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Black In the Ass 6

Black In the Ass 6

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Black In the Ass 6:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Black In the Ass 6 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Black In the Ass 6 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Black In the Ass 6 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Black In the Ass 6 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Black In the Ass 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black In the Ass 6 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black In the Ass 6 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  7/31/2005
Prologue I reviewed Black In The Ass #5 and found it to be a solid effort with good sex. This, the next volume, is all Asian with veteran butt slut Lyla Lei and hot newcummer Asia. Arcadia Davida, Shai Lee and Kammy have all appeared in my reviews previously and comported themselves well. This should be good.
Lyla Lei is taking a shower on an outdoor deck. She quickly moves from the sensual delight of the water to fingering her ass on all fours with a big black buttplug waiting ominously in the foreground. Lyla makes use of the plug and seals her ass with it. She tastes it and puts it back, then Joachim Kessef is in her face. Some light kissing, then he stands over her, dick out, for a blow. Lyla goes no hands and takes the facefucking well. She even adds the plug for an instant. Joachim turns her around and goes straight to the "A" in doggy. He fucks the squealing Lyla fast and shallow. She does A2M and points her butt at him again for more doggy. He nuzzles her neck and smacks Lyla's ass while she admits she's a slut. They turn for mish anal and Lyla's pussy looks so inviting, it's a shame it won't get used. They pick up and go inside, resuming in RCA. Lyla shows some small gapes from this position. A2M and they go back to doggy anal. Joachim holds Lyla's hair like reins and gives her tushy some smacks. He goes up and over which Lyla says feels deeper, but Joachim never really tries to get full depth. A2M and they move to mish anal. Joachim punch fucks Lyla's ass a few times. She remains smiling and generating a positive attitude even while gently restraining him. There's a switch to some pussy fucking as they countdown to the cumshot. Joachim cums in Lyla's mouth, the camera not in a good angle for the stream. PCH to the fade.
Japanese import Kammy, dressed in a pink two piece, is playing with herself on a couch. She rolls onto her hands and knees with Mr. Marcus visible in the background. He approaches Kammy and Joachim enters from the rear. Marcus feeds her his cock and Joachim skewers Kammy's ass. Looks like a tight fit, too. He doesn't get much more than the tip in before trading with Marcus. His fat cock tunnels her deeper as he asks if she's ok. A2M on Marcus. Cut to RCA on Joachim, then a DP as he opens Kammy's legs up for his friend. They dig in her deep as Kammy's hot little nipples bud and peak out of her bra. Back to RCA and Joachim gapes her a few times. Kammy sits on Marcus in CG and Joachim is right behind her for the DP. Some punch fucking of her ass with a few light smacks, then A2M. Back to the CGDP. Kammy sucks the cock out of her pussy and Joachim rogers her stuck up ass in doggy. Cut to CG on Joachim with head for Marcus. Joachim moves into her vacant pooper and back to the pussy as a re-hardened Marcus fills the DP. Kammy sucks the cock out of her oven, then sits on it in CG. Joachim does the backdoor bongo to fill another DP. They move to side entry mish for Marcus while Kammy pacifies herself with Joachim. Marcus wants pussy and has Kammy ride in CG as she continues to blow Joachim. Cut to spoon with Joachim and oral service for Marcus. Mish for Marcus and bj for Joachim. A little return dip in the ass and back to the pussy. An exhausted Kammy sits on Joachim in RCA, Marcus joining after awhile for the DP. Cut to Joachim spewing his cock milk on Kammy's tongue and upper lip. She swallows like a good little girl. Marcus taps her ass again in doggy and cums in Kammy's ass with a couple of spurts as he pulls out.
Shai Lee is smoking a cigarette while perched on a barstool in the middle of a backyard patio replete with pool. When she flicks the butt away and sticks her ass in the air, Joachim sticks his tongue into the sphincter and works a finger into the tight little hole. Cut to Shai working his big cock into her mouth. Another cut and he's fucking her doggy on the stool. Can't tell which hole he's in and there's no insertion shot. Shai sucks his cock clean and they take the action onto a couch. She sticks her ass in the air and there's no doubt where the dick is going now as he breaks the plane to her no fly zone with his fat mushroom head. And she doesn't get fucked with much more than the head as he works a couple of inches back and forth while Shai strums her clit to loosen up. The little spinner does manage some large gapes as Joachim does some insertion