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MartyM Blow Me Sandwich 2 4.5 starsBlow Me Sandwich 2 4.5 starsBlow Me Sandwich 2 4.5 stars
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Blow Me Sandwich 2

Blow Me Sandwich 2

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Oral
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Blow Me Sandwich 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Blow Me Sandwich 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Blow Me Sandwich 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Blow Me Sandwich 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Blow Me Sandwich 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Blow Me Sandwich 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Blow Me Sandwich 2 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Blow Me Sandwich 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/19/2003
Here cums the second entry in the 2 on 1 blowjob series from Zero Tolerance studios. The first one featured a classic cover shot of Monica Sweetheart and Lea De Mae with a big schlong between their gorgeous faces. So often a great cover doesn't translate to a great dvd but this was no the case as the first Blow Me Sandwich featured hot ladies throughout so I have high hopes for this one. I also see another good cover shot featuring one of ADT's own, Katja Kassin!! So guys and gals get ready for some cock chow down and these ladies are on tap and they're hungry for manmeat!! Just a quick lowdown on the scenes as each follows the same basic pattern. The girls will go through various tease poses including some breast licking, ass caressing, and finally some hot tongue kissing before they get down to the business at hand, cock sucking!!! You don't see the guys at all save for their johnson's so the focus can remain squarely where it should be, on two hot chicks!! So this leads to the biggest part, I think, for this type of scene and that's the chemistry between the girls. I will try to give a gauge on how I see this in each scene, so let's get going already!!

Bella Marie Wolfe & Sophia:

Our lead off scene takes place outdoors, actually they all do,lol. We see Bella in an orange outfit while Sophia has on a similar one except her is yellow in color. The girls are quite eager and are soon nude. There's a nice bit of dirty talk as the girls feel over each other's body. Soon these two fine ladies have found their cock and are soon sucking away. I must say the chemistry here was quite good and the girls share the cock nicely. The eye contact is very good as they take turns pleasuring the dick. The enjoyment seems genuine so this scene was easily hot to watch! It ends with a pop into Bella's mouth and Sophia is right under her so it's a quick swap for the girls and the scene ends with some nice tongue twirling.

bono-Meter: 9.0

Friday & Trinity:

These girls are quite close as they share some shade under a tree. Friday is in black while Trinity is in purple. Miss Friday is also identifiable by a big F tattoo just above her pussy! The girls do some nice caressing and each has a nice set of funbags with Friday's being bigger. I love the licking and caressing they both did though Friday seemed to control the flow moreso than Trinity did. Friday also had a fabulous smile she would flash at various points during the scene. Soon the girls find a cock and are sucking it in no time. They share nicely plus they talk dirty to us with Friday leading the way once more. When both girls were licking on either side that was a site to see!! So overall the chemistry here was good as Friday oozed sexual energy and Trinity nicely fed off it leading to a fine scene concluding with a pop in Trinity's mouth. She immediately shares her spoil with Friday and the cumswapping here was fabulous and messy!! I loved how Friday pushed the spunk out coating her chin. Very nice all around.

bono-Meter: 8.5

Dani Woodward & Red Heaven:

Well we have a pair of red heads for our next scene. As the scene opens you'll find Dani on the right and Red Heaven is next to her and she quickly pulls Dani's top down to suck on her gorgeous tits. This scene was like the last one with one girl leading the way and Dani did that nicely here. Plus this was Red Heaven's first onscreen b/g scene as up to this point she had done only girls. Having said that I will say the breast kissing and mouth kissing was really hot between these two. I just love the attitude Dani has, this girl is feisty and a couple of times she pulls the cock out of Red Heaven's mouth so she can suck it. This was done in a playful way and I will give Red Heaven credit, though, she's a fine sword swallower but Dani just has that certain something that gets me going so I got off on her in this scene bigtime!! So it's no surprise she takes the pop, a good one, and Red Heaven swallows the jizz/ saliva mix as the girls swap tongues. A nice scene and it really wetted my appetite for more of the lovely Dani Woodward!

bono-Meter: 8.5

Mason & Katja Kassin:

