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Bitchcraft 6

Bitchcraft 6

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Girl , All Sex
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Long Noel's ratings for Bitchcraft 6:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Bitchcraft 6 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Bitchcraft 6 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Bitchcraft 6 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Bitchcraft 6 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Bitchcraft 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Bitchcraft 6 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bitchcraft 6 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  3/8/2010
**A Special Bonus Review from Long Noel**

Bitchcraft 6: Girls That Play Rough! (2009, Evil Angel)
THEMES: Lesbian, Girl/Girl, BDSM, Ass Obsession, Anal, Sexual Slavery, Humiliation, Abuse, Domination
Starring: Kristina Rose, Cecilia Vega, Sinn Sage, Satine Phoenix, Sarah Faye, Soma Snakeoil,
Sammie Rhodes, Anastasia Pierce, Ariel X, Sophie Dee, Samantha Bourdain & Harmony Rose
Directed by: Jake Malone

I’ve been avoiding this one for a while and on purpose. When it was first released in the Spring of 2009, I never knew jack shit about Kristina Rose and barely knew about Cecilia Vega. After seeing the trailer again (right before the end of my journey through pornography), I’ve decided that I just had to see this one. When Fuck Slaves 3 was released, I felt reluctant to see it, as I was unfamiliar with the female cast. But Fuck Slaves 3 turned out to be Jake Malone’s greatest achievement. Bitchcraft 2 was my favorite in the series, although I’ve only seen the second and fourth installments. I believe Bitchcraft 6 will be as superior as Fuck Slaves 3 and Belladonna’s Fetish Fanatic 4.

Kristina Rose & Sammie Rhodes
Sammie plays a makeup artist for Kristina Rose, who is referred to as “Porn Whore” in this explicit sex scene. Sammie dominates the hell out of Kristina Rose (the Shakira of porn) with verbal abuse, trash talk and overplayed ass torture. Remember how Sandra Romain fucked over Sammie Rhodes in Bitchcraft 2? Well it happens here, except Sammie Rhodes isn’t getting fucked over. She treats Kristina Rose badly, giving her a time she’ll never forget. Sammie has Kristina lick her pussy and ass, then wrapping a belt around Kristina’s neck like a leash, pulling her up a flight of stairs as Kristina’s hands are tied behind her back with duct tape. Kristina struggles using only her knees to climb up a flight of stairs, trying to lick Sammie’s ass. Sammie fingers Kristina’s ass and rams a strap-on up the ass and then to the back of her throat. Kristina serves herself up on a silver platter, willingly subjecting herself to tough-bitch Sammie’s abuse. Kristina drools during the deep-throating and Sammie wipes her face in the slob. Then, Kristina holds her rectum open with her two middle fingers to be intruded with another toy. There’s lots of ass eating, face sitting, verbal abuse, spankings, nasty A2M, BDSM and mistreatment of Kristina Rose. The unthinkable happens! Probably influenced by Jay Sin, Jake Malone shows something that probably should have never been shown to the public. A chocolate cupcake gets smeared all in Kristina’s open ass and she shits out a milk enema, some of which lands on the camera, with chocolate smudged all between her big behind! Sammie vigorously rubs Kristina’s face all in the puddle of nastiness! This is probably would have ended up happening if peanut butter were involved in butt sex antics in a skin flick (a concept that I’ve put out there). But you know, aside from a few editing flaws, this scene is a flawless victory!

Cecilia Vega & Anastasia Pierce
Cecilia Vega is one of the only woman in pornography aside from Daniella Rush who reminds me of the love of my life (a white woman from Greece who loves black dick). After seeing her in Manuel Ferrara’s Raw, I wanted to see more of her, but only in an incredible flick as a whole. Cecilia shows her booty being covered in panties, dressing up only to masturbate in her drawers. Anastasia Pierce is another European beauty whose seen pouring oil all over her naked body, particularly her booty. She gives Cecilia a call. Both speaking French (I believe), she tells her she’s on the way. The scene is cut away to Cecilia getting her ass beat by Anastasia’s flogger as Cecilia’s arms are tied to the ceiling. Anastasia gags Cecilia’s mouth with her own panties just to pick her up and rub her asshole as Cecilia remains hanging, twirling around and defenseless. Still tied up, Cecilia gets bent over, spanked and also gets the shit shocked out of her by some electrical toys that are used on her booty that are only stopped for more floggings. There’s lots of perfect shots of Cecilia’s booty, which turns extremely red. But that doesn’t stop Anastasia from putting the sparks on her ass with electric shocks. A butt plug goes in Cecilia’s ass following more electric shocks as Cecilia reacts out of pleasure and pain, barely able to control her own composure. Anastasia has Cecilia lick under her arms after licking her own funk from Anastasia’s palms. The butt plug goes in Cecilia’s drooling and loud mouth as Anastasia has Cecilia fuck her own vagina with a dildo. And believe that her arms are still tied together, hanging from the ceiling and in mid-air. Anastasia makes Cecilia shed tears and we see mascara dripping from her eyes as Anastasia lubes up Cecilia’s asshole and plays in it. Anastasia gets bottomless and sits on Cecilia’s face, suffocating her and wiping her ass on Cecilia’s face, wanting Cecilia to smell it. Cecilia then takes initiative and just licks her big, pale butt from behind. When it comes to face sitting antics, Jake Malone brings out the best in this theme, as he does with BDSM, POV and so forth. Similar to the face sitting in the scene with Bobbi Starr & Lorelei Lee in Fuck Slaves 3, this is face sitting at it’s all-time hypest! Another plug goes up Cecilia’s ass as she makes herself come by masturbating. More spanking for Cecilia and some 69. Did I mention that Anastasia scratches Cecilia up too? With her fingernails! Cecilia beats up on Anastasia’s big titties. Cecilia holds her asshole open with her two middle fingers, making herself gape. A huge electric vibrator comes to the mix, being massaged on Cecilia’s pussy, driving her even more batty. Before it’s over, Anastasia uses it on herself and leaves Cecilia alone in the dungeon. Now, this scene was very ballsy, dangerous and wrong on so many levels. But you know what? It’s another flawless victory and not just in this movie itself, but from Cecilia Vega, it’s an inevitable performance!

