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T0MBOne Blended & Twisted 3 starsBlended & Twisted 3 starsBlended & Twisted 3 stars
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Blended & Twisted

Blended & Twisted

Studio: Forbidden Fruits Films
Category:  Feature film
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astroknight's ratings for Blended & Twisted:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Blended & Twisted overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Blended & Twisted Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Blended & Twisted Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Blended & Twisted Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Blended & Twisted Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Blended & Twisted DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Blended & Twisted A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  8/28/2012

Running Time: 84 min.

Production Date: 6 / 1, 2 / 2012

Director: Jay West

Cast: Jodi West, Lexi Kartel, Jimmy Legend, and Levi Cash

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio is sometimes a bit quiet, but is normally nicely balanced and pretty clear. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks pretty good. It's normally well lit and clear, but there are a few areas with some very noticeable grain as well as some very minor camera motion.

Watermark Warning: Although I don't know of anybody who likes watermarks, I can understand and support companies who want to do what they can to protect themselves from piracy. This release has a loud and rather obnoxious watermark about two thirds of the way across the bottom edge that's brightly colored. Thankfully it's a static watermark, which should make it a little easier to put out of one's mind, but the bright colors and location definitely interfered with my viewing and repeatedly drew my attention away from the action. Watermarks like this are a very good reason why some people abhor watermarks and I'm glad to say that I've been told that this problem has been corrected for future releases.

The Movie: Jodi West is “Mother”, the head of a growing household that's getting bigger with the addition of Jimmy and his father, who's often away on business. She has plenty of urges, and knows that the rest of the family does too, so tries to make sure they're all taken care of properly in the house.

Scene 1 – Jodi West and Levi Cash

When Levi comes home from school early he chats with mom Jodi in the bedroom about his fears with their family growing. She reminds him how he'll always be special to her, especially after losing his father, before moving in to kiss her. Levi returns her kisses and helps Jodi strip down as she straddles him before moving down to eat her pussy around her sexy pink and black panties. He slides Jodi's panties off to get at her pussy better and they continue to strip down while kissing with a bit more box eating mixed in. Levi moves up for Jodi to stroke his cock before he buries it in her missionary style, and lets her roll up for a bit of cowgirl action as well. Jodi gets on all fours for Levi to fuck her doggie style and finally lets her have a nice pop on her ass and back before moving around for a little more passionate kissing.

Scene 2 – Lexi Kartel and Jimmy Legend

Jimmy moves in on new dirty blonde stepsister Lexi letting her know that he was thinking she should give him a handjob. She gives in after a moment and straddles his legs to start stroking his cock. Lexi moves down and breaks out a tit as she strokes him before finally taking his load over her tits. As soon as they finish Jodi walks in scolding Jimmy and sending him to his room.

Scene 3 – Jodi West and Lexi Kartel

Jodi wipes Jimmy's cum off Lexi's tits with her apron and has her strip out of her top and bra that still have some of his cum on them. She has Lexi strip out of her shorts as well just in case he got any cum on them before talking to her about the fire where they lost her father as well as her real mother and how they were lovers. Jodi lets Lexi know how much she's reminding her of her mother, that she doesn't think Lexi really likes boys, and offers to let her practice kissing girls with her. She moves down to kiss Lexi's great tits before stripping down herself and letting Lexi suck her tits in return. Jodi moves down to eat Lexi's pussy as she lays back on the couch before stripping off her own panties and laying back for Lexi to reciprocate. Finally Lexi heads out leaving Jodi laying on the couch.

Scene 4 – Lexi Kartel and Levi Cash

When Levi finds Lexi confused about her sexuality and about to run away and find her real mom he convinces her to stay a little longer so he can make sure her first time with a boy is with somebody she knows wouldn't do anything to hurt her. He caresses her legs and chest before kissing her and helping her to strip down. Levi moves down to kiss and finger her shaved snatch before letting Lexi suck and stroke his cock. He fucks Lexi missionary style before giving her a little tongue and mounting her doggie style. Levi rolls to the side to spoon her and finally gives Lexi a respectable pop on her stomach.

