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Black Invasian 2 (Vengeance)

Black Invasian 2 (Vengeance)

Studio: Vengeance XXX
Category:  Asian , Black , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Black Invasian 2 (Vengeance):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Black Invasian 2 (Vengeance) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Black Invasian 2 (Vengeance) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Black Invasian 2 (Vengeance) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Black Invasian 2 (Vengeance) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Black Invasian 2 (Vengeance) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black Invasian 2 (Vengeance) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Invasian 2 (Vengeance) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  8/2/2006
Prologue I was fairly impressed by the first edition of this series and have come back for more hot Asians being stuffed by big black dick. This time out there are several women that are new to me in the persons of Kea Kulani, Yuri, and Jazmine Leih. Envy Mi hasn't been on my radar screen much either, but she's paired with Arcadia Davida, who's a little firecracker. That leaves the intensely beautiful Nyomi Marcela to round out the cast and have me hoping for the best. The guys are all packing, so there's going to be some pussy stretching going on.
Jazmine Leih does some tease in corseted nightwear of red satin and black lace. Her makeup evokes the look of a dragon lady. Her tits, when revealed, are fine and round. She shakes her moneymaker and plunges a red jelly dildo deep into an accommodating snatch. Justin Long, aptly named, walks in on her performance and offers an embarrassed Jazmine the real thing. First, he goes down on her pierced pussy. Lick it before you stick it, my momma always said. It doesn't last long, but Jazmine is rolling her pointed nipples and moaning. She wants the hidden package and fishes it out of his pants. It's a big, thick slab of beef that Jazmine can hardly fit in her mouth, but she works it, as well as continuing to plunge fingers into her wet fuckhole. Not much technique to the oral but Justin is good and hard anyway. He pulls her panties aside and has her mount his face for a last lick before invading her deepest recesses. Off comes the g-string and Jazmine sits on his dick in CG. She gets a little hop to her bounce as the fat pole insinuates itself ever deeper. Squirming and squeezing. Slipping and sliding. Jazmine works the fat cock in every angle she can get it. Her love juice is coating the shaft as she pulls off the corset for full freedom. Justin picks her up for an aerial pounding and lays her back down for mish. Her legs are split wide as he long strokes her happy kitty. Her pussy is creaming as he puts her legs on his shoulders for some super deep probing. Totally at Justin's mercy and loving every deep stroke. Cut to RC and a pronounced caesarian scar is visible, marring an otherwise pleasantly fleshy and round body. Jazmine is hooked on Justin's cock and doesn't want it out of her happy place for even a second. Another cut to doggy, Jazimine's pussy getting creamy again. Standing doggy has Justin getting deeper and harder. The underneath shot shows her titties wobbling with every pounding thrust as Jazmine becomes a cum machine. She gets pulled to her knees to accept Justin's white rain on her tongue and lets it slide out and drip off as she strokes his cock and the scene fades.
This was a pretty hot fuck. There's not much personal chemistry going and Jazmine is verbalizing for the camera, but she's getting plowed pretty well and thoroughly enjoying herself.
Covergirl Nyomi Marcela is dressed in some fantasy gym outfit replete with striped socks and belly baring halter tee. Her underthings are yellow. She sits in a window with a showerhead that she shoves down her panties to wash that sweet snatch. Being a clean girl, Nyomi turns and does her tight ass too. She turns to do her pussy again and gets her hands in there for a good scrub and an orgasmic look on her face. Somehow, her bra has disappeared and a perfect breast is peaking out of her shirt. Nyomi continues to masturbate after turning the water off, then goes off in search of something more substantial. She finds Mr. Marcus (identified as Dick James in the scene menu) asleep on a bed and she steps out of her panties. The bra has magically reappeared under her shirt. Nyomi strokes his shirtless body and digs into his jeans for that big chocolate bar. She wraps her lips around it and takes long, loving pulls on the growing monster. Nyomi keeps things wet and nasty, stroking and pulling him into her mouth. Double fisted pumping with an almost endless supply of saliva. She sits on the fat truncheon and eases it into her honey pot. Hot moaning as she opens for him. Marcus pulls up her bra and latches his lips onto her sweet tit. Nyomi rocks on his cock and loves having her tight snatch so full. Her love juice is coating Marcus and even her off limits pucker is glistening with the fluids. Marcus grinds deep into her happy place and Nyomi is moaning non stop. She puts some effort into pleasing him as well, their communication lines wide open. They trade strokes back and forth, each getting a rise out of each other. Every time Marcus grinds his balls into Nyomi, she emits a grateful groan from a very deep place. The extended CG has Nyomi cumming copiously, and when she hops off for P2M, there's some serious flayva for the hot beauty. They move to RC, Nyomi's body showing a sweaty sheen, her nipples like eraser tips. Marcus pounds from underneath and Nyomi seems to explode in orgasm. When she takes over the ride, it's Marcus that's groaning. Her undulating body is just a thing of beauty. She grinds and swirls, bobs and slides. The bra finally gets whipped off for good and Marcus grabs the headlights. They roll into spoon and the genuine affection these two have for each other spills over into some hot kissing. The pace slows as exhaustion seems to set in, but the insistent stroking brings Nyomi back to life. Doggy with Nyomi splayed out over the bed, her ass cheeks red from spanking. Marcus rides her hard, then lets Nyomi rock his cock. More good loving as they suck face between the hard pounds. P2M, deep and wet. Nyomi lays back for mish and must be wondering if she has any more cum to give. Marcus digs in deep and Nyomi has a really big orgasm, her body just taking over and Marcus finishing her off. They know it's his turn as he pulls out, cumming before he reaches her face and spraying Nyomi's hair with a long shot. The rest gets to her mouth and she gives him some cum filled PCH for some ending nastiness.