shots. After an extended period of this they cut to RCA. Joachim tries to romance Shai but he's still only tip fucking her. We haven't even seen her tits up till now as her top has remained in place from the beginning. More gaping, then a side entry mish anal. Shai's top finally gets pulled down to reveal her pretty little boobs. More gapes reveal a sphincter that's starting to look abused. Joachim picks Shai up for some flying anal that's improperly exposed due to the backlight of an open sky. He sits back down for CG anal. Shai's ass is finally open enough for deep penetration and Joachim jams himself up in there. Shai does some fucking back here as well. Short, light strokes. Joachim lays her back on the couch for spoon anal. Slow going here as he has to work his dick in deep again. A quick cut with no warning as Joachim cums in Shai's mouth (Or did he?). Shot from behind him with his dick inside and no real confirmation beyond Shai's slobber being played with. Not a good ending to a difficult scene.
Arcadia Davida is being shot through the glass doors leading to the patio. She pulls her pink nightie down and does some nice tit play while stroking her kitty. Inside, a couch has appeared and Arcadia is sucking on Mark Anthony's dick. A light face fuck draws some slobber to lube up his cock for deeper sucking. He tries her throat a couple of times but Arcadia's content to work the tip. A little ball sucking and Mark puts Arcadia on the couch ass up to work her little pooper with his fingers. He gets three in there and gives Arcadia a taste. Straight to the "A" in doggy with some long poling and deep thrusts. Up and over, then A2M. Cut to mish anal with mostly quick and shallow thrusts. In a Hallmark moment, the lovers hold hands as Mark insinuates himself deeper into Arcadia's shitter. She sucks the dick out of her oven and cut back to mish anal sans her nightie. Arcadia gets fucked deep enough to produce a good squeal and does A2M. Cut to CG anal. The action gets balls deep here with lots of lube present when Mark pulls out to show a gape. A2M with Arcadia slobbering on Mark's cock, then a return to CG anal. Cut to spoon anal with Mark paying some long overdue attention to Arcadia's tits. A lot of pace changes in this position as Mark switches from deep and slow to hard and fast. He pulls out to fuck her face, then a cut to spoon vag on the floor by the doors. He pulls out, cumming on the hardwood floor with Arcadia hoovering up his mess.
Asia is licking a purple dildo as her scene opens. It quickly moves to her ass where we can see it has bumps at the base for extra pleasure. Arrexion is in the picture and he stuffs his cock in the hip hop Asian's mouth. His is the biggest piece of meat in the video and Asia is treating it nicely while she continues to work her butthole. Cut to Asia's ass getting fucked in doggy with her head on a chair and knees on the bed. Not a lot of depth on his strokes as he gets about half his dick in. They work the position for awhile till Arrexion gets another quarter in before a cut to RCA and Asia working the whole cock in, deep and slow. A cut to the lovers outside on a deck in the fading light of day, fucking in mish anal on a bench. A2M, then doggy anal. Cut to CG anal that gets Asia's motor running and a return to some deep strokes. After Asia gets them both good and worked up there's a cut to her two fisting Arrexion directly into her mouth. No doubt about the cumshot here as she's got a mess of swimmers swirling around in there. Asia shows, then swallows.
Epilogue As strong as I thought the earlier edition was, this was a major disappointment. One thing it does is point out how totally dependent this series is on the strength of the women employed. Most of the women here are fairly inexperienced. Lyla Lei would be and exception but she's not a first tier performer who can totally carry a scene. That puts more emphasis on the chemistry and the director's vision, if he has one. I don't believe that Joachim is doing anything more than producing what he thinks the consumer wants. That's why you have tender asses getting fucked almost from the opening bell and all the way through their scenes. There's almost no chemistry here, no pleasurable pussy fucking most of the time, and the end product can only appeal to people who are radical about their anal titles only containing anal. Why don't they complain about the blow jobs? Oh, that's right, according to Bill Clinton that's not sex. The best scene here belongs to Arcadia, as she seemed to get into her pairing with Mark. The Asia scene would have been a really good one if it hadn't been cut to shit in editing. Major demerit to Joachim for what looked like a faked pop shot with Shai to end their uncomfortable scene.
The Disk The bonus scene is Lucy Lee from China Syndrome that I covered in a Biggz video using the same scene for a bonus. There's a BTS, trailers, photo gallery and Pick Your Pleasure to break down scenes into specific acts.
Recommendation Pass it by.

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