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Black Juicy DP Creampies
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Black Juicy DP Creampies

Studio: West Coast Productions
Category:  All Sex , Anal , Cream Pies , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Black Juicy DP Creampies:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Black Juicy DP Creampies overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Black Juicy DP Creampies Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Black Juicy DP Creampies Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Black Juicy DP Creampies Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Black Juicy DP Creampies Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black Juicy DP Creampies DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Juicy DP Creampies A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  9/18/2011

Running Time: 128 min.

Production Date: 12 / 10, 21, 22, 28 / 2010

Director: T.B.

Cast: Aryana Adin, Cocoa, Olivia Winters, Stacie Lane, Jon Q, Prince Yahshua, Rico Strong, and Wesley Pipes

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty average. The audio is pretty clear and well balanced, but the level seems to change a bit throughout the release and I had to adjust my volume a few times. The video is the bigger problem, as it's presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. West Coast seems to release their current movies in anamorphic widescreen, so I'm hoping this was just the end of an era with them moving on to bigger and better things. The camera work is handled smoothly, although you do get to see at least one crew member clearly walking through in the background, and the lighting is also well done.

False Advertising: The boxcover claims there's a behind the scenes featurette among the extras, but I couldn't find it anywhere on the DVD. I'm deducting a half point from the overall score because of it.

The Movie: Black Juicy DP Creampies keeps things pretty simple. Each scene starts out with a black babe talking to the camera, showing off, and often playing with herself before she's joined by two guys who fuck all of her holes as well as cumming inside her to close things out.

Scene 1 – Cocoa, Rico Strong, and Wesley Pipes

Cute bottle blonde black babe Cocoa starts out introducing herself and the upcoming scene before shaving her pussy and playing with herself in a sexy and lacy black and white bra and panties. As she moves on with a fleshy dildo she's discovered by Wesley, who takes over fucking her with the dildo, as Rico happily watches from above and plays with her tits a little. Wesley also warms up her ass with his fingers as Rico plays with her pussy before Cocoa sucks and strokes her way between their cocks. She keeps sucking Rico as she rides Wesley cowgirl style with each of her holes as he runs off at the mouth. Wesley keeps mouthing off as they take turns fucking her ass doggie style and getting sucked. The guys carry Cocoa to a couch to fuck her ass missionary style before kicking things up a notch with a reverse cowgirl double penetration. They also double stuff Cocoa cowgirl style before going back to fucking her ass doggie style. Cocoa continues to give up the ass laying in her side, and the guys even come back to DP her on her side. Finally Wesley pops as he pulls out of Cocoa's ass before an editing cut and Rico pumping her pussy with something that looks kind of like ricotta cheese coming out of her. After another editing cut there appears to be an Elmer's glue like substance around her asshole as well.

Scene 2 – Stacie Lane, Jon Q., and Wesley Pipes

Stacie starts things out in a little pink and black animal print lingerie talking dirty about wanting to get fucked in each of her holes as well as working her pussy over with her fingers and a small vibe. She shows off on a staircase and by a glass wall before warming up her asshole with her fingers and toy before Jon and Wesley appear at a table below her to cheer her on. Stacie comes down to give them a closer look as well as a bit of touch, and soon after is working her hands and mouth between their cocks. The guys take turns fucking her from behind and getting sucked with Jon starting it out before Stacie rides Jon cowgirl style. He can't take much as she stands up a stream of cum follows it back out and falls back on his cock. Wesley has her get right back down to ride him again and they move on to DP Stacie cowgirl style with each of the guys getting a chance to stretch out each of her holes. The guys give her a break and just tap her ass while she sucks the other before teaming back up on her holes for the reverse cowgirl double penetration. They take a little break for Stacie to give up the ass reverse cowgirl style before letting her lay back and have each of her holes fucked missionary style with Stacie getting worked up enough that she lets go with a good squirt. Jon finally nuts in her ass and lets it drip out before Wesley mouths off about cumming in her pussy as the camera focuses on her face with the camera moving down to show a cum-like substance dripping out of her holes after he pulls out.

