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Black Girl Addiction

Black Girl Addiction

Studio: Bone Digital
Category:  Gonzo , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Black Girl Addiction:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Black Girl Addiction overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Black Girl Addiction Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Black Girl Addiction Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Black Girl Addiction Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Black Girl Addiction Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black Girl Addiction DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Girl Addiction A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  10/13/2008

Prologue Mike Stefano has picked up his portfolio, camera, and toys, moving from Red Light District to Hush Hush. He may be changing title names, Feeling Black now becomes Black Girl Addiction, but I'm certain the intent is the same. Spotlighting some of the fresher ebony performers in his own inimitable way. Mike will be smothering himself in fairly new ass, Hydie and Amile Waters, as well as Cancice Nicole, Rane Revere and Nazar, who've been building decent resumes. Always fun, but lets see how memorable these scenes turn out.
Hydie Waters starts her tease a floor above Stefano. She's cute and lean, but still the possessor of a nice booty. He calls her down for a closer inspection and she waves it around for him. Hydie looks a bit shy, but definitely intrigued by the crazy white boy saying nice things to her. She squats for POV cocksucking, alternately taking it deep and chickenheading the stiffy. They break from that and Stefano worships Hydie's tits while she pets his hard cock. He's all revved up and spreads her legs for a muff dive that has Hydie quaking and looking a bit shocked by the passionate tongue action. Mike bends her over a counter and sticks his face in her ass before mounting in doggy. Her little titties jiggle and back arches as Stefano stirs the honey pot, making Hydie smile sweetly. He picks her up and carries her into a bedroom where they recommence in spoon. A roll into RC after some passionate moments, and Hydie starts putting her ass into her stroke, grinding down on Stefano's cock, then sucking it clean. She mounts in CG and Stefano tags her hard from underneath. Nipple hardening and booty quaking, a happy Hydie hops on Mike's face for a tongue dance. He hands her a Laker blue vibrator to keep her pussy warm while he lubes up, then fingers her ass to prepare for the flesh pipe that enters in mish. Slow, insistent anal lovin', combined with a pink gash juicing vibe, appears to get Hydie off. Even A2M can't keep Hydie from buzzing her clit some more, at least until Mike bangs her from behind, pussy first, with Hydie putting on a queefing show. Stefano's not finished plundering the shithole, and Hydie's not through with the vibrator. A2P and back. Rinse and repeat, and Hydie's asking for a spanking, fucking back at the cock in her pussy. Hydie kneels by the side of the bed and Stefano's glue gun goes off on her face, leaving her spitting the white cream onto her body and streaked across the mouth for a lovely contrast to her brown tones.
This was one of those "Welcome to Porn" moments. Hydie got a passionate partner who pushed her envelope without tearing into her, and turning in an engaging scene. Lots of upside to Hydie, who, though nervous, genuinely seemed to like the action, and may very well be willing to step it up in the future.
In a departure from Stefano's norm, he just has Candice Nicole walk in front of the camera and play with herself. Teasing without the normal interaction of a one on one. After diddling her quim and playing with her firm store boughts, and entrance by Mike from behind, fondling her and talking to the unmanned camera. He pushes her back onto the couch and excavates her cunt with his tongue. He picks up the camera and takes us in close while Candice masturbates, picking up the sloshy sounds as she two fingers herself. She passes the taste test as she licks her digits clean, and goes in for more. Candice slides onto the floor for a POV bj, then lays back for more self fingering, some erotic jerking of Stefano's staff, and a mish penetration, remaining in POV. She plays with her creamy gash and turns her ass toward Stefano in a blatant invitation for doggy. She looks as tight as Mike says she is, but after a few good strokes she's backing her ass up on him and creaming his cock. P2M. Stefano wants to fuck her tits, but Candice wants back to doggy, and that's where it goes. Candice works that tight cunt over his dick, leaving her heavenly slime all over it, then acquieses to his wish for a titty fuck. He orders her to a stool where she primes his pump by hand and takes it in a seated mish. They take it back to the couch for RC, everything still in POV, as that appears to be the recipe for the scene. Candice gives him a first class pussy massage, then P2M, and a gooey jerk onto her tongue. Candice is all smiles as she winds him down.
I'm not usually into POV, and I'm glad the whole video isn't constructed that way, but this was a very good scene with a very sexy woman. It can never get to the unfettered banging that would naturally erupt between these two, but it percolates with a steady eroticism and positive energy.
The booty bandits are going to be happy when they see Amile Waters. She's got it going on, shakin' and poppin' that thing. Amiles got some thickness to her body, and the left nipple of her sweet tits is pierced. From the bulge of her thong, she's got a phat pussy, too. Mike pushes the panties aside to reveal a veritable feast of lips and bright pink interior. Hold that thought as Stefano buries his face in there, worshipping her firm ass, then getting under for a face sitting, Amile's excitement palpable as she shimmies on him. I love Amile's reaction to his devious tongue, and she can't wait to slobber his knob. Mike has her face down, ass up on the red loveseat for a doggy penetration. He bangs that juicy box and topples her over for spoon. He beats up that pussy to a trembling, jerking orgasm, then the bitch gets greedy and asks for more. Fast, then slow, then fast again. Mission accomplished for a second nut, Mike eating her sloppy hole and sharing the fluids with her