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Black Up In Ya

Black Up In Ya

Studio: Pulse Pictures
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Black Up In Ya:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Black Up In Ya overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Black Up In Ya Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Black Up In Ya Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Black Up In Ya Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Black Up In Ya Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black Up In Ya DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Up In Ya A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  2/4/2006
Prologue During Van Styles renegotiation with Hustler he managed to knock out a title for fledgling video company Pulse. Working in a genre he excels at, Van lined up an interesting cast of women. Delilah Strong, Angela Stone, Katie Ray, Veronica Lynn and Leah Luv. All one on one scenes for maximum intimacy as these ladies explore their dark desires. He got some top flight male talent as well in Mr. Marcus, Tee Real and Rico Strong. Expectations are high but Van always seems to meet them.
The video opens on Delilah Strong looking very glamorous in a black two piece w/hot pink trim. Van has her posing in a bathroom made of marble and very strong backlighting that he uses very well. She's horny and looking for dick, even prying open holes she doesn't intend to use. There's a knock at the door and Delilah answers it with her bra around her waist and panties long gone. She greets Rico Strong by leading him into the room by his cock, which just happens to be hanging out of his pants. Delilah gets to her knees and works on bringing the big dick to its full potential. Pumping it with her hands and sliding it into her throat, Delilah brings it to full glory, at least ten inches. Rico pushes her back onto the bed and lines up her pussy. Delilah's gasping and squealing on first contact, ready to cum after the first deep strokes. Rico machines the hot cunt and Delilah looks lost when he pulls out. He turns her for doggy and flat out rails her. Grabbing her arms like reins, he fucks Delilah even harder. She looks like she's having an out of body experience as Rico turns her for a side entry. P2M and a CG mount. Delilah repeatedly impales herself on the long cock, bouncing happily, then slow and sensually, but deep. Rico takes over the driving to pound her out some more. They trade back and forth as Delilah squeals in delight. Rico sends her to the floor so he can cum on her pretty mouth. Delilah looks happy and sated.
I've never seen Delilah look better, and I don't think she's ever been fucked harder. This was an Everhard/Slayer type reaming and she ate it up.
The least well known of all the current squirt queens is Angela Stone. She's dancing in front of a window in silhouette. The camera picks her back up in strong backlight, wearing a sexy teal colored one piece that reveals her cleavage. Angela crawls the floor and Mr. Marcus attaches a leash to a collar she's wearing. Angela rubs his crotch, pulls down his pants and takes his soft cock into her mouth. She makes glugging sounds as his cock grows in her mouth and she hammers her head on it. Marcus calls her his "little white porn whore" and Angela's very comfortable with the description as she bobs on his knob. He leads her to a recliner, his cock wrapped in her leash, and Angela continues to service him. They remove her clothing and Angela climbs the cock in CG. She loves it when he talks dirty to her and Marcus is happy to oblige. Angela rides him like a mechanical bull, then they take it to the floor for RC. She pounds down on Marcus until she has to let loose a torrent of squirt. Marcus hammers her and Angela grinds on his fat dick, letting loose another big rainfall. She sucks the wet dick, then a cut to a spoon anal insertion, Marcus getting deep in Angela's ass right away. Marcus fucks it like he owns it and Angela spanks out some more squirt. They roll into RCA and she rides like a slut possessed. A2M delivered with gusto, then a doggy anal insertion into Angela's gaping shitbox. Marcus tells her he's striking a blow for racial harmony as he reams her fudge tunnel. Ready for a taste of cum, Angela kneels and two hands Marcus' cock as she tries to suck the babies out of him. She jerks a load onto her tongue and directs the rest onto her face. Marcus has Angela lick cum off the floor and she sucks his cock into the fade.
This was a great pairing as they played off of each other verbally and tweaked all the taboos. Angela is a hot woman who revels in sluthood.
