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astroknight Black In the Ass 5 3 starsBlack In the Ass 5 3 starsBlack In the Ass 5 3 stars
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Black In the Ass 5

Black In the Ass 5

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Anal , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Black In the Ass 5:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Black In the Ass 5 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Black In the Ass 5 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Black In the Ass 5 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Black In the Ass 5 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Black In the Ass 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black In the Ass 5 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black In the Ass 5 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  4/9/2005
Prologue There's no mystery as to what this title is all about. This DVD stars some of the most physically audacious women in porn today. The only thing that remains to be seen is if Joachim Kessef can distinguish himself as both a director and performer, seeing as it appears he kept Sandra Romain for himself. He may have ended up wishing he had shared. Just as formidable is Mandy Bright, and it looks like she gets more than one cock. Lucy Lee and Ana Nova can bring major heat as well and Barbara Summers has been finding favored status of late. Looks good. Let's see.
Mandy Bright strikes an erotic vision in a hot pink cocktail dress and red fishnet thigh highs. She licks the balls on a pool table and we get a view of her furry pussy from a rear shot. She calls in her meat, Joachim and Mr. Marcus. Joachim dines on her ass as Mandy impales her throat on Marcus. Both her holes are getting fingered vigorously and then Joachim just slides his cock into her ass. He gets right to pounding that friendly hole and Mandy howls. She sucks her ass from his cock and Marcus gets behind her for some deep cornhole action. Some hard ass slapping makes it look like Marcus is trying to ride her to the finish line. Cut to Mandy riding Marcus in CG and Joachim slipping into her ass for the DP. Joachim beats her ass hard as he savages Mandy's rectum. She's howling and near tears, but screaming that she loves it. They go at it long and hard at this position and Marcus is starting to groan from the effort. When Joachim finally pulls out, Mandy's ass is wide open. Cut to Marcus invading her inner sanctum in a side entry at the edge of the pool table. Mandy's moans are being cloaked by the cock in her mouth. Joachim lies back on the table and Mandy rides him in RCA with her legs held back. She sucks Marcus' cock, but that pussy is just calling out to be filled. She says she wants to taste cum but Marcus saw the gaping pussy and couldn't resist. He rails her pussy and then Mandy works both of her holes over their cocks. P2M while Joachim continues to slam her ass. Cut to him cumming on the rail so Mandy can play with something while Marcus is fucking her in an up and over doggy. This shot is the first time we get a look at Mandy's very nice tits. Marcus offers her some more cum and his joins his mates on the rail. Mandy kisses his cock and proceeds to lick and suck up the cum as the scene fades out. She never even made it out of her dress.
From one nuclear femme to a possible anti-matter explosion as Sandra Romain joins a sunning Joachim. She's dressed in red PVC (or possibly leather). A bra, panties and boots. The panties are off in less time than it took to write this sentence. Sandra sits on his hard cock in RC. I'm sorry, it's straight to the "A". They're wasting no time with trivial things like pussy. Deep, hard and fast as Joachim digs out Sandra and some lube hits the lens. A2M with Sandra taking him into her throat, at times assisted by his hand on the back of her neck. Back to RCA, Joachim looks like he's trying to shove his balls up her ass. She likes to kiss while she's being fucked up the ass. There's always room for romance. More A2M, Sandra shines his ebony cock. Staying with RCA till they get it right, Sandra removes her bra. Tits! I'm stoked. She doesn't have big ones, but they flop nicely. They shift to spoon anal, the pace relentless. More passionate kissing. Sandra tells him to "Take me, now!" and Joachim starts to slap her face and choke her. He follows that with more affection. A2M and a cock slap for her face. Joachim goes to the pool to lay in the shallow end with his cock sticking up. Sandra kisses it and hops on in RCA again. He pounds the shit out of her and carries her to a table. Sandra gets her ass tongued and then nailed in mish. Joachim picks her up for flying anal and her body is soaked with sweat. Back onto the table for more mish. More A2M as the camera lingers on her unused pussy. Joachim must have heard me because he finally fucks her pussy in mish. He pounds her like a rag doll and then has her use her feet on him. Her pretty pink toe nail polish makes a nice contrast with Joachim's skin as Sandra attempts to get him off with a foot job. He goes back for more of the undiscovered cuntry, pounding her twat till she's howling again. Sandra munches on his chocolate, salty balls while Joachim strokes over her face. His tribute lands completely in her mouth and he stuffs his cock in behind it. She swallows, smacks her lips and goes back to see if there's more she can draw out.
