing his face into that soft skin of hers.The action swings to the sofa now and with Isis in doggie position her asshole once again gets probed with his tongue.

While he is eating her ass Isis shakes that booty in his face then reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks wide apart to let him feast on her asshole once again,she is soon licking on her fingers and sliding a finger up her ass,this looks fantastic.The male talent is soon lying on the floor begging for Isis to sit on his face and after some action he is over on the sofa and it's blowjob time,with the camera right in there to catch the action this looks great Isis is kneeling side on the sofa and her body looks fantastic she now decides to take charge and goes cowgirl

She starts of slowly then cries out as this huge cock fills her wet cunt then as she picks up the pace she really thrashes away on his pork sword,she urges the guy to fuck her hard and as she leans forward he begins to thrust away and the camera is right in there for a great look at the action.You can hear all her juices sloshing around as she takes a good hard deep fuck,after some great fucking Isis got to taste her own juices from his cock as she climbed of him and fed this monster into her mouth the camera was right in there to get a great view of her and as she wrapped her hands around the guys balls while she slowly sucked him off,it looked fantastic.

Now it was time for a change of position and doggie style was next on the menu but not before he had feasted on her asshole once again before driving his cock deep in her wet hole,Isis gets a good fuck in this position and rubs on her clit and moans out loud giving him vocal encouragement.Some more cock sucking now and whisper it but i think Isis is the one "Breaking" this guy,he is new to me i have not seen him before but with the way Isis is egging him on to fuck her harder etc he is finding it difficult to keep a level head shall we say.With the guy sitting on the sofa Isis climbs on top and lowers her booty onto his face,this scene has had a lot of pussy and ass licking so far.

Iisis now goes reverse style and sits on his face and gets her asshole licked the camera man says "Does it tickle" lol,she now slips down and decides she is going to sit on his dick reverse cowgirl style.It's not before long the guy takes the lead and gives her a good fucking and as the camera is right in there i have just spied a Star tattoo on her left pelvis with some writing underneath it,why has she not got "Porn" above it.She is taking a good pounding here and her pussy must be soaking wet with the sloshing sound it is making as he drives in deeper and deeper,now it was another position that Isis went for and with the male still lying back on the sofa she put both of her legs to his left side and with her standing she lowered herself down and sat on his cock and began to bounce up and down.

This is great to watch as the camera can zoom right in on her ass and with her screaming out it is great on the ears too,with Isis standing now it was more ass licking for her as she leaned forward to get her chocolate starfish tickled before going back to the side on fucking with her legs at his left side and as he pumps away really hard and fast an intense orgasm rips through her body.Some side on fucking now with Isis lying on the sofa and again this looks fantastic,she takes a good pounding before he pulls out and cums all over her ass with the rest shooting over her tits.She goes on to rub his cock over her nipples before sucking the last drop of cum from his cock.

Another good scene Isis was lovely and had a sexy figure there was a lot of pussy licking and ass eating in this scene but it still made for enjoyable viewing,she took a good pounding and it was great to see her in several positions showing of that big booty.The male talent did a good job but i cant help but feel he could have pushed Isis further and by that i mean for a more intense scene or maybe Isis was just too hot to handle for him.Still it was really enjoyable and my first look at Isis and i will keep a look out for more of her titles from now on.

Scene 5-Alexis Texas

As the intro for Alexis scene kicked in i looked away i do not want any of it spoiled and this is the last scene on what has been a magnificent movie so far,my cock has took a battering with the other girls and with Alexis scene still to come i may well end up on a drip overnight as i have lost so much fluids,help me jeebus lol.Call it what you will,a kink a quirk a fetish i have a weakness for Bubble Butts a craving so deeply ingrained on my soul that to even mention it in public to non porn fans would only subject myself to such ostracism and ridicule that would make me an outcast from society and no doubt i would be put on some sort of register lol,that is why i only have porn minded friends...These beers are strong lol

Onto the scene "Are you ready,brace yourself" that's the words i whispered to my cock as the pretty Alexis Texas filled the screen and she looks sensational,she is sitting on a sofa and with her wearing only a pink and black bra and matching panties she looks hot as hell she looks almost innocent.She smiles away while she begins to get interviewed and with her long blond hair and sweet smile this is one girl i could spend my "Me Time" with rubbing my cock up against her Facebook page lol,with the camera panning back Alexis has her legs spread wide open and looks so sexy.

As she gets interviewed she goes on to say that she is going to get "Licked and fucked just for you" and while she is looking into the camera her finger traces around her panties and at this point my cock went stiffer than a homeless guy in Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment.I cannot wait to watch Alexis get ram raided by a huge cock i simply love hearing her describe what is going to happen in her scene and with that she gets asked where the dick is going to go and with both her hands moving towards her pussy she points 2 fingers to her panties and says "Right in here" then begins to trace her fingers over her pussy.Holy shit i think i better lose some clothes here.

