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Black Bottom Girls

Black Bottom Girls

Studio: Vouyer Media
Category:  Black
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Black Bottom Girls:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Black Bottom Girls overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Black Bottom Girls Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Black Bottom Girls Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Black Bottom Girls Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Black Bottom Girls Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black Bottom Girls DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Bottom Girls A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  3/6/2007
Black Bottom Girls
Prologue Jack Napier, sometimes known as "The Biggest Dick in Porn" (according to West Coast Productions, anyway), has moved on over to the fledgling Vouyer Media. I haven't paid much attention to his directorial efforts in the past, but his personal appeal as a performer is obvious. Jack has a roster of sweet Sistas here. Sydnee Capri and Jazmine Cashmere share a scene. That's a grabber right there. If Jack is the meat in that sandwich, he better have taken his vitamins. Ariel Alexus is also teamed up with another girl, Diamond Star. Aurora Jolie is touted as an 18 yr old vaginal virgin. I don't think she's losing that cherry here, either, but that just means more ass for Jack. Hot little Dena Caly and complete unknowns (to me), Anndriena and Mahlia Milian round out a large and interesting cast. I'm thinking this could be a lot of fun.
The video opens with a montage of some booty shaking by the delicious Ariel Alexus and her partner Diamond Star. Jack introduces us to his film and name checks a couple of rappers who glorified big booty. He goes out to the pool to fetch the girls inside. They're amused by his playful innocence and fixation on their asses. Jack discovers Ariel's got a treasure chest up top and she suggests that he may need an inhaler, as he's starting to hyperventilate from the excitement. Diamond's got nice ones also, but mainly she's bootilicious. Jack's stretching out the tease as he has Diamond slowly peel her shorts off. While that's happening, Ariel is getting acquainted with Jack Jr. She looks a little apprehensive when she sees how big he is soft, but that doesn't stop her from working it with her mouth. Diamond is masturbating and watching, waiting her turn to suck dick. Ariel peels and Diamond sucks. Back to Ariel who seems determined to get Jack rock hard, then Diamond joins in for ball washing. The girls trade off and Diamond seems to be as interested in watching Ariel as Jack is to fuck her. Ariel gives him a little titty fuck and some more head before Diamond gets her poon turned out in doggy. Jack's not dealing with solid wood but there's still enough to make her squeal. Ariel sucks his dick out of her pussy, then gives up her tight little fuckhole in doggy. She fucks back and demands he give it to her hard and fast, spanking her muscular ass. They move over to Diamond so Ariel can play with her friend while getting railed. She sucks Jack's cock, then relinquishes it to Diamond, who rides in CG. Ariel takes a ride, then sideways mish for Diamond. Jack turns it into a scissor move, so he's buried about as deep as he can get. He rolls her up and pounds, Ariel jilling herself as a spectator. Diamond titty fucks him and there's a cut to Jack spanking it in front of their faces. He cums on Diamond's face, disappointing nasty Ariel. She rubs her face on Diamond's to make up for it, then Jack says their not done yet. Unfortunately, he's done with them and on to his next meeting.
There just wasn't enough here for two women. Jack had typical wood problems, and by the time he had it all worked out, the scene was over. Ariel was wasted here. She demands one on one attention, as Jack barely scratched her surface. Diamond got the stiffer dick and a pretty savage fuck. Loved her sweet, sexy voice.