Scene 5 – Jodi West and Jimmy Legend

Jodi stops into Jimmy's room to let him know that she and his father are going to go out, show off her dress to see if he thinks his dad will like it, and talk with him about what happened earlier with Lexi. She lets him know that she makes the rules and that Lexi is a confused girl and she's considering telling his father. He begs for forgiveness and lets him know that she also has urges and his father is away a lot while running her hand around his body and commenting on how they seem to share some urges before moving in to kiss him. Jodi helps Jimmy out of his pants to eagerly suck and stroke his cock before laying back to let him fuck her missionary style. He gives her a couple slaps on the ass as they move into doggie, and finally lets Jodi have a nice pop on her ass.

Blended & Twisted is a debut release that should get Forbidden Fruits Films some decent attention. Jodi and Jay West show right from the start that they aren't afraid to push the boundaries with the subject of incest, and Jodi plays very well with it through the movie. She does a great job balancing “Mother's” loving feeling with some stiff sexual control, and works it around the entire family very well. She turns out three strong scenes as she takes on Levi, Jimmy, and Lexi with the supporting cast doing a very nice job in their roles as well. They never let the action get extreme, and that works well also due to the “loving family” theme of the movie. Lexi also does a very nice job taking on Jimmy, Levi, and Jodi, and shows some decent potential with how fresh she is. She gets into the action nicely without going overboard and the action in each of the scenes is nicely captured. There's a few moments where the camera angles were a little off from what I like, but at the same time this is obviously a one camera shoot and the movie works very well with those limitations and constraints. The editing is pretty well done, and the movie has a nice pace with a good mood that should please fans of the subject matter. I can't say that I was always comfortable watching Blended & Twisted, but it is a movie that shows some good care from a fresh studio and is a nice debut for Forbidden Fruits Films.

The Extras: The only extras are a pair of bonus scenes from upcoming Forbidden Fruits releases.

Bonus Scene 1 – Jodi West and Levi Cash

The first bonus scene is called Memoirs of Bad Mommies 1: Family Game Day. When hot brunette Jodi beats Levi once again at cards while his dad is gone he gets more than frustrated and agrees to keep playing only if he gets to pick the game. He insists on some strip poker and she finally agrees letting Levi know that he's going to have to help her with the rules. When she starts to lose she tries going with just earrings or shoes, but he insists on a real piece of clothing and strips off her top to show her sexy bra. They keep stripping down as they play before upping the bet to winner takes all doing whatever the other wants for the day. Jodi's more than a bit embarrassed when Levi beats her, has her strip down, and takes a picture with his phone of her on all fours from behind. She's more than surprised when he moves in to start tonguing her from behind and tries scolding him but he reminds her of the stakes and her protests quickly fall aside as she enjoys his tongue and fingers. Levi moves on to fuck Jodi doggie and missionary style with a bit of kissing mixed in. He also spoons her before popping on her stomach and moves off to leave Jodi in shame.

Bonus Scene 2 – Bunny Love and Savannah Steele

The second bonus scene comes from Who Needs Boys. Bottle blonde Bunny lets bottle blonde Savannah know she just got back from shopping and picked up some cute clothes. Savannah encourages her to try them on for her right away in front of her, and although Bunny is a little unsure quickly gives in. Savannah talks her out of her bra and panties as she changes, and and soon after talks her into trying girls. They kiss and check out each other's tits while stripping down, and then sit back on the bed to check out each other's pussy. Savannah lays back for Bunny to lick and finger her shaved snatch as she urges Bunny on before letting Bunny lay back so she can tongue and finger her to a great squirt in return. Savannah moves up to give Bunny a few more kisses before the camera fades out.

Condom Usage: None

Final Thoughts: If you're a fan of incest themes this one should be well worth the purchase.

Note to Forbidden Fruit Films: You're definitely taking a bit of a risk with this one, and I hope it pays off for you.

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