After some more dirty talk she gets urged to show of her pussy and she pulls her panties to the side to show of her juicy pussy lips which she begins to stroke,this looks hot as hell and Alexis has lovely long nails too and with her continuing to reveal sexy secrets about herself as she rubs on her pussy i am loving this.Now it was time to see her Butt and at this point i started foaming at the mouth,she moved into doggie position on the sofa and with her legs tight together and her back arched her ass looks incredible,what a fucking ass..someone get me a glass of water i feel faint lol

Her ass looks so round and peachy an absolute dream bubble butt and even her panties have ridden up her crack to expose her pussy lips,Christmas has come early guys and gals,Alexis skin just looks so soft and when she rubs on her ass and slaps her booty i thought my cock was going to take a bite out of my thigh.Now it was time for a peek at Alexis tits and as she pulled her tits out from her bra they remained in exactly the same position of perfect pert loveliness,i very nearly wept with joy before my hand began to fondle my cock the way a shopper would squeeze at a loaf in the supermarket to test it for freshness,it's true i am losing the plot lol

Alexis nipples stood out like a one legged man in an arse kicking competition and with her doing more dirty talk to the camera i am breathing like a 90 year old who has just been forced to run across the road to avoid a pervert who was chasing a Chicken and the fact he had another Chicken stuck to his cock is another matter..ok im making this up lol.There is something so amazing about a sexy girl talking dirty i just love it,i am really looking forward to watching Alexis getting a good hard fuck that is what she wants she has just described how she wants the guy to fuck her.And with that she shouts out "Ohhh Mr Peteeee"

As Alexis begins to make herself more comfortable waiting on Mr Pete she began to play with her pussy i remember when my ex girlfriend used to say that to me,she would whisper into my ear "Stinkfist i am going to slip into something a little more comfortable darling"..60 seconds later and she was in a coma.The joys of a long term relationship eh.Back on screen and Alexis is sporting a nice bush is 2009 the year of the carpets,she begins to get down and dirty with her pussy i think Mr Pete better hurry up as Alexis begins to finger her pussy she might not wait all day for him,i love watching a girl plunge her fingers deep into her hole.

More pussy fingering from Alexis,i really could watch this all day and with the amount of wanking i am doing i am going to be walking like John Wayne for a fortnight..that is after the horse backed up and rode him senseless lol.My knees are buckling here and at this rate i will be flashing Alexis Texas the whites of my eyes very soon as my potential sons and daughters drip from the ceiling.If Mr Pete is not going to fuck her then i will Vouyer Media i am sure with the correct lighting and proper camera work you can transform the stinkfist gristle into a sought after prized piece of British Beefcake that will have the women flocking to work with the stinkfist sausage,my passport is ready i await the e-mail..Porn Valley here i come.

And after that outburst a show of defiance from Mr Pete as he has just appeared and is soon reaching to grope on Alexis tits,looks like i can put that passport away damn i never get a break.After some kissing and sucking on Alexis fingers he asks to see her butt and before she spins around i have just noticed that the male talent has his cock poking out from his jeans and with his shirt on he can boast the he is dressed smart but casual lol.He is soon spanking that ass of Alexis and as he begins to take his shirt of Alexis leans forward on the sofa and begins to suck his cock.

After teasing his cock with her warm wet mouth Alexis gets her mouth fucked and he holds her hair while he bangs away,she makes that glugging sound as his cock rams in and out of her mouth before she gags on his cock.It looks great to watch Alexis feast on this guys cock she really looks like she is getting right into the scene and at this stage Mr Pete has sat on the sofa so Alexis can go to town on his cock,what a lucky bastard.Alexis whips of her bra and with her still wanking him off she leans forward and they share a sloppy kiss.

More blowjob action and Alexis moans away as she teases this guys cock while keeping a firm grasp on his shaft and balls while he pulls on her hair,the camera is right in there to catch the action.She dribbles a stream of saliva onto his cock then goes on to wank him of before wrapping those hot lips around his length and feeding his serpent into her mouth,it's a noisy blowjob she is giving him and you can hear her wet mouth slurping away as she sucks on his pole.More face fucking and with saliva and gagging on show if your watching this with a partner it might be time to give her a gentle nudge in the ribs and say "I want one like that darling" although do not be surprised if she nudges you back and says "I want one like that too" only for you to say "i was talking about the blowjob" and for her to reply "I was on about the cock"

Half an hour later and after a heated argument you find yourself sleeping on the sofa while your partner slams the doors in the house practically taking them of the hinges and with your dinner in the dog it's been a night to forget,ok i think i better get back to the movie im getting carried away here lol.On screen and some hot action now with Alexis still giving head she massages this guys balls circling her hands and twisting all around his balls,i think he should change his name to Mr "Lucky Bastard Pete" the camera goes in for a close up of Alexis tracing her tongue all over this guys cock and it looks really hot she just looks so sexy.

