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Blow Me Sandwich 12

Blow Me Sandwich 12

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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The D-Man's ratings for Blow Me Sandwich 12:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Blow Me Sandwich 12 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Blow Me Sandwich 12 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Blow Me Sandwich 12 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Blow Me Sandwich 12 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Blow Me Sandwich 12 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Blow Me Sandwich 12 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Blow Me Sandwich 12 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by The D-Man  on  9/15/2008
Lets face it, having two beautiful ladies going down on a guy is a common porn fantasy, and the folks at 3rd Degree now how to address such desires. Hence, the release of Blow Me Sandwich 12. (That's right, it's up the the twelfth volume). There's deep-throating, boob-banging and even some butt-cheek dry-humping spread out along seven scenes and involving fourteen lusty cock-suckers. The Action

Aubrey Adams and Tori Black : The two lovely ladies from the DVD cover start things off, and it's a good choice. Things get going when the well-tanned Aubrey does some booty shaking, followed by a mutual make-out and grope session between the hotties. After Tori does a quick lick of of Aubrey's pussy they crawl over to a very lucky guy. Tori starts with a little bit of spitting, and the girls alternate a single lick, then Tori engulfs the guy's cock. Of course, Ms. Black shares with her friend, allowing Aubrey to demonstrate her deep-throating skills. Then Tori goes high on the stud's stiffie while Aubrey goes low, after which both ladies do some deep-throating. Tori also proves that she's a bit of a consummate ball-sucker, and the girls even find time to joke around with each other and even kiss. Even better, Aubrey and Tori sandwich the dude's dick between their ass cheeks. Aubrey's butt cheeks get just a bit more attention, but soon enough, the ladies treat the guy to some tittie-fucking. Tori later tells the guy not to come, but then the two of them ratchet up the intensity, and finally, Tori pleads for the guy to spew his speed, which he does.

Rachel Solari and Whitney Stevens : I haven't seen the heavily-hootered Whitney Stevens for a while, so seeing her here was a treat. After Whitney and Rachel sample each others boobs, Whitney deals out a few slaps to Rachel's rump, and then the girls walk over the cock waiting for them in the next room. Whitney gets the first lick, but as the girls alternate sucking the dude's dong, Ms. Solari displays her deep-throating abilities. Within a minute, Whitney and Rachel are double-teaming the stud's stick. After a while though, the girls let their friend tittie-fuck them, then it's back to alternating between Whitney's and Rachel talented mouths. Rachel deep-throats the guy again, and yanks his wang until he shoots his wad, mostly onto Whitney's chin, followed by some post-come sucking.

Ann Marie Rios and Nautica Thorn : Ann Marie and Nautica are playing pool in the underwear, but soon turn to playing with each other. They also talking about what they like about cock-sucking. After a bit of tease, the two of them walk hand-in-hand over to the cock waiting for them on the couch. Ann Marie studies the engorged organ for a moment before giving it a few quick kisses and licks. Nautica states that she likes licking balls, so she is soon tasting the guy's testicles while Ann Marie concentrates her attention on the the tip of the guy's tool. Eventually, both ladies are licking away, alternating sides, followed by Ann Marie lustfully deep-throating the lucky stud. Not to be outdone, Nautica does some rather good sword-swallowing herself. The ladies continue their double-teaming, but Nautica also shows off her commendable two-handed stroke technique. There's some additional deep-throating from the two starlets, as well as some tittie-fucking. Ann Marie picks up the pace, and the girls are soon double-teaming the gentleman's balls. Amidst some verbal encouragement, Ann Marie sucks and strokes the guy off, although Nautica seems to catch very little of the blast.

Adrianna Nicole and Carolyn Reese The wonderfully wild and kinky Adrianna Nicole and her friend, Carolyn, are standing around, playing with each other: kissing, spanking, and a brief lick of Carolyn's butthole. The girls finish with each other and crawl over to a nearby stud. Adrianna gets the first lick, going from the dude's balls to the tip of the head, then they ply their mouths, tongues and hands all over the guy's private parts. It soon becomes a bit of a deep-throating contest. In fact, Carolyn utilizes a faster hand and mouth maneuver, while Adrianna goes for a slower session of deep-throating. The girls continue with their game of tonsil hockey until they stop, press their titties together with the guy's cock in the middle. Carolyn and Adrianna continue to work the guy's schlong over until Carolyn unleashes some power-stroking, which results in the guys coming in Carolyn's mouth, which she shares with Adrianna.

