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Black Ass Addiction 4

Black Ass Addiction 4

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Black , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Black Ass Addiction 4:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Black Ass Addiction 4 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Black Ass Addiction 4 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Black Ass Addiction 4 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Black Ass Addiction 4 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Black Ass Addiction 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Black Ass Addiction 4 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Black Ass Addiction 4 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  4/26/2009

Prologue As a 12 stepper suffering from black ass addiction, a video like this taunts and tempts me into crossing over into the darkside yet again. It doesn't help that herein lies a scene with Kapri Styles, who's had papers on my heart since the first time I gazed at her adorable face and improbable ass. Jazmine Cashmere grabs some time here as well, and I've never known her to be anything less than scalding. And then there's Naomi Banxxx, her mature beauty adding extra class to the proceedings. Peppered in there are brand new (to me) chicks like Melody Nakai and Blu Diamond, whose cover photo makes her look like a younger version of Sinnamon Love, and Persuajon, whose been around a minute, but flown under my radar 'til now. All taking dick in their sweet asses. I like the possibilites and look forward to the exposition.
The video begins with the camera trained on youngster Melody Nakai dressed in schoolgirl tartan w/black net pantyhose adorned with a black patch covering her naughty bits. She's the picture of robust health and very cute, her big, sexy eyes tarted up for the shoot. And big hoop earrings. A favorite touch of mine. This is going to be her anal cherry popping, and Melody sounds pretty excited about it. She slides down the hose to display a meaty pussy (another favorite thing of mine), and a seemingly ready rectum. DeVoe has her finger her ass and frame her cameltoe. Melody spreads her phat pussy and lets out a little queef from the wet, pink horn of plenty. Alex starts moving her around the room for more poses, but I'm more than ready to see if she's as capable as she looks at taking on big dick. Mr. Marcus will supply the meat. He comes up behind her at the foot of the stairs and takes a taste of her tasty looking holes. He whips his cock out and lets Melody get him hard with her mouth. She shows some nice spirit, choking on the fat piece of meat and attacking with enthusiasm. Some face fucking and ball sucking, and a nice tone has been set right off the bat. Marcus marches her over to a settee for the fucking, which begins in doggy, and Melody's pussy is creaming on his cock from the outset. She has no trouble taking Marcus to the root, and to his credit, he tries to give her something extra. We're 24 minutes into the video and just getting a peek at Melody's plump tits. And they look real nice poking out of her white blouse. P2M, then she's in his lap for CG. They're keeping it real with her cunt cream coating his cock, and Melody working the big stiffy into all her happy places. She does some squat fucking that not only looks good, but threatens to drive Marcus over the edge. P2M befor negotiating the anal deflowering in RC. Melody gets dug out pretty well for a first timers before turning for CG anal, then side saddle, which is becoming a very popular position these days. Cut to face down, ass up doggy anal, Marcus' dick cutting through her anus like a hot knife through butter. Up and over, then flat on her belly, back up to asses high and Marcus has stirred around in there enough for a load place right on her tongue and a quick delivery to her belly.
This beautiful, plush young lady did everything right, starting with a nice bj and ending in a good natured swallow. She'll get better at the anal when she starts fucking back, but gave a very good accounting of herself regardless. Good scene.
