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the weatherman Blind Date (Wicked) 3.5 starsBlind Date (Wicked) 3.5 starsBlind Date (Wicked) 3.5 stars
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Blind Date (Wicked)

Blind Date (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Blind Date (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Blind Date (Wicked) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Blind Date (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Blind Date (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Blind Date (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Blind Date (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Blind Date (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Blind Date (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/26/2011
Ok fans time to check out the latest show from director Stormy Daniels. This one features a couple of the Wicked girls, Alektra and covergirl Kaylani along with some sexy costars- Briana Blair, Brynn Tyler and Alexa Nicole. The cocks are supplied by Kris Slater, Barrett Blade, Brendon Miller and the legend himself Randy Spears. Our story centers on Kris and Kaylani who are coming off bad breakups but Kris is angling for a big promotion at work which entails a date with the bosses daughter. Fearing the worst he agrees but is pleasantly surprised as is Kaylani at how good they hit it off. But before things can go to swimmingly the exes come back and throw a little cold water on this new possbile relationship. So after setting the stage let's get to a few highlights.

Brynn Tyler:

An interesting beginning as we happen upon the aftermath of some sort of fire/accident and Kris Slater is sitting alone wondering how he'd ended up there while Kaylani is dancing on top of a car. The graphic then comes on .... 36 hours earlier so we're about to learn how Kris and Kaylani ended up at the scene of this accident. We get right to some action as Randy calls over Brynn who shows off her new titties, shaking them in his face before moving down to engulf his cock. Very nice picture here, clear and a good close in shot as Brynn works her magic not forgetting the balls. The sex gets going from behind with some strong thrusts which extend to the spoon action which lets those tits dance for us a little more. Randy closes it out splooging over those new boobies and Brynn is nice rubbing the cum in and blowing the whistle that dangles from his neck, lol.

The story then introduces Kris who we saw in crisis but now he's over the dads' for dinner. He chats with Barrett who is angling to bang Kris's step mom-- she's Kris's age, lol. Kris then gets a call from his boss who is wanting Kris to go on that date which he eventually will. At the dinner table we learn that Kris's dad is Randy and he had married Brynn who was a classmate of Kris's so to say things were a bit awkward is fairly accurate. Listening to Brynn and Randy use fake southern accent had me in stitches. Brynn is trying to set Kris up with someone they met at the supermarket-- in the frozen food section ! Kris only wants to take some time for himself but I don't think he's going to get it with his family and his boss both trying to hook him up. Turns out the girl Brynn met is coming over and knocks at the door. Kris opens and it's Stormy standing there but a quick look down shows she's got a bun in the oven which prompts Kris to high tail it out of there. Stormy waves bye as she frowns and touches her stomach. The story then shifts to Kaylani who receives a call from her dad with the news about the blind date and she's reluctant but agrees to the evening with Kris. The story then goes back to Kris who goes over to Barrett's where they talk about his recent meeting with Stormy-- Barrett wonders how breast milk tastes, lol. Ok Kris is going out on this date and he's a nervous wreck, the promotion is in the balance and Barrett is his buddy offering some sexual conquest story from the day before.

Alektra Blue:

Turns out Barrett is a nice guy as we learn he'd helped Alektra move some furniture and she was coming by to drop off a thank you treat-- along with her awesome rocking bod! Alektra comes in wearing fraryed Daisy Dukes and a white see thru top! The two waste no time bypassing the small talk and going right to a couple kisses and Alektra does a very good job working on Barrett's dick plus she works those tits out for us. Sexwise the two work up a nice sweat with reverse leading the way with some great boob dancing. The scene close with mish and a popshot up Alektra's belly. Guess the next time your sexy neighbor asks for help moving her chair you should rush on over, you never know what might happen!

Back to Kris and Barrett and Kris doubts this tale and asks for twit pics of this date. Ok Kris heads out and arrives at Kaylani's place. She looks stunning in a grey top and black skirt. The two meet and you can see how instantly Kaylani's outlook changed. As they get into Kris's ride you see not far off that Brendon Miller is watching, I'm guessing he is Kaylani's ex. He follows in is camaro. On to the restaurant where Kris and Kaylani engage in small talk and it does appear the evening is off to a good start. Looks like we have another interested observer too of this couple as we see a woman sitting in a nearby booth, she orders Vodka. Brendon arrives and isn't allowed in, they have a dress code-- he's so ignorant at first he thought she literally meant a dress, lol. So he goes out and gets himself a nice red jacket- he hits someone to get it and then has a seat with a menu so now we have our second observer. Back to Kaylani and Kris who are really hitting it off. As Kaylani's coming back Brendon fears being spotted and leaves but knocking over the steak into Kris's lap, ouch! As he gets into his car Brendon is joined by the woman who was there checking out Kris so the two compare stories, lol. The two realize that their signifcant others are sneaking around on them-- but do Brendon and this woman know they aren't considered significant others any more!! Brendon suggests working together and Gina agrees but only after a few hits from her whiskey flask. Brendon wonders if it was the birthday present he tried to give Kaylani that spurred this split.