Ricki White and Renae Cruz I loved it when these ladies performed together in Evil Anal 6, so I was looking forward to this scene. (From what I learned in the BTS segment, I surmised that the girls probably shot this scene before their appearance in Evil Anal). The scene starts off on a pool table, with Ricki and Renae making out. Ms. Cruz licks Ricki's melons, and gets the same treatment in return. Renae is soon on her back, legs part, while Ricki chows down on the gorgeous latina's pierced pussy. Renae plays with Ricki's ass and licks Ricki's snatch, and then they crawl over to the waiting stud nearby. Renae jumps right in, inhaling almost of the guy's cock before sharing it with Ricki. The two of them take turns licking and sucking (with Renae showing some marvelous talent at taking cock all the way to the back of her mouth), then they simultaneously attack the guy's pole with their mouths. After the cock-crazed cutie-pies apply some more spit, Ricki give the guy a tittie-job. Then it back to rapidly alternating episodes of deep-throating, and it almost seems like Ricki and Renae are competing with each other. Eventually, Ricki strokes the due off, but that doesn't stop Renae from deep-throating the erupting rod, after which she kisses Ricki.

Brooke Belle and Carmen McCarthy : The sixth scene with the lusty ladies kissing and rubbing their tits together. (Well, they got to get their man hard somehow). Carmen and Brooke pull off each others clothes, then resume their merry session of making out and tittie-sucking. The girls soon make their way over to their boy-toy, with Carmen getting things going by kissing and licking the guy's tubesteak. The girls then team up on the stud's cock, with one lady working it from the top, while the other goes low. At one point, Brooke leans all the way Carmen to administer some mouth on cock action. After a while, Carmen jerks the stud off inside Brooke's mouth, leading to a bit of cum-swapping.

Brooke Scott and Holly Wellin Ms. Wellin knows how to turn in a dirty scene, and so, I expected nothing less here. Anyhow, Brooke and Holly are hanging out by the pool table, where they kiss and remove each others clothes. They walk over to whatever lucky man is sitting nearby. Each of the two women gets a few moments alone with the guy's rigid rod, and as a bonus, we also get some verbal motivation form Holly. Of course, whenever Holly isn't talking a good game, she's showing Brooke how to deep-throat, and Brooke is quite willing to learn. Holly also doles out some hand-cranking, even getting her entire body into the motion. Both ladies continue to work the guy's cock, with Holly seemingly enjoying the act of swallowing every millimeter of the lucky lad's cock. Holly even slaps her face with the dude's dick, after which Brooke gives the guy a tittie-fuck. The scene closes out with each girl lending a single hand to a double-handed stroke-off that sees a squirt of man-sauce landing into and onto Brooke's mouth, followed by some cum-swapping.

The DVD: Let's see, for starters, there is the awesome box-cover. That combination of Aubrey Adams and Tori Black will get your blood pumping. For a POV flick, the technical aspects were handled well. As for the extras, there's the usual assortment of Trailers, Cum-Shot Loop (go figure), Photo Gallery, and a Behind the Scenes Segment. (Hey, you get to watch Ann Marie and Nautica play pool and you get to appreciate the height difference between Aubrey and Tori).

Conclusion: I've seen blowjob videos before, but this is the first time I've seen a flick with two women per scene. There are many pretty ladies, and they know their way around a man's genital region. I was astounded to see Aubrey, Tori, Ann-Marie, Renae and especially Whitney in action. (Don't get me wrong, the other ladies put forth a good effort too). Moreover, there were numerous scenes in which the starlets worked together quite well. (The first scene is a excellent example of such working chemistry). So, for me, Blow Me Sandwich 12 was a very good first impression, and it's worth some time on your DVD player.

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