Jazmine Cashmere, in a tight mesh top, is making out passionately with Prince Yahshua at the foot of the stairs that DeVoe is shooting down from. She pulls out his dick and squats for a heartfelt suck job. Two handed, sloppy, deep, bone inducing nasty. DeVoe gets behind her, of course, and we see her pretty pink panties disappear up her more than ample crack. A little ass tease as Jazmine climbs the stairs and Prince buries his face there when she makes the landing. She keeps the target right there and he mounts her in an up and over doggy. They fuck each other hard, then P2M precedes standing doggy w/one leg up on the rail for Jaz. Prince takes periodic tastes of her wet pussy and pretty bunghole, along with the occasional spank, just to let her know who's boss. He orders her down the stairs and admires the sexy bitch as she shakes her moneymaker on the way, then bends her over and mounts from a higher step. Prolonged high intensity slamming as their colliding flesh sings its happy tune. An oral reward for beating up that pussy just right, nasty with the spit and ball sucking. Prince sits on the stairs and Jazmine first contorts herself to suck him up harder, then lowers her hungry snatch over the pole.She fucks him every bit as hard as he fucked her, driving down like a steam shovel, then gripping and angling from every direction to feel the hard cock everywhere. It's super intense and hyper adrenalized as Jazmine lets it all hang out on Prince's cock. She squirts all over his leg and Prince responds by pounding from underneath and making a bigger wet mess. Deft editing as DeVoe has to clean his lens and picks them up from a higher perch. They keep going like this and HAZMAT better be on his speed dial. Prince picks Jaz up and fucks her over to a couch, which is conveniently covered. The mid-air fucking is good and I'm totally loving the way Jazmine is getting after this big dick. P2M bj with a very impressive deepthroat. Prince lets her take another CG ride, and Jazmine continues to get her freak on, squirting strongly again. And this is all just a warm up for anal, which is definitely on the menu. P2M on the piss and cum covered cock, with more deepthroat thrown in, then a standing 69. More nasty oral handiwork before Prince starts playing with the little hinder hole. Doggy entry, and a reaming that's every bit as intense as the pussy plowing that preceded it. Quick A2M, then RCA. Her big tits, stil enmeshed in her fishnet tank, are doing a dance of lust as Prince churns up the ass mayonnaise. Watching Jazmine swirl and grind on the greasy pole is porn gold. She mounts a dining room chair to present her ass in a small package for Prince to bugger. Deep and hard in that hot heinie with a howl as he gives her an emphatic slam. Jazmine gapes and blows lube bubbles, encouraging a continued railing and fucking back with gusto. Cut to CG anal penetration, Jazmine spreading wide for the fat cock. The way she works that dick over, it's a wonder Prince isn't leaving a big deposit in her colon. Up and down, side to side, circles. Ass gripping like a vise. A2M, with Jazmine expressing a fondness for her taste. More asshole CG is priming Prince's pump, and he lays his cock on Jazmine's outstretched tongue and lets her pump out the thick white load. PCH with her mouth full of cum. Show and swallow, and she sits back onto his still hard dick for some post pop pussy pleasing.
Wow! I'm officially launching a campaign for Jazmine Cashmere as porn's Most Underrated Player. Never a dull moment in this scene as she and Prince enact a scorched earth policy and burn the set down. Jazmine rarely gets a boxcover or pre release hype, but when I see her in a cast list, I know there's going to be one quality, high energy scene, and this one was the shit. Gotta love it.
It's hard to imagine slotting a scene behind Jazmine's, but if anybody can deliver on par, it's Kapri Styles. DeVoe starts her tease with the camera right up Kapri's celebrated ass. She's wearing fishnet stockings held by a measuring tape garter, and colorful panties that have a mesh crotch for her hot pussy to breathe. Blue is the dominant color of her outfit, from her short boots to the garter belt and piping on Kapri's mesh top and panties, as well as her eye shadow. The girl, as always, looks lethal, from her long legs to her sexy eyes. The tease is leisurely and begs for some interaction as Kapri takes it from the stairs to a glass table. Kapri goes station to station in the kitchen, posing by every appliance, table, and chair, giving us her booty from every conceivable angle. She finally sashays into the dining room where CJ Wright awaits. He puts her over his lap and surveys her butt like it was the eighth wonder of the world, which it may very well be. He tastes those mocha cones, and as best as I can describe, he makes love to those wonderous cheeks before diving in to the moist crack. This is ass worship as CJ runs his tongue from pubic mound to tailbone in one swoop several times. Kapri props it up on a table for him and it's Christmastime for ass lovers. After he's got her swooning, he pulls his dick out and Kapri can at least try to return the favor. The bj is wet and sloppy, and sometimes deep. Give Kapri an "A" for effort and enthusiasm before laying her trunk on the table and serving up her rear for CJ's doggy entrance. And he goes searching for her bottom right away, churning up the sweet cunt cream. CJ responds to nature's sign that all systems are go and he can drill her hot hole to heart's content. And he does. And Kapri loves it. P2M, then a cut to Kapri on the table on her side, giving CJ free reign to beat up that pussy. He tilts her over a little for a scissor that has his balls banging her asshole. Kapri puts a leg behind her head and he gets even deeper. She fucks back with vigor and CJ carries Kapri into another room where he props her into a piledriver on a round mattress. He scissors her here too, and there's a neat bit of athleticism as he does pushups and squats in her pussy. Cut to anal penetration in doggy, and Kapri's getting salty with her pillow talk. A couple of different variations on the theme, and not only is Kapri not resistant, but gives CJ permission to let it all out on her ass. Another cut to piledriver anal. Knees by her ears and CJ driving balls deep into her ass. Cut to Kapri making herself into a small package on a bar stool for mish anal. Kapri gets down to suck the cum right out of the ass destroyer. Not caught well, but you can see the pool on the bottom of Kapri's mouth, which she plays with and dribbles down her body before blowing some cum bubbles and swallowing what little is left.