Mahlia Milian in a quick montage, strutting it by the pool and in the house. Jack acting goofy as he introduces the scene. Mahlia's a girl from a popular rap video, according to Jack. I think he's alluding to "Tip Drill", but I'm not sure. She's a pretty baby, 21 yrs old, with a lean upper body, nice tits and an ass that's full of jiggle. Jack paws the nervous Mahlia reverentially, and she's acutely aware of the camera as she sits in his lap. She's curious about Jack's size and plays it like she's got no clue what she's in store for. Says she has a tight vagina. That's going to be past tense after this scene. Pulling out his soft dick, Mahlia figures she's alright with it. Her head goes in his lap and she begins the process of bringing life to the beast. Half hard and Mahlia's starting to voice concern about her poor pussy. Way too much eye contact with the camera when her attention should be on the fat cock in her mouth. Some good oral moves when she's attentive. It gets better when Jack instructs her on what he wants, but boring when she's allowed to drift. After this mostly uninspired cocksucking, Jack sets Mahlia up on an "L" shaped couch, unveiling her ass while she's propped on all fours. He eases his dick into her, doggystyle, and lets Mahlia fuck back to adjust. She's leaking copiously on the fat cock in no time. He sits back on the couch with Mahlia still impaled and lets her ride in RC. P2M on the rubbery snake. Spoon, with Mahlia showing off her dancer's flexibility. Jack gets his rhythm and digs in deep. Cut to a mish insertion. Soft dick and slow start before Jack starts to lengthen out and touch Mahlia's secret places. Pushups to climax, Jack aiming for her face and missing entirely as his load drops on her chest. I'm not the only one disappointed with the pop shot as Mahlia complains about wanting more cum. Jack her her close her eyes and he calls in some meat puppets to glaze her face. Four loads later and Mahlia's satisfied.
This scene just doesn't cut it. Mahlia needs to turn her attention to her partner, who needs to start taking Viagra. Hopefully, she'll stick around and get reamed by guys like Mike Stefano and Mark Ashley.
Jack is shooting pool with a friend, CJ Wright, who tells him that this is the most excitement he's had in days. Jack says he's got a performer from a popular rap video coming over. No sooner does he speak than Aurora Jolie walks in. Thick in all the right places and bestowed with generous ass and boobs, Aurora is oh so fetching in a pink bikini. She shoots some pool with the boys, and the camera is as up her ass as the boys are going to be. Game finished, it's time to check this young beauty out. Jack intimates that Aurora is still a virgin and CJ is skeptical. Aurora says she's never had a boyfriend. Hence, no opportunity. That's not to say she hasn't had sex before, just not vaginally. Her tits come out, along with her secrets. Aurora is a technical virgin who practices anal sex. CJ feels validated. He also sees his dry streak ending very soon. Jack is feigning disappointment in her, but Aurora's mouth on his dick makes him feel much better about her. She tugs and sucks him hard while CJ gets busy in the lower forty. He just goes right up her ass. Aurora fucks back on the big dick, keeping Jack's bigger one in her mouth like a pacifier. It's all short strokes, and there's about three inches of dick left to be buried. They spend a lot of time in the rotisserie position before putting Aurora on her side for the anal penetration. CJ keeps prodding away at the tight sleeve, but he's not getting much more depth. Jack's cock is just a mouth prop to muffle her moans. With the help of more lube and Jack providing a diversion by being a little more demanding, CJ just about gets in to the hilt. When he pulls out she fingers the dirt hole, and upon mish reentry, Aurora howls and squeals. A2M. Back to mish, and quickly another A2M. Rinse and repeat. She wants the guys to cum on her tits but neither of them look even close to finished. After an edit, CJ is splashing his seed on Aurora's big tit target. Jack has a few meager drops ooze out of his underworked cannon and Aurora tries to deepthroat the PCH.
In an industry where girls are pushed into anal sex too soon, Aurora stands as counterpoint. She has a well earned reputation as a lame fuck, and to my mind, it's because she hasn't yet explored the basics of vaginal sex and real pleasure. I can understand, if not agree with, the concepts of technical virginity, but unless she's against it, they should at least eat her pussy, if not finger and play, up to breaking the hymen. She needs to get her mind and body warmed up before engaging in this extreme act physically and emotionally unprepared. This scene was a total dud.