Up next it's ADT's own Miss Katja Kassin and she's working with a black haired busty babe by the name of Mason, no not that Mason!! Katja starts the scene on her knees as she's caressing Mason's legs. I love the accent Katja has so it was a pleasure to see her do most of the talking here. Both girls lick on the others breasts plus caress each other's lovely bums. I really dug the close shot of Katja's round bottom and the two girls take turns slappping it. Both girls got some tattoos, though none are so bad as to affect my enjoyment of the scene in any way. Action soon picks up as the girls find a cock. The views are really close initially as the girls share the dick sucking. I thought the chemistry was good throughout and once again one girl, Katja in this case, leads the way. The audio was really clear here enabling you to hear her gagging on the guys cock. At one point during the scene girls stop sucking for a few seconds and we get some of the best kissing shot for this dvd. Soon Mason takes a big pop in her mouth which she drips down into Katja's waiting mouth. There is some hot tongue twirling to end the scene!!

bono-Meter: 9.0

Scarlet & Emily:

The scene starts and right away the girls are smiling as they touch each other. Scarelt is in the blue bra while Emily is in the black one. Soon the girls help one another to get topless and there's some nice breast licking. Scarlet had a nice tease/ naughty vibe going on here which I really liked. The twosome soon find themselves a cock and they are soon swapping it back and forth. Both girls do a fine job of sucking and jerking on the cock and Scarlet's able to take him pretty deep within her mouth. There is also some solo pussy stroking as the other is swallowing sword. I really liked the side angle shot for this scene and it ends with Scarlet taking the pop and very quickly she drops the jizz down into Emily's mouth and in turn she reswaps it with Scarlet, Hot!!

bono-Meter: 8.0

Lucy Lee & Teoni:

Our next pairing features a hot Asian girl along with a nice English gal. Both girls are feisty and the caresses are hot and the chemistry is also good. Teoni has the " little girl" look that so many find appealing. The camera moves in and out giiving us great shots of both bodies and soon these two are sucking away on a hard cock. Teoni takes the cock fairly deep within her mouth and Lucy is able to follow suit when it becomes her turn. The eye contact was really good and the girls don't forget the balls. The laughter was also a nice touch, glad they left that in. After both girls took turns pounding that cock deep in their mouths we see Lucy take a great pop which she soon drips into Teoni's open mouth and we get some really hot kissing to close the scene.

bono-Meter: 8.5

Olivia O'Lovely & Julie Robbins:

Well I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Julie's name come onsreen. I had the pleasure of interviewing this busy babe from North Carolina last year and an even bigger pleasure when I met her in Vegas at the CES show back in January, 2003. The tease is really hot here with both girls sucking on the others ample rack plus we get brief licks by both ladies to their own nipples. Olivia is a fine cock sucker in her own right but Julie just has the kind of attitude I like, hot 'n' nasty!! Once again fine camerawork gives us super views of each girls gorgeous body and when it's cock sucking time both girls shine. The sexual vibe I'm picking up from Julie is strong and it leads directly to a better performance from Miss O'Lovely. The dirty talk is good with Julie doing a great deal of it. We get some brief kissing between the girls leading up to the hot blowjob. I also dug the underneath shot of this tag team blj as it also features the gorgeous breasts of each girl. The overhead shot was also judiciously used in this scene which ends with pop to Olvia's mouth. Julie's undereath to catch any stra spunk from his cock and more inportatnly the girls soon swap tongues. This was a well done scene worthy of anchor status!!

bono-Meter: 9.0

Final Analysis:

This was a great follow up to the first one. Solid camerawork and the chemistry was good in all the scenes. Certain ladies made their case to me and so I thought Katja, Julie, and especially Dani lead the way. These babes did bang up jobs and any of these fine ladies are welcum to come over and help me with my Longellow anytime!!! Great extras for this title including some behind the scenes shenanigins!! This leads to some interviews with various girls from the cast and don't forget to check out the behind the scenes stuff as it's always good for a laugh or two!! Solid job with this one Zero Tolerance!

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