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Black Dick In Me: P.O.V.

Black Dick In Me: P.O.V.

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Interracial , POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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scipio's ratings for Black Dick In Me: P.O.V.:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Black Dick In Me: P.O.V. overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Black Dick In Me: P.O.V. Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Black Dick In Me: P.O.V. Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Black Dick In Me: P.O.V. Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Black Dick In Me: P.O.V. Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black Dick In Me: P.O.V. DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Dick In Me: P.O.V. A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by scipio  on  10/17/2006
Black Dick in Me P.O.V. #1

Director: Sean Michaels.

Bonus Scene: Reviewed at the end. Behind the Scenes: Brooke gets dressed for her scene and chats, Leah gets chatted up by Sean after their scene, Lisa Marie changes from her street clothes to her porn clothes. (factoid: Her nipples are pierced, but she isn't wearing the jewelry on the day of the scene.) She's 22 and has been doing movies for 2 years (though I've never heard of her).
Cum Shot Recap: Available in Individual or Play All flavours. Photo Gallery: A bunch of hi-res posed and action stills in autorun format.
Trailers: Individual trailers for: Teen Fuck Holes, The Whore Next Door, Baker's Dozen 3, Firebush 2.
Web Access: Web-enable this disc by putting it into your PC, visit our site, yadda yadda, you know the drill by now..

A quick note on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind.

After reviewing two disappointing entries in the similar series "Sean Michaels POV" I'm a little apprehensive about this series. I'm not sure of the timeframe when the different series came out so one may have replaced the other.

Scene 1:
Brooke, Sean Michaels.
POV, Facial.

Brooke is a pretty blonde with a thin frame and large natural breasts. She has a number of tattoos. One on her tailbone, one at the right side of her crotch and a largish one of Chinese(?) characters on the inside of her right forearm. She also wears a belly ring. Brook is pretty cute. I'm wondering if this is the same Brooke that was infamous as a cum-dogger and hating her scenes, because, well, she doesn't appear that way here. She's wearing a black bra and a white mini-miniskirt with a necklace which cascades down her chest and into her mountainous cleavage. The skirt slides down and we see her black panties. Sean's camera views Brooke from several angles, before she peels off her bra and squeezes her breasts. We then cut to Brooke laying back on a couch, now wearing pink panties which she pulls to the side so she can finger and rub herself. Soon she peels Sean's dick out of his pants and begins to slowly suck his cock without any choking or gagging present.

After the BJ, we're treated to a side view of the penetration as Brooke takes most of Sean's cock doggie style before changing to POV. He's not able to go balls deep and has to keep the last inch or so out while fucking her slowly and the last two inches out when he's going faster. There's some POV of Brooke's face and back before shifting again to watching his cock disappear into her. Pretty decent POV doggie fucking. Another BJ is next, though not POV to begin with, does change to POV just before Brook mounts herself on Sean's cock cowgirl style. We're treated to breasts bouncing in our "face" as well as a fantastic view of Brooke's tight stomach and shaved pussy bouncing on the cock.

While I'd also like to see a bit of the reverse angle of Brook bouncing on Sean's cock, finally seeing this position captured properly in POV makes me think that a little bit of POV cowgirl should be more common to other titles.

Brook on her back next, being impaled missionary style and looking damn good doing so is unfortunately cut short for a close-up and extreme close-up view of reverse cowgirl. It still looks pretty good, but the missionary looked so much better as we got to enjoy Brooke's whole body instead of just her buttcheeks. Finally Sean squeezes a below-average load (but pretty good for Sean) onto Brooke's cheek and the scene ends.

Well, this was a pretty good scene in almost all respects. Brooke was hot, the action was mostly well-captured with a couple of real standout moments such as the cowgirl, and Sean did a good job as woodsman. Good stuff!

Scene 2:
Destiny Summers, Sean Michaels.
POV, Facial.

Destiny has darkish skin, and a look that could easily get her work in both "Latina" and "All Black" titles. That look is also very cute. She has a nice body with large natural breasts. Her pretty face is framed by long curly hair, but the most outstanding thing about her is the infectious genuine smile and giggly laughter that she has, which just makes her damn sexy. The scene starts out with Destiny standing outside the back door in the rain with a swimming pool in the background. She is wearing a black singlet and a denim skirt with white boots. She asks Sean if she can come inside because it's cold and wet out. Sean tells her to show him her tits, and she stumbles over her simple lines with a few giggles and shows him (and us) her nice breasts as a means to gain entry. We cut to Destiny now wearing a shiny silver dress that ties up at the front at two bow points, and, um, wow.