This video needs a save here, and the big guns are lined up to shoot this off into another stratosphere. Sydnee Capri and Jazmine Cashmere are up. Two hellcats. Bootilicious and wild, Jack walks in on them getting frisky with each other. He gets them to introduce themselves and Jazmine acknowledges, happily, that he has a big assed dick. He checks out their asses, no shortage here, especially Sydnee's. Jazmine points out that Sydnee has a phat pussy as well, and punctuates her discovery with a tongue through the slit. Jack whips it out and Jazmine runs from slit to prick and back. She relinquishes the cock to Sydnee's hungry mouth and goes back to eating her friend. No shallow sucking here, and Jazmine soon joins in with a great attempt at deep throat. The girls are vocal and thoroughly engaged in their play, sharing and supporting each other. Jazmine pulls off Sydnee's top and sucks on her "Hershey's Kisses", a fine description of her pretty, little tits. Jazmine's enhanced rack gets attention while she breathes life into Jack's dick. He pulls off her bottoms and feeds it to her doggy. It's like turning the ignition on a car as Jazmine rocks back on the hardening tool. P2OGM as Sydnee keeps her head on Jazmine's ass. She fucks back hard and Sydnee spanks the wanton slut. Jack remembers this is smorgasbord and he peels Sydnee's shorts off to give her pussy a prod. Jaz has to taste her own pussy first, then make another attempt at stuffing him all the way into her throat before Sydnee gets some dick in doggy. Jack gets a nice deep stroke going, with Sydnee moaning in pleasure and Jazmine telling him to make her cum. P2OGM and back to doggy. Sydnee's pussy juice coats Jack's dick and both girls suck it off. Mish for Sydnee, the long pokes making her back arch. Jazmine's right there with her fingers, mouth and encouragement. Sweet Sydnee is leaving plenty of taste on the dick for Jazmine to enjoy. Penetration shot in RCA for Sydnee, super hot as she bounces wildly and Jazmine sticks her tongue in the juicy pussy. These girls are charging each other up and Jack is pounding freely in Sydnee's rectum. A2OGM, then it's Jazmine's turn in an up and over doggy anal penetration. Slow entry, but easy access. Jack goes sideways trying to stuff his balls in there and Jaz goey hyperdrive fucking back. Both girls suck him off and back to doggy anal. Jazmine's ass is out of control as she pumps and swirls, then just sets up like a hot target as Jack lets out all his frustrations. Sydnee lays back down for mish anal, Jaz providing the spit lube. More long stroking as the greasy dick bats around her entrails. Sydnee's not running either, as her ass seeks out the penetration, moving into his thrusts. She locks her legs behind her arms and opens up completely for Jack to fuck as hard as he likes. A2OGM, Sydnee demanding the dick back in. Jazmine jills Sydnee so she can get off while Jack is pumping hard. Her body spasms on the big cock in ultimate pleasure and Jaz sucks the cock and the hole it came out of. She tosses Sydnee's salad and finger fucks the dirty hole, with Jack sticking a couple of fingers in her pussy for the digital dp. Jazmine sucks Jack down almost to the short hairs, then climbs on his cock in CG anal. She really puts it on him, pumping and swirling, then squatting balls deep. Sydnee checks her gape and spits into the open hole. Quick cut to Jack spanking over their faces. He gives them a little tongue cream to share and Sydnee gargles with hers. A cumswap with Jazmine gargling and frothing for more sharing. The scene ends with the girls looking far from finished with each other, and Jazmine asking Jack if he has more to give.
So many times you see two girls in a scene and they might have well be in different time zones. Not here. These ladies are on fire, loving each other, and Jack's dick. He may be rubbery at times, but they know how to keep him up, and more importantly, genuinely want to. They surrender to their lust and create a scene that I wished would never end. Great scene!!!
