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Black & Stacked Xtra 2

Black & Stacked Xtra 2

Studio: Score
Category:  Black , Busty , Straight
Starring: , , ,
Released on: 
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I Spew On My Face's ratings for Black & Stacked Xtra 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Black & Stacked Xtra 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Black & Stacked Xtra 2 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Black & Stacked Xtra 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Black & Stacked Xtra 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Black & Stacked Xtra 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black & Stacked Xtra 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black & Stacked Xtra 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by I Spew On My Face  on  9/4/2004
As this is my first review, I will tell you my likes/dislikes in a DVD. We'll assume you and I both like good lighting, sound, etc. I find this part of the review important so you can understand how I might judge a movie to be "good" or "bad".


1. All types of girls: all races, sizes, etc. I love skinny ass and I love big ass. Same goes with tits. Although I like girls with extra meat on 'em; I don't want to see a 1000 pound fridge humping a dick. There is such a thing as a beautiful big woman. Because my tastes in the ladies are subjective, I will always include a picture of the women in the DVD so you can decide for yourself.

2. Naughty talk. I love it when the girl spews trash! I especially like it if the girl talks in her native tounge.

3. Good cumshots. I want to see the girl get blasted with spooge. I don't like seeing guys jack off on the girls face groaning and moaning, whacking the dick for 5 seconds, and then a small dripple of nut creeps out onto the girls lips. An instant wood killer for me. I want to cum when the guy does. And if my cum blows past my head, his cum better too!

4. Closeup shots. Although they can be overdone, I like watching the dick go in-and-out of any hole that it's in. I especially like a closeup of a guy/girl eating pussy.

5. Multiple camera angles. I don't want to watch at the same position for a long time. My definition of a long time is simply where you get that inner feeling you've been looking at the same thing for eons.


1. Black male performers. I'm not racist, I just get turned off when I see a black guy fucking a girl. I try and avoid DVDs that have a black guy in more than one scene. I love interracial sex, but for me it always must have a white guy. I can tolerate a black male fucking a black female, but the female must be pretty damn hot and hot have any videos of her fucking white guys.

2. Abusive male/female performers. I don't like when the sex seems "angry". I don't like it when the guy yells, "suck it you little whore!" but really means it. There's a difference between naughty talk and hateful talk.

3. Outdoor scenes. Although I've seen some really good ones, I tend to find that good lighting is near impossible. I don't like watching shadows or sun glare.

4. Music. I've seen maybe 2 movies that featured good music. I tend to find that music either works or it doesn't. And usually it doesn't. I want to hear the sounds of sex. If there is music and it takes me 3-4 watchings of the scene to notice it, that's my definition of good music! It must not overshadow the sounds of love.
-----------------THE REVIEW-------------------------

Title: Black & Stacked 2

Final review: 4.5/5 Stars

Studio: Score


Deja (158 pounds) 44FF-32-40
Kim Hines (155 pounds) 44-29-38, 36EE
Lola Lane (144 pounds) 50-30-39
Sierra (127 pounds) 44-24-36
All are female black models.

Highlights: One solo masturbation scene, with three other scenes featuring a white guy fucking a black girl. All girls are chunky and everyone has huge tits.

Who should buy: Those who like IR sex, a large focus of big bodies & tits

Who should avoid: if you don't like what you see above, those looking for plot, not really a couples movie either

Scene 1 "Deja"
Rating: 8.5/10

This is a solo masturbation scene with the hot mama Deja. She's in a classroom with "Sex Ed Teacher" on the chalkboard which I found amusing. What I love about this scene a lot is she constantly talks to you, the viewer. She tells the viewers how she likes her tits touched and handled. The reader does not understand how big her tits are! When I say huge, I mean giantly huge! The scene continues with her rubbing oil into those huge knockers while she play's with them. She then gets on the table to play with her absolutly lovely pink pussy. Her dark black legs constrast with the inner pink lips which looks super hot. She pulls out a dildo and sucks it for a minute, fucks her tits, and finally shoving it up her wet pink pussy. The whole time she moans and talks to us! The scene ends when she places the dildo between her massive tis and makes the dildo "cum" shooting realistic cum all over. A truly hot scene. I would have given this scene a higher rating if there was sex. But if you're a fan of solo action, this takes the cake!

