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Black Rayne

Black Rayne

Studio: Sex Z Pictures
Category:  All Sex , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Black Rayne:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Black Rayne overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Black Rayne Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Black Rayne Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Black Rayne Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Black Rayne Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Black Rayne DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Rayne A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/2/2009
Hello fellow porn fans, time to check out a new Eli Cross show and it focuses on Amber Rayne, ADT's resident Hockey fan and quite an energetic porn performer from what I've seen. Well we get to see her pushed here like only Eli Cross can envision and I'm sure Amber had a few helpful suggestions too, she's got such a naughty mind and she's not alone in this endeavor enlisting some hotties like Marie Luv, Jada Fire and Trina Michaels just to name a few. So if you're ready for hardcore action I say read on because there should be hot stuff a happenin any minute!

Amber Rayne:

We open with a couple fellas lounging around when Amber comes walking in all confident and ready for action. She's dressed for success meaning not wearing to much and the guys get a few good looks at Amber as she teases them, losing her top and finally engulfing some cock. Amber attacks the cock like she's not had one for at least one day, lol. Amber is good too working in the dirty talk, the guys pipe in too but really Amber leads the way here when she's not face fucking herself with their long schlongs. This is your basic balls to the wall full on fuck scene, no frills just peel your ears back and have at it!! The guys say she's nasty several times and I'd say that's an apt description for Amber if you want to boil it down to the essential. Amber is good taking anal too and the guys get louder and louder too in the scene as it goes on, Amber less so speaking, more so with her body energy/ language. Some good dp action too for Amber here who ends up taking one good facial pop and the second's an anal creampie which is farted out, some of it, into a bowl and she licks at it before they fade out.

Amber solo:

We have a little in between scenes solo fun with Miss Rayne who opens on top of a stool. She's already got a butt plug toy in her ass and does some fingering to her coochie too as she peels those bottoms off giving us a full on view of her pussy/ ass-- spreading those legs as wide as the Grand Canyon. Amber does get that ass to gape some and then she uses a bigger toy on her ass which will only further that butt expansion. Miss Rayne also utilizes a hitachi wand-- if you've seen one it's white and looks like a microphone with a giant head attached at the top!

Marie Luv & Kapri Styles with Amber:

Ok we're giving Amber a break for now, will she interject herself in this scene, not sure but it opens with Marie and Kapri each taking on a big black cock and giving some strong head. The girls also lose their clothes so we see their sexy bods and each is blessed with really really fine asses. The head continues as well and I do like a good long blowjob and we get two here so even better. Well I was right and Amber does eventually get in the scene and goes right to sucking cock alongside Kapri and Marie who've each set a strong tone with their oral prowess. How would you like Amber Rayne and Marie Luv sharing your tool, me thinks you'd enjoy it quite a lot. Kapri and her man soon make their way over to this trio so it's pretty much an orgy now! Amber starts ringing out with the dirty talk. Nothing like a good ass licking and we have Amber showing Kapri's backside some luv while next to them we have Marie's fine ass being equally shown off in cowgirl while also sucking cock so lots of action here to see and you're not missing much with the good broad view given. You get face sitting along with anal sex, toy stimulation and oh yeah Marie Luve tonguing Amber's pussy/ ass with a beautiful closeup!! Those girls are having fun while Kapri's getting dp'd, Amber then gets her own dp while Kapri/ Marie get busy with each other. We end with Marie and Amber taking the loads, swapping into Kapri's mouth and then the ladies all get close for the cum kissing to close it out.

Amber with Eli Cross & Kylie Ireland:

Ok seems it's time to have a little bondage fun with Miss Rayne and who better to guide her through such a scene than Eli to start and then Kylie comes in not long after we begin the scene. You have Amber tied at the wrists and lower legs to a big device which looks like a Giant X, you have nipple clamps used on both her tits and then pussy lips-- such sweet pain I gather for Amber, never tried one myself! Kylie's got a riding crop too that she uses for a few love taps to Amber's flesh. Eli then starts slapping her face, telling Amber to look down and she refuses for a bit prompting several more slaps and Kylie offers to take over if Eli gets tired but eventually Amber does look down. Ok there are what look like clothes pins used to also pinch all over Amber's body and she's wearing a big collar too I should add. We work in some candle wax too for good measure and you have Eli calling out pysch at one point and ripping all those pins away from her body at once, Amber rings out with a scream which I'm sure was sheer pleasure/ pain for her.

This scene is totally for the bondage fans and the pain/ pleasure effectiveness I imagine was quite high and I'm sure those fans will enjoy this. We eventually get Amber off the big X device, suspended in mid air and she's perfectly positioned for a strap on wielding Kylie to come in and fuck the shit out of her. Lots of hard anal and plenty of dirty talk both from Kylie and Amber here. We then turn out sites on Kylie and her pussy, Amber's down in front as we see a wet juicy orgasm worked out which our girl dutifully licks up, slurps might be a better term! Eli then gets back involved, black gloved hand, and does some serious fingering to Kylie's ass, she's using a hitachi wand too so there's another juicy climax which Amber relishes licking up. This was interesting to watch, not entirely my cup of tea but I appreciated the obvious effort given by everyone which also required some trust as well, referencing the nipple, pussy clamps used earlier. It paid off with a good bondage scene I think.

Amber with Jada Fire & Monique:

We open here with Amber sitting back and watching the two lovely black women have fun, Monqiue sucking on those juicy titties, Amber fingers herself and soon joins in caressing those fun bags, then she has fun slapping at Jada's ass, Monique's still enjoying those boobs! Well we soon get Amber and Monique nekkid too, more boob sucking, joint coochie licking then on Jada with Amber darting back to lick Monique's ass-- good times! The girls then move Monique into focus doing some good pussy licking/ fingering to her before we move on to the ladies tag teaming Amber's pussy, everyone gets pleasured here at SexZ pictures! The ladies then add in toys, some butt play and more pussy fingering which we get fine close in shots for, dirty talk too from Amber. This trio of ladies has some fun here with lots of good pussy and ass play both with tongues and then fingers and other devices such as dildo's and anal beads! Not bad ladies!

Amber & Trina Michaels:

We get one more chance to enjoy the lovely Miss Rayne and she's got company with three eligible men and the awesome busty Trina Michaels-- those three join Amber who is already on the bed, she likes to get right to it. The girls do some kissy kissy time, the guys get in close as we get some good face burying in the boobs from Amber while the guys caressing and lick at Amber's ass. Our girls then get to face fuck taking on those long cocks, sex gets going too and the head is of course quite aggressive as you'll see with Amber. Not to be outdone when the shot focuses on Trina we find her to be quite the forceful knob polisher too. They keep everyone pretty close together so you're getting lots to see without having to look to far. Try this, Amber being fucked, Trina being fucked but then moving her pussy over Amber's face so she's getting cock and pussy in her pretty mug. The girls are fucked pretty good, the guys are good with the switching, there's anal and finally the ladies take good facial pops doing some swapping, cum kissing to get us across the finish line!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was most certainly a showcase for the lovely Amber Rayne, if you're at all a fan of hers this is a title you should quickly add to your collection. I enjoyed the post scene interviews too that Eli conducted with Amber and in the finale we add in Trina too as the girls give their thoughts on what they just went through. The action's hardcore for each scene, no doubt about it but there's also no doubt that Amber and her costars were down with it and rose up to the challenge each and every time. Now for extras here you get some trailers, there are pictures and yes some BTS which lasts around 22 minutes so have a look see if you're interested. Again for fans of Amber this is definitely a must see, she kicks ass here.

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