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astroknight Blow (Wicked) 4 starsBlow (Wicked) 4 starsBlow (Wicked) 4 stars
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Blow (Wicked)

Blow (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Blow (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Blow (Wicked) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Blow (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Blow (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Blow (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Blow (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Blow (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Blow (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/18/2012
Welcome fans to a new title from director Stormy Daniels who also takes a starring role in this show which takes us into the dreaded world of guns'n'drugs. The movie opens with Marcus London and his driver being ambushed by Brendon Miller who takes off with a good sized shipment of cocaine. At the same time this little heist is going on we get our first sex scene and it's with Stormy Daniels so a great way to start things off as she has a good time with her husband Jack Vegas who we will learn shortly is responsible for that product which Brendon just took of Marcus's hands. Good start with lots of nice boobage showing off Stormy's impressive rack, good head and the sex was there too with Stormy jerking the load out onto one of her big boobs. The phone then rings with the bad news from Marcus about the product being taken so Jack Vegas makes a hasty trip over to the office where he gives Marcus a good grilling about what happened. Stormy is there too and surprise they are joined by Brendon who comes striding in all cocky slapping down one of the packages of blow he'd just stolen. Brendon puts forth a proposition about hooking up his organization which Marcus had heard of with Jack and his big time supplier. No decision just yet as Brendon leaves giving them something to think about.

After this bit of mini drama we follow Brendon to his hideout where we find his partner Tommy Gunn is already to celebrate this bit of good fortune and we have three ladies on hand to assist this-- Sarah Vandella, Diamond Kitty and Charley Chase-- talk about some great boobs and nice ass this trio has it. Brendon takes a little coaxing but he's added into the celebration and we have essentially two scenes mixed into one. For the first part we have Tommy and Charley banging it out on one couch while Diamond and Sarah show Brendon a real good time on another. Some fine g/g play mixed in too here and we have the girls intermingling a bit mid scene before Sarah and Diamond pair with Tommy and Brendon ends up fucking Charley. The room must have been hot because we see some sweater bodies here especially Sarah's. The pops go to Charley's belly just above her pussy and the other is fired to Sarah's sexy bum.

The story then shifts back to Stormy and Jack with Stormy using an old source to dig up some info on Brendon's character. There is a little exchanged over the phone but the source wants a face to face to give Stormy the rest. Great thing too because the source turns out to be Devon Lee and she would like to spend a little time with Stormy after the two finish their business if you catch my drift! Seems the two are old lovers so we head off to the ladies room for some very nice g/g action with both women doing some great oral and even a little ass licking from Stormy which was great. The scene though was cut off a little early for my tastes, the action was so good and they used some nice floor/ ground shots too for portions of the scene. You can't go wrong with a ground shot of Stormy arching up to lick at Devon's fine bottom, I just wish it had lasted longer being a big g/g fan.

We leave Stormy and Devon to follow Brendon as he arrives back at Jack's place of business with someone outside snapping pictures of him. Brendon knew that Jack would accept his business proposal so he'd started selling some of the product and dropped a nice sized envelope with some Benjamins inside. Jack needs the rest of the product back, though, as there were original buyers who very much wanted their product. Later on that day Brendon heads to a marina and to a boat where surprise Stormy is already on board. The two head out and we get some impressive water shots as the two exchange some dialogue. Stormy gets a call letting her know the rest of the product was returned. Some key story points come out which I won't spoil here but they explain why Stormy ended up with Jack Vegas. You see Brendon being inquisitive without being to pushy- hmmm might make you wonder about his motivations here.

We go back to Jack and Marcus who have an exchange which leaves Marcus a little flustered so when he goes inside his bedroom he's taken aback at first seeing Carmen Valentina on his bed-- but her nice lingerie and silky tongue soon has his gun put away and his other gun taken out! Marcus is good first with some pussy eating followed by Carmen doing a nice number on his cock. They bang it out until he's ready to pull out for a butt pop shot. I think she calmed him down pretty good here. After this we go back to tagging along with Brendon who's riding down a nice stretch of water when he receives a phone call. This leads to a big reveal in regards to the story which again I won't spoil for you but it sets up a nice ending. From there Brendon goes home to chill off in the shower when he receives a surprise visitor- Stormy! She's there to check him out in person and since Brendon is already naked we head right into the two boning each other. Brendon does a nice job going down on Stormy and we once again get some great ground shots used in a scene. Stormy also gives his cock a good once over with her mouth before the two head inside the shower for a little fucking ending with a pop on her ass-- talk about economical she's already in the shower so cleaning the cum off will be easy, lol.

Time to wrap this story up as it's time for an even bigger shipment to come into Florida and the big man, Jack's boss, is personally flying in to make sure there are no problems and to also see these new partners for himself. But before that we get some pulsating footage of events unfolding, guns being checked, product being packed all the while a single heartbeat goes off. You also get a little post fuck footage of Stormy and Brendon on his couch. Shortly thereafter he heads out and Stormy is confronted by Jack who suspects she's fucked Brendon. This leads him to change the plan a little telling Marcus to ice their new partner after the deal is done. Everyone starts arriving at the where house for the big meeting but they don't get much beyond the introductions before the cries ring out FBI, freeze! No shots are fired and everyone is seemingly taken into custody. A short time later Brendon is confronted by Marcus who had hung back in the limo which for some reason wasn't searched by the fuzz, lol. This leads to the two having a pretty good looking fight which ends with Marcus laid out but not fully taken out. He reaches for an ankle holster to put one in Brendon's back but he takes one to the chest- from Stormy!! She soon learns Brendon's secret and you'll see how she deals with it in the postscript to this show, I think you'll like the ending.

Final Thoughts:

This was a real good story from Stormy who takes on three hats here, writer, director and star. I'd say she pulls them off successfully telling a believable story set in a not so good world. Cool also that they were able to shoot this in Florida which gave us those strong water locations. Strong performances too from Jack as her drug lord husband and Brendon as the new kid on the block. Solid sex scenes too with only the g/g featuring Stormy and Devon leaving me wanting for more. Some good locations too especially the water shots with Stormy and Brendon. The final shot had me chuckling a little as we follow Stormy and Brendon as they walk down a beach- had me thinking of the ending for Fletch!!! This movie was missing extras such as some behind the scenes, always like to learn a little about the motivation about a project and what made Stormy want to tell this particular story. There is one extras here well worth your time and it is a bonus scene featuring Miss Daniels with Brendon Miller from another Wicked project, Happy Endings so be sure and have a look at that one for more good times featuring Stormy.

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