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Black In Business (Phantom Films)

Black In Business (Phantom Films)

Studio: Phantom Pictures
Category:  Black
Starring: , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Black In Business (Phantom Films):
Overall Rating 1 star
Black In Business (Phantom Films) overall rating 1 star
Female Looks Black In Business (Phantom Films) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Black In Business (Phantom Films) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Black In Business (Phantom Films) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Black In Business (Phantom Films) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black In Business (Phantom Films) DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black In Business (Phantom Films) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  6/30/2007
Black in Business
Prologue This is a company I'm completely unfamiliar with, and a title that would indicate setups with commerce involved. Maybe a "Pretty Woman" type scenario. Ultimately, what piques my interest is the presence of three hot women. Vida Valentine, Alayah Sashu and Hypnotiq. I'll go to school on Leana Washington and Diamond.
This is supposed to be Vida Valentine, but instead I see Dena Caly sinking a vibe into her phat pussy. Pumping the juice box and giving herself a spanking, Dena's twat looks like an oversaturated sponge. A big, fat, black cock is lowered to her face and she mouths it lovingly. You can hear the director suggest she play with the balls and Dena laps at them. On her knees, she gets deep and sloppy with Byron Long's dong. Sweet, innocent, sexy, and a little nasty is how Dena comes across. She sits on Byron's cock in CG, not taking it all the way, but showing some nice style with her swirls and dives. Dena licks the shiny stuff off his dick and polishes the knob with a heaping helping of slobber. RC shot from underneath shows Dena's hot pink being breached, and Long's insistent thrusting is getting a profound reaction from the sweet slut. She adds the vibe to her clit for more intense sensation and quivers in delight. Girlfriend is getting all sweaty as Byron continues to stuff her muffin and rubs circles on her "little man". P2M. Long tongues her pussy, Dena screaming "It's not fair" as she trembles. He nails her into the couch in mish, then long strokes her into orgasmic shrieks and moans. A timid skullfuck follows. Dena maintains control here and swirls her tongue around the fat head. More cunnilingus and mish. Her pussy's giving up its wet treasure and Dena's squirming around until Byron unloads in her ravaged fuckhole ........maybe. The camerwork looks a little flaky here, but something thick and white is oozing out before the cutaway.
The cast is completely misrepresented here. According to the opening credits, this is supposed to be Vida Valentine with someone named Zeric Sigmon. Vida's even listed on the DVD cover. Aside from that, this was a good scene right up to the questionable cumshot. Dena Caly likes cock, and I like Dena Caly. Long fills her and sometimes drills her. Too bad the production has gotten off to such an amateurish start.
This scene is supposed to be Leana Washington, but if the picture at IAFD is correct, I'm watching Diamond play with her pussy. Beautiful face and sweet, natural, phat tits. She pulls out a purple vibe with a hook to it, running it through the sexy slit and coming to rest on her pink love button. She sucks the toy, then there are hands massaging and spanking her bodacious ta ta's. Her pussy is spread and a thumb works her clit. Diamond gets face fucked by Julius Ceazher, and she sucks him on her own steam from a couple of positions before riding the stiffy in CG. Sweet whimpering as the hard cock burrows into her tight love canal. Diamond beats Julius' face with her titties, and takes some restraint and spanking along with the ride. It gets very hot for both of them as Diamond puts her backfield in motion and Julius picks up the pace with some frenzied fucking. He dicks her in mish, those gorgeous tits jiggling and flopping with the hard thrusts. The pace slows to some balls deep stroking, then a gentle skullfuck. After more bj action, Diamond gets on all fours for doggy. Up and over turns her stiff as a board, but the whimpers and sighs sound nice and her pussy's all wet. Julius drives it home and allegedly cums in her cunt. Diamond can barely bring herself to touch it as the camera focuses on the glob hanging on her lips.
Another misidentification? I know that Julius wasn't listed in the scene credits. Decent scene with an exceptional looking woman, and another very questionable ending.