She's not wearing any panties and her pussy is visible from the front, and she pretty quickly pulls the dress aside to show off her breasts before dropping to her knees. Sean's dick appears in the frame as he jerks himself. She talks about how her hands are tied behind her back and she's on her knees because Sean told her to, and Sean, obviously covering his own ass, tells her that her "hands aren't tied behind her back, they're just there, correct?" to which Destiny replies with a giggly "uh-huh" and shows off her hands before putting them back. An amusing moment.

Destiny starts to slowly and sensually suck on Sean's cock with a no-hands blowjob, first with her eyes closed and then staring into the (non POV) camera. She fondles her breasts and then uses her hands to help her blow Sean's meat. She goes sloppily deep, and coughs as she withdraws, dripping lots of saliva onto her tits. The BJ also has some POV time, before she stands up and rubs her shaved pussy, looking cute and sexy as she does it. Next, Sean fucks for a long time, first missionary, then doggie style, a quick BJ, then the lights come on and Sean again fucks her from behind in some well-captured POV doggie. Finally, Sean jerks his load onto Destiny's face, getting a little dollop on her left eyelid.

Well, again I was impressed with the scene. Destiny is one hot girl, and Sean's performance and camerawork was good enough to definitely make we want to trade places with him rather then just zip through the scene as quickly as possible.

Scene 3:
Leah Luv, Sean Michaels.
POV, Facial.

I've heard of Leah Luv many times but this is the first I've seen of her. She has blonde hair and a natural body with very small natural breasts, and wears a black top and panties with blue stripes on them with a pair of black fishnets and heels. Leah also has braces, which I guess endears her to some of her fans, though I immediately found them off-putting. Her body, however is looking pretty good as Sean's camera roams around. Leah also gets extra points for her pubic hair, which has been trimmed into the shape of a heart, something I've only seen once before, and never in porn. Leah's panties go down and she plays with herself, then Sean plays with her nipples, then Leah shows off the great bent-over view of her pussy and ass, before peeling Sean's dick out of his pants and going down on him. Sean soon takes her from behind. She goes down on him before taking a seat in POV RC which isn't all that well captured as you can mostly only see Leah's bumcheeks bouncing. POV cowgirl is next, and again it's better at first but not nearly as good as in Brooke's scene at the start of the film, and not really my thing at all after a short while. Sean jerks a tiny load onto Leah's face and the scene ends.

Leah's look really didn't do much for me, though she did have a nice body and she gets kudos from me for having bothered to shave her pubic hair into the shape of a heart. I just found the braces a constant distraction. From a technical standpoint this scene is almost as good as the previous two, but just didn't work for me at all.

Scene 4:
Melissa Lauren, Sean Michaels.
POV, Facial.

Many ADT readers will already be familiar with Melissa. This title was shot before her boobjob, during the time where she wore her hair dyed a dark purple-red and had pierced nipples. Melissa is wearing a very high pair of pastel pink heels and black fishnets, pink short shorts, a pink and black bra and a patent leather dog collar with a loop for a chain on it. The scene starts with a pan up from those aforementioned heels which stops to linger on Melissa's butt before making its way up to her face. They have a chat, then the camera roams over Melissa's body and we cut to her on her knees, breasts out over the bra, and peeling Sean's dick out from his pants with much licking and smiling at the camera. Melissa gives a good BJ to Sean, while maintaining a smiling demeanour and eye contact to the camera, whether it's being held in the POV position at the time or not. She stands, smiles, peels off her short shorts and goes back down on Sean, more vigorously this time.

Next up, Sean decides to slip it in, starting with the missionary position while now-naked Melissa appears to be balancing on her back atop some bar stools. Such is kitchen sex, I suppose. Melissa turns over to her front, pointing her butt and pussy at Sean, who then impales her butthole with his cock, slowly at first and then with a little more vigor, though Sean still only manages to get about 1/3 of himself in there and about half on the second try. Again though, this was not shot from a POV perspective. Anal cowgirl is next up, and if only there was more light present it would have been great. Despite being POV cowgirl, Melissa and Sean position themselves so it has the appearance of RAC and shows off Melissa's body very well. She jumps off his pole and jerksucks him, than stands above him and rubs herself before sitting back down for more POV anal cowgirl.

Then we cut to Sean jerking a typically-small load onto Melissa's tongue, her sucking him a little and letting it drip down her chin. Except.. they're in a different room, and Melissa is now wearing a little mesh top.

Overall a pretty good scene. Melissa seemed more sedate than usual, but then so would you be if you were perched precariously atop some bar stools while being shagged. I'm also not a fan of the rough stuff, which Melissa's scenes can sometimes contain so the lack of it here was also a positive. Not much of it was shot POV, so it could be a disappointment to true POV fans. The poor lighting at the end of the scene was disappointing, and the popshot was just strange, as it was clearly shot some time before or after the actual scene.

