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Black In the Blondes

Black In the Blondes

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Anal , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Black In the Blondes:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Black In the Blondes overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Black In the Blondes Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Black In the Blondes Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Black In the Blondes Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Black In the Blondes Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black In the Blondes DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black In the Blondes A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  4/18/2005
Prologue Sean Michaels has been putting out some enjoyable videos for PXP, and by focusing on blondes here, the most starkly interracial he can possibly get. He's worked with Sharon Wild before and there were sparks flying off of the two of them. I look forward to the meeting with Melissa Lauren. Will Sean come out with his pimp hand and give her the rough treatment she seems to crave? Nikki Hunter is a size queen, so she fits right in here and Barbara Summer, Staci Thorn and Summer Raine round out the cast.
I don't have to tell you that they're blonde, that's the name of the game. Melissa Lauren and Staci Thorn pose by a couch and Melissa starts to take charge of Staci's body. She bends her over and uses a vibrator to penetrate her ass. Melissa's a little rough with her, smacking her ass and pulling Staci's hair while she's feeding her the vibe to mouth. Melissa decides to give her pussy some vibe action as well as P2M. Staci gives Melissa a taste of her own medicine, fucking her ass with the vibe. Melissa challenges Staci to see how many fingers she can sink in her ass, but Sean and Tee Real show up to change the game. Sean's all over Melissa's butt and Tee takes Staci. Sean puts Melissa on her knees and her arms lock automatically behind her back. She's so well trained. Staci gets right to it, sucking Tee's dick. Sean wants some foreplay first, sucking Melissa's tongue and slapping her tits. His cock comes out and Melissa buries it down her throat. Even as it's growing to it's full length, she shows her amazing oral talents and work ethic. Staci's doing a nice job on her chocolate stick but Melissa's putting on a no hands show with Sean dredging up past meals. They put the girl's heads together for a photo op and some variety as they grab a lick of the other's tool. Both girls lay back for an up and over throat fuck. Melissa looks like she's auditioning for a part in "The Exorcist". Cut to RC for Melissa on Sean. Staci gets dogged by Tee. Those two kids are having a great time but I fear they're going to be voted off the island if they don't do something extreme and soon. Melissa goes back to sucking Sean's cock. I guess she didn't get enough dredged up before. She decides to get the taste of Staci's pussy from Tee's dick and Staci receives deep throat lessons from Mr. Michaels. Tee doggies Melissa and Staci goes RC on Sean. It's her time to shine, so she better make the best of it. P2M for Melissa, turning into CG. Sean goes mish on Staci. P2M for both and Melissa goes anal first in doggy. A2M and Staci gets doggy. RCA for Melissa, and before Staci can get her butt boned, an RCDP as Sean responds to her request for two. Staci's getting worked up, fucking herself with a vibe. Melissa goes A2M as Sean returns to Staci and fucks her in mish. Melissa sucks Tee's chocolate, salty balls as Sean goes side entry to Staci. RCA for Melissa. Sean face fucks Staci, then returns to Melissa for the DP. He takes her alone in CG as Staci slaps ass and sucks the cock out of her pussy. Doggy for both girls. Sean goes ass and gives her an up and over. A2M and it's time for Staci's ass to get broken in by Sean. Melissa kills time by rimming Tee. He goes pussy in mish. RCA for Staci. She takes a rectal pounding. Tee comes over to size Staci up and gets some head before planting his rod in her pussy for the DP. Melissa hocks in her mouth and mangles Staci in general. Cut to both girls getting fucked again and Tee pulling out of Melissa to share his seed, dropping it on her face. Sean strokes off onto Staci's face and tongue. Melissa comes over for a taste. They love black cock.
Sexy, elegant Sharon Wild is sitting on a couch opening and closing her legs. She's wearing a blue summer dress and no panties. Pulling up the bottom reveals a very wet pussy. What has Ms. Wild been doing in anticipation of this scene? She has a blue, beaded anal probe that she licks and sticks in her pussy. Eventually she turns her hot ass to the camera and uses the probe as it was meant to be. A naked black man with a big hard cock appears above her. Sharon ditches the toy and sucks on the flesh. She undoes her dress as she starts to suck Sean's giant member. It doesn't get that deep, but looks hot just the same. This is the kind of erotic and sensual action that these two are good at. Sharon rides Sean in CG. Cut to Sean fucking Sharon's face while she jills off. Mish for the gorgeous blonde. She gets brought off in this sequence in a quick little explosion. Very hot. Sean does some muff diving just to add to the thrill. Back to mish and more pussy eating. They repeat this a few times. P2M as Sharon enjoys her juices. Sean sucks face to get his taste. RC for Sharon as she admires the beauty of their union. Cut to doggy. Deep thrusts and ass slapping before they go anal in an up and over penetration. A2M off the doggy anal and Sharon grabs a rest for her ass by trying to deep throat Sean's cock. Back to doggy anal, then a cut to RCA. Mish anal with Sharon pointing out her hard nipples. Sharon gapes and Sean goes back to make it wider. There's a cut and Sean's back in her pussy in mish. He pulls out and Sharon gets to the floor quickly to take his offering. There isn't much, although he had a pretty extended orgasm. Sharon sucks up whatever she can get out of his spent rod to end the scene.
