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Black Up In Ya

Black Up In Ya

Studio: Pulse Pictures
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Black Up In Ya:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Black Up In Ya overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Black Up In Ya Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Black Up In Ya Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Black Up In Ya Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Black Up In Ya Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black Up In Ya DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Up In Ya A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  1/30/2006

The Little Details

Running Time: 142 min. (cover states 3 hours 20 minutes)

Production Date: 9 / 25 / 2005

Director: Van Styles

Cast: Delilah Strong, Rico Strong, Angela Stone, Mr. Marcus, Veronica Lynn, Tee Reel, Katie Rae, and Leah Luv

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Pulse has been putting out some very strong movies and Van Style has always impressed me. I’m not sure how I couldn’t go into this one without high expectations.

Initial Reaction: It’s pretty good, but not quite up there with Van Styles’ best.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting barely legal interracial action

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a wide range of interracial action and a variety of teases

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio is clear and well balanced throughout the movie with one exception. There’s a couple funky things that happen with the audio around forty one and a half minutes, as the video cuts out on one speaker and seems to have some other audio in there. It’s the only time in the movie this happens, and thankfully only lasts a few seconds. The video is very nicely presented in anamorphic widescreen, but seems a little weak. It has an overly soft look to it that just didn’t feel right to me for the movie. The lighting, on the other hand, is very nicely done. There’s some very nice use of natural light throughout the movie, and the use of shadows during some of the tease is just as good.

Music: There’s music only during the tease portion, where it dominates the audio with a nice style.

Borderline False Advertising: The cover lists a running time of three hours and twenty minutes, while the movie only lasts two hours and twenty two minutes. Yes, the three hour time is about right with all the extras (it’s actually a little on the shy side), but here it seems quite misleading. Gonzo movies are getting longer and longer, with many studios releasing movies that run over three hours. Heck, Van Styles has been around the three hour mark with several of his other releases. Putting this one in and seeing that the movie only lasted just over two hours and twenty minutes, I felt extremely jerked around, and am deducting a half point off the overall score because of it. Pulse has shows some major class with their other releases, so I’m hoping this is just a one time thing. If you’re going to list a total running time, then list it as a total running time, or better yet, list it as “Movie length X with over Y of extras”.

Menus: The main menu has some nice animation that blends stills of the girls with clips of the movie for a very good first impression. The chapter menu also shows a lot of care, and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and the name of the girl in the scene. There’s also the Select a Brotha Luva’ option that lets you choose a scene based on a photo of the girl and her name, and then choose where you want to go in the scene sexually with a submenu you’re given next. It’s a very nice option, and one that I think could easily replace the standard chapter menu.

The Feature

Black Up In Ya goes with Van Styles doing some of what he does best, namely shooting interracial action. The scenes often start with a little tease and the girl chatting with Van before getting it on with a brotha.

Scene 1 - Delilah Strong and Rico Strong

Delilah, a cute second generation porner, starts her scene out in a bathroom showing off her great body and wearing a skimpy black and pink outfit with armbands and black fuck-me pumps. She shows off for Van and has a couple words with him before she answers the knock at her door and finds a half dressed Rico outside. She pulls him in and drops to her knees to suck him into her throat with Rico giving her an occasional command as she works him over. Delilah lies back for him to give it to her bald beaver missionary style before rolling over to let him play with her pussy and then fuck it doggie style. She goes over to her side while letting Rico give her beautiful booty plenty of slaps, and lets him keep it up when she bounces on him cowgirl style. Finally, Delilah gets down and lets Rico give her a nice spurt of cock cream across her mouth.

This is a pretty darn hot scene. Delilah looks fantastic, and seems to love being able to take on a big black cock. She puts out some great vocals to go with plenty of energy, and her entire face looks to be lit up when she takes the facial from Rico. Styles does a very nice job moving around to capture the action, and his use of light stands out nicely throughout the scene. This scene gives the movie a very nice start.

