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Black & Wild 4

Black & Wild 4

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Black
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Black & Wild 4:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Black & Wild 4 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Black & Wild 4 Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Black & Wild 4 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Black & Wild 4 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Black & Wild 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black & Wild 4 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black & Wild 4 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  9/21/2002

Black & Wild 4
Directed by D. Sparky
Starring: Ice, Tease, Nautica, Nika Chanel, Fantasy, John E Depth, Mr Marcus, Domineko.
Appearances by D. Sparky & Dick McGee
Running time: 1hr 32mins

A guy called Dick McGee ad-libs an intro to this all-sex, all-black movie - apparently they're seeking a contract girl for Inner City Squad Productions and this is the audition. His babbling is a laugh, but director D. Sparky echoes my thoughts when he pops out from behind the camera, saying, "Let's get to fucking".

On hand are hopeful Nautica and stud John E. Depth. She has big eyes and a relatively tight body with a few tattoos. Having John strip for her warms her up - daftly shot from behind his back. She daintily sucks his cock, and then suddenly she's nude, climbing aboard his big dick. She works her ass; he lifts her up, still fucking her and lays her down in missionary to fuck some more. Her pussy looks tight and wet. They continue to fuck in variations on doggy, Nautica moaning occasionally, but it just isn't happening and John ends up coming on her back. No energy, no chemistry, no enthusiasm. John seems to think her worthy of the gig - I have my doubts.

Dick then introduces Ice, a kind of cute, curvy little lady with too many tattoos for my liking. She gets on the bed with Mr Marcus for a playful start to the scene. He checks her sizeable tits, with large areolas, while she frees and sucks his cock. At least I think that's what she's doing down there; the camera inexplicably stays on Marcus. Finally they decide to show her sucking, nicely enough as it happens, and then they start to fuck. It's decidedly inconsistent and rarely gets going, especially in the initial doggy position. It finally gets in gear as she works her fine rump during cowgirl, but there's no real vibe about the sex. Marcus comes weakly on her stomach, looking sheepish, and then fucks her some more in the way he should have done already, and spurts again on her body.

After a little clip of Dick and Marcus talking shit (Marcus is heading back to LA from the New Orleans location), we cut to a scene where Domineko is lightly whacking the big booty of Tease, a very well built, long legged tattooed woman with a terrible permed hairstyle. As she kneels to suck his dick, it's hard to avoid that massive ass and Dom can't miss as he whacks a couple times more. Almost in revenge, she mounts him and he can do nothing but lie back and enjoy the ride as Tease takes charge, and boy does she ride him. She might not be very pretty (and is suspiciously absent from the cover pictures), but she throws herself into it keenly, up to a point. With a brief break for Domineko to pound her, she mainly does all the work. He has another spell sticking it to her before he catches her by surprise with a big splattering load all over her face. This scene has better energy and commitment, but still seems rather detached.

Nika Chanel
Mr Marcus is back in LA where Domineko and he grin like idiots as a tight-shorted Nika teases them by shaking her big ass. There's no getting away from her plumpness but she has a happy smiley manner and a nice face - too much make up detracts from what look like nice eyes - and she has fewer tattoos, so that's good. She's a respectably talented fellatrix and the boys enjoy her "juicy mouth" in the movie's best moments - just people actually having some fun. She tries to keep sucking as the guys take turns fucking her doggy style over the couch.

Keeping it moving, they get into missionary, with accompanying very rude cock sucking. The focus returns to her glorious globes as Nika rides cowgirl while Marcus keeps his cool while fucking her mouth. Nika smiles nervously in anticipation of a double pussy penetration but it's not successful, so they let her ride in reverse cowgirl, ass bouncing like mad. Marcus fucks her deeply in missionary, her legs akimbo, and he comes on her quivering cunt. Domineko then gives her quite a crude fucking that seems to get her going, and he spurts on her smiling face. It's getting better - Nika is never going to be my fantasy girl, but the energy is more like it with a girl who actually looks like she's happy to be there.

Domineko introduces the final scene, looking like he's been sitting there sipping and smoking for more than a little while. Light-skinned, big-busted Fantasy also looks a touch heavy-lidded as she makes a meal of Dom's tool. The camera moves back to show her mighty butt as she continues to slurp loudly on his cock. She happily wraps her mammaries round his meat, but they swiftly move into a nice, hard, doggy fuck with her tits swinging free. She gets on top and squeals as she rides back on Dom's dick. She really goes for it, riding him hard, and the vibe is better all round. She's not too pretty, perhaps, but she has a better figure and after some deep mish fucking, her heels waving, we finally get a clear shot of those big tits in full, glorious motion. While she seems to get right into the sex, there's no way I can pretend she really appreciated taking Domineko's come on her face. He really looks out of it as he adopts a needless gangsta posture for the camera. Let's stick to the sex, please.

There's really little else to say about Black & Wild. It's a very basic production, there are absolutely no frills about it at all, and in truth it's only very sporadically exciting. D. Sparky's direction is pretty loose and both the sex action and the cast are inconsistent. Too many tattooed ladies looking like they'd rather be any place else are just not in my recipe for a sexy movie. The camerawork is very uneven, putting it mildly, and even if it's meant to imply a street level vibe, keeping it real etc etc, it just looks a bit…crap. We never did find out who got the contract. The presumptuous box cover blurb says: "If we didn't nail it on this one, check out Black & Wild #5." You know what, I think I'll pass.

DVD Comments
Slide show, trailers (standard Hustler selection) and a Hustler ad are your lot as far as extras are concerned. Not impressive. The picture quality is not great either, being rather dull and lacking in colour. There are one or two points of digital break-up too. Sound wise it's not so bad, with a hip-hop soundtrack coming over quite well.

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