Exotic beauty Lucy Lee, in a black pinstriped bra and garter w/black stockings crawls across the floor to Mark Anthony and sucks his foot. He has his cock in hand and Lucy moves over to give that some loving. She is one of the great cocksuckers, sliding her throat over that gnarled stanchion. Ball and shaft licking for variety but lips to pubes is the real show. Mark fucks Lucy in doggy with his now rock hard cock. P2M and more doggy, only this time anal. Her pucker clings to his fat cock and she strums her clit in unison. Cut to mish anal and Lucy's tits have been freed, the eraser nipples standing tall. Hard and deep thrusts as Lucy moans and jills off frantically. Light choking. More like neck caressing. Cut to anal spoon. Lucy gives her tits a kneading. A2M and CG anal. Lucy grinds on his dick embedded in her ass. Piledriver anal shows she's still pretty tight as her ass continues to cling to Mark's plunging cock. Mark pulls out and streaks Lucy's mouth with his thick, creamy goo. Lucy gives him some PCH and giggles her way to the fade.
Ana Nova, she of the pneumonic tits and Teutonic nasty talk, is in a canyon and watching Joachim in the distance. She's going with light brown hair these days and some blonde highlights. Wearing a fetish top that looks like a harness, Ana walks up to Joachim and takes his cigarette from him. She blows the smoke in his face and starts grappling around in his crotch. They kiss and she gives him that sexy, bitchy sneer before dropping down to mouth his organ. She looks starved, even baring her teeth while inhaling his cock. Joachim face fucks her, bringing a twist to Ana's countenance. He eats her ass from behind, which brings a bigger smile. He slams his cock in her pucker in doggy. Ana always gives us lessons in German trash talk, making this educational as well as arousing. Joachime warms up her butt with a few slaps. Great big smile from Ana. He lays her back on a big boulder and fucks her ass in mish. She really does have a great round, firm ass. Ana's built like the proverbial brick shithouse, enhancement or not. They move to doggy anal in an up and over. Ana pets her pussy. Joachim plays with her ass and shows some gape. They move to a patio and Ana drops down to give Joachim more head. They spoon on a lounge chair staying with the anal. Some tit slapping and Ana rolls on top of him for a frantic RCA, plunging two fingers up her twat in an attempt to cum. Pull out, gape and then a CG anal insertion. Ana looks like she's trying to get at something deep in her colon as she pushes her body down on his cock. A2M and Joachim offers Ana his cum. She accepts and gets to ball licking while he strokes off. He puts a small load on her tongue and she swallows his cock. She plays with his cum and smacks her lips to end the scene.
In a small gym, hardbody Barbara Summer gives us about five seconds of tease in a silky two piece before there's a cock in her mouth. Mr. Marcus is the recipient of this pretty, blonde Czech's attention. She does some deep no hands with that gurgling sound. Marcus wants to fuck her ass, unties her kerchief panties and Barbara sits on his cock gingerly in RCA. She must have lubed up pretty well because he's in up to his balls in no time at all. A2M and back to RCA, her tits bared now. They show a gape and then Barbara bounces on his cock. Doggy anal on a sit-up bench. Marcus uses it for a butt blaster workout. Anal spoon on the floor. Barbara strokes her slit in time to Marcus. Doggy anal on the floor. Barbara sucks his cock hot out of the oven and hands it off to Marcus to leave his seed on her tongue. Post pop cumplay to end the video.