Veronica Lynn is dressed like a slutty girl scout and sucking on a lollipop. She knocks on Van's door and explains to him that she's trying to earn a merit badge. When he asks what the badge is for, her reply is "Black cock". She needs it quickly or she'll be thrown out of the scouts. Van assures her that he's got some black cock lying around the house somewhere. As the camera leers at her, Veronica flashes a little tit and raises her tiny skirt for a look at her tight ass. She goes upstairs in search of some dark dick and spots Tee Real sitting on a couch. Veronica jumps in his lap and grinds her ass into his crotch. The way she rides him has caused many an accident in strip clubs. Getting to her knees, Veronica traces the outline of his hardon through his pants and pulls them down for a more personal introduction. Running her lollipop red tongue along the shaft, Veronica begins to earn her badge. Taking him deep in her mouth and alternately letting Tee face fuck her using her pigtails for control, Veronica puts Tee into full working order. He licks her from behind, then has her sit on his cock in RC. Veronica doesn't take him balls deep at first, keeping her body raised a little as Tee strokes away. When she slows things down and gives Tee the ultimate lap dance, you can see her sweet nectar coating his dick. Veronica loses her skirt and climbs back in CG. She's got a hot little ass when she puts some motion in the ocean. She's also got a slight case of potty mouth that belies her innocent countenance. Her pussy is frothing on Tee's cock and she sucks the juice off, then walks over to the stairs for standing doggy. Veronica gets a devilish look to her when she trash talks, and Tee, who's having trouble maintaining this position because he's vertically challenged, puts her down on the stairs for a more dominant doggy. Veronica lays that sweet body out on the top of the stairs and Tee bangs her in mish. After a few variations on this position, Tee pops on a kneeling Veronica's face. She plays with the cum and licks it off her fingers.
Veronica is sweet Asian eye candy. Nothing remarkable here, but a nice easy scene between barn burners.
Katie Ray is new to me, but she's blonde and pretty, and has a tight looking body. She's wearing a very short camoflouge skirt and a black top that gets lifted over her small, firm tits. Katie walks into a room with Rico Strong waiting. This is the day for lap dances as Katie sits in Rico's lap, rubbing on his crotch, and sticking her tits in his face. Down she goes for the unveiling as he whips out his trouser snake. Starting out half hard, Katie lengthens Rico out, taking instructions by him to make it noisy and use her tongue. Some gentle face fucking and double hand stroking. Katie kneels on a couch and presents her ass. Rico mounts in doggy. He gives her a hard pounding and Katie fucks back when the pace slows. They move to RC after Katie divest herself of the skirt. Hard pumping from underneath, then a slow, sensuous ride for Katie. She goes sidesaddle and asks to be spanked. She whips off her top and asks Rico if he's ready to fuck her ass. Ready or not, Katie impales herself in RCA. A few variations of this position and Katie's being very careful not to drop on his cock and spear her innards. A2M and a cut to piledriver anal, almost mish, as Rico sits on the back of the couch that's propping Katie's legs. A2M, and a cut to Katie stroking and sucking the big cock, trying to coax out a load. Rico strokes some glue onto Katie's mouth and she does some PCH.
Katie didn't avail herself of a full big dick experience. She played it very safe and never took the whole thing in any position that I recall. Rico needs to learn to get more personally involved with his partners to get more out of them. He talks at them more than to them.
ADT fave Leah Luv is the anchor for this video. She's looking adorable in a halter that says "Hottie" on the front. Short white pleated skirt and crew socks with two rings. So retro. Leah lifts her skirt to shoe her heart shaped bush. She tells Van that her pussy loves cock. When he asks about black cock, a chill runs through her body. I've seen Leah with Mandingo. I think she's really into this. Hottie gets raised and Leah's pencil erasers come out to play. You could hang clothes on those things. Very hot looking. Rico's back for more and this time he's wearing the camouflage. Shorts. Leah feels the bulge and pulls out her prize. She works the cock into her throat, strokes and spits on it. Rico pushes Leah back onto the couch and drives his full length into her in mish. He licks her quivering pussy and goes back to opening her up. Leah locks her legs under her arms to give Rico unfettered access. And he takes full advantage as his balls are banging against Leah's ass in double time. If I thought her nipples were hard before, they look absolutely dangerous now. She gets naked, except for those socks, and rides in RC. Watching her work the pole by herself for a few seconds is bone stirring. There's gasping and moaning as Rico drives it home, then slow, deep excursions by Leah. She walks up some stairs with a very sexy swish and the action picks up with a spoon anal insertion on a red rug. And Rico's deep in that little hole too. A2M cock worship, then anal piledriver. He thumbs her pussy and digs out that ass. He plays her clit like strumming a banjo and Leah looks like she's on the verge of a major explosion. A2M, then a cut to RCA. Leah looks so fucking hot working that black anaconda into her digestive tract. Rico takes back the keys to the car, jamming the accelerator, then they trade off some more. Leah hits the floor to receive a mouthful of cum that she plays with to the end.
Always end on a good note. Leah gives one of her finest performances and shows why she's a star. She didn't just take the oversized cock, she enjoyed and used it. Excellent scene.

