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Black Ballin' (Platinum X)

Black Ballin' (Platinum X)

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Classic
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Black Ballin' (Platinum X):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Black Ballin' (Platinum X) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Black Ballin' (Platinum X) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Black Ballin' (Platinum X) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Black Ballin' (Platinum X) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Black Ballin' (Platinum X) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black Ballin' (Platinum X) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Ballin' (Platinum X) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  11/9/2005
Prologue Sean Michaels introduces a new title aimed at presenting the fine black women of porn. On the cover is Erika Kane, who looks good enough to eat. There are a couple of women who are very new to me like Nyla and Tika, but they're propped up by Jada Fire, Carmen Hayes, Jemini, and the return of Obsession. Looks like a good cast and I'm hopeful for some erotic fireworks.
Erika Kane makes her way slowly down some stairs. She is a beautiful Sista with straight black hair, slim curves and gorgeous breasts. She's carrying an eight ball, which will probably be an icon for this title, and running it across her mammaries. The ball gets run up the crack of her pink pantied ass (French cut. I like.) Sean's hand cups said firm globes and he turns her to enjoy those fine tits. He's going to get as much mileage as he can out of them and the eight ball as it gets squeezed between her boobs and Sean fondles and plays. Her panties come off and Erika sinks to her knees, admiring Sean's weapon through his suit pants. She looks like a kid unwrapping a present on Christmas Day as his cock gets pulled out, and takes a big draw of it into her mouth. Sean likes it deep and Erika appears to like taking it deep and slow. She knows this cock'll touch her special places and wants it as big and hard as she can get it. He pulls her over to an easy chair and stabs her in doggy with his pussy wrecker. Some spanking that Erika heartily approves of and her pussy is frothing like the steamer on a cappucino machine. Cunt cream is all over his cock with Erika fucking back at him. The move to RC and Erika's using every last millimeter and loving it. Her hips are moving in circles and she can't hide the smile on her face as Sean gets buried balls deep. She displays some bravado while grinding on Sean and telling him to say "Erika is great". He can hardly do anything but moan. P2M, and you know she left a lot of taste on that rod. Back to RC and a short bone stirring ride. Sean has her finger the pussy to prepare for a mish invasion. He mashes a tit as his prong gets wet and Erika is beside herself with pleasure. A stunned Ms. Kane gives Sean no hands P2M and acts like putty in his hands as he repositions for another doggy probe. He goes up and over with nature's call ringing in his ears. Erika gets to her knees, hands behind her back and tongue out. Sean drops a creamy load on her chin and tongue. She kisses the pleasuremaker and tells us her name again.
I love this type of scene. It's so rare in porn nowadays to see people actually having fun without the circus acts and extra nastiness. I need to see more of this beautiful woman.
The second scene starts with Carmen Hayes and Tika introducing themselves. Carmen needs no introduction for me. She has the most impressive natural rack in porn IMO. Tika looks Hispanic and she's mad cute. Carmen seems to have a strong Sapphic leaning as she takes charge of the little newbie. She snakes her tongue into Tika's bald snatch and Julian St. Jox joins in before things can really get started. He's looking dapper in a pin-striped suit and helping Carmen with the pussy snack. Her own ass gets licked and Julian gets out of his clothes fast to fully engage this duo. Carmen engulfs his shlong and Tika embraces her from behind. The bj is deep and wet but Carmen insists that Tika share. She's a tip sucker but keeps the cock busy while Carmen divests herself of her little blue dress. They do a tandem on Julian's shaft and balls before Carmen takes over and deep throats him. Tika climbs onto the hardened cock in CG and Julian feasts on Carmen's tits. She climbs onto his face as Tika lets her freak out on his dick. P2OGM for Carmen as her little friend deposits her flayva all over the cock. More P2OGM leading to Carmen riding in RC. Her flopping tit is smacking Tika in her face as she tries to get some licks in. Julian sticks his face in her hot snatch while Carmen rides away. She breaks a nice sweat from her workout and tastes her juices from his cock. Tika wants more dick and gets it as her back is arched over the armrest of the couch and she's in a position between mish and piledriver. She and Carmen share some nice kisses as her pussy gets plumbed. Carmen stays fully engaged in the scene with a tit in Tika's mouth, clit fingering and kisses with Julian. He fucks her in doggy as Tika adds her loving touches. Carmen's juicy pussy is making lovely squishing sounds as Julian pounds from behind. Tika rides in CG drawing a load out of Julian that Carmen is there to accept. Cum kisses over Julian's spent cock to end the scene.
