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Black In the Blondes 2

Black In the Blondes 2

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for Black In the Blondes 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Black In the Blondes 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Black In the Blondes 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Black In the Blondes 2 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Black In the Blondes 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Black In the Blondes 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black In the Blondes 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black In the Blondes 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  5/22/2005
Sean Michaels is: The Black In The Blondes #2

Directed by: Sean Michaels


Initial Thoughts: Sean just has a knack for finding hot young ladies to worship his pecker, and in this series, blondes are the sole focus of his attentions, and it must be said, he gathered an excellent flock of them for this disc. Missy Monroe and Lain Oi have been a couple of my very favorites for a while, and Courtney Cummz hasn't taken long to move up the radar either. The rest of the cast is also super hot, and thier looks and even more so, thier attitudes and enthusiastic energy really makes this disc a winner if your looking for Black dicks in Blonde girls, or just some good sex. Every scene really has a nice flow to it and there is a nice bit of variety in the action, there are a couple of one on ones, a two on one for Missy, and 2 very hot foursomes with 2 hot blondes pairing up with 2 guys. Some of the scenes are more slow and passionate which mostly worked, and then you get plain nasty with Missy and her guys, and a mix of both in the foursomes, so it doesn't get old at all in this one. A nice Behind the Scenes clip highlights the extras, and when all is said and done, this is one of the best Sean Michaels discs I have seen. Very good effort.

Technical Considerations: Pretty solid effort on this front, a little grain in the picture, and occasionally the camera is not where I would like to see it, but there are also some good shots of the action that go above and beyond, so it equals out, Lighting is alright with not many shadow issues, and sound is just fine. Menu's are nice looking motion background ones and well layed out.

Condom Usage: None

Disc Duration: 201 minutes

Feature: 159 minutes

Extras: 42 minutes


Scene Breakdown


Scene 1: Goldie Coxx and Sean Michaels

Duration: 23:41 mins

Position Chronology: Goldie alone, stripping, she rubs her pussy and teases the camera, Sean enters, he licks her ass and fingers her pussy, he spits on her pussy and asshole, fingering, she sucks his cock, ball sucking, missionary vag, he licks her pussy, she masturbates, missionary vag, PTM, reverse cowgirl vag, PTM, doggy vag, PTM, facial, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Goldie is another one of those cute and rather innocent looking blonde girls, and she is very sweet looking in her lingerie before she starts letting the nasty thoughts get to her and starts rubbing her pussy and getting all hot and bothered for Sean. Goldie keeps the sweet and subserviant attitude through the scene, and it's pretty hot to watch her with a rather innocent look on her face get pounded by a monster black dick. Sean and her have some reasonable chemistry and Sean as usual kind of takes control of things and puts her through the paces, but again as usual, he keeps things relatively passionate and Goldie just hangs in there and puts in a good show, she gets a nice sticky reward and does a little bj cleanup to finish.


Scene 2: Missy Monroe and Julian St. Jox, Tee Reel

Duration: 26:53 mins

Position Chronology: Missy bent over a couch, guys fondle her, ass exposed, she blows both guys, sloppy face fucking, doggy vag/BJ, reverse cowgirl vag/BJ, cowgirl vag/BJ, missionary vag/BJ, missionary anal/BJ, doggy anal/BJ, sideways anal/BJ, cowgirl double penetration, reverse cowgirl double penetration, doggy anal, facial, hot talk from Missy, she rubs her pussy, second facial, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: It always amazes me, just how frigging cute Missy is, and the energy she puts into her scenes is up there with the best of the best. This is an excellent scene, I've come to expect this kind of performance from Missy, but it never gets old or unspectacular to watch from my point of view. Missy teases the guys as they jerk to her exposed ass and pussy and finally she just power sucks both cocks until she feels the need to get them pumping in and out of her pussy and ass, she just pours on the enthusiasm and the chemistry is strong as she keeps both guys in her zone, and has some hot chat or orders for them every once in a while. There really is no highlight here since Missy is great to watch in any position. Her hot chat as the guys take turns stroking off on her face was hot. Great energy and effort from Missy and the guys did thier best to keep up with her.


Scene 3: Sindy Lang and Sean Michaels

Duration: 29:44 mins

Position Chronology: Sindy alone, she bends over and fingers her pussy and slaps her ass as she taunts the camera. Sean enters and Sindy fingers her pussy as she sucks his cock, sloppy oral, tit play, Sean fingers her, more BJ, reverse cowgirl vag, PTM, she strips for him, reverse cowgirl vag, PTMs, cowgirl vag, he licks her pussy, missionary vag, pussy gapes, PTM, doggy vag, PTM, doggy vag, missionary vag, he blows nad on her face and tits, BJ/stroking cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: This is proclaimed to be Sindy's first ever interracial scene, which is cool I guess. She is a very sexy girl with nice big titties, and she shows off her sexy body and does a lot of pussy play before things really get rolling. Sean comes in and takes his sweet time with her and again keeps things slow and more of an attempt at sensual, which works well here and Sindy responds to it pretty well and really gets in some nice and hot, wet oral, lots of PTMs and she slobbers his cock up good. The missionary vag and reverse cowgirl give a very nice look at her lovely body, and she works it as she slides up and down his rod in RC especially, he gives her tits a fresh coat of sperm and she puts an extra coat on her face as she rubs his dick on her mug. Good stuff.