Scene 2 - Angela Stone and Mr. Marcus

Hot blonde Angela starts her scene out with a tease as she stands in the shadow in front of a window. When things switch to the light, you see a hot baby blue and black outfit that doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination complete with long black gloves and a black studded collar. After she chats briefly with Van, she’s joined by a half naked Mr. Marcus, who snaps a leash on her collar and has her get down on her knees to gobble his knob. Angela eagerly works over Marcus’s cock as he encourages her vocally and leads her around with her leash wrapped around his cock. After letting her work to prepare him, Marcus lets Angela climb up and ride him cowgirl style in a chair before they move to the floor for the reverse cowgirl. Angela unleashes a couple massive squirts after riding Marcus a little, and ruins yet another rug because of it. She hops off to suck her juices off Marcus’s cock before having him spoon her ass. She unleashes a yellowish squirt as Marcus fucks her ass and sucks his cock clean soon after. She encourages Marcus to spit on her ass before he fucks it doggie style, and lets him cum all over and around her mouth afterwards. Some cum drops to the floor, so Marcus has Angela get down and lick it up.

This is a darn hot scene. Angela and Marcus have plenty of talking between them to build the chemistry throughout the scene, and they don’t ever feel like they’re forcing things. Normally girls mouthing off about what a dirty slut they are throughout a scene doesn’t do a lot for me, but for some reason Angela’s did. Maybe it was because she actually put her money where her mouth was throughout the scene, and took a good rectal reaming complete with some enthusiastic ass to mouth. The squirting also helped out the scene and once again Van Style’s camera work seemed spot on throughout the scene. This is another very nicely done scene.

Scene 3 - Veronica Lynn and Tee Reel

Cute younger looking Oriental Veronica starts her scene out in pigtails wearing a light khaki girl scout-like outfit with a red belt and socks, black porno pumps, and sucking on a red sucker. She arrives at Van’s door asking for help in earning her merit badge in black cock, which she needs by the end of the week or she’ll be kicked out of the scouts. She shows him her cute little tit and great ass before they head upstairs where Veronica finds Tee sitting on the couch wearing only a pair of black pants. She sits on his lap and lets him grope her and spank her ass as she grinds against his cock through his pants. Veronica licks Tee’s tool and runs her sucker around it before fully attacking it orally, and makes sure to give him plenty of great eyes and some nice stroking as she sucks him and repeatedly takes him into her throat. Tee has her bend over so he can lick her pussy from behind and spank her before impaling her on his cock reverse cowgirl style. Veronica gets up to take off her skirt before settling back down for a cowgirl ride, and later moves to the staircase so she can lean against the railing while Tee takes her from behind. When they get to the top of the staircase Veronica lets Tee take her missionary style before finishing things with an okay facial.

This is a very likeable scene with plenty of heat. I love the scout start with Veronica, and she keeps it fun throughout the entire scene with her great attitude. She also has a fantastic body to go with it that she seems to know just how to use, especially when Tee seems to know just how she wants to get fucked. Tee and Veronica work very well throughout the scene, and there’s plenty of heat without either of them getting overly vocal or trying out for the circus. This is a very nice scene.

Scene 4 - Katie Rae and Rico Strong

Katie starts her scene out in a camo skirt, pink fishnets, and a black garter belt, mesh top, and shoes. She dances around a little to tease the camera before making her way over to Rico, who’s sitting in a plain red chair. She sits on his lap and lets him check her out as she kisses his neck before getting down to suck his cock. After Katie gobbles Rico’s knob a bit he has her get out and walk over to the couch. She shows him her ass and plays with her pussy briefly before kicking off her shoes and letting Rico slide his massive meat into her muff. Rico lets her take it reverse cowgirl style next, and Katie lets him move his cock from her pussy to her ass. After bouncing on it reverse cowgirl a bit Katie hops off and sucks and licks as much of her ass off it as she can before propping her ass up in the air for Rico to pile drive it. She gets down to give Rico a little more oral love until he finally strokes himself onto her pretty face.

This is a pretty hot scene. I don’t really go for the barely legal look, although I can’t deny that Katie does it very well. I’m also more than a little impressed with her anal skills here, as she never really seems to come alive in the scene until she sees how much of Rico’s cock she can take in her ass. That said, she also has a look about her that seemed somewhere between mildly high, dumber than a fencepost, or just plain stuck up that just didn’t do much for me. Styles captures the action nicely through the scene, but this one didn’t work quite as well for me as the others did.