Harmony Rose & Sarah Faye
I’m glad I’m done with pornography for good, because for one thing, I’m almost sick of seeing Harmony Rose. She’s almost in every fucking movie and I’m about sick of seeing her. Her best performances were in Belladonna’s Butthole Whores 2, Gape Lovers 3 and even Evil Anal 8, but her presence is so overused. You’d think she would become the new Alexis Texas or Jenna Jamesson. But Sarah Faye is a sexy motherfucker and it’s my first time seeing her. I believe this scene will be another flawless victory and it might end up being Harmony’s best scene yet. Let’s see what happens.

Harmony and Sarah Faye are childhood friends who grew up and apparently, Harmony is doing better in life than Sarah. Harmony remembers how Sarah used to bully her and gets her revenge. Starting outdoors, Sarah’s hands are tied behind her back, wearing a very short skirt and Sarah’s butt is so juicy and I’m telling you… There’s nothing in the world like a big booty white girl! Harmony bends Sarah over a rock, viciously spanking her big booty with a flogger. “What a little slut you’ve turned into!”, Harmony tells her. She orders Sarah to turn around, to spank her pussy, snatching it up with her clinched fist. They both go to Harmony’s house on the hills where she gets to torture Sarah. “Nobody can hear you”, she tells Sarah. “I used to masturbate thinking about you!”, she confesses. Sarah’s hands are tied behind her back again and Harmony teases Sarah with her ass. Sarah tries licking her ass but Harmony just teases her, moving around on purpose. She finally gets to pull Harmony’s drawers down with her teeth and eat some booty. There’s a good amount of tit-torture with clamps and a big dildo pumping in Sarah’s vagina. A couple of vibrators are thrown into the mix. Sarah gets to lick in Harmony’s ass. The scene ends with Harmony spitting in Sarah’s mouth and Sarah winds up swallowing it. This scene could have been just a wee bit better in some areas (specifically if Sarah Faye took it up the ass). I was hoping for a flawless victory, but who could ever resist Sarah Faye’s face of perfection?!

Satine Phoenix & Soma Snakeoil
What looks like a possible Star Wars collaboration turns out to be an insane intro starring two females dressed as possible comic book heroines both playing with electric swords. Satine Phoenix dresses like a possible Catwoman and Soma Snakeoil looks as if she could have starred in The Night Porter or Run Lola Run. For some reason, Satine Phoenix (who’s been starring in a lot of Justin Slayer flicks lately) reminded me of Mika Tan in this scene. I’ve always wanted to see Mika Tan in a Jake Malone movie, but I guess this is as close to a Mika Tan as it’s gonna get for a Jake Malone movie in the meantime (especially since Mika Tan retired from porn to work at the Bunny Ranch). One of the electric swords goes straight up Soma’s pussy and she likes it. Satine is the HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge) and Soma is her subordinate. Although this is the case, both ladies are playful. Satine beats the shit out of her with a flogger, but Soma is too quick and feisty for her and misses some of her aimed attacks. Soma eats Satine out and even gives her a lap dance, shaking her ass in her face. Soma licks Satine’s asshole doggystyle with her legs in debris. The ass eating Soma gives her is very lengthy and continues in a face sitting format. Satine jiggles her ass a lot right before Soma gets naked and shoves a finger up her own asshole in a cage. At the top of the case, there’s a hole, similar to the bottom of a toilet seat. Satine sits with her ass out and Soma licks it. Taken out of the cage, Soma gets spanked violently by Satine’s rough hand. Soma replies with “Fuck you!” and Satine punishes her more roughly by spanking her pussy, bending her over and spanking her pale butt cheeks with her open hands, then with a flogger. It gets more evil as Satine tries spanking her bare asshole, then insists to Soma “Let me in” as she licks in Soma’s deep butt crack, getting her tongue up the ass. A dildo goes up there and Satine tastes Soma’s butt juice. In the final ten minutes, the tables turn and Soma bends Satine over, orders her around, spanking her ass with a flogger, making Satine squirm, switch and jiggle! Satine gets ate out and bent over again, with her mask finally coming off. Soma gets some nerve and punches Satine in the pussy with her balled-up fist, then stuffs it in her mouth and spanks her tongue. I didn’t expect this scene to be so good. It was better than the previous scene. Hell, it’s another flawless victory!