Barbara Summers is stacked and she's here to get packed. The tease is done in a stuttering video fashion. Kind of annoying. She's in lime green undies and looking very fetching. They don't stay on very long and Barbara pets her kitty, telling us she likes black cock. Well, she has two of them to play with as Julian St. Jox joins his friend Sean with their cocks out. Barbara was back in her lingerie as she tugs the meat, but she only has to lose the clothes again. She squats and shows some love with her mouth, sucking Sean lovingly and letting Julian bang her tonsils. Sean continues on his quest to find the bottom of every woman's throat, but I don't think that Barbara has that level of skill yet. She continues to alternate between the two and Sean goes up and over her head in an attempt go force it down. He settles for some ball licking. They roll back onto the bed and Julian gets to warm up Barbara's holes while she works Sean's cock. After getting it wet with his tongue, Julian spears Barb's pussy. He starts in mish and switches to spoon. He gets balls deep and gives Sean his shot before he loses his load. Sean goes mish, filling her tight twat while she sucks Julian. Her hot girly cum is coating Sean's cock as he probes her deeper. He gets under her for a difficult RCA insertion. If Sean thought her pussy was tight, this must be like a vise. Barbara's practically hyperventilating. She loosens up and he gets an almost full dick stroke in her rectum as she howls. She wants two dicks and Julian climbs on for the DP. Barbara squeals as they piston her hot holes. Cut to CGDP with Sean anchoring her pussy. Barbara says she loves this. Julian pulls out and gapes her, then a cut to Sean cumming on Barbara's face with PCH. Don't know what happened to Julian.
Summer Raine is an English bird who I've reviewed once before, for RSVP. She's kind of punky looking and very enthusiastic. She's just kind of laying back with her skirt up and tits hanging out. Sean sucks her face and works his way down to her pussy, a slit he shows some sincere admiration for. He even asks her how she'd like it eaten. Summer is calling him Mr. Michaels. How bloody respectful. He's gonna have her calling him "Daddy" when his poker pierces those lips. First the bj. Summer seems content with just sucking the tip, but Sean's a man on a mission. He wants her to see how deep it can go. Still, she resists. Sean stuffs her pretty pink pussy in mish. Another tight hole for Mr. Michaels. He can barely move in there and isn't getting much more than half a cock deep. He insinuates himself deeper and Summer's face is registering a combination of pleasure and shock. Her headlights are on full blast, so I'd say she's enjoying this. A P2M face fuck that cuts awkwardly to RC. Just as she's getting some depth there, a cut to doggy. Sean sticks his hand in her mouth like a half fish hook. He goes up and over with a full fish hook grip and schools Summer on taking a big dick. Cut to a standing doggy anal insertion and a very careful stroke. I'm surprised she was able to do it. Sean goes up and over, burying a good length of pipe up her pooper. He's being gentle and soothing her with his words. Cut to Summer sucking his greased up cock. Mish anal and a look of accomplishment on Summer's face. Cut to another bj and Sean strokes off over her open mouth. PCH and Summer spits out whatever got in.
Nikki Hunter will close this video out, probably in style. She's undulating her made for porn body, wearing some silky red undies with a corset-like top. Sean comes up behind her, and if the appearance of those leather gloves is an indicator, he's going to rough Nikki up a bit. I know she's as up for that type of action as anybody. He pins her arms behind her and nuzzles Nikki's neck. She's very turned on by this and Sean is working his "pimp hand" on her. He's playing master to this hot sub and making her beg to touch his cock. Her top gets pulled down for Sean to maul her tits. He sucks them and Nikki adds some spit of her own on those big globes. She bounces them for him. Nikki keeps her arms behind her back as she lays back to spread her legs for her master. She begs for him to touch her pussy and he teases her with his tongue. Cut to Nikki on all fours, presenting her ass for him. He's not through with foreplay. In fact, he hasn't even pulled his cock out yet. Nikki finally goes after it, sucking it through his pants while he undresses. She begs for it and finally has the big chocolate bar to suck on. He doesn't have to tell Nikki to go deep, she's a natural, going for it right off the bat. She stuffs it down her throat again at his request, getting about 2/3 and holding it there. Cut to a mish insertion and Sean stretches out her hot pussy, going into the baby cave. Cut to RC, a ride Nikki enjoys thoroughly. I love her hot talking, too. Balls deep and cut to Nikki licking his chocolate stick and another cut to doggy. Up and over, Nikki shows her stretched out twat. Cut to a mish anal insertion. Nikki conjures up a toy for her pussy for a technical DP. She's firing on all cylinders now. A2M leading to a series of doggy anal insertions. Sean warms her butt cheeks while he rails that ass in an up and over. Nikki's prying open her pretty pink fuck hole while Sean minds her rump. More A2M, some shoe fetish for Nikki and a face fuck. Cut to a titty fuck alternating with her face. Cut to RCA and another A2M. That does it for Sean and he sprays his seed on Nikki's expectant face. Some PCH to end the video.
Epilogue I was a little disappointed here. For the most part it was good, but never reached any dizzying heights and it had a dead spot in the middle. Melissa Lauren should never have had to share the stage with anybody. Adding Staci was a waste and just diffused the scene. In Sharon's scene, I just couldn't forget how well they were captured by Jules Jordan. They still put on a good show with great intensity. Nikki was hot, but I expected more. They seemed to be heading into the dark areas that Sean visited with Mandy Bright in Interracial Lust 3. It just never got there. I'm not on the Barbara Summer bandwagon. She just doesn't do that much for me. Summer Raine isn't ready for this kind of action yet. Just an ok video.
The Disk A BTS that focuses on Barbara Summer, cumshot recap, photo gallery and trailers.
Recommendation It's a fair rental candidate. Everybody here has done better scenes elsewhere.

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