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Blind Sex Dates 1

Blind Sex Dates 1

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Couples , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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Selena Silver's ratings for Blind Sex Dates 1:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Blind Sex Dates 1 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Blind Sex Dates 1 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Blind Sex Dates 1 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Blind Sex Dates 1 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Blind Sex Dates 1 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Blind Sex Dates 1 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Blind Sex Dates 1 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Selena Silver  on  10/13/2004

Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" #52

The Inside View with Selena Silver - October 13, 2004

The Inside View is published once weekly by porn actress Selena Silver.  Each week, Selena brings you an inside look at a movie good enough to be  deemed a Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" with the goal of adding the perspective of someone who has worked with the studio, director, or stars of the movie. 


"Blind Sex Dates"

a Bishop Production from Smash Pictures

Blind Sex Dates:  "At a Glance"


Overall Rating: 4.5
Director Bishop
Studio: Smash Pictures
Cast: Lani Lei, Maya Gold, Mckayla Matthews, David Crud, Grant Hamil, Rick, Bishop (non-sex), Tianna (non-sex)
Release Date: September 9, 2004
Total Run Time: 3hrs, 5mins
Total Scenes: 3 Scenes
Fetish Summary: [CONDOMS in 1 SCENE - SHOES ON/OFF ] - Kissing, Pussy Licking, Tit-Sucking, BJ, Deep Throat, Fingering, Vaginal Sex, PTM, Body Shot, Internal, Cum-Eating

 Front Cover

Blind Sex Dates: Selena Silver's "Inside View"
Bishop's "Blind Sex Dates" has all the makings of a "smash" hit series.  This is a brilliant reality porn concept and I can't believe no one had done it until late 2004.  "Blind Sex Dates" is a sexy extension of the reality television show "Blind Dates" complete with first date activities all of which lead to actual sex.  This was very fun to watch. 

The format is the same as the television show; we see a screen introducing the couple one person at a time with interview clips telling us about them, then we follow one of the pair to meet their blind date, we watch them on their date activities, and then we see them having sex.   The graphics were superb and the occasional "thought bubbles"  were funny.  I just wish Bishop had done more of the "thought bubbles" that make Blind Date so fun to watch consistently through the whole dating activities (next one Bishop?).  The sex is very interesting to watch, especially because none of these people look like they would be a porn star.   There is a sense of "realness" here.   If you want to skip the date and get right to the action, there is an easy option menu that allows you to.  As far as the dates themselves?  Bishop went all out here; we have a date at the beach, a karate lesson, and a horseback ride in Episode One.

The formula for Bishop is to be as real as possible.  You can apply to be on Blind Sex Dates at .  He is intending to use all real (non-professional porn people) people in the show throwing in a pro when he needs to.  Personally, I loved it and highly recommend this one.  I think that the average male porn fan will enjoy the humor and the sex and that the couple porn fans will be able to watch this one together as well.  My only question is: who is going to apply via the website to be in Episode 2?  Who will we see on the next "Blind Sex Dates"?  (I am hoping for Silent Jay!)

Blind Sex Dates: The Story



Scene Length: 28:00
Scene Type: Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES OFF] - Pussy Licking, Fingering, BJ, Vaginal Sex, PTM, Body Cum Shot
Sex Positions: Missionary, Spoon, Doggie
Rating:   4.5

The scene starts with a head shot of David with his pertinent stats to the right - he talks about what he likes in a woman.  I thought it was hilarious that he wanted to meet "one of those wild blonde haired beauties you always have on this show" - Isn't this episode 1? lol!  Next we have the same of Amanda.  She is a beautiful 21yr old blonde from Connecticut who's turn on's are tattoos and muscles.

David knocks on her door and she invites him in, gets her stuff, and they leave to the beach for their date.  We get their 'first impressions' interviews about each other and then we cut to their date.  Amanda strips down to a hot bikini and she flashes David her 'homegrown' tits right there on the public beach! (Note: that would be a "positive" dating signal!)

We get their 'second impressions'.  Then they get to the restaurant and order drinks and the kissing starts.  Soon it is  'check please' and they head back to her place and move straight to the bedroom.  They kiss as he starts undressing her.  She lays back on the bed and he takes off her shirt and gets to work eating her out.  He finds his groove pumping her with two fingers as he twiddles her clit with his tongue.  It's not long before she cums hard - well done David!

She takes his shirt off and gets to work sucking his cock.  Then the fucking begins.  David casually plugs Amanda's pussy with one hand on his hip :) He lays behind her without pause for a more intimate fuck - way to go Dave (hmm... I find myself cheering on these regular non-pro guys!).   They pause and she sucks his cock clean before jumping on top for some grinding reverse cowgirl.  They kiss and she once again sucks his cock clean before he bends her over and pounds her from behind.  He flips her over one more time before dumping his load on her pussy.

Great scene.  The date part was flawless.  If you're looking for hard-core Skeeter Kerkove gonzo sex- you won't find it; but the sex is 'real' enough to more than make-up for it for sexiness and "jerk factor".