Scene 4: Courtney Cummz, Amber Peach and Tee Reel, Sean Michaels

Duration: 44:17 mins

Position Chronology: Girls on seperate couches, rubbing thier muffs, tit play from Amber, the girls finger thier pussies, guys come out, Tee smacks and rubs Courtney's ass, Sean does the same to Amber, the guys finger and lick the girls pussies, Courtney blows Tee on her knees, Amber sits on the couch and blows Sean, Courtney strips, girls team up to blow Tee, both girls team up and blow both guys, side by side doggy vag, PTM for Amber, reverse cowgirl vag for Amber, reverse cowgirl vag for Courtney, PTM for Amber, Courtney blows Tee, missionary vag for Amber, Missionary vag for Courtney, BJ from both girls, PTM for Courtney, doggy vag for both girls, ass slapping for Amber, BJ for Courtney, doggy anal for Courtney, she rubs her clit, doggy vag for Amber, reverse cowgirl anal for Courtney, cowgirl vag for Amber, sideways anal for Courtney, Courtney sucks Seans balls and does PTOGM (While getting her own ass fucked in doggy) while Amber rides him, reverse cowgirl vag for Courtney, doggy vag for Amber, guys switch girls, reverse cowgirl vag for Amber, missionary vag for Courtney with Sean, sideways vag for Amber, Courtney gets doggy anal, reverse cowgirl and missionary vag in succession for Amber, Tee cums on her face, BJ cleanup. Missionary anal for Courtney, Sean pops on her face, BJ cleanup. She plays with his cock.

Scene Thoughts: Next we get a real treat, cute Amber peach and her new goddess buddy named Courtney Cummz, Courtney is rising up the hype ranks as we speak, and while I don't often go in for the hype, this is one girl that just might deserve most of what she gets. This is a fantastic foursome scene, the guys each take a girl and mostly stick with her until they switch towards the end, but there is some interaction, and one of the real highlights is with Amber riding Sean cowgirl, and Courtney underneath whole heartedly deep sucking Sean's nutsack, and then the camera pans out a little and we see little Courtney is also getting her ass fucked while doing this. Great chemistry between everybody, and both girls have lots of enthusiasm, Courtney even playing to the camera and being super cute too. The flow of this scene was excellent too, for a scene lasting 3 quarters of an hour, there were very few if any real breakdowns in the action, they just kept up and the cuts where smooth and kept you in view of what both girls where doing. The facials, especially Courtneys were a bit weak, but good reaction and sexy post cum work from both girls.


Scene 5: Lain Oi, Nadia Sin and Sean Michaels, Julian St. Jox

Duration: 31:57 mins

Position Chronology: Nadia Sin posing and showing off her ass and tits, Lain gropes Julian over his pants, Nadia and Sean kiss, girls suck thier guys, ball sucking from Nadia, Deepthroat and face fucking for Lain, girls switch cocks, girls partially strip, reverse cowgirl vag for Lain, doggy vag for Nadia, missionary vag for Lain, Nadia sucks Lain's tits, PTM for Lain, reverse cowgirl vag for Nadia as the girl switch guys, reverse cowgirl for Lain, PTM for Nadia, cowgirl vag for Nadia, Nadia gets her asshole fingered, doggy vag for Lain, doggy anal for Nadia, anal gape for Nadia, reverse cowgirl anal for Nadia, cowgirl vag for Lain, doggy vag for Lain, Nadia gets reverse cowgirl Double penetration, Lain sucks Nadia's tits and dildo's Nadia for a toy/man meat DP, cowgirl DP for Nadia, missionary vag for Lain, Sean cums on Lains face and in her mouth, BJ cleanup and swallow. Cowgirl anal for Nadia, Julian cums on her face, scene fades out.

Scene Thoughts: The sexy ladies just keep rolling out, Nadia is another smoking blonde, and she plays with her various goodies before Lain and the guys show up to get this party started. Nadia goes the extra mile a bit in this scene, she has lots of anal sex and some double penetration action. Lain is looking fucking phenominal here too, she has on a super sexy rocker outfit with pink fishnet top and bottoms, and they stay on for the scene but the bottoms and one of the belts goes away, her titties are flopping around in grand form too. No anal for Lain, but she gets into the sex quite convincingly and gets pounded pretty hard and gives a solid oral effort too. This scene flows quite well again, although not as well as the last scene, and the chemistry is not quite there at the same level. This time around Nadia gets a bit more camera time, and due to her anal antics, it's deserved to a large degree, but Lain gets left out a little and as good as she is looking and as much effort as she put in, that was a bit of a downer. The facials are again a bit of a let down, with them just cutting away before Nadia even fully recieved hers, but the scene was still a darn good one for the most part.


Extra Stuff

Behind the Scenes: Goldie interviewed and she touches herself, cute interview with Missy, boob play, bonus sex with Goldie and Sean, More with Missy, bonus sex and BJs, squirting, courtney on the couch, and stripping with amber, bonus sex with Courtney. Interview and sex with Sain and Sindy Lang, and Amber. 35:29 mins.

Photo Gallery: 40 or so Hardcore shots from the feature.

Trailers: "The Whore Next Door", "Firebush 2", "Teen Fuck Holes", "Sperm Smiles".

Other Extras: Cumshot Index and Website Access.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

A very strong disc here, not too much to put down here. There is a lot here to cover a wide variety of fans, but as a side effect of that, if your a diehard fan of several of the genres in this one, your maybe gonna want more from that given area, but I think most are gonna appreciate the variety here. I just really liked the cast, and that makes up for a lot of trivial complaints that I may have here and there. I would like to see those website prompts stop popping up in future volumes, but it's better than a watermark, so I can live with it. I think if your looking for a new interracial title, this one is a pretty excellent choice, especially if your a fan of one or more of the girls in the cast, Courtney and Missy really stole the show for me in this one, and I think it's worth a purchase if your in the market. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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