This scene truly makes me feel like a voyeur. It's like peeking into a window of two lovers. There's more than just chemistry here. Nyomi and Marcus are no strangers to each other and the feeling they transmit is pronounced. The fucking was beautiful and deeply satisfying. Everything captured beautifully.
Envy Mi is diddling herself on a couch and talking to someone at the other hand. The other person happens to be Arcadia Davida, who is also masturbating. Arcadia crawls over and sticks her tongue in Envy's slit, then sitting on her face for her own pleasure. Nathan Threat walks in on this and munches on Envy's unoccupied muffin. He has enough meat for the both of them and they rush to unpack the beef. Envy takes him down her throat and passes him off to Arcadia. They work well as a team keeping their mouths and hands busy on his shaft and balls. Arcadia gets first ride in CG as Envy helps seat the cock. She tongues her friend's well used sphincter and sucks the hot pussy juices from Nathan's dick. Finger popping Arcadia's rectum really puts her in the zone and she insists on a taste of her own ass. More fingers, too. Cut to Arcadia in RC and Envy plants the cock into her tight little ass. Arcadia's tits come alive with the rectal reaming and Envy sticks some fingers into the vacant pussy. Arcadia is overcome with orgasm, Envy lapping at her wet pussy as she lays back, Nathan continuing to jab away at her ass. Envy dons a red strap-on and mounts the welcoming Arcadia for a full on DP. The dual pistoning has Arcadia in an almost non stop orgasm. Cut to RCA on the dildo, Nathan finally jamming himself into Envy's pussy in mish. It's a lovely lewd sight watching both these hot women getting serviced simultaneously. Cut to spoon with Arcadia, Envy sitting on her face. Arcadia has another orgasm as she tries to lap at Envy. Nathan is about to explode and the girls scramble to get there for him. Envy takes his libation on her tongue and slides it into Arcadia's mouth. They team up on his cock once more and end the scene sharing a kiss.
Another very strong scene, and the first touch of anything really extreme. Envy turns out to be little more than a hot helper and Arcadia provides some open ass.
Kea Kulani is dressed like a checker cab. She's round and fleshy like Jazmine in the first scene, and does a similar tease ending in some dildo penetration as Jean Claude Batiste enters. He tongues her bald snatch and pronounced clit. Kea can't wait to return the favor, and as soon as his cock is waving in her face, she hunkers down to mouth it enthusiastically. Her eyes are on Jean Claude as she hardens him for the task ahead. He pulls her bottoms off and mounts Kea on his cock for some mid-air fucking to start things off. She's off to the amusement park as she rocks on her ride. Jean lays Kea onto a couch and licks out her already juicy hole. He smacks her fat pussy lips with his rock hard cock and enters the cream factory. It doesn't take long before Jean is eating at the "Y" again, then he gets serious with some mish fucking. Long, deep, insistent stroking makes Kea whimper happily. Cut to standing doggy with some very hard pounding. Kneeling doggy follows with a little spanking. Jean Claude is really swinging his hips into the stroke and Kea looks to be perpetually on edge. Cut to mish over the arm of the couch. Kea actually gets confused about whether she's cumming or going. After a little more fucking, it's Jean Claude who's cumming. With Kea massaging his nuts, he shoots across her body, streaking a tit and pooling on her abdomen. Kea gives some PCH and plays with her body to the fade.
Probably the shortest scene of the video, it had some of the hardest fucking. Jean Claude nailed her with intensity and provided the best cumload of the show.
Yuri is decked out in baby blue lingerie, her white breast revealed, seemingly capped with Hershey's kisses. She's sitting on the floor, playing in her honeyhole, then plunging a clear jelly dildo deep. Justin Long is back for more, watching this horny Asian get herself ready for his impressive appendage. She crawls over to him and pulls the big black fuck stick out. Yuri can't get much in her mouth but she licks the shaft lovingly, trying to make it slick and hard. She perches on a chair with panties around her thighs and Justin fucks her in doggy. She takes him balls deep and fairly hard, a look of consternation knitting her brow. Mish on the chair, deep and slow for a good cervix massage. Yuri's pussy is creaming nicely, Justin peeling her legs back and invading her womb. Some kissing as the chemistry heightens, then a cut to CG with Yuri doing a little dance on his cock. She works him in nicely as her body starts to tremble from the deep penetration. Cut to spoon, then an RC mount. She's impaling herself on the giant cock and speaking in tongues as the size overwhelms her. Justin stands over her and spanks his load over Yuri's face. She sucks every drop she can out of the black hose and rubs the seed into her face and body. Once Justin had her opened up, Yuri took charge of her pleasure and used him. Another short, but impressive scene.
Epilogue Without a lot of star power compared to his first outing, Mario Rossi manages to exceed any expectations I may have had going in. There was some good fucking going on here. No passivity on the part of the women, and the men, a couple of whom have never impressed me before, held up their end admirably. Orgasms abounded, and natural lubrication was perpetually evident. While the mathematical centerpiece of this video was the Arcadia/Envy Mi scene, the real jewel, and reason for repeated viewing, would be Nyomi and Marcus. Ms. Marcela is constantly being compared to her super ass whore sister and given short shrift by critics. I think she generates a great deal of intensity under normal circumstances, and her scenes with Marcus have gone off the charts. Little sister no more. Nyomi Marcela is a star. I have to believe that the director is at least partially responsible for creating an atmosphere where a woman's pleasure is the goal. No violence or degradation of any kind to be found here. A breath of fresh air for me during this hot summer.
The Disk There's a bonus scene, Lucy Thai from Black Invasian. The BTS runs about an hour and includes a bj and fuck. Photo gallery and trailers.
Recommendation I really enjoyed this video and give it a hearty endorsement. Rent it or buy it. It's good.

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