Alexa Nicole:

So we go back in time to Kaylani coming into the room all sexified for Brendon who loves the outfit. The two are all set to get it on but Brendon has one more surprise which turns out to be Alexa. This doesn't please Kaylani who gets up and takes off, guess she's not ready to be with another girl. This leaves Alexa and Brendon who decides to not let a good birthday present go to waste! He moves down to sample her cake and he does well enough for Alexa to reward him with some very nice knob polishing. The side view worked for me here and she deep throats plus he skull fucks her. Mish, reverse and cowgirl help make up the fucking portion of the scene which closes with a few good thrusts from behind and it's a facial for Alexa, nice pop.

So it's back to Gina and Brendon in his car and she recaps what he just told her and this turned her on to no end- so much so she falls head first into his lap and we're left to imagine what happened after because the story then returns to Kaylani and Kris still on their date. Kris orders a drink while Kaylani who doesn't drink orders an O'douls which impresses Kris so much he kisses her on the hand- the date keeps getting better and better for the both, what can go wrong now! Both had been dreading the date before actually meeting. As they are sitting at the bar we notice Gina and Brendon slip in and watch. Brendon gets bold moving over to the bar and slipping a pill in his beer and switching it for Kaylani's O'douls, she drinks it and soon is under its influence. Seems to me this lessened her inhibitions and when Kris returns from draining his lizard he finds Kaylani standing atop the bar giving the patrons a little show. Kris tries to get Kaylani to leave but she's in no mood to do so and one of the guys roughs him up before he's sent packing. Well security doesn't want a show and drags Kaylani out too-- she's ready to continue partying and the two head off to another location-- Kris with a ripped shirt. Kaylani is now breaking her no drinks rule and the date seems to be losing a little luster in Kris's eyes- of course he has no idea about the drug Kaylani was given. Speaking of Kaylani she goes to use the little girls room but finds it occupied-- by Briana Blair!

Kaylani & Briana:

Earlier in the flick Kaylani turned down the chance to have sex with a hot girl, something tells me she won't miss out on this chance. The gleem in Briana's eyes and that sly smile seems to indicate her interest in pairing up is high too! Kris is on the phone with a friend who offers no good advice. Even though he's unsure of what's going on Kris won't leave her behind. Back to Kaylani who is now in full on lesbian mode and the girls are nearly naked and about to hook up. Briana was easily one of the prettiest girls I saw come into the biz last year and I try and not miss a scene of hers if given the chance. Kaylani does some nice pussy licking here which also gives us a chance to see those gorgeous tits. Not a lot of kissing, a couple pecks on the lips but we move on to Briana going down from behind to lick Kaylani and I love seeing an ass presented like this especially with another hot girl going down to enjoy oral. There is a flip over to mish with Briana continuing the oral and I am definitely not opposed to extended pussy licking- neither was Kaylani judging by her moans!! Soon after she rejoins Kris telling him about her tryst in the bathroom, he's not totally freaked about it.

We go back to Brendon and Gina who have lost the two but this doesn't stop them from arguing like a real life couple, lol. Brendon wonders what kind of sexual games Kaylani is engaging in, we know the answer to that! Gina is impressed with how demonstrative Brendon is here and the two decide to go at it right there on the roof of his car. But Brendon then finds a flier for a party and I guess he knows where two ended up so they head on over. This gets us to the beginning of the movie where we had Kaylani dancing on the roof of the cop car. Brendon calls her down but she doesn't oblige him. The officer that kept telling Brendon to back off finally had enough and used his stun gun on Brendon who goes right down to the ground- this was a funny shot. The cop then drags Kaylani off the car and heads off screen while Gina comes dancing by over to where Brendon's lying on the ground. She heads over to Kris who doesn't express surprise to see her. He even agreed to go home with her but Gina is so drunk she lets it slip about the drugging of Kaylani and Kris while distraught was savy enough to pick up on this and presses Gina. Kris ditches her and goes after Kaylani.


Cut to the next morning and we see Kaylani and Kris exiting the station just as the cop is bringing in Brendon who's screaming of racial profiling. The charges for Kaylani setting the fire have been dropped against Kaylani- guess she should be thankful Kris is an attorney-- but just how thankful will she be!! We get another graphic telling us it's three months later and we find Kris and Kaylani in bed doing the nasty. Kissing, breast kisses and a nice move down by Kaylani to engulf his cock. Kris does good when it comes his turn and the open shot shows off her pussy as his tongue darts over those lips. Sexwise you get doggie, cowgirl -- a couple nice good shots of her ass here. They finish off in mish with Kris pulling out for a belly pop and the two kiss to seal the deal.

Final Thoughts:

This was a pretty solid flick from Stormy Daniels and crew. The story was pretty easy to follow and you had strong leads in Kaylani and Kris who handled the dialogue well as well as the sex when the time came. Brendon and Gina were great comic relief as was Randy and Brynn Tyler in the first scene though they were going a little more over the top than Brendon and Gina did. As for the sex pretty good all around though I have a special place for the g/g, just can't get enough of Briana Blair and pairing her with Kaylani led to a hot scene. Kaylani and Kris had the payoff scene and watching the whole movie and seeing how they ended up the passion seemed genuine so a good wrap up there. As for extras the big one would be the inclusion of a bonus Kaylani scene from the recently released Life of Riley where she had a good time with Bill Bailey. A good feature from Stormy with funny characters and two strong leads who had good chemistry and should have you rooting for them in the end.

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