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Blade's Real World

Blade's Real World

Studio: Oh Man
Category:  Gay
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TouchDown Tony's ratings for Blade's Real World:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Blade's Real World overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Blade's Real World Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Blade's Real World Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Blade's Real World Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Blade's Real World Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Blade's Real World DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Blade's Real World A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by TouchDown Tony  on  7/22/2001
BLADE’S REAL WORLD: Men of Raleigh-Durham

Searching the world for the next big Porn star

Directed by Blade Thompson
Staring Dino DiMarco and Grant Wood
Introducing Dan Dixon, Tommie Cloud, Chris Gill, Tony Bendanza and Frank O’Thomas


Purporting to be a documentary about a weekend trip to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, for topman Dino Dimarco and bottom boy Grant Wood, is very much like a sweet Southern night of love: it may start slowly, at twilight, but boy, oh boy!, what a pleasant way to wait for the dawn. Anyone with aspirations of being a porn star needs to view this little gem once, just for the opportunity to see a few Southern boys make their onscreen fucking debuts with the insatiable and the beefcake DiMarco. I was certainly pleasantly surprised, as the box cover really gives no indication as to what lies beneath its folds.

Truth be told, I avoided the movie for a while, going through the menus where you can opt to read the sub-menus in English, French, German or Spanish languages; not feeling very internationally inclined, I did opt for the English. (Although had the options been between Greek, French or English, I might have found myself in a quandry). Cinematically savoring previews of coming attractions before a movie, I checked out the Trailers sub-menu, where I could watch FIVE trailers: “Street Hustler,” “Hustler Club,” “Lap it Up,” as well as for the film itself, and the always watchable “When the Wife’s Away.” Revving up my remote, and feeling damned close to that Nascar Raceway near to Raleigh- Durham, I glided my way through a very professionally photographed Slide Show. This did indeed whet my appetite for the main feature, and since I had already viewed a trailer for “Blade’s Real World: Men of Raleigh-Durham,” I elected to direct myself to the task at hand, and leave the Cum-Shot Gallery for later. (Well, now that it’s later, I have to say that I enjoy these Reader’s Digest Condensed® versions of the film; but of course, that’s like skipping dinner and heading straight to the dessert table, something we’ve all been guilty of at one time or another).

To say that the feature takes a long time to get to the sex is a vast understatement. The first chapter has no sex, instead we are treated to a benefit fashion show (the reason that Dino and Grant have come to town), then nearly ten minutes into the feature the camera man walks us into the gorgeous Old Victorian Guest House where our leading men are staying. At 7:00am, Dino is sleepily smoking a cigarette on the sofa, but upstairs Grant Wood is having the true “Breakfast of Champions:” newcomer Frank Thompson’s sausage, all in a beautifully decorated bedroom.

Now, Frank is the kinda guy I would like to see more often in adult films: lightly covered with chest hair, beefy, muscular body as well as a nicely veined, thick dick. The tattoo around his naval doesn’t hurt, either. Such a pleasure to see his muscles ripple while Grant goes down, especially those biceps! Frank isn’t camera-shy, either. As a matter of fact, Frank has one of those faces that the camera can’t help but love. It may take a while for Grant’s noisy sucking to get Frank fully aroused, but once he is, there’s just no stopping him. With his first thrust, he plugs himself into Grant’s hole all the way to the little by little, inch by inch for this guy. As much as the camera loves Frank’s face, it loves his ass, as we are greeted with slow-mo shots of that revolving gluteus maximus, while he fucks Grant doggie-style. Then there’s that little bit of belly dancing...yum! I probably would have enjoyed the scene a lot more, if I were a fan of Grant Woods. Despite his well-toned bod, I have never really found him to be all that great, so it is a little disappointing to see that Grant gets this great fuck from Frank, as his copious cum confirms - - ah, if only the fuck buddies were as well paired as those in the film’s final scene.

The partnering in the second scene is pretty good, too. Southern charmer Tony Bendanza takes on Dino DiMarco in a game of “Strip Pool,” and then gets to ride DiMarco’s mighty meat as a prize. Tony sure does lay on the country-boy charm, and Dino rises to the occasion even before the sexual highjinks jet into action. There’s even some humor thrown in as Tony goes down on Dino for the first time. Tony is cute in a budding boy-into-man way, that is never cloying. Trust me, I’ve known my own Southern backwoods boys, and that routine can grow tahred really fast. Tony even has a hot, hairy asshole that clenches around Dino’s cock on its intial entry. If Dino is pretending that he’s having a good time fucking this little stud-to-be, then he’s a better actor than he’s been given credit for. I also like the way Dino’s body looks these days, perfectly tanned, and looking a little on the beefy side; like a fine wine, Dino is improving with age.

The fuck session on the pool table (thank gawd neither of them sport long nails!), is pretty standard fair, with some great close-ups of Dino’s delightful ass. Will this guy ever give it up to be a bottom?

The most easily dispensable scene follows, as two blond beach bimbas get it on. Shot on North Carolina’s Whalebone Beach, Tommie Cloud bets that he can get an “innocent” bystander to have a filmed suck and fuck session with him in the mens’ room. The scene plays phonier than it should, and although the stall’s glory hole is used, not much else is exciting about the location.

Tomie’s partner for the scene, however, sports a nicely curved piece of meat, which proves to be a challenge for the glory hole blow job. When eager Tomie takes Chris Gill’s dick into his ass on the mens’ room floor, his reactions are way too far over the top to be a turn-on. Fortunately, this is also the shortest session.

The fourth, and final scene makes everything else that preceded all worthwhile, as Dino picks up an admirer (at 9:00 in the morning!), at the adult oriented Circus of Books. Dan Dixon has a great set of sideburns, bubbly brown eyes and a well-kempt goatee; he’s a daddy type, even though his looks are far younger. Dino takes Dan to the aptly named “Ram-It-Inn” for a very hot encounter. Looking at Dan, there was a glimmer of hope that HE might get to be the one to take Dino’s hole on camera, but that’s a moment that is yet to be. Even if it is a “staged event” ala “The Blair Witch Project,” this finale feels the most like the real thing. Some very well-chosen camera angles add to the already sexually intense atmosphere. I do like it so when Dino goes down on Dan’s long, thin sabre, then turns him over and treats himself to a few licks into Dan’s very rosy-petal-like, sweaty asshole. Dino doesn’t take much time licking, pity, before he literally impales Dan with a concrete-firm boner. The sex is hot, and Dan’s face gets redder and redder throughout the fuckfest, and Dino’s virginal hole is momentarily glimpsed in several of the rear entry camera angles. The sex culminates with Dino showering Dan’s back with cascading cum, and nice shot of the elated Dixon.

“Blade’s Real World: Men of Raleigh-Durham” from Street Corner Studios will in all likelihood remain languishing on my shelf until I’m ready for a Dino DiMarco fix, or until one of the hot newcomers breaks further into the business. Street Corner has done a valid job with its tranfer, there are grainy hand-held shots scattered throughout, and the lighting is nearly always too obvious, but the Dolby Digital Stereo soundtrack is better than it should be expected to be. It has quite an ambience to it, and though at times the “actors’” voices are difficult to make out, the music more than compensates. The packaging itself, with cover boy Tony Bendanza, is rife with errors. I took my spelling of the stars’ names from the final credits themselves, and nearly all of those credits are different spellings than on the front cover. On the alternate side of the cover are thumbnails for twenty other titles available through Oh Man! Studios and Street Corner Studios, a nice addition to the package.

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