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Black On White Crime 4

Black On White Crime 4

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Gonzo , Interracial
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Kelly's ratings for Black On White Crime 4:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Black On White Crime 4 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Black On White Crime 4 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Black On White Crime 4 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Black On White Crime 4 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Black On White Crime 4 Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Black On White Crime 4 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black On White Crime 4 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Kelly  on  6/20/2004
Title: Black on White Crime 4
Company: Devils Film
Length: 2 hours and 15 minutes (135 minutes)
Production Date(s): May 24, 2004
Release Date: May 24, 2004
Condoms: None

Director: Mike Metropolis

The Abridged Version: A rather popular porn star was recently quoted as saying that in her opinion all Caucasian women probably fantasize about having sex with a black man at least once in their life. According to her, the only thing that keeps them from acting upon that is the stigma still placed upon such an act by society. So, being a silly-little-girly-man white boy that gives me something unpleasant to think about when I see that far away look in my current girlfriend’s eyes when I am with her. However, in reality I have no clue how accurate that porn star’s assessment of the situation is. It’s hard for me to know since I am not a girl and don’t know what they think. What I do know is that in the realm of adult video black guy on white girl sex is extremely popular right now, probably more so than it ever has been in the history of the industry. So, if that popular porn star was correct with her view than a lot of white girls are getting to live out fantasies right now. One company that has long since specialized in this and is now working its way into being one of the premiere players in the interracial game is Devils Film. The Black on White Crime series is an indication of that. Mixing together scenes with light storylines involving black guys deceiving white girls into fucking them (hence the word “crime” in the title) with straight forward fuck scenes, it has been a very well done series. However, my recent high praise for this company has greatly subsided as of late and titles like Black on White Crime 4 only serve to further that. There is hardly any tease footage in any of the scenes and the camera is far too static. As is noted in the following scene descriptions, often it seems that the females in the cast only exist from the waist down because the camera barely moves away from straight penetration shots. And with this attractive group of ladies the only one who actually rises above this and still delivers a strong scene is Heather Gables. Lauren, Francesca, Jessica, and Madison are all rather forgettable, not in their looks because each one is attractive but in their sexual energy. Surprisingly, for all of the anal sex here, with Madison being the only girl who dodges the big A, the guys can barely produce any cum. Each one of the facials leaves much to be desired.

Scene 1: Lauren Phoenix (cover girl) w/Brian Pumper (37 minutes)

Having recently been named Elegant Angel’s new Buttwoman, it is no surprise that it is Lauren Phoenix’s prime derriere on the cover of this feature. Wearing the exact same outfit that she does on said cover, she wanders into Brian’s room. Apparently, he is her pimp and demanded that she make $1000. She only made $500 and will have to make up the rest somehow. Makes sense that she use her body for this as well. Brian licks her pussy and ass for a bit before fucking her in standing doggy. The camera spends most of its time here looking only at her ass. The odd thing is that I do not personally find Lauren very attractive. She looks like just another blonde porn star to me. However, I don’t know that I have ever realized how magnificent her ass is until now. Director Metropolis does an excellent job of highlighting this, picking sexual positions and camera angles that best serve her biggest asset. So, it looks quite nice when Brian spears her ass in doggy. She has her legs close together here to really stick out that ass. Of course, when they move to sideways missionary I immediately lose interest. It’s only the positions that showcase her ass that I seem to like with this girl. Sideways soon turns to regular missionary anal and the camera switches to a very hot low angle close-up of the penetration. Brian can’t takes no more and has to shoot off in her mouth. Lauren has an amazing backside and Metropolis offers up some quality directing here, but I was not very blown away by her actual performance. It sounded very…porno.

Scene 2: Francesca Sins (tan, short brown hair, cute face, slim body) w/Sledge Hammer and Wesley Pipes (20 minutes)

