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Black Inside Me

Black Inside Me

Studio: 3rd Degree
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Black Inside Me:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Black Inside Me overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Black Inside Me Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Black Inside Me Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Black Inside Me Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Black Inside Me Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Black Inside Me DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Inside Me A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/18/2005
Welcome to a title that has a lot going for it as hold it in front of you. First off, Angel Dark is sinfully gorgeous and the covershot perfectly captures her beautiful bountiful large natural breasts and the look she's giving with her eyes just oozes sex appeal. Now if that doesn't peek your interest you also have inside this baby the talents of Melissa Lauren, Ariana Jollee, Venus and a couple recent additions to the ADT family, Leah Luv and Veronica Jett. I've been real impressed with 3rd Degree so far and they aren't even a year old yet as a studio but they have the great covers down pat and the content inside has more than justified their rise in the gonzo industry. Now let's see these beauties take on some black cocks.

Angel Dark:

Very nice, we get our drop dead gorgeous covergirl leading off and the first shot you see is a nice pan up to her open legs and moving up a fine shot of her chest which is barely covered by a red bikni top. Angel is looking pretty good and the focus soon becomes all about her boobs and why not they are fabulous. Angel does some nice caressing and our camera guy even gets in a few squeeze. They get pulled out and Angel does some licking to the upper breast but not all the way down on her nipples which really drives me crazy. From floor level you get some great shots of her ass, the lighting is a bit lower than you might expect but still good enough to make out Angel's hot body. I really have to say Angel has the whole deal as far as pornstars go, boobs, ass, cute face and some great eyes too. We also see Franco Roccaforte is on hand watching as Angel poses some for him before crawling over and we get some fine head given by her. From ground level we get some great shots of her tits as Angel takes on his dick and her eye contact is real good here. Franco can't resist getting a taste of her ass/ pussy before he lays the pipe to her and Angel gives a few nice moans in appreciation. The sex is highlighted for me by the standing doggie where we get some better nipple licking from Angel with P2M, then it's cowgirl which shows off her ass and the ground level shots for reverse cowgirl were awesome with her tits moving perfectly. You also get some anal love for Angel in doggie with some nice gaping, then cowgirl anal really shows the bootie off and she does A2M before we get reverse cowgirl anal and again her tits were tremendous to look at. They finish back in doggie anal leading to Franco popping between her ass cheeks and they get rubbed together with the jizz staying nestled between her crack. Not a bad scene but I don't like endings like this really unless the girl still gets a taste which Angel doesn't here.

Melissa Lauren & Veronica Jett:

Up next we get a shot of a very shiny wooden floor to start but the views improve bigtime when Melissa and Veronica come striding towards us. Both are decked out in some nice mesh outfits with their tits poking through. Melissa takes charge caressing over Veronica's nice ass and the floor shots again were used nicely. Melissa has that grin on her that lets you know she's having fun and she does dipping a finger into her friends ass and letting her clean it off. Next up Melissa plays some with her pussy and even licks it a bit before the focus shifts to her with Veronica doing the ass/ pussy play. This is a bit short however, with Melissa going off but she doesn't come back empty handed and Veronica is soon gulping down a large black cock. Melissa looks on to start hovering just over Miss Jett's head but of course she will want a taste and when she does you can just feel the intensity pick up. This woman is a very aggressive cock sucker when she wants to be and she sure wants to be one in this scene by all accounts! Very good gagging by her and the eye contact is right there too. Melissa is also there with the dirty talk and with the French accent that makes it sound all the more dirty. I will also say Veronica does a nice job with some hardcore dick sucking but when Melissa is also on hand you won't outshine her knob polishing a cock. You see some good sex shot here too with both girls getting their fair share of the pipe. Positions shot include mish, doggie with some anal also for Melissa when they double stack the position. There is plenty of ass and pussy to mouth from both girls and Melissa nicely keeps the dirty talk flowing, when it's needed. There is also some nice tender mish anal,lol, for Veronica who also rides the anal train in reverse cowgirl shot from a sligtly askew floor angle plus she gets picked up in this RCA and Melissa has done some nasty A2M during this bit of action. The scene closes with Veronica taking most of the pop on her face and Melissa does the cleanup as well as licking the jizz from Veronica's face. Not a bad scene and the two girls worked well together.

Leah Luv:

Up next we have the skinny Leah who was a ball of fire in the DVSX booth during Vegas shaking her ass the whole time the DJ spun the tunes. She is looking very teeny here with the hair in pigtails, she's got a cute young looking face, and she has braces which will turn a lot of you on looking for that full on teen look. Leah has a petite frame with a nice butt which we see from floor level and she does the shaking with that bootie I saw so much of in Vegas. She seems to have a nice gung ho attitude during this tease segment which ends with her on her knees and her eyes closed, mouth open. This leads into a cock coming in from the side and it slides nicely into her mouth. The slow sucking always does it for me and Leah does a nice job of that here, keeping her eyes closes though for the most part. I would like to see her looking up at her man as she devours his manhood but you can also see it as she totally engrossed in what's she's doing. Leah does open her eyes up eventually and when she does look up while licking his shaft and balls I thought the mood was much better than when she as doing the bj eyes closed. As for sex this young lady goes for rides in cowgirl with P2M, reverse cowgirl-- nice ground shots, doggie with more P2M, mish and we close with Leah taking a good pop to her mouth with some cleanup. Not a bad scene at all and she more than held her own with her costar.