for some nastiness. Deep, slow mish in her ravenous cavern, and an unconventional (for porn) body to body grind that looks hot as hell. Back to an open position and Stefano sucks some toes. After scoping out her big clit, he goes in for more grindage, then she gets to ride in CG. Always a pleasure to watch Sistas doing it for themselves, and Amile is no disappointment as she drives the cock home repeatedly. Mike follows with a primal pounding from underneath, and her once light pink inner lips are starting to become a blazing red. Amile is a woman after my own heart, taking dick as deep as she can get it, enjoying the long strokes. Stefano gets to her again in a long, and ultimately ass twitching orgasm that leaves her looking spent. He just pushes her over and they fuck slowly, face to face on their sides. Amile's voracious appetite returns quickly as Mike speeds things up, even getting her to finger her ass a little. P2M, then RC. The sweet freak squirts on Stefano's cock and cleans it up. When he inquires about where his squirt should go, Amile gives Mike free reign. They fuck doggy on their sides and he cums in her hot little baby chamber. Show and tell for the gooey glue, and a sodden looking Amile pushes it out.
Far from the best looking woman in this collection, Amile shows up with a body built for banging and an attitude to match. Mike does her right and brings out the freak in her in a terrific scene.
The prettiest girl in this collection, Rane Revere, shows off her tight body with full breasts and silky skin, talking to us through the camera. She shows her pink, spreading and dipping, teasing us with words and deeds. Her ass is a nice bubble and her clam is phat as she assumes the doggy position. Rane leads the way from the bathroom to a bedroom, where the carnal activities will commence. A silent Stefano fondles a boob before Rane drops for a POV bj. She peels her panties and offers up her velvet sleeve to the still disembodied cock. Rane's pussy juices up Stefano's cock nicely in mish, then she turns for doggy. Her cunt gets sloppy and Mike's breathing labored as he digs in slowly. This is where the POV should have been abandoned. Rane's pussy is giving clear signals that she's ready to be pounded into next week, but that's not going to happen while he's holding the camera. She does get a little more active herself when lying flat on her stomach, fucking back at the straddling Stefano. CG POV, giving us a nice look at Rane's frontside. P2M, then RC. P2M again, then some fumbling around to find a new position, which ends up as mish. They take this to completion, the glue gun going off all over Rane's abs.
I was hoping for a breakout scene by Rane, but this wasn't it. It struck me how similar her facial composition is to Nyomi Marcela. Same shape, similar nose, even the set of their eyes. Unfortunately, Rane doesn't fuck like Nyomi, the only thing they have in common is lack of anal. Rane's playing to the camera to a fault is solved by going POV all the way, but she's more act than action, as usual.
Nazar (formerly known as Brown Sugar), is a full on freak with a big body. Don't read that as fat, but definitely full and comfortable. She sucks one of Stefano's wayward fingers before he pushes a tit up to her mouth, then gives us a breast show that can only be done with supple, natural mammaries. Pussy inspection shows some nice meat curtains and a clit piercing, with Mike fingering the hole and Nazar strumming the button. He two fingers her like a bowling ball, giving Nazar a taste of her ass. She goes two hole solo and Stefano comes out from behind the camera to suck a tit. He gets a faceful of pussy and simultaneously slides enough of his clothing down to stick his dick in her in mish. Just like with Amile, Mike gets very un-porn-like with a body to body sequence that gets Nazar worked up. He moves to the show position, but continues to deal out the pleasure pumps. When they go body to body again, one need only watch Nazar's hands stroking Stefano's back to gauge how turned on she is. He fucks her feet, then her face. They move to a couch and start fucking in doggy. Spanking and up and over punctuate an increase in energy. Nazar fingers her ass for him, getting set up on her side for an anal penetration. They spoon as she loosens up, Stefano jammed in to his nuts as Nazar plays with her twat. RCA without disengaging. Mish anal is next, then A2M, and a titty fuck. Big open mouth facial to end things.
The chemistry was good here, but the energy wasn't as high as I expected, except when they were really bumping uglies. Nazar could have handled two guys with her sturdy body and no holes barred appetite.
Epilogue New home, but the same old Mike Stefano. Despite being associated with a company that's elevated race baiting to an art form, Stefano continues to take the high road with his productions, portraying the women in a most positive way and fucking them with passion. The economics of the industry appear to dictate some changes from the Feeling Black series, as Mike is the only male talent in all the scenes. No Manuel Ferrara to divide the work. Not even a Mr. Pete. Group scenes are history. Instead, Stefano breaks things up with a couple of POV scenes, strategically placed. For my tastes, he went to that well one time too many, as I felt Rane Revere would have benefitted immensely by a full contact lovefest. I found Hydie Waters to be leggy, lovely, sweet and willing, Candice Nicole, devestatingly sexy. Nazar's scene was mostly good, but the anal looked to be a bit difficult, which surprised me because she's always taken it like a champ before, or maybe it's since. Who knows when anything has actually been shot? Best scene honors go to Amile Waters. She and Stefano ground each other down, and she even let loose with a squirt that didn't seem overly circusy or out of place.
As a side note, I don't know if Stefano gave up his rights to the Feelling Black title or just decided to start anew, but it was catchier sounding and less run of the mill than Black Girl Addiction, which will surely get confused with Black Cock Addiction and Black Ass Addiction.
The Disk Photo shoot and gallery, cumshot recap, and BTS.
Recommendation Stefano remains the big fish in a small pond, the go to guy in bf/wm porn. Nothing groundbreaking here, but well worth the watch.

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