Francesca simply strips for the camera, which is again positioned looking directly at the ass. She slowly pulls her pink panties down. This tease is short lived because Sledge comes in and fills her mouth with his thick cock in no time. For such a little thing, she can stuff a surprising amount of dick in her mouth. Her ass cheeks shake with each thrust in cowgirl and we know it because all we see is the penetration. We hear her moans but don’t really pan to see her face. If you have read the box then you know that it advertises this as being Francesca’s first DP. So, where in the hell is the other guy? Good question. He just shows up in the middle of the scene and gets a quick blowjob from Francesca. Then he stuffs her ass for a cowgirl DP. It would have been smarter to build up to this more as when it happens it is rather surprising. I hope she at least got some lube or something because there had been absolutely no anal play up until this point. These guys really are not taking it easy on her but she seem to love it. You would not know this is her first DP from watching it. They also DP her in reverse cowgirl before Wesley goes it solo for doggy anal. She obliges Wesley with some gape shots in this last position. Sledge lives up to his track record and unloads a real small load around her mouth. Wesley does the same, though none of his cum reaches her face. It’s basically one small stream out and onto her chest and then see if she can suck anymore out. Even for all the nastiness, this still didn’t feel like that great of a scene.

Scene 3: Heather Gables (cute blonde, slim, natural build, small, cute breasts) w/Dominiko (26 minutes)

Heather is looking to score some Britney tickets. You know. That famous pop star named Britney. I’d say her last name but it is bleeped out in the actual scene when Heather says it so I too will omit it. Dominiko offers her what she wants in exchange for a blowjob. She doesn’t believe he actually has the tickets but still goes home with him. Funny. His home looks exactly like the one all the other scenes from this tape were filmed in. Heather looks fairly appealing in a pink blouse and short jean skirt. In the house, she immediately goes down on his big dick. Ms. Gables really does not look it but she is a nasty, nasty girl. She deep throats Dominiko with utter ease, though it does cause her eye shadow to slightly run. Either they are fucking in cowgirl so hard that the couch is moving across the wooden floor or members of the crew were carelessly moving furniture or equipment off camera. Whatever the reason, there is a bizarre noise that is very distracting during this, making it hard to hear some of Heather’s dirty talk. Yet again the female only appears to exist from the waist down because the camera rarely bothers to move and capture any shots of her face or breasts. It is only when she screams her way through an intense orgasm that the camera pans to her face. This seemed to wake the director up because we get more shots of her face and body from here on out. When we see her ass again it is a bit of a shock because this white girl’s ass cheeks are beat red from Dominiko slapping them so hard. She seems to not only love it but also have demanded it. The dick finds its way up her ass in reverse cowgirl. They do this for a while, with her frequently climbing off for some ass to mouth. She finally loses all of her clothes when they try anal out some more in doggy and sideways missionary. We close with a particularly weak open mouth facial. Due to Heather’s slutty presence, this turns out to be the best scene thus far.

Scene 4: Jessica Sweet (busty blonde, pale white skin, facially think of a plainer yet still appealing version of Brittany Murphy, amazing breasts, double Ds) w/Wesley Pipes (26 minutes)

Wearing a somewhat classy black dress, Jessica strolls into the room to greet her pimp, Wesley. She informs Pipes that her workout schedule interviewed with her monetary intake so she doesn’t have “the money.” The next logical step would be for him to ask to see the fruits of her labor. However, Wesley is still hung up on the money issue. She leans over, displaying her cleavage, and asks, “Come on. How can you resist?” So, at his request she stands in front of him and slowly pulls down the top and pulls up the bottom of her dress allowing for nice shots of her breasts and ass. I still maintain that Jessica has the best natural breasts of any American porn star since Taylor St. Claire. And these puppies are put on magnificent display when she lies on her back and thrusts her chest out as Wesley eats her out. She administers a very wet and fairly energetic blowjob, looking straight at Wesley half the time and straight at the camera the other. His dick is still covered in her saliva when she sits on it in cowgirl. Jessica is usually a very vocal girl but it is not until she finally thrusts down on him to go balls deep halfway through that she gets going. So, she is worked up and riding him fairly hard when they switch to reverse cowgirl. After some doggy style delight, she is ready for anal. Wesley is not very responsive to her needs at first, trying to go balls deep and thrusting too hard in missionary anal. She has to tell him to take it slow a couple of times. We cut and return to her rubbing her own clit and slapping her own pussy as she seems to be really enjoying herself, especially since Wesley is going slower now. His consideration is short lived though. He pretty much forces her to take him balls deep, demanding that she take her hand off his leg because he “got to go that deep.” After some ass to mouth, he jerks off over her mouth. Just when you think he is going to shoot a load she sticks her tongue out to reveal that there is some cum on it and the scene fades out. Poor facial. Though this is a fairly good scene, it is nowhere near up to par with the other stuff I have seen Jessica in. By far, this is the most subdued I have seen her.

