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Black Pipe Layers 1 (Exquisite)

Black Pipe Layers 1 (Exquisite)

Studio: Exquisite
Category:  All Sex , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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The Pocketcomb Pimp's ratings for Black Pipe Layers 1 (Exquisite):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Black Pipe Layers 1 (Exquisite) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Black Pipe Layers 1 (Exquisite) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Black Pipe Layers 1 (Exquisite) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Black Pipe Layers 1 (Exquisite) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Black Pipe Layers 1 (Exquisite) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black Pipe Layers 1 (Exquisite) DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Black Pipe Layers 1 (Exquisite) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by The Pocketcomb Pimp  on  8/30/2003

Today I got my copy of “Justin Slayer’s Black Pipe Layers.” After seeing “Slayer Unleashed” I just knew this film would rock my block! The girls on the DVD cover were fresh and sexy as all hell. I’d seen the trailer, and it appeared that J-Slay and his band of merry men would once again rob from the rich and give to the poor. Unfortunately, I was left feeling like Oliver Twist (Please Sir, can I have more…)

The movie started with great promise. Three guys walking through a dark tunnel, it was reminiscent of the Pennsylvania Miners Story. I thought Justin was trying to tell me that he had spent days underground, but now he was free to lay all the black pipe necessary irrigate a small nation. The tag line for this film was 32 inches of cock per second. No doubt these brothas was packin, and I have to applaud all of them for limiting there combined length to 10.67 inches per. I recently saw Tony 18 inch, and that ain’t nothing but fraud!

The first girl was Melissa

She had a cute figure and quickly showed off her flexibility. She took on Justin, wearing his trademark boots and glasses. The disturbing part was the dynamic duo that followed. A brotha in black shoes and dress socks, and a brotha with a doo rag, sneakers, and black socks. He looked straight out of that 70’s prison film classic, “The Jericho Mile.”

The action started slow, but picked up. About half way through the scene the girl told one of The Layers “Don’t go too deep. That’s too much for my ass.” His response, that’s what you get when you fuck with us. Finally, somebody else had seen how J-Boogie got down in Unleashed, and was bringin the magic back to my TV. They DP’d that girl like they was looking for something deep behind her belly button. These nucka’s pile drove her like they was looking for Texas Tea, oil that is. Right about the time it looked like she was gonna deliver a gusher, she looked at the camera, and for a brief minute I swore she looked like Anna Nicole Smith of old. At that instance, I remembered that Anna had married that Texas oil Billionaire, and wondered if Justin was telling me that you can’t get to those billions until you lay those pipes first. Right about then Justin and crew put some Oreo© lovin on this girl. One hugged her from the front while another came in from the back, and asked that age old question while he rootered her colon. “Is dat yo azz?” This boy looked about 5’5” a buck forty five, but he had a dick like a salami, and he was serving summer sausage. Finally, these boys brought the heat, and the scene ended with this girl face down and away from the camera. There is no way she could ever hold her head high in her country again. It’s a disgrace how these boys used her. Her ass looked like an empty tube of toothpaste, and J-Boogie and boys were the “Cavity Creeps”

Next up, Sarah O’Neil.

She by far was my favorite from the box cover. She looked so good plus, I’m a sucker for thigh highs and stockings. She was on a bed smoking when your local 69 Black Pipe Layer came to service her drain. Once again, the scene started slow, and I just wished one of the boys got up the nerve to put it in her booty. Didn’t look like it was gonna happen this time, so I got up fro a soda. No sooner than I could grab a fruit juicy Hawaiian Punch © from the fridge, I heard that oh to familiar moan that only comes from a woman having her pooper popped. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. These fellas had more dick than Van Dyke! They put the dang down flipped it and reversed it! Right about the time I rubbed one out it appeared the scene was over, when faintly from the background you heard one of the Layers say “It ain’t over.” I thought to myself who said that? This girl couldn’t even stand up! She had to lean on Justin just to get back to the bed. Did I mention that deez fools were stroking her so hard that they bounced her Hungarian ass off the bed? Another slow starter, but a strong finish, and another victory for the U.S. of A.

Sabina Black

She was the third scene in this JSP title. If J would have had an Orangutang for this scene it could have been called “Every which way but loose II” Old girl should change her name to “Al Queda”, Jam Master J and the boys brought the Weapons of Ass destruction. All I know is that girl should change her address to New York City, cause they left her lookin like ground zero!

The final scene by far was my favorite! It had three euro’s females by the name of Hanna, Lucy, and Christy

This scene is where you finally get your money’s worth! It starts in a bowling alley, and these girls put a whole knew spin on the 7-10 split! This is the scene that will have George Bush and Dick Chenny mad at the black pipe layers. First O.J. Simpson and Jim Brown stole the game of Football. Pele kicked his way through white women and the game of soccer worldwide. Jackie Robinson and the entire Negro League stroked they way into the history of Baseball. Wilt the Stilt, and Bill Russell slam dunked there way to Championship glory, and most recently Tiger Woods set par for a new set of holes! Now Justin Slayers Black Pipe Layers have clean jerked the sport of Bowling away from the white man forever. I bet Fred and Barney are mad as hell.

This scene was so good. Finally, the one on one heat that made Unleashed a hit was right here in digital sound. These girls looked so good, and they moaned and groaned like they was fucking for the love of the game. Every time a Black Pipe Layer would leave a pin standing, another would come in and pick up the spare. This scene is a must see! All I know is after it was over somebody should have presented the team with a trophy.

No doubt there was more than one valley in this film, but the peaks made it all worth wild. If you like gangbang films, you should love this, and the final scene will satisfy your one on one needs. Justin attempts to satisfy all his fans with this film, and that’s pretty much impossible, but it’s that type of initiative that will take him to the top. The extras still need a lot of work, but the sex is better than most. You can’t lay pipe without getting dirty, so keep the Jergens close by and enjoy the fresh talent.

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