I'm not a big fan of Julian but he has a great rapport with Carmen and this scene worked for me in the same way as the one before. Three people enjoying themselves to the fullest. Good interaction all the way through with Carmen taking the dominant role throughout.
The time has come to ratchet things up a notch and who better to accomplish that with than Jada Fire. She's in some elegant rags that elicit a "Damn!" from Sean, who's in pimp daddy attire on a couch. He gets his hands all over that body and has Jada gasping from the outset. No tease here as Jada's dress gets tossed off and Sean bends her over to toss some salad. Some spanking and Jada spreads her pink pussy while Sean feasts on her bung. Jada gets three fingers into her snatch, which sounds wet as hell. Sean's meatstick comes out and Jada slobbers all over it. Sean dredges her throat out and the saliva is all over her body. Swallowing, gasping and ball licking accompany this face fuck. Jada rides Sean's cock in RC, throwing that well used pussy on him, her body glistening from the messy bj. Sean eats her dickhole and spears her in mish. She's clearly riding the pleasure/pain tip and loving it as Sean probes deep enough to reach her ancestors. Jada's whimpering as Sean takes liberties with her cervix, then he orders her to take her shoes off for a foot job. He spreads her wide for more deep mish and turns her for doggy. Balls deep with a little extra push has Jada singing the praises of his chocolate dick. P2M, and Sean wants to know if her ass is ready. She says no, but sits on it just the same in RCA. They roll to spoon momentarily, then side entry mish for Sean to give her rectum a deep workout. Up and over doggy anal. Jada sucks his balls as he whacks off over her head, then she sucks her ass juice before another doggy anal penetration with Jada fucking back on him. Down to her knees, balls in her mouth, Jada calls for the cum. Sean pops his cookies over her mouth and tits. Not much volume, as is usually the case with him, but definitely heartfelt and intense as he calls out her name. PCH and nasty cumplay to end another good scene.
I love Jada and she always keeps me engaged with her trash talking. Sean seems to feel the same way and they were a good match here.
Another seriously beautiful woman, Jemini fills the screen. I don't even know what she was wearing it gets taken off so quickly. She pets her pretty pussy and declares herself ready to have some fun. Tee Reel and Julian St. Jox are clearly ready too, and if you've ever seen a pack of lions go after a fallen zebra you'd be able to picture their approach to Jemini. Mouths and hands are everywhere, then Tee whips his dick out for Jemini to suck. She gets to her knees and does them both, then gets Tee in doggy while sucking on a reclining Julian. She has the guys switch with Julian in mish as she brushes her teeth with Tee. More musical chairs as Tee gets the pussy in mish. P2M and a cut to CG on Julian as Tee gets head. After Jemini implores him not to stop, Julian gets a surprising burst of energy, pounding from underneath. RC on Tee as he works that hot pussy hard. Jemini sucks a softening Julian back, hopefully, to working order. Cut to CG and a mouthful of Julian for Jemini. She gets put on the rotisserie with Julian dogging from behind. Jemini looks to be having an orgasm and that's where there's a cut. I don't understand that editing decision. Spoon with Tee gets Jemini going again. Tee feels it too and pulls out for the pop shots. Julian gets off a nice one into her mouth and Tee can't get any airtime out of his as it runs down his hand. Jemini dribbles the nasty splooge onto her body.
Jemini isn't a dynamic enough performer to warrant two dicks and it doesn't help that one of them isn't very energetic either. This would have been a much better scene with just Tee Real fucking her.
