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Black Dick In Me: P.O.V.

Black Dick In Me: P.O.V.

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Interracial , POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for Black Dick In Me: P.O.V.:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Black Dick In Me: P.O.V. overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Black Dick In Me: P.O.V. Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Black Dick In Me: P.O.V. Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Black Dick In Me: P.O.V. Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Black Dick In Me: P.O.V. Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black Dick In Me: P.O.V. DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Dick In Me: P.O.V. A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  5/22/2005
Black Dick in Me P.O.V.

Directed By: PXP/Sean Michaels


Initial Thoughts: POV or (Point of View) sex, is all the rage these days, just about every studio out there has alteast one line featuring footage of the guys eye view to porn, and some go out further than that. It's becoming more and more common to see directors and studios branch out and find a niche withing the niche, and to develope a style more to thier own. This disc specialising in Interracial POV, with Sean Michaels being your virtual dick in this case. An outstanding group of babes to enjoy in this up close and personal view too, (when you can put Courtney Cummz in a disc as a bonus girl, your doing alright). The style is a little of the same and a little different, it is not always true POV, but mostly it is, there are a few shots and angles that are almost a POV from Seans cock, and there are some extreme closeup shots, some of them work really well and some of them don't. There is a nice bit of tease footage, and the whole running flow of the disc is a bit on the teaser and softer side of things, which is mostly well done and hot. The extras are nice, and outside of some technical issues that need to be addressed, this disc has a lot to like.

Technical Considerations: This is where most of the disc's problems lie, but everything is correctable the next time around. The camera just moved around too much for me, it would be on the side, then in true POV, then extreme closeup, then something else, It was also a bit jumpy for my tastes from time to time, I just thought it could have been smoother and shot choices could have been better, there were some nice shots like the occasional closeup and some varrying POV oddity shots that were quite unique and well done, and that redeemed the problems some, but I think it just did not come together as a whole as well as it could have. Picture quality is a little fuzzy, sound was generally good, lighting had some issues, with some of the scenes being pretty dark, and some shadow problems, I think they went for a more natural light look on occasion, but there just was not enough light to pull it off, and a couple scenes ended up inconsistent, but they still were not all that bad. Editing did not flow that well either, with cuts from sex, to tease, and back again, it just felt too abrubt. Menu's were nice and well layed out.

Condom Usage: None

Disc Duration: 174 minutes

Feature: 132 minutes

Extras: 42 minutes


Scene Breakdown


Scene 1: Brooke and Sean Michaels

Duration: 23:12 mins

Position Chronology: Sexy chat, posing in hot outfit, stripping, she plays with her boobs and rubs her muff, She blows him, doggy vag, PTM, cowgirl vag, missionary vag, reverse cowgirl vag, he spunks on her face, she plays with the cum.

Scene Thoughts: I have been waiting for this day for a while, the day Brooke got fucked by a big black dick. Technically that day happened months ago, but this is the first I am seeing of it, so it counts. This woman drives me nuts, she is so pretty, she has a great body, and those titties are beyond words. She does the POV thing well too, kind of keeping an eye on Sean and the other to play to the camera. There is not constant true POV, with numerous side shots and the like, but most of the action is true, I like some of the shots, and it is a bit zoomed in, but that helps in this scene to just show off the luscious curves on Brookes body, the ass, the breasts, there is no bad spot on this woman. The chemistry is solid her and Brooke really has a nice and sexy yet sweet persona throughout. doggy vag is a great treat, and she gets a nice shot of ball batter to her gorgeous face. Hot scene.


Scene 2: Destiny Summers and Sean Michaels

Duration: 23:39 mins

Position Chronology: Outside in the rain, changes outfits, sexy silver dress, posing, teasing with her tits, she sucks his dick, no hands BJ, double handjob BJ, she masturbates on the bed, missionary vag, she rubs her muff, doggy vag, PTM, doggy vag on the couch, he cums on her face. she kisses his dick.

Scene Thoughts: Poor little Destiny is out in the pooring rain and looking for some shelter, her curly hair and big natural tits are gonna be in danger of getting seriously wet in a minute, but Sean lets her in and even gets her in a barely covering outfit after she flashed him outside for access. She quicky decides to entertain herself and Sean at the same time, and soon enough, the has those lips wrapped around his shaft. This whole scene moved along at kind of a teaser pace. Slow and soft, Destiny teased the camera a bit, and Sean, but there was not a huge amount of chemistry present, but I think it is more the format not showing the potential than the performers. Again there is a mix of POV, zoomed in, and side angle shots. It flows pretty well and Destiny is a knockout, It's a hot enough scene with a solid facial, spritzing Destiny's face, but there was just something missing that kept this one from reaching maximum potential.