Mocha skinned, 19 yr old Anndriena is slithering out by the pool. She's all legs and lean, but has one of those high asses that jut out of her tiny body and really grab your attention. Jack carries her into the house and does a finite inspection, commenting on her DSL's. And I'm not talking about her internet connection. Aside from the need for a little grille work, Anndriena is cute as a button. Jack questions her sexual proclivities, and despite a definite lack of experience, she seems to have a good sense of adventure. Favorite position is doggystyle. Jack is itching to test her lips out. Jack pulls it out soft and non threatening, Anndriena wrapping her mouth around it confidently. He lengthens and thickens fairly quickly as she does a slow bob on about a third of his pipe. Anndriena could use more energy and Jack could be talking to her, but he just lets her flounder for awhile. Too much eye contact with the camera and too little focus on the sucking, especially after she drops her drawers and kneels before him to ostensibly step things up. There's so little noise coming from either of them, you'd think they were in church, when Jack finally breaks the spell and pulls Anndriena on top of him for a CG penetration. Her ass looks stunning as she gets her little pink slit stuffed by the rubbery cobra. It looks extremely tight, but proves to be pretty deep as Anndriena lays her ass down on him and takes the cock balls deep and showing a great deal of energy. The freak comes out and she takes it from a few angles to hit all her spots and make use of the xxxtra large unit. Jack turns her on her back for mish and Anndriena gets a dreamy look on her face as Jack hits it hard. He shifts her onto her side and she wants him to make her ass bounce from the banging. Up and over doggy with a big pussy gape when Jack pulls out. Rubber rules as Jack struggles to regain his form coming off an edit. Anndriena helps by fucking back and keeping him lodged deep. The harder that dick hits her, the better she likes it, as her vocals attest. The pounding literally knocks her bathing suit top off and Anndriena has adorable little tits. The roll into spoon and Anndriena is proving what a size queen she is by demanding it all as deep as possible. The hot chatter and tight pussy get Jack up to speed and Anndriena is barely in control of her legs. She can feel him getting ready and wants to know where he's cumming, inviting an internal discharge. Jack pulls out and lays it on her tongue and lower mouth. Anndriena laps it up and says it taste good.
As with almost every scene here, Jack has wood problems, but Anndriena proves to be something of an aphrodisiac, and genuinely likes the big dick. She's got a great deal of potential and I hope to see more of her.
Bonus Scene We get a bonus with lollipop sucking Dena Caly. She approaches Jack in POV, making him check out her black bottom. She pops and claps her sweet cheeks, then trades her lollipop for Jack's. He must be extra attracted to Dena because his junk is fully engorged in no time. The camera starts moving around and Dena is making some deep dives on his dick. Her top comes off to free her perfect little teacup titties. Jack stands and Dena sucks like a hungry little cock monster, stroking and slobbering and running her tongue jewelry over it. She starts stroking her pussy and tugging on her tits as she gets more excited about the work. Dena rubs the drool into her skin and gets sat on the floor with her head back for a skullfuck. Jack is very gentle and decidedly rubbery, but I give Dena credit for having lots of guts because of what might have been. She starts sucking on it like a teat with mother's milk, then Jack goes completely up and over to squat fuck her face. He finishes off by cumming on her tits. He plays with her a little and promises to see Dena again, this time for a full scene.
Dena's a hot little freak and carries this little scene through Jack's travails.
Epilogue In wrapping this review, I find myself in the uncomfortable position of dwelling on the male performer. Seeing that Jack is in every scene, and the nominal director, how he goes, so goes the production. I think Jack needs to take stock of himself. What once was an unfortunate tendency has reached epidemic proportions, and if he's going to continue on this way, his popularity will dwindle accordingly. I don't know what it will take, ED drugs,more rest, hypnosis, more sympathetic casting, whatever. He fights for wood so much that he might as well have a five inch dick. Almost no long strokes to provide the spectacle that's always implied by his presence. It's true that he's still bigger than most, even half hard, and the girls can obviously feel it. It just isn't playing to the camera properly. Also, as a director, he should be taking much more control of his scenes from within. Otherwise, credit the cameraman with the job he's obviously doing. Jack is playing with mostly fresh talent and he's not instructing them at all. I know that a lot of people like eye contact with the camera, and there's a lot of that here, but there's a major difference between looking at the camera for direction and looking through the camera at the audience and flirting with them. The really hot, confident women know when to focus on the job at hand and when to slyly gaze at the camera, seemingly saying: "Look at the dirty things I do for your pleasure". These young girls don't have a clue. That's not to say that there weren't some good things happening here. Ariel Alexus and Diamond Star put in a credible scene. Anndriena showed a lot of spunk. The less said about Mahlia and Aurora's scenes, the better. Sydnee Capri and Jazmine Cashmere put on a clinic. They used Jack like a big prop and turned it into Sistas doin' it for themselves. I can't say enough about those two. They pulled this production out of the dung heap and gave it a scent of respectability.
The Disk There's a BTS, photos, and trailers, along with the bonus blow job. This was Anndriena's second day on the job.
Recommendation Most of this isn't enough to warrant a positive recommendation, but the scene with Jazmine and Sydnee demands to be seen. Rent it, and thank me later.

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