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Black Girl Gloryholes 2

Black Girl Gloryholes 2

Studio: Dogfart
Category:  Fetish , Interracial , Reality Porn
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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T0MBOne's ratings for Black Girl Gloryholes 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Black Girl Gloryholes 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Black Girl Gloryholes 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Black Girl Gloryholes 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Black Girl Gloryholes 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Black Girl Gloryholes 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black Girl Gloryholes 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Girl Gloryholes 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by T0MBOne  on  3/5/2011

"Hey T"

"Yea, BOne. What's up, bra?"

"You goin' to any parades?"

"Nah, but I'm gonna catch some of them bitches up in the balconies."

"Well, leave those greased poles alone and do me a favor. Write me a review of BLACK GIRL GLORYHOLES #2 while I hit the parades."

"Yea, no problem, braaa."

Below is T-Pitty's rapping review of BLACK GIRL GLORYHOLES #2 (2010, Dog Fart)

Long hair, big boobs and mostly shaved twats; these gals rank among the haves, not the have-nots. Beautiful black girls that come from good stock; each land in a bathroom to gain control of one white cock. From a gloryhole, a single white dick sticks out, a girl works it over in her pussy but mostly her mouth.

Here's CARMEN MICHAELS, who says "I'm a behind the door freak;" she plays with her pussy while sitting on a toilet seat. Graffiti on the walls, a white dick stuck through a hole; Carmen spots the prick and kneels beside the toilet bowl. She sucks the mystery dick while she holds her ass, after this dirty business she might just need a bath. She stands up straight then sits on his dick; in doggy she rides his lone mystery prick. On her knees again, time to suck some more; from there she finishes her gloryhole chore---!!!

"Look how dirty it is" says lovely cover girl LISA BELIZE; she dreams of sucking, fucking and gloryhole jizz. "Oh my goodness" she says when he sticks his dick through; she sucks on his prick and masturbates, too. A dick in her mouth, dirty pictures all around; "it tastes so go good" then she sucks it down. In brown leather boots and bent over naked, Lisa sucks some more and knows how to take it. One boot on the ground, one boot on the bowl; Lisa takes it doggy from a dick through a hole. A hand job, more sucking, she works it good; with all that stroking this dick keeps its wood. The cumshot lands mostly missing her face; she can't resist and must have a taste---!!! 1/2

MEGAN VAUGHN enters a porn shop and sits her ass down; she watches a Dog Fart vid and pulls her pants down. Her turquoise panties match the color of the walls; she kneels in the corner where there's a shaft, no balls. She strokes with her hand then sucks with her mouth; she reaches 'tween her legs and rubs down south. One hand on a chair, one foot on the wall; she rides that cock, she sure loves to ball. On her knees she lands and takes his cumshot; some cum lands on her face but not a lot---!!! 1/2

Back to the toilet with the dirty pictures; there's MISTY LOVE who wants dick in holes of hers. She says "this place is kind of a shit hole;" she spreads her legs top the toilet bowl. Fish net stockings and sexy black bra on; she plays with her pussy and rubs it all around. Takes off her top and tastes her finger; she places 'em back on her pussy where they linger. She sees a dick through a hole and sucks it all around; she grabs her titty and makes a slurping sound. It's her first white cock or so she says; she holds her ass just above her her fishnet threads. One foot on the ground and one foot on the bowl; she leans her ass back so the dick can penetrate two holes. "I want it on my face" she keeps her hands down; she sucks it until she jerks it his load lands all around---!!!!

In a dirty restroom, light skinned VICKY CHASE pulls on her twat; she rubs on her pussy until she spies a cock. There she plays with Mr. Stranger's prick; she sucks it down while its hard and thick. On her knees she sucks it and it takes a toll; she stops for a moment to show off her asshole. Her hands on the wall, her knees on the floor; she sucks with her mouth and only wants more. She uses her hands and yanks it again and again; she stands up straight then guides the dick in. Her pussy rides that lonely prick; she kneels on the ground to yank his white stick. "Very, very disgusting" says the lovely Vicky Chase; the cumshot drips down her boobs but not her face---!!! 1/2

In a red gloryhole room, it's SIMONE TAYLOR; she takes off her clothes and shows off her trailer. She kneels on the ground, sucks a dick through a hole; she's never had a white dick or so we're told. She stops to laugh at what she's doing; then it's back to sucking, her head always moving. She stands upright and bends over good; sits with her pussy so she can ride his wood. Had enough so she sucks it again; she takes a load from her oh so hard friend---!!!

Here's MIA PEACH, who says she loves dirty things; she takes off her clothes, ready for her gloryhole fling. She sits on the toilet so she can touch her twat; she turns to the side when a cock sticks out. One leg over the bowl and one on the ground; she plays with her pussy and sucks his mystery dick down. She somehow holds on, it's quite a trick; her boobs bounce great while she rides his dick. Hand stroking but his load lands wide right; Mia's disappointed as another lands on the same side---!!! 1/2

Here's MAHLIA MILIAN with her pig tails long; she takes off her duds and dreams of a schlong. She says "this is disgusting" and says it with glee; she plays with herself then gets a surprise from a wee-wee. It comes through the hole and she says "it tastes clean;" she sucks it loooooong, hard and mean. Hands on her knees, feet on the floor; she sits on the toilet and sucks the dick some more. She says "who knew white cock would taste this good?;" she goes back to work just sucking his wood. She's so wet, she slides it in her pussy; it freaks her out so she gets a bit fussy. She stops, kneels and yanks his prick; on her boob he drops his load so thick---!!!

EU NIQUE STYLES laughs at crazy shit on the walls; she stands up straight and undresses in the stall. Naked on the toilet except for jewelry and flats; a dick comes through a hole then that's where she's at. Her mouth tastes vanilla for the very first time; doing this dirty stuff she'll make at least a dime. Her head against the wall for titty fuck trying; she plays with her little friend via her own freaky styling. She sticks his dick in her pussy a couples of times; her skinny body getting busy looks mighty fine. On her knees, she plays with her pussy and yanks his crank: she dodges most of his load, I really do thank---!!!!

In the red gloryhole room, ALIANA LOVE strips off her bikini; she bends way over to suck his wienie. She kneels down and starts to lick it; she spreads her legs and rubs her clit. So sexy, so fine, her hair long and flowing; she straddles the stool and really gets going. Two hands on the stool and one foot on the wall; her pussy takes the cock that she sure loves to ball. A hand job and Aliana's in seducing mode; she takes what he's got and swallows the stranger's load. That Aliana, I really wish they'd clone her; if they made more of her I'm sure I'd own her---!!!!!

A bonus scene with Bree Olson, I'm not sure where it's from; let's just say on this day on a sofa she comes. Mish, doggy and reverse cow, she must be a bit gnarly; who knew one day she'd be a goddess to Charlie?. Yes, that Bree Olson, we all know where she's been; she's one of two goddesses fucking Charlie Sheen---!!! 1/2

A cumshot recap, gallery, trailers are other extras of note; should you get this DVD? Yea, it gets my vote.

So, T-Pitty says "BLACK GIRL GLORY HOLES 2 (2010, Dog Fart) gets !!! 1/2 outta !!!!! from me not you."

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