Alayah Sashu sinks a clear dildo into her Creole cooch. Dwayne Cumminz is enjoying the show from another couch and decides to take over for the toy. He smacks up that ass and sticks his head between her amazing cheeks. For the uninitiated, Alayah's got shelf. You can worship her ass and prop a beer on it at the same time. Dwayne chooses to stick his dick in her mouth, and Alayah goes to town on it. Her ass is flapping and popping as she sucks. Dwayne doesn't provide that much of a challenge, but Alayah makes the dick dives look good. She strips and lays on her back for the leisurely skullfuck that seems to be one of the video's menu items. Alayah sucks some balls to add some spice. Dwayne seems to be fingering her armpit as he fucks her face. They start the fucking in mish. Alayah's really tuned in as Dwayne apparently hits her spots, slamming her wet pussy on occasion. More armpit play as they fuck. Shades of Dana Vespoli. P2M, then up and over doggy. Dwayne digs her out and Alayah's twitching orgasmically. Hard banging has her golden globes quaking. More P2M, then CG. Alayah puts on a little butt show as she uses Dwayne's hard cock like her personal toy. P2M, more CG, then RC for a look at her hot body. Balls deep jamming leading to another creampie. Copious, and the same exact consistency as the previous one. Alayah plays in her pussy to end the scene.
Alayah's nice to watch, but nothing extraordinary about what transpires here. The creampies have all looked phony, and are only serving to piss me off.
This DVD is soooo screwed up. This was supposed to be the Diamond scene, and I correctly called her name for the second scene. Shaking her booty thang in a blue corset here, is Vida Valentine, so I guess Leana Washington is Dena Caly. Very professional. Anyway, Vida knows how to get some motion in the ocean for a very short tease in her blue corset and panties, then a quick edit to her plunging a double dong in her pussy while slobbering on a hard cock. Broc Adams is making some very appreciative sounds while Vida makes a nasty mess of his cock and her chest. The director orders her to put his balls in her mouth, but she's too busy getting face fucked to comply. She lays on the couch to continue to suck Broc off and get some tit play going, as they both seem attracted to her store boughts. The lip massage is going so well, they almost forgot about her pussy, which is still filled with plastic. Vida sticks her ass out, Broc priming her with some spanking before mounting in doggy. For her part, Vida can't be fucked hard enough to satisfy, as she keeps telling him to hit it harder. Broc holds her by the shoulder and just ruts. Vida fucks back at him, a sure sign of a woman who really likes dick. Broc goes up and over into the wet fuckhole. Vida goes back to sucking the pussy pleaser, and still won't lap at the balls, although she does juggle them a bit. The director is giving unnecessary instruction to two people who don't need it. Vida shakes her tits in Broc's face, then fucks him with her mammaries. She starts to work the cock into her throat with some nicely erotic dives, then sits on the slickened dick CG. Viida's juicy pussy is coating Broc's cock and even spraying a little onto the lens as she works for her nut. More P2M as Vida gets a good taste of herself. RC as Vida wraps that pretty clam around the hard dick. She's still fucking with plenty of energy, determined to make the most of this opportunity. Things get heated and Vida finally pulls her corset off, then sucks Broc's cock again. She rolls on her side for spoon, squeezing on his dick and giving a sly smile. She tells him to cum in her pussy, and we see the delivery of another fake creampie as the camera just finds it after the unloading starts. Even at that, Vida can't seem to squeeze it out, making for a poor anti climax.
This would have been a good straight ahead fuck if the director would shut up and let them have at it the way they wanted to without his stupid suggestions. Vida should have gotten a facial, or at least some tit cum, because they were having so much fun in that area anyway.
