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Black Pipe Layers 3

Black Pipe Layers 3

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Black Pipe Layers 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Black Pipe Layers 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Black Pipe Layers 3 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Black Pipe Layers 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Black Pipe Layers 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Black Pipe Layers 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black Pipe Layers 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Pipe Layers 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  10/3/2004
Black Pipe Layers #3
2004, 2 hours
Evil Angel and Justin Slayer Productions
Directed by Justin Slayer
Starring Brooke Katrina Kraven, Chiquita Lopez, Jordan, Lucy

The Knowledge:

When I see the words “Black Pipe Layers“ one word comes to mind: destruction. One of these guys fucking an innocent girl is bad enough but when you add one or two more to the mix, you start to wonder if the female is going to make it out of the scene walking…or even alive. Once a naked girl submits to the BPL Posse, they’re like a pack of wild dogs fighting over a single bone. With his Black Pipe Layers line Justin shows the world that “Ain‘t No Fun (If My Homies Can‘t Have None)” is more than just a song -- for him, it‘s a way of life. In Black Pipe Layers 3 the relentless gangbang onslaught continues and even if you‘re not a fan of the victims, you have got to admire how the predators stalk (and fuck senseless) their prey.

The Action:

Katrina Kraven

Justin Slayer just permanently put himself in my good book. My desktop wallpaper, my avatar at ADT’s own message board…the Love of My Life, Katrina Kraven is starting this movie off with a serious bang. After a short segment of her showing off her big wet ass in the shower, we next see her fully dressed in a red mesh top, black bra and a matching pair of red shorts that even Daisy Duke would be too self-conscious to wear in public. Kraven stands in the mirror and admires herself and then the camera follows her, steadily trained on her backside, as she wanders the house, strutting her stuff and working a nearby pole. If you like Kraven‘s ass, you get to see plenty of it here; roughly 8-10 minutes or so.

Katrina‘s then thrown to the wolves in the form of Justin himself and two of his pipe laying buddies, Boz and Shocka. Almost instantly, Katrina‘s bent over with one cock in her mouth and another in her pussy doggie. The crew moves Katrina to a sofa next where, to quote Dave Chappelle, she looks like a chicken on a rotisserie spit with Shocka pounding his dick into her mouth from overhead while Boz bones her high-speed missionary. Katrina‘s super-nasty, taking on all comers, in any and all positions with energy to burn. She gets her snatch worked over doggie and cowgirl by each Pipe Layer individually while steadily keeping the others happy with her mouth and hands. After warming up her ass with a few fingers, Justin and Boz DP Katrina cowgirl and reverse cowgirl while Shocka puts his cock in her mouth to lock her in airtight. When the action moves to the floor it gets real crazy. The boys go back to slamming Katrina‘s pussy, which she absolutely loves if her body language and facial expressions are any indication. The best of this scene was, unfortunately, excised but included in the behind the scenes feature, where Boz and Shocka have Kraven locked into a pretzel-like position I can‘t even begin to describe and fuck the absolute shit out of her twat and throat. It has to be seen to be believed, trust me. Justin is first to bust off right onto her tongue and the others follow in succession. Katrina herself was super-satisfied (as always…doesn’t she look her best after she’s been fucked damn near to sleep, all sweaty and worn out?) by scene‘s end, lying on the floor dizzy, exhausted and fucked REALLY, REALLY good. Not the best I‘ve seen Katrina perform but probably the best I‘ve seen male talent put her through the paces. Katrina, though, felt like the Washington Wizards version of Jordan here, like she had lost a step. Or are the Pipe Layers just that overpowering and neutralized her usual unbridled lust? *** ½

Chiquita Lopez

Chiquita‘s a cute, barely-legal looking little light-skinned latina with the perkiest and pink big-nippled little tits I‘ve seen in a while. Seriously, if you didn’t watch yourself when you unleashed them, you could put an eye out. Had Simone never been born, I‘d imagine Lopez would be one of my favorite latinas right now. Outside, Chiquita shows off her panocha (sp?) or pussy to Justin. She sits on a park bench, lifts her form-fitting black skirt to show off her ass and pulls down the straps to fondle her tits. This brings out Boz to give his buddy Justin a hand. Chiquita drops to her knees and tries her best to accommodate both of these black elephant cocks with her tiny mouth. She looks especially intimidated by the meat that Boz is packing (“It‘s so big!”). While she blows Boz, Slayer tongues her pussy from underneath. After it‘s good and wet, Chiquita nestles herself down on his rod reverse cowgirl while continuing to suck and stroke Boz.

The guys decide to move the party indoors, where they lie Chiquita out mish on a sofa, Slayer long-dicking her pussy as Boz drops his dick in her mouth. Color me surprised when Chiquita takes both boys on anal doggie with nary a blink. I was NOT expecting that. She just didn‘t look the type, if that makes any sense. But here she is, two pipe layers balls deep in her bung and getting fucked HARD. These newbies today don‘t waste anytime throwing their hats into the anal arena, do they? Chiquita takes it in the ass missionary and reverse cowgirl, making sure to repeatedly call the guys “Papi” a few times so we don’t forget her ethnicity. While Boz fills up her ass reverse cowgirl, Justin comes over to DP her and they absolutely fucking RAIL her. See, this is the frenzied, out-of-control, wild man fucking that I‘m talking about. These guys are vultures, systematically picking apart some road kill here. Lopez, meanwhile, DP‘d cowgirl as well, looks as if she‘s literally about to tear apart at the seams. Flipped back over for more missionary, Chiquita opens her mouth to accept Boz‘s load while Justin creampies her pussy. Well. Another unexpected turn from this rookie. Impressive. **½