Scene 3: Leah Luv and Sean Michaels

Duration: 24:53 mins

Position Chronology: Posing by the windown, she pulls up some of her lingerie, teasing with her tits and pussy, she crawls on all fours over to Sean, she sucks and strokes his cock, on her knees BJ, double handjob, crawling, doggy vag, BJ, reverse cowgirl vag, cowgirl vag, she masturbates on the couch, he cums in her mouth and on her lips, she swallows, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Leah has developed a bit since I last saw her, her face has filled out a little and she has left that barely legal teen look a little behind, and now is looking like one hot young woman, the perky little tits, petite frame and those cute braces are still there for the enjoyment. She looks outstanding in some hot black with blue trim lingerie. This is another teaser style scene, Leah does some nice pussy teasing and crawls around, and there are some breaks to reintroduce the tease with her away from Sean and then moving back in for some lovin. The visual chemistry is better in this scene though, and Leah has some great energy and is quite good with her moaning and facial expressions as she really gets into riding his big black dick. The camera moved around a bit too much at times in this one, and I did not care for the way the facial was shot as much of the landing area, and Leah's pretty face was out of the picture. Not a bad scene though at all.


Scene 4: Melissa Lauren and Sean Michaels

Duration: 23:07 mins

Position Chronology: Posing, ass shaking, she chats and shows off more of her hot body, she rubs her pussy a bit, she blows him, she strips some of her outfit and goes back to sucking cock, missionary vag, doggy anal on a bar stool, cowgirl anal, ATM, cowgirl anal, he cums on her tongue and chin, BJ cleanup, she lets the cum dribble down onto her tits.

Scene Thoughts: Melissa has on a sexy pink outfit with pink platform boots, she has black hair with red highlights this time around, and I'm really loving that hair color change of hers, I think for some reason it brings out the beauty in her face a little better than the blonde hair did, and she didn't need the help to begin with, but she is one hot little tart. Nice teasing again in this scene, and she does a great job of being sexy to the camera, and yet keeping up some chemistry with Sean, the doggy anal on the stool was particularly hot. Melissa gives us the first POV anal of the disc, and she is her usual energetic self, with a nice performace in the scene. This scenewas quite dark, with a more natural light approach, but the lighting was very uneven in the latter part of the scene, but it wasn't a major distraction. Melissa does a nice cum handling job too as Sean paints her tongue and she dribbles it down onto her tits and gives us a smile. Pretty hot scene.


Scene 5: Lisa Marie and Sean Michaels

Duration: 32:51 mins

Position Chronology: She walks up the stairs, from behind walking shots, she pops out her tits and shows off her pussy, she rubs her pussy and strips, on her knees, BJ, she rubs his dick on her tits, doggy vag, cowgirl vag, she rubs her clit, She uses a vibrator on her clit while Sean masturbates, she squirts all over the camera lense, he cums on her face, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Lisa in a orange and yellow night dress and panties is a sight to see. She has her hair done with blonde and redish highlights, and man is she sexy. She joins the list like the others of being given some good tease time, and she makes the most of it, really showing us that great body of hers in detail. Again the flow of the scene is more aimed at teasing than it is outright sex, we get tease and solo time with Lisa, then some sex, then back to solo work, in fact they fuck for a while, then she does some lengthy solo work with a dildo, and Sean just pulls up and pops on her face with a decent load. But there is no real build up in terms of the sex, and although there is a lot of hot footage, the scene really lacks rhythm. Lisa does a fine job of keeping us entertained though, and the sex stuff is pretty solid, with Lisa knowing how to work the POV camera quite well.


Extra Stuff

Bonus Scene: Courtney Cummz and Sean Michaels: Courtney in courset and short miniskirt, she poses and teases, she rubs her muff, fingers her ass, she masturbates for him, she sucks his cock, ball sucking, she masturbates and alternates sucking Seans dick, he cums in her mouth, BJ cleanup, swallow. 22:30 mins. God this woman is sexy. hot BJ scene.

Behind the Scenes: Brooke naked and trying on clothes, interview, teasing, Leah nude interview and teasing, Lisa Marie gets naked and tries on some clothes, poses in torn fishnets, 11:53 mins.

Trailers: "Teen Fuck Holes", "The Whore Next Door", "Baker's Dozen 3", "Firebush 2".

Photo Gallery: 35 snaps of the hardcore action and posing from the feature.

Other Extras: Cumshot Recap and Website info.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

As far as being a hot title, "Black Dick in Me POV" does pretty well, the cast is really something, and they all are dressed in hot outfits and there is a great amount of hot tease footage. On the POV sex side, there were some faults, mainly in the flow and on the technical side, but in the same regard that I did not care for several of them, on atleast a few of the issues, some people may like the changes or may not mind them nearly as much as I did. There were also some nice touches like the zoom closeup and a few shot choices out of the ordinary. If your looking for 100% POV, this is not quite up to par there, there are a lot of shots and angles used that are not POV at all, so keep that in mind, however it is still primarily a POV title that just uses a few different angles and shot choices, most POV lines do this, I just thought this one used more than normal outside POV shots. However that slight difference may be a a big plus to many of you POV fans looking for something a little different. It has good extras and it's a very solid disc worthy of purchase, but I think a fair number may want to rent first. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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