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dandaman Black In the Blondes 3 3 starsBlack In the Blondes 3 3 starsBlack In the Blondes 3 3 stars
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Black In the Blondes 3

Black In the Blondes 3

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Black In the Blondes 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Black In the Blondes 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Black In the Blondes 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Black In the Blondes 3 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Black In the Blondes 3 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Black In the Blondes 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black In the Blondes 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black In the Blondes 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  3/24/2006
Prologue Sean Michaels helming and starring in another interracial fuckfest, this time targeting only blondes. Among them are Selena Silver, Mary Anne, Haley Scott and Trina Michaels.The other players are complete unknowns for me, but they're cute and blonde, so that's ok. Let's see how they handle some Hall of Fame meat.
Haley Scott and Mary Anne are getting to know each other intimately. They're dressed in nighties and anticipating some black cock. They're getting each other worked up over where the cock is going to go. Haley already figures her ass and throat are getting reamed. Mary Anne is only sure of her pussy. Sean joins them and it's kisses all around, then he orders their tits out and for them to get to their knees. Out comes his black bat and the girls take some healthy tastes. Coach Michaels tries to coax them into deep throating him. He can dream, can't he? Haley gets about 2/3. She also gets a titty spanking before Sean sets them up in doggy on the couch and spanks their asses with a leather paddle. The girls masturbate as their butts are warmed. Haley is especially fond of this treatment. She gets speared in doggy and Mary Anne is called over by Sean to keep her face nearby and be a helper. She gets dogged next and Haley supplies support. Mary Anne's pussy looks nice and juicy from the long strokes, then Haley gets to ride RC. Mary Anne is all over, from Sean's balls to Haley's tits. She takes the next ride in RC and does some nice work on the big dick. Haley supplies P2OGM. Mish for a nicely spread Haley. She's taking Sean's strokes balls deep now, and asking for it hard. Mary Anne takes a long poling in mish also. She looks like she's building up to a big orgasm as Haley strums her clit and Mary Anne is grasping at shadows. Haley eats the wet snatch while Mary Anne sucks the conquering dick. Cut to doggy for Mary Anne and Haley fingering her ass. Sean takes a stab at anal, but Mary Anne punks on him. Haley's ready for the invasion, though, and Sean deals in doggy. A little spit lube from Mary Anne and Sean's using her ass like a slip and slide. He goes into an up and over for more depth and Haley's pussy looks like an axe wound the way it's gaping open and flushed red. She gets moved into mish anal, Mary Anne playing with her body and even taking some licks from her slit. Sean pulls out and cums in Mary Anne's mouth. Haley tries to deep throat the spent weapon and Mary Anne joins in for some PCH of her own.
They overdid the "black cock" vocals somewhat, and I think the girls got shortchanged a little by having to share, especially Mary Anne, once the anal started. But it was still a good scene, as both ladies showed legitimate enjoyment of each other and Sean.
Keeping with the nightie look, and this time in a bedroom, Brynn Brooks cuts as cute a figure as you could ever want. She looks delicious. No sooner does she say she's nineteen then Sean is all over her ass. He licks, nibbles and spanks her hot ass. Brynn masturbates for him while he whips it out for her to suck on. Sean has Brynn strip her panties so he can perve out on them while she works his sword. He orders her to pull out her tits, and they are very nice. Round and full. Sean lays back so Brynn can mount him in CG. He moves her ass up and down his cock and gives Brynn a little spank. She leaves her nectar all over the shaft, then sucks it clean. More CG, and Brynn looks like she has a quiet little cum from her ride. Cut to mish and some full length stroking that raises the wetness factor and has Brynn quietly pleading with him not to stop. Sean drills her good and turns her for doggy. Brynn cums hard in this position, then gets laid flat and fucked in a sloppy sounding up and over. They move to spoon and Sean sounds like her pussy is getting to him. P2M, then a return to mish. Sean has Brynn sit on the floor with her hands behind her back as he delivers an open mouth facial. PCH to close out the scene.
Nothing earth shattering here, but I can't not like a scene where a woman is so clearly getting off. Only a couple of positions and a limited palette of activity, but all positive and fruitful.