Bonus Scene w/Courtney Cummz

A lone figure in a white room, Courtney Cummz is a picture of sexy innocence. Dressed in a black pinstriped bikini with hot pink trim and sleeves, she squats and fondles her steaming body. Jiggling her pierced breasts and rubbing her cooch, then pulling off her top and crawling toward a seated black man. She wastes no time pulling down his sweats and going dick diving. Plenty of spit, throat and energy. Courtney keeps it nasty, spit lubing and stroking, sucking balls. She invites the guy to grab her head and force it down on his cock. He does it, but only for a short stint. Courtney sits in his lap and runs her ass cheeks along his shaft, then plays with her wet pussy. He stands over her for a more controlling bj and Courtney tests the back of her throat, gagging herself and sliming the cock. As he approaches orgasm she uses her hands more and he sits back again. It looks almost like she's trying to gather up the semen for a harvesting. Courtney spanks his monkey and asks for a facial. He stands and streams some glue across that beautiful mug. Courtney sucks the remains out of him, plays with the cum on her face and his dwindling hardon.
A nice extra, but, of course, I would have liked to have seen Courtney getting fucked. She's so sexy and appealing it's difficult to imagine not trying to slip her some skin, especially when she was riding the shaft.

Epilogue This video has three extremely strong scenes. Delilah Strong led things off by getting the drilling of a lifetime. Angela Stone had a great romp with Mr. Marcus and hosed down the area at the same time. Leah Luv justifies the hype that followed her not so long ago. In fact, I can't wait till she sheds those braces and stops playing up the youthful look. She's got such a pretty face and her long body could easily lend itself to elegance. The best is yet to come. The middle of the video lagged a bit. Veronica Lynn is incredibly cute and her scene was low impact, but pleasant. Katie Ray gave up the ass but she didn't really commit to doing it fully. Rico Strong is a good young performer. He's attractive and hung, but he needs to learn to react to the different women he's paired with to make the next step to stardom. If Sean Michaels was fucking Katie he would have coaxed her into taking a little bit more of his cock in her mouth. A little bit more in her pussy. A little bit more in her ass. Slow things down and work the girl. It's her performance that people want to see and will talk about. The bonus bj with Courtney Cummz was a nice addition.
The video capture was typically good by Van. He's getting more and more into high key shooting and harnessing backlight. Occasionally it washes out the highlights but mostly leaves skintones open and soft. Nothing is ever lost in shadow.

The Disk Besides the bonus scene, there's a BTS, photo gallery and trailers. In the BTS we find that Delilah's scene was supposed to be anal and are given footage of the attempts. I think it was a good decision to excise bad anal from an otherwise great scene. All the women in the video were given some play here and they all seemed to be comfortable. Angela came off as particularly feisty and Leah showed herself to be a canny manipulator as she challenged Rico to eat her better than she could suck him. Got hers. There's also Select A Brotha Luva where each scene is broken down by sex act or segment.
Recommendation This could be a good buy at the right price. It's certainly a strong rental.

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