At this rate i might have to pause the DVD and go into the kitchen and get some ice cubes and put them in a bowl and with me naked squat down and skim my testicles over the ice filled concoction tea bag style,then again my blinds are see thru and i think there is a strong possibility that a passing stranger could suffer more harm than me if he/she was to see the silhouette of stinkfist dunking his balls into a bowl of ice.On screen and Alexis does some amazing deep throat she still has this guys balls gripped tight and at her mercy as she sinks down on his cock and makes it all look so easy.

And with that Alexis stood up and with her back to the camera she peeled of her panties to just below her butt cheeks then began to wobble that great ass of hers,she then tightly grabs on one of her cheeks then slaps her ass i love it when girls do this.Back to shaking her butt and the camera catches every jiggle,she peels her panties of and spreads her ass cheeks wide and what a perfect butthole and pussy she has got,mmmm im hungry now..hungry for lurrvve.Cowgirl action now and Alexis climbs aboard to give this guy the thrill of his life,she is soon shaking that booty while he slaps on her ass.I want a fucking job in porn lol

Even if it meant stinkfist and Mr Pete tag teaming Alexis i would be up for it although i would not be too keen on stirring another mans porridge if you know what i mean,back to the action and Alexis is moaning away as she bounces on his rod of steel her ass looks amazing.She reaches back and spreads those cheeks as Mr Pete takes over with the fucking and her little bumhole winked at me,i waved back at it lol.I never seem to meet girls like Alexis when im out on the town,one time i did think i had hit the jackpot when i pulled a girl and got invited back to her flat with the promise that we were going to watch "Anal Lesbians 6" turned out Anal Lesbians 6 was actually three hours of a couple of women going through their fridge and sorting the contents in alphabetical order.

After some more fucking Alexis gets to taste her own juices as she climbs of and sinks her lips around his hard cock then gulps his beef down her throat before going into doggie position to get fucked really deep and hard,Alexis rubs on her clit as she is getting pounded and screams out till an orgasm rips through her body.As the relentless fucking continues Mr Pete slaps on her ass and his breathing becomes erratic and the camera catches his "Porn Face" did we really need to see that i was looking forward to my dinner..not anymore lol.Alexis takes over now and backs that huge booty into his cock before Mr Pete takes over once again and blasts away like it's going out of fashion.

With Alexis rubbing on her clit she has another powerful orgasm some side on fucking now and the camera is right in there for a good look it's great to watch Alexis huge butt hanging over the edge of the sofa and rippling away as she gets fucked.It just makes her figure look so amazing in this position,even the curve of her back looks sexy she takes a good fuck in this position and her breathing and moans are filling the air.I am going to be filling the air later on tonight too...with my baby gravy,wonder if i can beat my record of 6ft.

The action almost grinds to a halt as Mr Pete begins to softly whisper to Alexis then is soon showing his tender side by sliding his fingers in and out of Alexis mouth,what next is he going to whisper to Alexis "I cried watching The Titanic" lol but there was a catch..oh there is always a catch i hear you cry lol.He then began to circle a finger around Alexis butthole then he slips a finger deep in her ass.The last time i tried to stick my finger in my ex girlfriends ass i had to wait till she was sleeping..and for the Rohypnol to kick in..i am joking.Alexis continues to get fucked and with that finger still up her asshole she tenses up as another orgasm flows through her.

Some cock sucking now and Alexis again grabs this guys balls with a firm grip then slides her lips over that cock of his to taste her own juices,she sucks that cock like an expert and also wanks him off while the tip of his cock rests on her tongue.Alexis now lies on her front and this is THE position i love,with her ass high in the air Mr Pete moves into position to fuck her hard and deep.As he is fucking her he grabs the back of her neck pushing her face into the sofa and Alexis is crying out to get fucked harder,some reverse cowgirl now and this looks so hot to watch Alexis thrashing about on that cock she rubs on her clit as she moans away and Mr Pete reaches up and pulls on her nipples.

Her pussy looks so inviting and her dirty talk has once again tipped me over the edge,she is shouting out "You love it when i bounce on that fucking cock" Alexis is really getting off in this position and as the fucking continues she slowly grinds her hips into his cock,he reaches towards her clit and frantically rubs on it till she has the most intense orgasm of the scene and with that Mr Pete stands up and Alexis sinks to her knees to take the cumshot to her mouth which she then dribbles onto her chest and rubs into her tits.The End..someone call me an ambulance..ok "Stinkfist your an ambulance" lol

Another great scene,the curves of Alexis were a joy to behold i could just watch her changing in and out of outfits and bending over and i would be happy,the male talent gave her a good fucking and it all made for great viewing.This has been a great title from Vouyer Media all the girls brought there own charm and sexual energy into there scenes and he guys did a good job of fucking them too and can proudly say "Job done" I cannot pick a favorite girl as my cock will not allow me,he is a serial Wanking folks.

The extras on the DVD are as follows.Cutting Room Floor,Bonus Core with Shyla Stylez (not watched it yet),Hardcore Pics,Trailers and Web Access

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