Certainly not as explosive as the scene before but highly erotic. The tease was a little slow and there were more cuts than I like, but the action remained positive within each sequence and Kapri was verbally encouraging some hardcore fucking. She put her ass on a platter for him and CJ feasted on it.
Blu Diamond is laid out on a hardwood floor sporting some sexy black, silky fetishwear. Fishnet stockings and red shoes complete the picture as DeVoe moves his camera around her body, always settling on the ass. Blu pulls her tits out to play, squeezing the nipples and licking her glossy lips that hold so much promise. Speaking of promise, Blu spreads her cheeks for a peek at the other two holes expected to be filled, which she starts with a slim index finger into her tightest place. Blu opens her pussy to show us impressive muscle control as she makes the vagina wink. Some gentle ass poppin' and waving seems to have DeVoe mesmerized. When we're long past ready for action, Blu goes looking for her partner for the day, Rico Strong. He gives her a spanking. She gives him a lap dance. Rico breaks the rules by handling the merchandise, even spanking the pussy and mauling Blu's tits. He digs his tongue in from behind and Blu holds his head in place as she wriggles on it. She lays herself out on the ubiquitous black recliner and gets fed Rico's massive cock. Blu points it to the back of her mouth and makes a gallant effort at deepthroat. Sloppy and a little bit rough, Blu works it and gets worked with some face fucking. They start the fucking in doggy with Blu doing the fucking while Rico challenges her verbally. Everytime Rico digs deep she gets electric, and he punctuates with a spank. P2M, with some deepthroat lessons, and Prince enters the picture. Rico walks out and leaves Blu to get his friend up to speed. She's all over it, fishing out another big cock to harden. The cock sucking is intense, then Blu sits on it in CG. After she wears herself out a bit, Prince carries her to Rico, so she has a cock to suck while fucking. Musical dicks has Blu moving onto Rico in RC. The fucking is rough and ready without being abusive, then they turn to anal, starting with RCA on Prince. CG anal on Rico. Blu looks like she's done this before. And likes it. She glides on that cock and folds it in deep. Then A2M, Prince buggering in doggy. Cut to a CGDP, Rico anchoring. Prince is tunneling her out while Rico's staying in just enough to stay hard, not really fucking till he has her to himself. Blu lays that pussy on him, then Prince returns for double pumping pistons that have Blu testifying. RCA on Prince, then another DP as Rico rejoins. P2M, then a cut to mish anal with Prince. All good things must cum to an end and both guys dump their loads in and on Blu's mouth.
Three hungry holes and two huge cocks make for an excellent scene. Blu proved to be a Diamond in this spirited romp. I'm impressed.
Persuajon's been around for a few years, but she has very few titles to her name, and mostly relegated to big girl, big ass, big tit joints. Consequently, I've drawn a big blank on her 'til now. There is some meat on her bones, but the first thing that I notice besides her full hooters is that she has a tiny looking pussy. Or at least it looked that way until DeVoe went creeping around the back and had her spread. He dips a finger in and it comes out wet, so I guess Persuajon's starting things in the right frame of mind. This girl is a walking booty quake and Brian Pumper is checking her out from an adjacent room. A couple more positions for DeVoe and Persuajon's off to find some cock. Pumper's already got himself started, and she bends over to continue the process with her mouth. Meantime, Pumper's checking out all the real estate he's got to play with, and he looks pretty happy at the prospect. Persuajon primes the pump with lots of spit, then she sits in his lap and reaps the benefit of a hard dick. The way she puts her ass down on it, you know she's feeling it. She rotates from CG to side saddle, then turns to anal in RC. It doesn't look like she's very comfortable, even though she says it feels good. Pumper tries to gape her, but not much is happening there. Cut to mish anal and Pumper gets his gapes. It still looks uncomfortable, even if he does have her opened up. Cut to CG anal, and Persuajon comes out of her shell a little with some squat fucking. Another cut to doggy anal, and at least it looks good from this position with her full ass getting stuffed. After Pumper does some stylin' on her ass, there's one last edit to the cumshot, which is copious and gets a laugh out of Persuajon for the mess he made on her.