Selena Silver in a fur trimmed baby doll that gets tossed immediately. She pulls down her panties and sinks a couple of fingers into her great ass, then takes a taste. Sean walks up to Selena while she's mining her ass and sticks his crotch in her face. She rubs it like a cat and Sean does some playing with her inviting holes. Selena promises to be his slut today and pulls out the chocolate stick from his pants. Deep draws from Selena, who knows how to suck a dick. She looks pretty worked up about it, too, as her nipples look like little rocks. Sean calls for a deep throat and Selena almost gets it. Several attempts and a face fuck. They keep at the oral for a nice long session that would have had most men pumping baby seed down Selena's gullet. Sean finally plants his rock hard cock in her pussy in mish. Pussy cream is abundant as he digs out Selena's hot and ready twat. Selena helps herself out by strumming her clit. She gets her nut as it seems to sneak up on her, face and chest getting flushed. Sean goes at her even harder, then sits on an easy chair for Selena to ride RC. She doesn't seem to want all of his dick, but what she takes, she works. P2M, and more RC. Selena sits her ass on the cock for RCA. Her ass is tight and the penetration slow. She loosens up and pretty soon is taking as much as she had in her cunt. A2M, then doggy anal. Sean soon has Selena cooing, then gaping. Balls deep brings an orgasm as Selena keeps working her clit. More A2M and back to doggy vag. Selena gets to her knees, hands behind her back, and Sean strokes off onto her face. Selena pulls in what she can with her tongue and licks his pussy wrecker.
Sean and Selena keep things moving in an erotic fashion. No histrionics or circus acts. Just good fucking and mutual pleasure.
The vivacious Trina Michaels is filmed at one side of the house with Zoe(?) at the other. They walk toward each other and meet at a big picture window, then accompany each other to the room where Sean awaits. Trina is left alone with him, which is the way I want it. Trina sits in his lap and Sean plays with her big store boughts. She rubs his dick through his jeans while getting her wet snatch fingered. Sean turns Trina around to mold her ass, then suck on her tits. The sweet and pliant Trina sinks to her knees for some cock worship. Deep in her mouth till her eyes bug a little. Trina fucks her own throat with Sean's dick and tries to get it all. She comes very close. Ball licking by the sexy hose beast, then some titty fucking. Sean sits back for Trina to sink on his cock in RC. She gives him all the tight pussy he wants and sucks her sticky stuff off his dick. Trina turns for CG and her asshole is already looking puckered and waiting for the inevitable. After some nice deep stroking, that's where the cock goes. Trina's ass swallows the whole thing hungrily as she works out an inner itch that makes Sean bray like a horse. RCA follows with Trina giving the dick a good deep grind before dropping off to suck it. Just wanted to make sure it was covered with her taste. Back on in RCA, then a roll into spoon. Sean gets fully acquainted with her colon at Trina's bequest. Multiple insertions make her sphincter flower, then a move to up and over doggy. Trina's ass is wide open now and Sean is moving in and out with ease, getting balls deep with a grind. He picks up his leather paddle and smacks Trina's ass with it while she's being sodomized. She just howls in delight. On her back for mish anal, rubbing her pierced clit and squeezing a nipple. Trina appears to cum and that triggers Sean who pulls out and cums on her face and tits. This is a pretty big load for Sean as he can't seem to stop cumming. A very happy Trina sucks his cock lovingly to the fade.
It's nice to see Trina with someone she doesn't dwarf. She takes to the big cock with all the enthusiasm you could ever want and turns in a ball stirring performance.
Kelly Rose is on a deck outside the house with another girl, Miss Meadow, down by the pool. They're turning each other on in pink finery, Meadow topless and playing with her sweet looking tits. She climbs the stairs to join Kelly and indulge in some light lez kissing. Meadow gets a handful of ass and Kelly takes a mouthful of tit. A fair exchange. The girls walk into the house together and present themselves to Sean. He starts giving them orders. Kelly arches her back, Meadow sucks his dick. They start to share the cock and Meadow looks like she's going to be the dominant bitch in this threesome. As usual, Sean tries to get them to deep throat him. Try as they might, half is about all either one can get. Maybe a little bit more, but a nice effort just the same. Meadow rims Kelly, who has her ass stuck out while sucking Sean some more. Meadow then gets her bottom laved while she gives more head. Meadow gets first ride on the big, hard cock in RC. She has some great moves as the cock insinuates itself deep into her womb. Meadow swirls, grinds and bobs, then offers the cock to Kelly for a CG ride. Tight fit here as Kelly can't take the whole dick. She loosens up a little and asks Sean to pound it harder. He moves over to Meadow in mish, her raised legs twitching with Sean's strokes. Kelly gets another shot in mish and Sean keeps her just on the edge of cumming. I think he was afraid he was going to lose it himself. He takes Meadow in doggy. P2OGM, more doggy for Meadow, then same for Kelly. P2M while Meadow fingers Kelly's bung. Back to doggy vag for a few strokes, then Kelly's ass is opened by Sean's big dick. Up and over with Meadow doing some light rimming, then playing with Kelly's body. RCA with Meadow stroking the massive amount of meat sticking out of Kelly's ass. Mish anal next, Kelly's pussy getting attention from both Sean and Meadow. Doggy vag for Meadow, her freckled face flushed from the long strokes. Both girls hit the floor and Sean spunks on their faces. PCH and cum kisses.
Not as strong a scene as I would have liked. Either of these girls in a one on one would have been better. Meadow is more active and nastier, even without the anal. Kelly more pliant. There isn't enough connection between the two to justify having them together. Still, a decent scene.