As with all Digital Sin DVD's, there's always a bonus scene from another of their lines. This, I guess, offsets the relatively shorter running time of their five scene features. It's not a bad idea, and probably good advertising for other titles. This scene comes from Double Teamed #3 and it stars Avy Lee Roth, one of the hottest Latinas in porn valley. The camera starts out tight on Avy and she says she's looking for some fun. She just happens to be flanked by two naked guys swinging serious meat. Avy starts sucking on Chris Charming, then moves to Zenza Raggi, then both at once. Chris busts her tight twat in doggy while she services Zenza. Avy sits on Zenza's cock in RC and Chris poises himself over her face for easy access to her mouth. Since she doesn't do anal, double pussy is on the menu and Chris joins his friend for a little internal sword fighting. She sits on Chris in CG and Zenza fits himself in. Avy has to ask him if it's inside. What kind of painkillers is she on? They saw in and out together, almost getting too wild for Avy. Zenza breaks free and has her suck the juice from his cock. He claims her pussy for his own in doggy and Chris sticks her on the rotisserie. Zenza warms her butt cheeks up with a few smacks. Chris gets a tad abusive, verbally and physically. Avy calls him a bastard. He spanks her face and ass with his cock as Zenza rails her. They switch ends and Chris gets to ram the tight hole. He spits in her ass and finger pops her pussy, then back to doggy. Cut to RC on Chris and another bout of DPP as Zenza makes three. He gets in pretty deep for a double invasion and Avy looks pretty hot taking it. They take her from both ends again, this time in standing doggy. Her bald pussy looks swollen from all the stretching. Zenza flat out hammers her from behind and Avy can't do anything but hang on. Cut to the guys spanking over her face and making Avy porn pretty. She licks the goo around her lips and says she loves it as the scene fades.
In a surprise move, we get another scene from the same video. This has Tyla Wynn with Ben English and Chris Charming, who flat out attack this sweet innocent thing. Ben's cock is hanging out of his zipper and he face fucks Tyla while Chris plays with her pussy. She's totally hot now and ready to take on the two cocks. Her tits come out and the dicks start swinging in her face. Ben gives her some redundant instructions because he's in charge, you know. Rotisserie time with Chris in her pussy and Ben abusing her throat. Actually he's pretty funny, telling Tyla to balance with her mouth on his cock. I think that's the definition of circus act. Tyla tells Chris to fuck her harder, so he starts smacking her ass, then rams as hard as he can. Tyla sits on Ben's cock in RC as Chris fucks her face. This girl really loves it balls to the wall. DPP for Tyla and there's no doubt she's not anaesthetized as she howls in pain from the stretching. She's yelling "Fuck yeah!", but squirming and looking like she's gonna die. P2M on Chris gives her little kitty a reprieve. Ben has her in a standing doggy with leg raised. He passes her to Chris who mimics the position and Ben sits for his bj. Cut to an up and over doggy anal with Chris, and that's a lot of cock to take so deep. A2M, Ben spits in her hole and mounts her in doggy anal. He gives her no quarter as he tears up her little butthole. Chris pacifies her with his cock and Ben gets A2M. Cut to deep face fucking by Ben as Chris spoons her ass. They move to RCA, then a DP as Ben climbs into her pussy. Solo time for Chris and Ben rejoins them for the DP. He scissors her to get a deeper penetration. P2M, then A2M and back on the pony for another DP. A2M with Tyla trying to deep throat Chris. She climbs on Ben in CG and Chris completes the DP. He's got free reign in her poop chute and his balls are smacking her taint. A2M and back to the DP. The guys are ready to explode and they push Tyla to the floor, whacking off on her face in a shot eerily similar to Avy's facial. Tyla savors the cum.
Epilogue Digital Sin loads another video up at the top. They must think we have porn ADD and won't sit through two hours of action. After Mandy Bright's almost pathological sexual appetite and Sandra Romain exercising her extreme physicality, where do you go? Luckily, for Joachim, the director, he had some great talent to follow. Lucy Lee and Ana Nova were able to keep this production from falling off the table and turn it into a winner. I'm not as impressed with Barbara Summers, but the double bonus scenes help to tip this DVD. The contrast in those two scenes are like the yin and yang of hardcore. First, Avy has an energetic scene, but with limitations. Then, Tyla just lets her guys use her any way they please and she takes it with a coke and a smile.
The Disk There are trailers, a photo gallery, pop shots and a BTS that's really all Lucy Lee. Of course there's also the bonus scenes.
Recommendation This is a good DVD, certainly worth a rental. Mandy and Sandra make this a strong candidate to own.

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