Scene 5 - Leah Luv and Rico Strong

Leah, a young dirty blonde with braces, starts her scene out in a white pleated miniskirt, a white “hottie” tube top, purple porno pumps, and knee high athletic socks. She plays with her pussy a little while chatting with Van Styles, and soon after gets the pleasure of undoing Rico’s pants so she can work on his cock orally. Leah gives him plenty of stroking and several trips into her throat as well as letting Rico fuck her face before lying back and letting him fuck her pussy. Rico takes a break to lick her slit, and after giving it to her a bit more in missionary lets Leah hop up for a reverse cowgirl ride. They move to another room for Rico to spoon Leah’s ass, and of course she makes sure to suck his cock clean when it comes out of her ass. Rico gets to pile drive Leah’s ass next, and of course offers her another taste of her ass. They keep going with some reverse cowgirl anal before Leah gets down to take a nice pop in her mouth.

This is a good scene. Leah is cute, and does a great job taking Rico’s cock in both her pussy and ass. She’s vocal, but not always convincing, and by the end of the scene I was starting to zone out a bit. This scene seemed to be slightly stuck in a rut.

Black Up In Ya is a pretty good interracial movie. The girls all do a nice job of taking the guys on, and there’s a nice mix of anal scenes with straight vag scenes. Veronica’s scene was easily the winner for me, but Angela and Delilah also did very nice jobs. All that said, this one didn’t impress me as much as some of Van Styles’ other movies. I went into this one expecting to see a wide range of setups and teases for the action, and instead most of the scenes went with the same formula. Combining the similar style of the scenes with a very similar look to many of the girls, such as having dirty blondes Katie Rey and Leah Luv do back to back anal scenes with Rico, and I couldn’t help but tune out of this one a bit. Black Up In Ya is a pretty good interracial movie, but it seems a bit more stuck in a rut than the other movies I’ve seen from Van Styles.

The Extra Stuff

A trailer is included for Pervasian before the main menu. Trailers are also included for Cheek Freaks, Short & Sleazy, and Naturally Stacked. The photo gallery lasts about seven and a half minutes with about six seconds per very good looking snapshot or full screen photo. There’s also a behind the scenes featurette and a bonus scene.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts nearly forty minutes, and is also nicely presented in anamorphic widescreen. Vas moves all around the set chatting with the girls and also bringing in some cut footage from the scenes. There’s plenty of fun interviews with the girls and a bit of the stars chatting between scenes. The highlight of the featurette, however, is Delilah giving up the ass to Rico. There’s a bit where she seems to take it pretty well, but it’s also easy to see why the anal was cut from the scene. It’s a good featurette, and my biggest complaint is how it’s organized. Rather than going from one girl to the next, everybody is all jumbled up like the footage was put in a blender for a few pulses and then poured out and put together in whatever order they came out.

Bonus Scene - Courtney Cummz and Denzel Smashington

Courtney starts her scene out in a black and white pinstriped bikini with pink outlines, long pink fingerless gloves, and black porno pumps softly diddling herself inside and outside her bikini. She strips off her top to show off her great pierced nipples before crawling across the floor to the camera, where Denzel is sitting back in a chair wearing only a pair of boxers and sweatpants. She works his cock over a bit through his pants before pulling them down to attack him orally. She takes him into her throat several times, gives him some great eyes and trash talking, sucks his balls, and even has him put his hands on her head to show her just how he wants her to suck off his cock. Courtney strips off her panties and strokes Denzel’s cock with her ass cheeks before gagging on his cock a little more as she kneels in front of him. She keeps working him over orally, and finally takes his load on her face to rub around and bring things to a close.

This is an okay scene. Courtney does a great job of getting into her cocksucking, but Denzel is just kinda there. It’s a pretty well done POV scene, and part of the reason I guess this scene doesn’t do a lot for me is that POV scenes rarely do much for me because I rarely get a feeling of chemistry between the performers. Heck, Denzel could have been replaced with a blowup doll or a dildo stuck to a table for most of this scene, and I really don’t think that it would have changed things much for me. If you’re a POV fan, them I’d think this scene would work very well for you just because Courtney does put some very nice effort into her cocksucking. Courtney does her usual great job through this scene, but your feelings on it will probably depend a lot on whether or not you like POV scenes.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, interracial, squirting, anal, and ass to mouth

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Pulse’s DVDs can be found online for between about $17 and $25, with many stores offering them for around $20. At the low end this one’s a pretty good buy if you’re a big interracial sex fan. The sex is pretty good, but there isn’t a lot of variety to it. The technical aspects and extras, however, show some nice care. This is a pretty good movie on a DVD that shows some very nice care.

Note to Pulse Pictures: Although this one didn’t impress me as much as some of his other movies, I’m glad to see you picking up Van Styles!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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