Bonus Scene

Krysta Lynn Lovely, maintaining the pink motif of this video, is dancing around the railing of a floor landing. She teases her way down the stairs, then back up to masturbate on an orange couch. A little bit of a foot display as Krysta gets out of her shoes, then back in. Sean's dick is put in her face and Krysta gets to show off her bj skills. Some ball licking and light face fucking, lots of hand stroking. Sean stands Krysta up and molests her inflataboobs, then sits back for her to mount in RC. She works some angles before fully embracing his length. Cut to mish, Sean hitting Krysta's spot and staying there for her pleasure. P2M and back to mish, Krysta calling out his name. Up and over, pussy gaping and red. She moves to doggy and asks for it harder. Sean goes up and over causing Krysta to grab at shadows. He pounds her till she can't take it, then a cut to mish again with Krysta's pussy soaking wet and running down her leg. Krysta gets to the floor, hands behind her back, as Sean strokes over her head. He pumps seed into her mouth and Krysta goes to town getting it all out. Krysta laps it all up and looks very happy.
This fit in with the rest of the video as Krysta was brought to a couple of nice orgasms but never really tested for anything extreme.
Epilogue This was a pretty good video taken scene by scene. If you sit down to watch it all at once, the sameness in style that comes with using one male performer would seem to drag it down a little. A changeup in intensity and physicality to break things up would make for a better whole. I also felt like the two on ones didn't play out as well as they could because it seemed like someone was being shortchanged, and the second girl was there as the designated anal catcher. I was a little surprised that Mary Anne didn't take it in the pooper. This scene must have been early in her short career. Brynn Brooks provided some newbie energy in a sweet scene. Selena Silver got us back to the nasty, and for some reason her scene felt short. Maybe I just didn't want to see it end. Trina Michaels amped it up even more, putting in the kind of scene that has made her very popular these days. So sweet and dirty. Kelly Rose and Miss Meadow pretty much just got in each other's way. They didn't appear to be as into each other as the beginning hinted at, then just mirrored each other until the anal. The bonus scene was ok for an extra, but nothing special otherwise. Overall solid and sometimes noteworthy.
The Disk Besides the bonus scene, there's a BTS, photo gallery, cumshot recap and trailers. It appears that Zoe punked out of her scene which was supposed to be with Trina Michaels. I wonder if she made her decision when Sean whipped it out.
Recommendation It doesn't have that one "must see" scene to truly put it on another level, so I'd suggest a rental. On the other hand, it has Mary Anne, Selena Silver and Trina Michaels. That should be enough to sell it to many people.

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