Scene 3 – Olivia Winters, Prince Yahshua, and Wesley Pipes

Bottle blonde Olivia shows off outside in a sexy black lacy dress along with black panties and a baby blue bra and stockings. She moves inside and continues her show by a staircase before it cuts to a desk with her showing how her ass can take at least three fingers. Olivia plays with her pussy as well and as she shows off Wesley and Prince arrive. They check her out and quickly get to having their knobs gobbled before moving to a couch where Olivia continues to suck Prince as Wesley fucks her pussy as she lays back on the couch. She turns around to let Prince give it to her doggie style as she sucks Wesley before riding Wesley cowgirl style with Prince joining in soon after to give her the DP. They back off to tape her tushy from behind and to get in a little reverse cowgirl anal before teaming up again for the reverse cowgirl DP. They keep going back and forth between fucking her ass alone and double stuffing her with a little pussy fucking mixed in and Olivia putting out some nice oral action without ever clearly taking the ass to mouth. She repeatedly tells Wesley how much she wants his stuff in her ass, and after a quick camera edit he actually appears to pop in her ass as he's cumming as he puts the last few drops on her ass with some chasing him out of her asshole. Prince moves in to give it to her pussy with a limp cock, and although no cum is evident as he pulls out, some does appear after an editing cut or two.

Scene 4 – Aryana Adin, Jon Q., and Prince Yahshua

Aryana starts out the final scene looking plenty sexy in a see through black bra, panties, and fishnets with a garter belt as she shows off on a staircase. She works herself over with her fingers and a large black dildo on a large ottoman at the base of the stairs, and after she moves by a couch the guys join her. Prince and Jon are nicely greeted with a friendly hug and drop down to worship her body as Aryana urges them on, strips down, and plays with herself a little. She sucks Jon while on all fours with Prince admiring her ass and then moving on to fuck her doggie style. The guys take turns as they fuck her missionary style before Stacy gets up to ride Jon cowgirl style as she gives Prince a bit more head. Aryana lays back to let them fuck her ass before they take turns on her holes doggie style, and after a little more missionary work gets on top of Jon for a cowgirl ride. Naturally it doesn't take long for the guys to double stuff her cowgirl style, but she doesn't take it long and quickly gets back to one guy working over her holes as she sucks the other in doggie and missionary. Prince unloads in Aryana's pussy from behind, and after an editing cut pulls out to show some white goo coming out before Jon unloads in her ass. Aryana cumfarts a bit back out as white goo that may or may not be cum drips out of both her holes.

Black Juicy DP Creampies is a good release that could have been a little better. The girls are definitely solid, and give a good mix of black babes who definitely deliver when it comes to taking it up the ass. Aryana was easily the biggest disappointment when it came to the DP aspect of the movie, but other than that it's a great scene with some nice chemistry and a great fuck for each of her holes. Olivia also came up a touch short due to some of her reactions seeming a bit forced, but she did a great job with the DPs and took it in each of her holes like a champ. Cocoa and Stacie also did a great job all around, and Stacie stood out nicely as the other girl in the movie who didn't seem to shy away from the ass to mouth. That said, the editing and cream pie aspect does hold this release back a bit. The editing is a bit choppy, and combined with some questionable looking cream pies casts a bit more doubt on the cream pie aspect in some of the scenes. I highly doubt that Wesley actually came in Stacie's pussy, Prince's pussy pop for Olivia also left me quite doubtful. Black Juicy DP Creampies delivers nicely when it comes to the anal and DP aspect, but the cream pie aspect falls short due to some highly questionable finishes.

The Extras: Trailers are included for six other West Coast Productions releases. The photo gallery lasts almost five minutes. There's also several bonus scenes and websites.

Bonus Scene 1 – Hershey, Taquila, and Rico Strong

The first bonus scene comes from Big Ass Anal Heaven 8. Hershey and Taquila start out showing off their nice big asses by a couch in little plaid outfits with white fishnets respectively before coming together on the couch to check each other out from behind with a little groping and plenty of tongue action as well as stacking themselves up for the camera as Rico arrives to admire them from behind. He tongues his way between them before letting the girls team up on him orally in return. They let Rico chase them into the bedroom with his pants around his ankles before he fucks Taquila from behind as she eats Hershey and watches her work on herself with a small vibe. Hershey takes a turn in the middle doggie style as well before Rico fucks her as they lay on their sides facing each other with Taquila watching and playing with them lightly. Rico moves on to tap Taquila's tushy doggie style and as she lays on her side as well as letting her have a nice taste of her ass before Hershel gets up for the anal cowgirl ride. The girls go back and forth cowgirl and doggie style before Rico shoots a decent load between their asses.

