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bono-ONE Blow Me Sandwich 2 4 starsBlow Me Sandwich 2 4 starsBlow Me Sandwich 2 4 stars
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Blow Me Sandwich 2

Blow Me Sandwich 2

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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MartyM's ratings for Blow Me Sandwich 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Blow Me Sandwich 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Blow Me Sandwich 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Blow Me Sandwich 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Blow Me Sandwich 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Blow Me Sandwich 2 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Blow Me Sandwich 2 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Blow Me Sandwich 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by MartyM  on  9/9/2003
Cum Swapping Blow Jobs!

For those of you who’ve read my reviews elsewhere, you know that I adore truly romantic girl/girl sex. But my taste in porn is actually much broader. I also love boy/girl action, especially when the babe uses her luscious mouth to suck and deep throat her guy’s cock – and then swallow her man’s delicious cum!

Given that, I found this video to be quite enjoyable. In it, seven pairs of beautiful girls give head – and then share their dude’s cum between themselves at the end of every scene. The second girl of the pair always lies on her back and waits patiently as her partner harvests it. The first girl then drips or spits the cum into the second girl’s mouth – and sometimes even tongue kisses with her afterwards – as a means of romantically sharing her man’s creamy flavor with her friend!

The girls in the first half of the video are the cutest and the most nicely breasted. But the babes in the second half aren’t visual slouches by any means, either. And I’m always amazed by how much a woman’s beautiful face can be enhanced – by having a firm dick hanging out of it – and by finishing with her mouth and cheeks completely drenched with cum!

This video, as a watch out, is cumshots and blowjobs only – no fucking. But with its profusion of outstanding cum catching finishes, this movie reminded me of one giant cumshot recap – except with satisfyingly longer lead-ins!

The movie opens with two nicely breasted babes, Bella Marie Wolf (a slightly older brunette) and Sophia (a younger blonde). Both girls strip out of their boy cut underpants to show off their really cute asses before kneeling to suck on their dude’s zucchini-shaped cock. The scene is shot first person (meaning that the guy having his dick sucked is also holding the camera) which made it feel like I was the one getting head. The girls deep throat the guy’s cock almost immediately – and repeatedly – and nothing I’ve watched recently has made this personal two-girl fantasy come alive with more realism!

The girls suck and trade their guy’s dick back and forth – before sharing him further by tit fucking him with their gorgeous chests! The girls hungrily kiss each other’s lips and suck each other’s tongues to enjoy one another as well. They then parade in front of him and teasingly finger fuck their own assholes to give us a very nice view. The best part comes at the end when Bella kneels over Sophia on all fours. She deep throats her guy one last time (to make her mouth feel like a pussy) before he literally explodes into her face. The cum hits her between the lips, and she drips it down to Sophia who eats it hungrily while scooping the extra off of her cheeks and back into her mouth. The girls end by moaning and exclaiming how tasty and satisfying catching his cum had been.

Another nice brunette-and-blonde pair, Friday and Trinity, appear in the next scene. Both girls have flawless skin, luscious tits, and very shapely asses. They take turns sticking their tongues gently into their guy’s “pee hole”, which was cute. But the most entertaining portion of their vignette comes when the girls lap-dance on their dude’s cock by straddling him – and sliding his member gently back-and-forth up against their pussies. The girls don’t kiss each other as much as Bella and Sophia, but they are just as efficient when it comes to gathering cum. Trinity kneels with her forehead just below Friday’s chin, and the cum dribbles down between them as though their faces were pools in a stair-stepped fountain. Friday then spits all of the cum she catches into her friend’s eager mouth; and Trinity, after accepting every drop, then pushes it back out – like white lava spewing forth from volcano! The guy finishes by jamming his member down her throat so that she can enjoy the wonderful sensation of having both his hard dick – and the taste of his warm semen – in her mouth simultaneously!

The third scene features two auburn-haired beauties, Red Heaven and Dani Woodward, the latter of whom is easily the cutest girl in the film. (Imagine a really young Julianne Moore, and you’ll get the idea.) The babes massage and suck each other’s tits before peeling off each other’s clothes and showing off their shapely rears. Dani even stands behind Red at one point and cups her hands underneath her friend’s breasts – to do her own human bra imitation! The girls then get right down to business by energetically sucking their guy’s medium-sized cock. When it’s her turn, Dani deep throats him almost immediately and continuously. And there’s certainly nothing nicer in the whole world than watching a beautiful babe like Dani give head, especially when her cute nose is buried completely in her dude’s pubic hair – and where her gorgeous green eyes are gazing up at him lovingly!

The next scene features Katja, an attractive broad-faced redhead from Germany (who reminded me of a darker-haired version of Sylvia Saint), and Mason, an exotic Hispanic-looking babe (who recalled for me the ‘80’s porn queen, Vanessa del Rio). The girls get it on outdoors by undressing each other, playing with each other’s tongue, and stroking each other’s butts. In a nice touch, Katja teaches Mason how to deep throat. And both girls look great when they kiss each other – both with and without cum!

A boyish Scarlet with unruly strawberry blonde hair gets together with Emily (who reminded me of Ashley Long). Both girls share cock sucking duties. And even though Scarlet isn’t the cutest girl in the movie, she does give the deepest head (even deeper than Dani). Both girls, in fact, swallow their dude’s dick completely; and the pleasure only ends when her guy, no longer able to contain himself, injects his juice squarely into the back of Scarlet’s throat – who then drips it down at least a foot into Emily’s waiting mouth! The girls exchange the cum back-and-forth several times before the scene mercifully comes to a close.

Teoni, from England (who looks like a blonde version of Sally Fields) gets it on with Lucy Lee, a pretty flat-faced Asian babe (who has the largest, baby-bottle-size nipples I’ve ever seen!). Teoni, with her green eye shadow and green-streaked blonde hair, looks great giving head. And Lucy, with some blonde streaks of her own, looks good too. The girls do a tag team on their guy’s dick by taking turns sucking and deep-throating it. In a nice twist, Lucy brings her man to climax by jerking him off completely inside of her mouth. It’s hard to see how much goes in – until she spits a good sized dollop of cum deeply into Teoni’s mouth – and then takes some back by sucking it thirstily off of Teoni’s outstretched tongue.

In a satisfying finale, Olivia O’Lovely (who certainly lives up to her name) and Julie Robins, two brunettes, rub their ample tits together before getting naked. The girls kneel side-by-side – while they blow – to show off their dangling breasts. Julie is easily the better cock-sucker of the two. But its Olivia who has the last laugh by catching all of the cum -- and then passing it in a healthy stream into Julie’s mouth -- so that the movie ends with Julie’s face deliciously covered with cream!

As extras, there’s a photo gallery, some behind-the-scenes footage, another cum-swapping bonus scene, and a very enjoyable cumshot loop – which groups all of the cum-sharing climaxes (and the last bit of oral sex from each vignette) together in one place. There’s also some fun interviews, the best one being with Emily and Scarlet where the latter teaches the former how to deep throat using an unpeeled banana. Scarlet is able to take the entire implement down her throat without flinching. Emily, however, doesn’t even get the banana halfway in – before gagging – which I found to be both amazing and hilarious!

If you’d love to explore the unbelievable romanticism of girls giving deep-throated cum sharing blowjobs, ‘Blow Me Sandwich 2’ -- from the new studio Zero Tolerance -- is a title you’ll definitely want to own! Enjoy.

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