Annmarie Michelle:

This next scene begins with some nice ass shaking by this woman and I mean she lets those cheeks get moving! Chris gives us some really nice shots looking up at this fine ass. Turning around we see her face and Annmarie is very attractive. The frontside of her outfit is barely any material at all which is the best kind of outfit,lol. The clothing she has only covers her nipples and her pussy lips with everything else laid bare! That material doesn't cover her tits very well as her nipples start peeking through and finally the top is just removed letting her nice boobs fall out. There is also some nice close ups on her pussy which is already wet. Annmarie does some nice things with her tongue including some nipple licking and I can't say enough how erotic this is coupled with her hot eye contact. This was easily the best opening tease of the dvd so far and I just love the shot looking straight at her as Annmarie is topless with her legs spread wide. Soon she gets on her knees and she's presented with a cock which she immediately envelops and staying with the floor shot which he's used nicely during this entire dvd we watch Annmarie give head. There was some good no hands sucking by her and the eye contact was good too. As for sex we start with that good floor shot in reverse cowgirl and it takes a bit but those tits get to bouncing. Cowgirl then follows and there's a nice pick me up fuck mixed in before he lowers Annmarie down for some mish action. There is skull fucking P2M next followed by another pick me up cowgirl fuck, back to mish, then doggie and we close with a good facial pop for Annmarie with some cleanup. I don't recall seeing this girl before but she was very pretty to watch here.

Ariana Jollee & Venus:

Well to say this is a pair of ladies I have wanted to see together would be very accurate. You have the ultra classy Venus with the ball of fire known as Ariana and I think we're in for some fireworks. We start with Venus all bound and gagged face to the floor and who's big black latex boot is that pressing down on her face, you guessed it Miss Ariana!! Both girls are decked out in their finest fetish gear and damn I think Ariana looks more beautiful every time I see her but ok I'm biased,lol. Ariana fully takes command of the scene spanking and caressing Venus's ass which has a pink butt plug neatly tucked into her pooper. Ariana also is a master of the dirty talk lingo so that dept. will be well taken care of. Venus is made to act like a dog and heck if I could get with Ariana I'd be barking, rolling over, but not playing dead!! Ariana then leads Venus on a little walk and she pauses to pet Venus and the two make very sexy eye contact with one another. The two make it to a couch where we get some nice posing by Venus with Ariana directing the action and you have Venus sit up and beg for cock and she gets rewarded with four strapping young black men. Venus gets the ball gag removed from her mouth and man does she go to town on the firt cock presented to her and Ariana hovers nearby but we watch Venus early on as she takes on a couple dicks but you know Ariana will get hers eventually. When the focus does turn on her you can see the aggressiveness kick in as she double stuffs the cocks. The fucking also starts with doggie for Venus while the butt plug is still in her ass and we get some doggie love for Ariana as well. You also see a good floor level cowgirl shot with Venus and next to her we get a good reverse cowgirl going with Miss Jollee. Do the girls taste the cocks out of their holes, are you kidding they do lots of that! I saw the first ass fucking for Ariana as she was still riding strong in reverse cowgirl but the first dp goes to Venus in cowgirl. The nice ass of Ariana's shines when they try doggie anal with her and back in RCA Ariana tries to squirt but noting flies out so she spanks her pussy in frustration!! We then see some mish anal for Venus and this gives you a real nice shot of her tits which I really like, such large nipples and sometimes she licks them so good but not here. Ariana kept at it and does squirt with the lense getting some. Ariana also gets in on the dp love with reverse cowgirl and next to her, then it's Venus in the RCDP and Ariana has switched to a cowgirl dp. Both girls then get on the couch for some doggie anal, then the scene closes with the girls sharing in the jizz and there is some tongue twirling. I missed the two of them interacting more after the guys entered the scene. I'd love to see these two hook up in a nontoy all out erotic lesbian scene, I think it could be real special. This was a good pairing but I felt the girls didn't work together enough though the cum play at the end was nice.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Ok this was a good effort but it didn't quite reach the great level for me even with the fine cast of ladies we had to check out. In spots the lighting seemed a bit dull to me but you could still make out the girls. I thought the best overall effort was probably the Venus/ Ariana scene even with the non-interaction I just decribed in their scene, the two are just so hot and the action with each girl in the scene was good actually just with another girl on hand you would have liked some P2OGM or A2OGM, maybe some pussy/ ass licking and of course some french kissing would have ruled. Now for extras you have a cum shot repeat, a photo gallery, and there are some behind the scenes to check out. We start with Chris having the hard task of spraying down Angel's body, yep a directors job is a tough one! You also get some poses with Angel just before her scene is shot, then we get some fun watcing Annmarie walking poolside. Well this was overall a good dvd which I do recommend checking out if you are into Angel, Ariana, Venus, or the newcummer Annmarie.

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