When I look at Jordan I can immediately see what brought Justin to Evil Angel’s and more specifically to John Stagliano’s attention: he has an uncanny eye for asses and knows just how to shoot‘em. Jordan looks a little long in the tooth compared to the vast majority of gonzo gals today but her ass is unreal. After a bit of interview, Justin takes the giggly, smiling Jordan inside where Boz and Shocka lie in wait to wipe that grin right off of her pretty face. Like guerillas (not gorillas) hiding out in the jungle, they bombard her with black bones from every angle. With mouthfuls and handfuls of dick, Jordan has her pierced pink pussy pumped mish by everyone before they flip her over doggie and warmup her ass a little. After a brief bit of doggie, the BPL‘s go back to fucking Jordan mish and then an airtight cowgirl DP. Jordan probably looks her best when she‘s on her knees doggie, legs spread apart wide, ass high in the air with two dicks in her hands while Boz splits her cheeks like a lumberjack chopping a block of wood. Justin fires a load inside her pussy doggie and then squeezes it out for the world to see. Shocka and Boz opt to drop their would-be kids off in her mouth onto Jordan‘s tongue. ***


Justin digs in the crates of the Evil Vault for our last scene. He provides the following explanation:

“Yo Sup,

Here’s the story on this scene.
It’s the Very first Black Pipe Layer scene we ever shot.
We wasn’t going to use it, but since J. Monty is no
longer performing scenes, We decided this would
be the best way to showcase the original
BlackPipeLayers at our Rawest!

J. Slayer

Showcase the Pipe Layers? Huh? I appreciate the fact that the guys knew they were destined for big things and other guys can appreciate good male talent because we know with certain guys, the girls we want to see are going to get fucked like we like to see them fucked but please, you are far from being the star of the show much less needing to be “showcased.“ I kid.

B-b-b-b-Unit! The Pipe Layers introduce themselves (as if any straight GUY watching a porno cares) , J. Monty being the quietest and most low-key member of the group and THEN they decide to show us Lucy, who waits in an adjacent room drinking a glass of champagne. She throws her robe to the floor to unveil a gold bikini that houses a decent rack and an ass that any brotha‘d be proud to tap. After dispensing with the formalities and quoting rap songs at random, the BPL crew moves in and surrounds Lucy face with long black tools. Lucy, while in possession of a better than average body, especially her ass, looks like some chick from around the way they picked up. She doesn‘t perform like one, though, taking to her doggie dicking by three black guys like a seasoned veteran of fuck flicks. I could run down a list as long as MY dick of girls who don‘t show half the spunk and enthusiasm Lucy is showing here. Lucy looks her best when you can‘t see her average face but rather her huge meaty ass bouncing up and down on Slayer reverse cowgirl while she blows Monty and Boz. That booty appears just as delicious looking when Monty pulls that bikini thong to one side and deep-dicks her doggie. I don‘t know where they found Lucy, but does she have a sister? Cowgirl isn‘t the most flattering position for Lucy, however, where we get to see not only her huge ass but just how dimpled and cottage cheesy it is. No matter, the boys still DP it airtight, Lucy wailing like a banshee as much as she can with a prick in her mouth. In reverse cowgirl anal with Just we can see that Lucy has quite a good looking set of all-natural knockers before she‘s DP‘d airtight again. I guess technically that could be considered a TP (triple-penetrated: ass, pussy, mouth) but I wouldn‘t want anyone to think I was talking about toilet paper. The Pipe Layers then fuck Lucy individually missionary, one cumming on her stomach, the other internally and the last in her mouth. Not at all bad for some chick just from around the way. ***½


Justin Slayer and crew hook us up with the Phatty Fetishes menu which includes tease, blowjobs, anal, double penetrations and cumshots. For Phatty Features we get a twenty-minute Behind the Scenes featurette, trailers for Phatty Girls 2 & 4, BOZ, Black Pipe Layers, Freshly Slayed and Slayer Unleashed 3, Fortune Cookies, photo gallery, bibliographies, cast list and website info.


For a cast of little-to-unknowns (excluding my baby, Katrina) and having only four scenes this title was just as enjoyable as the last Slayer title I reviewed, Phatty Girls 4. The action was hot and well-captured with the perfect blend of tease segments and straight-up hardcore fucking with every girl doing anal, something that was sorely lacking from Phatty Girls. I can‘t give any of the girls a nod over any others as they were all equally fun to watch. A shame Katrina didn‘t bring her A-game, “A“ standing for aggressive as she was much more submissive here, letting the Pipe Layers be the aggressors instead. I‘d be up for seeing a return engagement with the diminutive Chiquita and Jordan‘s ass. Yes, you can leave the rest of her at home if you have to but please, please, please visit that ass again. And like this entire movie, the Pipe Layer’s very first conquest, Lucy exceeded my expectations. Say what you want about their egos and their steelo but Justin, Boz, Shocka and J. Monty ARE the stars of this flick and it is their talents that turn these potential lemons into lemonade. Fans of hard and fast fuck fests with multiple guys destroying one girl would do well to pick this one up. Nobody stretches women like the Pipe Layers. Nobody.

Crucifixio Jones

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