It's good to see Obsession again. I don't know where she's been but this is a woman who always gave her all. She won't be doing anal here as her ass isn't ready for a big plunger like Sean's, but her oral skills are amongst the finest I've ever seen. She's in a black nightie with French cut panties. Must have been the theme of the shoot. Light skinned, thin, but sporting a lovely ass. Sean takes to licking and spanking that ass as he massages her cunt through the sheer material. He can't hide the bulge in his pants as Obsession turns to face him. She pulls her little tits out, adorned by rings. The big dick comes out to play and sweet Obsession savors it as she works it down her throat. She may be out of practice depth wise but her salivary glands are working overtime, and by Sean's moans, so is her tongue. Her panties come off and Obsession does some more throat fucking to lube the hard cock for an RC mount. She's another woman that likes to combine pleasure with her business and rides the cock in a way that touches all the special places. P2M leading to CG. The action is balls deep as Obsession leaves her cream on his cock. She fingers her ass just as a reminder of what an anal slut she usually is. Sean gives her tits some love and Obsession continues her dick dance. Cut to mish and another deep dicking. Pussy cream is all over Sean's dick as Obsession whimpers and moans. He cleans out the fuckhole with his tongue and jams his cock in again to make more mess. Obsession wriggles on the cock in delight as Sean visits her womb. She turns for doggy and more hot, deep thrusting. That's enough for Sean as he creams on Obsession's face. Sean leaves us with the hope that next time she gives up the ass. Obsession plays with the cum into the fade.
Another good scene with a woman getting pleasured. Welcome back, Obsession.
The bonus scene starts with Sean in a clinch with Nyla, another very pretty woman. She's sporting some nice back that Sean grabs a handful of. His cock comes out of his natty gray suitpants and Nyla pumps it into her mouth. Sean demands no hands, trying to finesse it deep into her throat. Nyla admits that it's more dick than she can handle but that doesn't stop her from trying. Her panties come off and Sean fingers her wet clam while Nyla clings to him. Her pink nightie, which had been pulled down to free her tits, is reset as she climbs on Sean's cock in CG. I think that's the first time I've ever seen anyone get dressed to fuck. Nyla leaves a trail of cream as Sean's cock explores uncharted territory. P2M and an RC mount. After a lot of "Oh, my god's!" and "Oh shits!", Nyla lays back for mish. She's tight and wet and cumming all over Sean's dick. He nails her to the couch with some long poling, pussy cream running into the crack of her ass. P2M on her knees, then a move to spoon. Doggy next as Nyla looks exhausted and out of control. She's a beautiful, wet mess and Sean keeps the pressure up finding more orgasms for her. A return to mish has Nyla cumming once more, then a pullout for Sean and a cumshot scattered across her tits and face. Listed as Nyla on the boxcover, she calls herself Nya at the end of the scene.
A fitting bonus scene that keeps up with the main feature. Nyla got turned out.
Epilogue This was a very good video with hot women having a great time fucking. This wasn't typical all anal, adrenaline rush, endorphin stoking fare from PXP. This was about having fun. Sean set the tone just right by leading off with Erika Kane. She has the face and body of a goddess, and the sexual appetite of a whore. I wonder if she can cook. That would just make her perfect. She pretty much just used Sean and left me a fan boi. Carmen Hayes doesn't let her ass get breeched (ever) but the girl has oodles of nasty in her and a body that could kill. I don't seek out lesbian action but the opening moments with Tika should have stretched out a little because Carmen looks like she's really into it and is a natural top. Before the video started to get too tame we had Jada Fire on the scene. She just goads and shit talks her way through an anal reaming and looked fabulous doing it. A slight misstep with Jemini, another beautiful woman, who isn't up for the wilder action and should be doing one on one's with a dominant male. Sean was probably saving his energy for Obsession. She's a little too thin and seems out of practice but her natural sexiness and nasty streak remain intact. She's still as hot as molten lava and I hope this is a new beginning for her. I want more Obsession. For the bonus, Sean gives Nyla (Nya?) the fucking of her young life. Some very real orgasms dotted the landscape of this hot scene. A thoroughly enjoyable show and a good time was had by all.
The Disk A photo gallery, trailers, cumshots, BTS and the bonus scene. Strangely, the screener I got was in a case designed for two disks, but I don't think anything is missing.
Recommendation While many would view this as a niche product, I can recommend it to anyone liking good looking women that fuck for the fun of it. No gaping assholes or huge cumshots. Just good, clean fun.

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