Hard to get around the fact that Persuajon was uncomfortable with the anal from the very beginning. I really think the scene would have benefitted from a much longer vag build up, at least to the point where Pumper would be banging her hard enough to get her ready for the next stage. This just seemed like an ordeal, but Persuajon was game and tried.
Nyomi Banxxx is admiring herself in the mirror, and truthfully, there's much to be admired. She's one fine looking woman with a lush body, her breast enhancements suiting the rest of the upholstery, decked out in blue satin lingerie. She pulls on the panties to give herself a pussy wedgie, and like DeVoe whispers, it's a nice phat pussy. Nyomi runs through a gamut of poses and masturbates for a bit, then joins Mr. Marcus, who's been checking her out from the doorway. She gives him a suck on her titties and sits in his lap. Nyomi seems to enjoy a good spanking and Marcus goes to town on her big, firm ass. He fingers her almost to orgasm and she lays over his lap for some serious corporal punishment. Nyomi sets up on the straight backed chair Marcus was sitting in, and he moves around her rear to stick his face in her inviting holes. Some very unpornlike pussy eating, capped off with more spanking, and Nyomi is ready to rock. She fishes out his soft dick, works him hard, and gags herself on her new friend. She shows shes not only beautiful, but nasty as well, letting Marcus play in her throat and follow with a titty fuck. The prelims out of the way, Marcus sits in the chair and Nyomi sits in his lap, folding the fat cock into her hot twat. She's like a kid on a pogo stick, bobbing on his hard dick. Then she clutches at it with her powerful glutes, taking him to the nads easily. They move to the floor and Nyomi squat fucks, then settles into the more conventional CG. She really gives herself a great workout, mixing orgasmic exclamations with joyous laughter before adjourning to another part of the floor and sitting her ass over Marcus' cock in RCA. Great penetration shot as it makes a perfect slide into her chute. They hold that position for quite awhile, then doggy anal and a fierce pounding. That big ass is jelly and Nyomi is rockin' with the cock, meeting his thrusts. Marcus has her spreading and gaping, all but winking. Cut to side entry anal, then deep mish anal, driving Nyomi into the mattress. She begs Marcus to cum in her ass and he lets loose a torrent that Nyomi quickly expels, turning both her pink holes out in the process. Her ass is throbbing as she comes down from this high, and man juice runs down her ass onto the floor.
Super scene to end on. Nyomi is gorgeous and driven. It's hard to believe she avoided anal for so long. Not that it was all easy, but Nyomi was committed and proactive the entire time. She managed to still look like a million bucks at the end.
Epilogue DeVoe rolls out another good video. Kapri Styles and Nyomi Banxxx turn in hot scenes. as was expected, and the newbies, Melody Nakai and Blu Diamond, exceed my expections. Blu, in particular, makes a personal connection with Prince during the DP that speaks to his ascendant stardom as one of Alex's go to guys. The long and short of this joint falls to Jazmine Cashmere and Persuajon. DeVoe goes out of his way (see BTS) to get Persuajon into the right frame of mind for his type of scene, but she won't fuck like white girls (her words), and turns in an uncomfortable and dispirited anal. Jazmine, on the other hand, has one of those magical pairings. She and Prince are hot for each other from the outset, and even before (again, see the BTS), and DeVoe basks in the genius of his matchmaking as they proceed to take things to another level from everybody else. They set out to represent the windy city, where they both hail from, and did Chicagoans proud. The video, as always, is long on ass shots, and in most cases I felt the tease could have been tightened up.
The Disk It's a two disc set with three scenes on each disc. All extras are on the second, and include a BTS, cumshot recap, photo gallery, trailers, director's bio, and the scenes broken down by fetish or position.
Recommendation This would be worth a recommendation for rental or sale even without the Jazmine scene, so I feel extra strong in advising fans to seek this one out.

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