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Body Search: The Evidence Is In

Body Search: The Evidence Is In

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Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Body Search: The Evidence Is In overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Body Search: The Evidence Is In Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Body Search: The Evidence Is In Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Body Search: The Evidence Is In Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Body Search: The Evidence Is In Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Body Search: The Evidence Is In DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Body Search: The Evidence Is In A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Billy Starr  on  4/15/2007
This is one of a trio of DVDs packaged together as “Chi Chi LaRue’s Collection Vol. 1,” really four films for the price of one—Total Corruption 1 & 2; Hologram, and this one, Body Search.

Body Search is one of those gay porn epics that has a story line that tries to tie all the scenes together. Most of these sorts of things are more Douglas Sirk than David O. Selznick, convoluted, ridiculous plots, just ripe for overacting. But they are invariably fun, nonetheless. This one has a fairly hot cast; it is well filmed, enjoyable, though it is hardly great. The sex sizzles in spots and elsewhere seems to fall a bit flat—the chemistry comes and goes. And the main complaint is that the sex scenes are all a bit too short. There is way more emphasis on story than sex, not exactly what most people look for in porn. But it is clearly worth a look and if you can get this one as a part of the three-disc combo at a good price, it’s definitely a bargain.

The DVD opens in 1967 (so the sign says) on a pair of lovers with long hair, mutton chop sideburns (pasted on I might add), lava lamps and tie-died drapes, who are in bed romping away. Rick Bolton and Johnny Rahm “get it on” in a short scene that is well paced. Both of these guys have fine bodies; Rahm particularly is amazingly cut and he has some sizeable equipment. Bolton is the recipient of Rahm’s tool and quite the active oralist. However, the action is short on chemistry and just too short in general. This match, however, is doomed because Bolton is intent on joining the FBI and being gay in the 60s for that particular job was a no-no (J. Edgar Hoover’s cross-dressing notwithstanding).

Cut to 1992 and our now-former FBI agent Bolton is living with Tom Katt. Guess he finally had to choose between his career and his dick’s true desire. Now this is not the mega-huge hairy Tom Katt of later vintage but one of his earliest scenes in which he is clearly a stud but smooth and still reasonably sized, albeit clearly a budding Adonis. Bolton and Katt work each other over in front of a roaring fire with Bolton doing much of the work, screwing Katt doggie style. It is a sensuous scene rather than totally physical and pretty darn hot even aside from the fire in the background. Katt was always a versatile performer and as the director’s commentary points out, both Bolton and Katt are bisexual. But to me he came off better as a top, probably just because of the physique. In any event, this scene, too, was way too short. With guys like these and their ability to project intensity, more would have been a whole lot better. This was sizzle that fizzled.

The script now kicks into high gear as Tom Katt is kidnapped by gangsters who are after Rick Bolton’s father (played by Rick Bolton) and are attempting to get to him through Bolton’s boyfriend. The gangster is none other than a more mature looking Johnny Rahm, Bolton’s boyfriend from the 60s. Confused? It gets worse.
One of the kidnapper’s henchmen, Steve Regis, is left to guard Katt with the instructions, “Do anything you want, but don’t kill him. Yet.” Of course this is nothing less than a license for licentiousness. Katt and the henchman explore each other orally. Regis is a body match for Katt and I expected some real fireworks but all there was was oral work and wanking, a real letdown.

Bolton then calls up an old cop friend, Jack Dillon, who for whatever reason (the plot gets even more murky here) gets his dick serviced by punk twinkster Jay Corey in an alley. Dillon then has the kid climb up a wrought iron fence and he smacks the kid’s ass around a bit before giving it a thorough tongue lashing. He then has the lad bend over for the real meat of the scene. Dillon is an eyeful in action and both guys are really into it but the one position, fairly quick screw job again detracts from the overall effect.

Cop Jack meets up with Rick Bolton at a bar in search of the kidnapped Mr. Katt and they pry some info out of the drag queen bartender, Gender, (a compadre of director Chi Chi’s) who overacts like there’s no tomorrow. Cops and drag queens; is this a gay movie or what? Anyway, Gender spills the beans and the cop and Rick meet the pigeon, Wes Daniels, later at the same bar. A delicious 3-way ensues as the two soften up Daniels in what is the hottest scene of the flick. There’s a final denouement as Bolton’s lover Katt is freed by the gangsters and overacts to the nth degree but finally the pair are reunited as the story—finally!—ends. It’s too bad we weren’t treated to a nice round of make-up sex between the two. Me thinks Chi Chi missed a golden opportunity for a whiz-bang ending here.

This one is way more story than you will probably be interested in, more even than you’re possibly going to be able to follow. As a result, some of the sex scenes become second-class citizens to the soap-opera-esque plot. It might help to listen to the audio Director’s Commentary afterward if you really want to figure out what went on while you were wanking. Alliteration aside, this one has moments and as part of the overall 3-disc LaRue Collection, vol. 1, it would be a nice addition to any collection.

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