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Black Pipe Layers 1 (Evil Angel)

Black Pipe Layers 1 (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Black Pipe Layers 1 (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Black Pipe Layers 1 (Evil Angel) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Black Pipe Layers 1 (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Black Pipe Layers 1 (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Black Pipe Layers 1 (Evil Angel) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Black Pipe Layers 1 (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black Pipe Layers 1 (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Pipe Layers 1 (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  2/24/2008
Black Pipe Layers (2003)
Themes: Interracial, Anal, Rough Sex, Gangbang
Starring: Melissa, Sarah O’Neal, Sabina Black, Jenna Red (credited as Lucy Lee), Christy, Hannah, Justin Slayer, Boz & J. Monty
Produced and directed by: Justin Slayer

I am an advocate for interracial sexuality, in reality and in the porn industry. Justin Slayer will always have my support and I appreciate the fact that he is the first black male director for Evil Angel; the greatest porn company in the world! The first flick I saw from him was “Black Pipe Layers 3” and when I saw it, I was like “These n**gas are crazy!” His sexuality is out of control and his Black Pipe Layers crew is just as bad as he is! I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t compromise who he is for a certain fan base. I mean, he’s not ghetto and annoying like Wesley Pipes, but he’s not too polished like Lexington Steele and Sean Michaels, either. This may or may not be a good thing, but I appreciate it. Personally, I have always supported Belladonna and of course John “Buttman” Stagliano. And now, Justin Slayer has been added to that list. Justin Slayer’s greatest series happen to be “Black Pipe Layers”, “Mami Culo Grande” & the “Big Booty White Girls” series. When I picked up this flick, I knew that this one would be as hype as “Black Pipe Layers 3”. Now, although I hate gangbangs, there’s no more than 3 guys to one female. However, some people would consider that a “gangbang”. But, don’t expect another “Gangland” kind of flick, thank goodness!

This flick, as well as the rest of the series, is absolutely not for everybody. Bill Cosby would have a fit if he saw this video and we, as a whole, probably wouldn’t hear the end of that shit. Certain people would say this is everything wrong with black men today. Although I could care less about any of that bullshit, again, we wouldn’t hear the end of it. Some black men would say this video makes black men look bad, black women would find another excuse to hate black men that much more and certain white parents would arrange to have padlocks and chastity belts around their daughters pussies and butt holes, out of fear that they would be aroused by big, black dicks attached to virile black men. This is the kind of sex that Hollywood would even find shameful, if “Baby Boy” wasn’t bad enough, according to them. No disrespect to Britney Spears (with her fine-ass), but maybe this is what Britney Spears need to reclaim her sanity, especially after getting pumped full of stupidity from K-Fed! [LMFAO] Anyway…

There are four scenes in this flick and three of them are flawless victories while one of them was a “skip-through” scene. The sex in “Black Pipe Layers” (as well as the rest of the series) is very raw, nasty, energetic and relentless. Most of the sex is also very rough and rough to the point to where some of these white girls are driven to tears by these hypersexual muthafuckers! It is absolutely rare to see a chick who doesn’t get punched in her ass, as well as her other orifices in this series. The first scene stars Melissa (you may also find her in “Rocco: Animal Trainer 15”). She does some body-stretching before they guys lick all in her ass and pussy. The three men take turns fucking each orifice in her tight-ass little body and they fuck the shit out of her in a variety of positions. This chick Melissa is beautiful, so so flexible and can take some dick like a freaky heroine. Although she can handle the dick, her vocal skills prove otherwise, but don’t let that fool you. She can take all three of these dicks as if it’s her last time being fucked ever. The second scene stars Sarah O’Neal, who is another bomb-ass white female. The scene opens with her smoking on a bed. She can’t speak fluent English at all and can’t understand it. That doesn’t stop her from getting her body intruded in by these Black Pipe Layers. Although these guys can’t go very rough on her, she gets fucked really good.

The final scene happens to be the grand finale; an orgy between the three Black Pipe Layers and three thick White beauties. The scene takes place in a bowling alley. They are all bowling and drinking champagne. The guys make a bet that for each time the women lose, they have to take something off. They lose and apparently suck at bowling, so by the time the clothes come off, the fucking starts. The women seem kinda tipsy from the alcohol they drunk. The sex in this scene is scattered, intense and very freaky. These women are no strangers to dick and can ride it hard and go intense as the clock keep striking. Not all of these women take anal sex and even though that’s the case, that doesn’t mean the sex is weak. This scene happens to be the best orgy scene I have ever seen and I usually hate orgies. This is one orgy that I can watch and become aroused by. The finale is reminiscent to an orgy that you might see in a Rocco flick. Not only does it have chemistry, but the sex is nasty without being all rough (you get to see some of the women’s open butt-cheeks and assholes as they are riding the dicks in cowgirl positions) and there is a bottle of champagne included, because it gets squirted on some of the females and their lower bodies. The three scenes that I have mentioned are all flawless, nasty, energetic and has some of the best “black-on-white” interracial sex you will ever see, and is worthy of a purchase.

This series focuses on hardcore, rough, nasty & dominant interracial sex between black men and white women. You’ll see a lot of hot overall body shots of the women, but you won’t be seeing a lot of booty shots like you would see in a series like “Big Booty White Girls” or “Mami Culo Grande”. This flick doesn’t focus on ass obsession, but instead rough interracial sex, which includes rough anal sex, D.P.s, gangbangs, orgies and white girls being rode to screams and tears of joy and pain! There’s also a lot of talking during sex -- for example, the guys might talk about how good the pussy is while they’re riding her or they may verbally encourage one of the guys to “Take that pussy!” Again, this series is absolutely not for everybody!

The problem I have with this flick is the third scene. The third scene was just an above-average scene starring Sabina Black. She was just nice-looking (not beautiful) and although the three men laid pipe to this woman, I wasn’t thrilled by her, the tease nor the sex. Personally, this is a scene that I can skip through. Let’s just call it a “take it or leave it” scene. This was the only negative in the entire flick!

The a/v quality is excellent and this particular DVD has some bonus footage, film-ographies and a few trailers for other early Slayer flicks. Now, I’ve never seen the EXP DVD and I won’t waste my time doing a comparison of the two DVDs, between this one and the EXP DVD. I’ve heard that DVD has a lot of technical problems. Fortunately, most of Justin Slayer’s older flicks are being distributed by Evil Angel. So, you can see it in it’s greatest glory!

Personally, this is my favorite “Black Pipe Layers” flick in the entire series, with “BPL#3” being my second favorite and “BPL5” coming in third place. Believe me when I say that this flick isn’t shit like “Black Pipe Layers 4”, where you hear these chicks screaming at the top of their lungs and see the guys fucking these women while they’ve got tears pouring from their eyes. You also won’t even see any writing and vandalism on the women’s bodies, saying “Slut 4 Black Cock Only” or no shit like that. If you’re looking for that, please see the third and fourth parts of this series. This one isn’t like that at all, but isn’t too far from it. You feel me? This flick was hype as hell and it’s just as hype as “Belladonna’s Dark Meat” (which I wish I had given 5-stars instead of 4). Unfortunately, Justin said that he won’t be doing anymore “Black Pipe Layers” flicks. This one is intensely recommended.

RATING: 95.0%

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