Scene 5: Madison (cute, short and slim, all natural, tan, half blonde/half black hair) w/Byron Long and Wesley Pipes (24 minutes)

In a room overlooking the beach, Madison is wearing a simple pair of white see-thru panties while awaiting her black suitors. All ready overdressed for the party, Byron and Wesley drop their pants and present their dicks, which she starts sucking without hesitation. Madison looks great with a black dick in her mouth but the blowjobs are still rather tedious. They get all the stimulation they need rather quickly though. Wesley spears her missionary while Byron fills her mouth. Even with Wesley’s big dick balls deep in her pussy, Madison is still rather reserved. She might really be into it but you cannot tell from her moans or facial expressions. Really, it is Wesley and Byron who makes the most noise, no matter what position the sex is in. Through doggy and cowgirl it is their stupid chants of “you know we’re stretching out that pussy” and “you’re a woman today” that drown out her infrequent moans. This is really too bad because Madison is painfully cute. The guys then take turns cumming in her pussy in missionary. Actually, Wesley cums inside of her and Byron jerks out the tiniest amount of cum onto her pussy lips. As she uses her tongue to clean some errant cum off of her bed sheets, her two gentleman callers grab her purse and tip toe out the door. The only plus side to this scene is the fact that Madison is very nice to look at.

The DVD:This follows the same simple menu format and superb video/audio quality that is true of all current Devils Film releases. Also, the backgrounds are all handled the same, with the left side of the screen filled with a glamour still of one of the girls and the right side filled with a montage of sexual footage from the feature. Unfortunately, also true of most current Devils Film DVDs the extras are a bit slim.
Photo Gallery (5 minutes)-This is actually a slide show. The way in which the pictures are ordered though makes little sense. They slide by in a somewhat backward manner, showing the facial or internal cumshot first and then working their way through all the stills until they reach the glamour stills.
Trailers-Teen Tryout Series, Gangland Series, and White Boy Stomp Series. Also in this section are photo galleries for Teen Tryouts 34, Gangland 42, Ghetto POV, and Black on Black Crime.

Final Thought: This is very workmanlike porn, which means that it is well executed. The lack of any real tease sequences and the over abundance of penetration shots is a deterrent for me. However, it is apparent from the rather consistent nature of the filming that director Mike Metropolis was pretty much aiming for a straightforward sex tape and that is indeed what he delivers. It just happens that such balls to the wall porn does not always do it for me. With the attractive cast assembled here, I thought I would like this a lot more than I actually did. I hesitate to label this as bad or good. Words like okay and decent come to mind. I experience no such hesitation when thinking of the DVD though. I wonder how long it takes Devils Film to start getting with the program and including behind the scene segments, interviews, and bonus footage as most other companies do.

RENT IT or BUY IT: NEITHER. First off, this is quite definitely not a purchase candidate. However, it is NOT an "avoid at all costs" case either. Chances are that you would probably enjoy it as a rental, especially if you are a fan of black guy on white girl action. I just know that I wouldn't personally rent it.

About the Author: A current college student, Kelly began his infatuation with pornography with the likes of late night Skinimax before graduating to hardcore. As such, sometimes storylines go a long way toward his enjoyment but sometimes he just wants to see some hard sex. In either avenue though, girl/girl bored him to tears. He used to operate a fan site dedicated to Taylor St. Claire, who is still to this day his favorite porn star. Right behind her at #2 and #3 in his top 3 girls of all time are Avy Scott and Jennifer Luv. Other favorites include busty women like Zora Banks, Cherry Mirage, Haley Paige, and Devinn Lane and slimmer women like Alyssa Love, Stephanie Swift, August Night, and Kelly Kline. He avoids Max Hardcore, Ed Powers, Vivid, and compilations as much as possible, and eagerly looks forward to releases from Evil Angel, Devils Film, Red Light District, and Platinum X. He generally favors anal scenes and DP scenes with big facials, but is too timid for gangbangs and any such other extremities. His favorite directors are Jonni Darkko, Mike John, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, and Jules Jordan. His favorite porn films of all time include The Fashionistas (2003), Whack Attack 9 (2001), Nice Rack 6, and Service Animals 7 (2002). When reading his "Rent it or Buy It" advice, take into consideration the fact that he almost never buys pornography. He is a habitual renter.

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