Scene 2 "Kim Hines"
Rating: 9.5/10

Sexy Kim walks into the room to find her boyfriend looking at a porno mag getting nice and hard. "Why do you want to look at that when you can have all this?" she asks him. Jesus I wish I could have her! The scene kicks off with the dude licking her knockers. Her tits sway around his mouth as he flicks his tounge over her large nipples making Kim moan. After a few minutes of this Kim bends down and takes that nice white cock in her mouth. We get a very nice closeup of the blowjob. It looks super hot because her black lips contrast against that white meat. She alternates between
sucking his cock and knocking his dick around like a toy with her tits. Next comes some brief tit fucking and then the real action starts: some nice pussy licking! She's beant over and looks super hot with her chunky body laying out, with those dark pussy lips being invaded by tounge. The scene switches so we get a view of the dude eating her pussy from behind. After all this cock (or pussy!) stimulation on the viewer, she gets ready for some white dick! RC follows up nicely here. After that the dude lays flat and she gets on top for some tit action in the face while he slams her black pussy hard. He alternates between sucking the tits and rolling his hands all over them. Kim is moaning hard by now. They get up and the guy fucks her doggie style with the camera doing great work here: one momment we see the action from the side with all her body fat swaying, and the next we get a shot from under her body where we can see the tits moving. This is HOT stuff! We finish the scene with him fucking her missionary style and glazing her stomach and tits with hot white cream. A super hot scene! I've come back to this scene over-and-over-again. This scene would have gotten a full "10/10" if near the end of the scene there had not been an airplane flying overhead. Although this is very minor, I noticed it instantly. The good news it's there for only 5 seconds or so, therefore not destroying the scene in the least bit.

Scene 3 "Lola Lane"
Rating: 10/10

A super hot scene! The smell of lotion is in the air as super hot mama Lola Lane comes into the doctors office complaining about back pain. Soon enough the "doctor" descovers that her huge tits are the problem of the pain. He suggests a massage! He rubs these huge tits with white lotion and I must tell the reader that this is HOT HOT HOT! She is [b]black[/b] and the color contrast with the lotion (and the white guy!) excites my penis to the highest degree! After a nice rub down with the tits, the guy rubs lotion all over her sexy ass and starts to finger her pussy. I must comment here that the picture is SO crisp that you can actually taste this black pussy right on your screen! The color is amazing, a true delight to our eyes. The whole time her ass wiggles with such delight, that I've started to have erections eating Jello because I'm thinking about her butt! She turns around after all this tit rubbing, pussy banging fun to give our white guy a good blowjob. Her lips are BIG and simply look like heaven sliding on that white shaft. What a lucky man! The whole time she keeps good eye contact with the viewer. 3-4 mins of this passes and she jumps on his cock in RC. Now being the big sexy girl she is, all her fat (and tits!) are going up and down with such delight, I blew my load right on the spot watching this part! This whole scene is about motion. Everything moves and thats a very good thing. The dude switches between doggie and missionary and finally gives her a final tit fuck. This is the BEST cum-finish in the whole movie. He drowns her face and tits with lots of white man-juice. This scene goes down in history!

Scene 4 "Sierra"
Rating: 10/10

After such a sexy scene as the last, this scene has a lot to compete against. Thankfully Score knew what worked in the last scene (hot girl, good action, perfect picture quality, and a contrast of color) and applied that to this scene as well.

Sierra is one hot lady. She starts the scene in a sexy red dress that just reminds me of passion! She strips and puts on a pink costume thing and dances around in front of the guy. He looks so horny! Oh let the poor man have some action! At this stage my dick was in agony. The scene just *made* me want to stroke right away. She goes over to him for some tit play. Lots or rubbing and sucking. I liked the fact each one of her tits is bigger than the guys head (not his dick head silly!). Next comes a zesty blowjob which I fell in love with. She moans and groans over that white mean. He then sticks his meat between Boogie-Heaven and gives a wonderful tit fuck. Thankfully the camera performed well in this tricky scene. It had a slight overhead view which allows us to see the cock going in-and-out as Sierra licks the head and smiles. Next comes some sexy RC (her pussy is SO pink inside, a lovely contrast against her sexy black skin). After a few minutes of this comes some cowgirl. I love this position because we can see her ass wiggle and tits jiggle at the same time! The scene ends after the guy fucks her doggie and spills his seed ALL OVER her tits and face. A very good cum-finish. The cum gets between her boobs and she plays with it. A perfect scene in all aspects: sex quality, sound, and video.

Now besides the movie we have two options on the DVD that will be of interest to us. The first is the extra footage which is actually the same scene 4. But don't be fooled: it looks like a totally different movie because all the camera angles are different and new. At first when I realized it was the same I got worried this was some cheap trick by Score. Not the case! Although it would have been nice to have a different girl, at least Score used a hot girl like Sierra!

The next little extra is a slideshow. Nothing truly amazing about this. The pictures are good at least!

FINAL COMMENTS: This is a perfect DVD. It stands along with the greatest things on my bookshelf: everything from War and Peace to Hamlet. This movie is near perfection. The only flaws is that there is only 4 (lovely, sexy, cum-spewing) scenes. I wish there was more. But for these 4 scene you can't be saddened! The audio and video is always perfect (except for an airplane at the end of scene 2). Do yourself a favor and buy this video!

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