Scene Length: 26:32
Scene Type: Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: [CONDOM/SHOES OFF] - Breast Sucking, BJ, Kissing, Pussy Licking, Vaginal Sex, Spanking, Body Cum Shot
Sex Positions: Missionary, Doggie
Rating:   4.0

Grant is a 21yr old waiter from Denver with short hair and glasses.  His turns off's include panty lines (I love seeing those!) and colored contacts.  Maya is a 22yr old blonde haired blue eyed Russian goddess who's turned on by a good kisser and intelligence. 

Grant arrives at Maya's with flowers - good thinking Grant ;)  She gets her things and they turn to walk out the door.  Maya plants a smack on Grant's ass as they leave - hilarious. 

The Date begins with a karate lesson. The instructor shows off his stuff and then makes them do some jumping jacks (star jumps as we call them Down Under).  Grant takes it all very seriously and Maya can't stop laughing.  They practice some take down's and some boxing.

We get their 'first impressions' here.  They go to 'Tempo' for lunch and we discover Grant doesn't drink and finds himself lost for words.  Maya starts feeding him her wine and he loosens up.  We get their 'second impressions' and then they go to a professional masseuse and and are taught how to massage.  Maya strips down naked with no qualms and the two guys massage her back.  Then it's on to the hot tub.

Grant starts off sucking Maya's tits and she returns the favor sucking his cock.  She then hops out of the tub and he gets to work on her pussy before we get some more cock sucking. Finally, he suits up and enters her.

The sex is very gentle at first and Maya soon gets demanding - "spank me"!    He starts to pump her hard and then rips off the condom and cums over her back, rubbing his cock over her back and butt.  They kiss and the date's over.  Maya kisses him and drained of cum Grant nearly falls over :D  The do a post fuck interview and Maya gets to smoke her cigarette.

Well, despite his nerves Grant did a great job and has now boned a hot girl on film!  The date was hilarious. Grant's being so nervous added to it greatly.  As for Maya- well, what can I say... the girl is stunning.




Scene Length: 34:30
Scene Type: Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES ] - Pussy Licking, Fingering, Tit-Sucking, Kissing, BJ, Deep Throat, Vaginal Sex, PTM, Internal, Cum-Eating
Sex Positions: Doggie, Missionary, Spoon
Rating:   4.0

Melina (played by Lani Lei) is an ample breasted 19yr old stewardess from Hawaii.  Her turn on's are dressed up men and her 'pet peeve' is insecure guys.  Rick is a part-time waiter who's turn on's are big breasted exotic women.  Rick walks up to her house.

Rick gets laid as soon as the date begins - in the Hawaiian way that is ;)  Melina jumps off the step revealing a massive height difference - she's 5'1" and he's 6'3" - the funniest quote from Rick "that's the perfect height for me" - did he mean so she is at the level of his cock already???  Oh, so subtle! lol   They head out to their date: horse riding.

Great editing for the clips of the date.  They chat as they ride and then we get their 'first impressions' - Rick's is "Melina's ass" and Melina's "he's sooo tall."  They have lunch and Rick remembers - after prompting - Melina's name.  Very funny.

They get into some kissing before they BOTH don Hawaiian skirts and coconuts and Melina teaches Rick to hula.  We get their 'second impressions' - Rick is putty in Melina's hands and she likes the kissing and wants the dessert.

They go eat before heading back to his place and he serenades her on his guitar.  It works and soon she's dragging him into the bed.  They kiss and he spanks her ass.  Once her panties are off.. it's all go.  Rick gently strokes her pussy before getting down to business.

They fuck hard with Melina yelling "give it to me, give it to me",  "don't stop", "that's what I like".  He brings her to a stunning climax and dumps his load inside her.  She then sucks his cock clean using it to scrape up extra cum from her pussy.  He fingers her some more and feeds her his fingers before snuggling up for some kisses.  The date ends with Melina staying the night.

Great scene!  The sex was very natural and the date was fun to watch.  Awesome editing!

Blind Sex Dates: DVD Extras

  • Slide Show
  • Preview
  • Bonus Footage

Slide Show 49 pics
No controls set to music.
  • Amanda - 11 pics
  • Maya - 18 pics
  • Melina - 20 pics

A little mini trailer for each scene

Bonus Footage 28:07
Date 1
  • Amanda roller-blading while David rides beside her
  • How to wax a surf board, the surfing lesson
  • Amanda flashes some guys on the beach
  • bits of the scene from the BTS point of view

Date 2

  • Maya plays about before the karate lesson - showing off her flexibility
  • The practice the moves in karate
  • Maya soothes Grant's nerves ;) - nice ass
  • Sex scene clips

Date 3

  • Rick feeding Melina fruit
  • The horse riding
  • BTS view of the sex scene
  • out takes not used

That is why Bishop' "Blind Sex Dates" from Smash Pictures
is the Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" for October 6, 2004.


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