Scene 5:
Lisa Marie, Sean Michaels.
POV, Vibe, "Squirting", Facial.

Lisa Marie is a young-looking and very pretty girl with a lithe body and natural breasts. She has longish dyed-red hair with blonde highlights. She also has a tribal tattoo on her lower back peeking out between her sheer orange top and panties. She walks around upstairs, giggles and shows off her breasts and pussy and butt before peeling off her top and laying back on the couch and masturbating, then peeling off her panties and letting her fingers do the walking. Sean's crotch walks into frame and Lisa naturally rubs her face against his jeans until she unleashes the beast and starts the sucking (which as usual is not shot from a POV perspective.) Lisa tries to go deep, but she just can't deepthroat a cock that size. Sean eventually changes to the POV and Lisa gives a good looking extended BJ to Sean, making lots of eye contact with the camera while diddling herself.

She presents her backside to the camera and Sean enters her pussy from behind which despite not being POV for the most part is nonetheless well captured. Lisa seems to enjoy herself, even fucking Sean back by bouncing against his cock. POV Cowgirl is next, and once again looks good though it's a little short. More missionary next, and Sean even gives her a little head before going back to the poking, almost balls deep. There's a break next, Lisa stands and poses, then starts on herself with a red jelly vibe while Sean beats his meat. Lisa pisses, uh, "squirts" on the camera lens and then lays there for a time. Eventually, we cut to a bit later (the lighting is different) and we see Sean jerk a large-for-Sean load onto Lisa's face and mouth, and she gives him some post-cum head

Once again, a pretty decent scene. The squirting segment did less than nothing for me but Lisa is a sexy girl and took Sean's meatpole like a champ. I'm not sure what the deal is with the disjoined cumshots though, a more organic end to the scenes would be a lot more satisfying for the viewer.

Bonus Scene:
Courtney Cummz, Sean Michaels
POV, Cumshot in mouth.

Courtney has a very pretty face topping her naturally lithe, natural-breasted body. Her hair is mostly dark brown, but with many blonde highlights which makes her look blonde oftentimes. She's wearing rings in her pierced nipples and also has on a diamante-studded choker with a number of loops for a leash. She's wearing a black corset with a pink plaid micro-skirt and heels. Courtney jokes with Sean that he's never had a chance to suck on her nipples by himself until today. She rubs her pussy revealing her clit piercing before bending over to show off the very nice view. Sean slaps her ass hard a number of times then drips a gob of spit down her asshole and pussy. Courtney fingers her butthole before the camera cuts to her standing over Sean and fingering herself from several angles, before going down, unbuckling Sean's pants and sucking his semi-hard cock until it's quite engorged. She pulls Sean's pants off and gives him a quality blowjob (hey, she has a stud in her nose!) which Sean manages to keep in the POV perspective except for the sideways angle.

After an excellent BJ, Courtney gets off of Sean and sits on the couch to masturbate herself (she has an ankle tattoo as well). She masturbates while we see Sean pulling himself in the foreground. More oral is next, this time shot from a side view as well as POV. Courtney has some nice hand action at work as well. She stands up, then bends over on the couch again showing off her great looking pussy and ass ..and then we cut to more blowjob-in-progress and Sean pulls his trademark tiny load into her mouth.

For the first time ever, I was really enjoying a Seam Michaels POV scene (I reviewed this scene first), but the credit here has to go to Courtney for some damn fine cocksucking as opposed to Sean for handling the camera in a mostly-competent manner. I couldn't work out why this scene was a bonus scene until it ended suddenly without any actual fucking happening. The scene score reflects the scene being a BJ-only scene when the viewer will watch and really want to see Courtney fucked good and proper, though it should be noted that the scene still scored higher than the average full porn scene based entirely on the quality of Courtney's blowjob skills.. A real shame about the fucking though, since she looked red hot here. I can really see why ZT decided to keep Courtney. She manages to look both cute and nasty and fucking hot all at once and that comes across much better in the moving picture than in stills (it's usually the other way around).

Well, after having seen Sean Michaels POV 1 and 2 before this I was really pleasantly surprised. The improvement seen in this series just blows the previous ones out of the water. The lighting is better, the camerawork is better, the girls are overall much better looking and the action just seems somehow more involved. Some issues remain though, more than half of the action isn't actually shot from a POV perspective and Sean's popshots are still weak, but the overall presentation and quality is much better, to the point where the lack of POV isn't a big deal to me, at least. The scenes suffered a little from being formulaic (aside from the "squirting", and I guess that's a hard problem to avoid when you have a series with one male performer as the cameraman working with 5 or 6 different women, but I felt like something could have been varied a little while still maintaining heat and interest. Overall though, this was a pretty decent DVD, and one I can recommend watching

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