Hypnotiq has her fine ass dancing to the tune of a cat-o-nine tails. Sharp retorts that she wants harder. No backing down, just sexy sighs and ass jiggling. So very hot. Some pussy prodding with the handle, her yellow panties pushed aside to reveal a very aroused pink cat. Hypnotiq fingers her ass at master Devlin Weed's instruction. She's taking some pretty hard whips, but doesn't seem to be getting marked up at all. More pussy play with the whip and warm spanking with Dev's bare hand. He fingers her bung and punishes Hypnotiq for moving. She sucks his cock and balls as he goes up and over her head for the slow skull fuck. She gets wrapped in a green rope placed around her neck and waist. Hypnotiq runs the crack of her ass over Weed's dick in doggy, then takes the penetration to her ready twat. Face down, ass up, and deliciously compliant, Hypnotiq spreads and rocks. Weed fingers her ass again, warning her about moving and plunging in deep. No less than Hypnotiq craves when he goes up and over in a deep, hard scissor. P2M done to Weed's specification as he wraps the rope around his shaft, then orders a deepthroat. Hypnotiq sits on the dick in RC. Hypnotiq works it until she almost breaks it, with some cute dialogue between them about it. More P2M deepthroat. Weed asks her if she wants it in the ass, and as always, Hypnotiq is down. She finishes slicking the rod as Dev manipulates her by the rope around her neck, then rolls into spoon for the anal invasion. It's tight at first, and her pink pussy puckers as he opens her up. Weed gets more active and Hypnotiq swirls her body around in carnal delight as it works deeper. Some light choking throughout. They do a roll into RCA and Hypnotiq goes on a glory ride, begging Weed to make her asshole cum. He picks her up for some aerial sodomy from this awkward position. A2M, slowed down to Weed's specification. Hypnotiq hops onto the couch for doggy anal. Up and over. Hard and deep. A2M done with feeling as Hypnotiq cleans the shaft stem to stern. More anal dicking in doggy and another creampie with a suspicious edit. Cream leaks out of Hypnotiq's battered bunghole as the credits roll.
Even a crappy ending can't keep this scene down. As always, Hypnotiq is sultry, sexy and erotic. The beginning S&M was very good and they should find their way to to elaborate on that. She was the only one to open up all her holes, and made all three inputs work to perfection. A jazz tune played in the background, which also made this scene feel different than the others.
Epilogue Where do I start my critique? The post production sins? Directorial gaffes? How about the complete lack of integrity in creampie delivery? I think I'll start with the clueless cast listings. I'll allow a mulligan on Leana Washington because that might have been Dena Caly's name when she first started out. The sequencing in the star index would have actually made more sense than what actually transpired, with a very hot Vida Valentine leading things off, and the less experienced Diamond and Dena slotting in the two and four positions. The only male who was identified properly is Dwayne Cumminz. How disrespectful can the producers be to the audience and performers than to not identify Byron Long, a possible hall of famer for all the time he's put into the business. They had Broc Adams listed with Hypnotiq, when in fact he was fucking Vida. Julius Ceazher got whiffed on, as well as Devlin Weed, who has also been around forever, and deserves better. The director should have concentrated more on pre production styling and gotten professional makeup people to do these women's hair and face. They were all beautiful, but not shown in their best light. Once he had the camera rolling, he shouldn't have made suggestions that would have been better done in pre scene instructions. It's not that I'm against breaking down the fourth wall, but if you do it, it should be as an unseen participant. Insofar as the creampies are concerned, it amazes me that camerawork that was focused on the genital penetration to a fault throughout the scenes, suddenly drifts off at the moment of climax, and relocates the allegedly spasming dick mid ejaculation. The load that Byron Long left dripping out of Dena was about a week's worth for him. It all came off as phony as those guys who strap on two foot long prosthetics and pretend to be massive freaks. Or the women who glue a dildo to their pubes and pretend to be hermaphrodites. It's lame and insulting. Also, and this goes to how slipshod the entire production was, the title and back cover blurb would indicate that there was some setup to these scenes that might include acts of prostitution. The only thing lived up to is the black part. This is just garden variety couch porn, which I have no problem with, and truthfully like. A little tease, some conversation, then wham bam thank you maam. Of course, it's also an all internal video, which has a fanatical and very vocal fan base. Wouldn't you think that they'd be alerted to the presence of another title in their midst, outside of one very ambivalent line on the back of the box? There was some good fucking in this video, but it was far outweighed by the bad, dragging this production into the dumpster.
The Disk They can't even get this one right. The cover lists a pop shot recap that doesn't exist, and a running time of two hours that they actually exceeded by about half an hour. There are some trailers and a photo gallery.
Recommendation I was sorely tempted to give this no stars and be done with it, but I have to admit that Vida Valentine's scene was very sweaty, and Hypnotiq takes her increasingly budding sexuality to another level. Make of it what you will. It might be worth renting just for that alone.

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