This is an okay scene. I'll readily admit that I'm not a good person to judge this scene as I wasn't at all into either of the girls right from the start. They turn out a nice fuck and seem to be into each other okay, but I just couldn't get into them. The camera work is decent, the chemsitry is good, and they take it up the ass nicely, but I just couldn't get into this scene.

Bonus Scene 2 – Lady Armani, Brian Pumper, Prince Yahshua, and Rico Strong

The second bonus scene comes from Mo & Mo Azz Crackin. As Rico, Brian, and Prince chat on some rocks in the wilderness, Lady Armani tries to get her bearings in a pair of ripped up jean shorts and a red bikini top. She adjusts herself and when she spots the guys she peeks on them while playing with her pussy a little before coming out to give them a bit of a show. It doesn't take long for the guys to come down, and they quickly guide her from the rocks to a nearby patio. She sits on a stool and starts sucking Brian as the other guys get ready and let her spin around on the stool to please them orally. Brian starts fucking her from behind as she kneels on the stool, and they spin her around to fuck her from behind before moving on with a standing cowgirl ride as well as Lady Armani working her way around the guys cowgirl style as they lay back on the patio. They move on to DP her in each of the cowgirls, and finally Lady Armani opens wide and spreads her mouth for the guys to shoot their seed into it.

This scene never quite makes it past the average mark. The opening just seems wrong with the Lady Armani as the horny jungle girl, and there were little touches like that throughout the scene that really held it back for me. The camera stayed tight on Armani through most of the scene, which isn't something I always care for but I also realize that others strongly disagree with me on that. She does a great job taking on the three cocks as well as taking the DPs, especially since the guys seemed to be having some wood problems. There were some noticeably limp cocks in the scene, and if having the lighting change significantly during the pop shot sequence wasn't enough, it also appears that some kind of white cum-like substance was added to her mouth between shots. Lady Armani does a good job taking on the guys, it's just too bad they couldn't keep up with her.

Bonus Scene 3 – Adina Jewel, Nina, Ace, Prince Yahshua, Rico Strong, Slimm Dogg, and Tone Capone

The third bonus scene comes from Mo & Mo Azz Crackin. Cute black babe Adina starts things out in a little pink and black outfit complete with fishnets strutting her way to a green couch where she works herself over with a black dildo and talks about coming out of retirement for one last WCP shoot. She calls sexy little thing Nina in to join her, and Nina quickly starts mixing in some nice oral action for Adina while continuing to work on her with the toy. Adina lets Nina lay back so she can fuck her with the toy as well, and makes sure to stretch out both of Nina's holes with it. Rico arrives none too happy to find the girls working on each other as him and the other guys were hanging out in the bedroom. Adina quickly puts the guys in their place when they get to the bedroom and has them put their money where their mouths are as she starts sucking her way between three guys as Nina takes on two. The guys make sure to mix in a bit of oral for the girls before Adina takes a cock at each end doggie and missionary style while Nina takes them doggie and cowgirl style. It doesn't take Adina long before she's in reverse cowgirl with two guys fucking her pussy at the same time. She mixes in a bit of cowgirl style double pussy pumping as well as a traditional cowgirl style double penetration while Nina takes her time with plenty of pussy fucking before finally taking her DP cowgirl style. Adina finishes off with more nastiness letting the guys cum in her pussy (as well as on each other a bit), while Nina takes her pops on her face plus one in the babymaker.

This is a pretty darn hot scene, as well as an amazing comeback scene for Adina. I'd been plenty impressed with what I'd seen from Adina in the past, and she completely blew me away here. I was afraid I'd be walking a little funny after watching how much cock she took, and the cream pie finish almost always helps things out for me. Nina doesn't come close to keeping up to her, but still does a respectable job taking on plenty of cock. There's so much going on here it almost feels like a mini-gangbang, and with a running time of over forty minutes there's more than enough action to go around. This is an impressive scene.

Condom Usage: None

Final Thoughts: Although I was more than a bit skeptical about some of the cream pies, the DPs are solid, the girls take it up the ass great, and West Coast puts some good effort into the overall DVD by adding not just one, but three bonus scenes to the package that last well over an hour. Cream pie enthusiasts might want to just give this a rental, but DP and anal fans will want to pick it up.

Note to West Coast: Please watch your cover claims a little better. You're putting some obvious care into your product, and including three bonus scenes to fill up the DVD shows you're trying to give them their money's worth. I always hate to penalize a studio putting that kind of care into their product for stupid mistakes like listing an extra that isn't really there.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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