Sinn Sage & Ariel X
Ariel X (Anal Acrobats 3) is tied to a chair, awaiting Sinn Sage (her owner) to grope her, pouring her tongue out her mouth for Sinn to spit in it. Lots of incredible butt shots of Sinn Sage’s juicy booty! Sinn slaps her up, stuffs her fingers in her mouth and putting clamps on her tit nipples. She isn’t released from the chair until ten minutes later. With her wrists tied together, she tries slapping herself at Sinn’s command, but can’t quite do it right. So, Sinn has to punish her some more. Sinn brings out that huge electric toy that was horribly used on Cecilia Vega two scenes before this one. A dildo goes in Ariel and Sinn finally rips her fishnets apart, sitting her booty on Ariel’s face, having her eat it amid a face sitting session. A cruel Sinn Sage takes a butt naked, bound and blindfolded Ariel outdoors in the cold with nothing on but some pantyhose and shoes. Sinn on the other hand is wearing a fur coat, using the electric hose on Ariel’s butt, spanking her ass red and playing head games with her. Sinn whips her, plants her ass on Ariel’s face with Ariel voluntarily eating her ass and spits on her frequently. Back indoors, Sinn fingers Ariel’s ass, opening it up with her two middle fingers, eating her clit. Ariel returns the favor before her hands are tied to the ceiling. More incredible butt shots from both ladies. Sinn teases and chokes Ariel, demanding to see her tongue and soon, squeezing her ass. These two are really into each other. They flip tongues a lot. A huge vibrator goes dead on Ariel’s pussy as Sinn fingers her. Ariel squirts heavily and onto the camera as Jake shoots the action from underneath. The action fades to black again, but there’s more! Sinn gets to sit in the chair with the vibrator stuck on her coochie. Outdoors, Sinn stuffs Ariel’s butt with a milk enema. Then, the unthinkable happens (again!). A red velvet cupcake get smeared all in Sinn Sage’s beautiful big butt and you know what Ariel X does? She eats the smeared cupcake straight out of Sinn’s barely open booty. It was nastier this time than it was in the scene with Kristina Rose & Sammie Rhodes. Sinn Sage was as spectacular as she was in the scene where she was beat down by Sandra Romain & Sasha Grey in Bitchcraft 2. A flawless victory!

Sophie Dee & Samantha Bourdain
I’ve never been a big fan of Sophie Dee, but I admit after her makeover/comeback, she looks so much better. She’s the domme (which suits her well) and Samantha Bourdain is a helpless waif who’s under Sophie’s control and has a ball gag in her mouth. Sophie pulls her panties and fishnet garments down, bends her over a couch, gets in her ass, curses her out (calling her a “worthless piece of shit”) and plays in her mouth. Sophie spanks the evil out of her, turning Samantha’s ass cheeks red and with bruises! Sophie takes her clothes off and has Samantha eat her pussy, then putting on a dildo mask, face-fucking Sophie Dee with the dildo. Sophie squirts a lot and makes Samantha slurp it up from the floor. Sophie sits her big English butt on Samantha’s face and she reaches her tongue up to Sophie’s booty hole. Sophie leaves Samantha isolated to clean the floor butt naked. The shortest scene in the entire movie (lasting for only 19 minutes even) and also the weakest scene in the movie, which is only a filler. It’s about time that I’ve seen a movie where someone saved the weakest for last. The average person wouldn’t like that, but it actually worked here!

It’s not often Jake Malone will release a 2-DVD set, unless it’s for a compilation. That’s another reason why I had to see this one. This one is fully-loaded and I love fully-loaded DVDs. Like the Fuck Slaves 3 2-DVD set, this has lots of extras that makes the entire package worthy of $25-30 dollars of one’s hard earned money. There’s filmographies, a photo gallery and a bonus scene from Bitchcraft 2, which stars a very young Amber Rayne, Kimberly Kane and Shawna Lenee. The nearly-30-minute scene contains some of the greatest ass-reamings I’ve ever seen, where Shawna Lenee places the handle of a butt plug in her mouth, using her mouth to ream the fuck out of Amber Rayne’s sexy butt (an act that gave me instant steel). The ass-obsessed scene includes all three ladies dominating and verbally assaulting one another, eating each other’s assholes out. Bitchcraft 2 was a flawless movie from head to toe and this is one of the four miraculous scenes from the movie. However, I would have loved it severely if the scene with Sandra Romain, Sinn Sage & Sasha Grey was added on here as a bonus scene (in replacement of his choice of a bonus scene or not). People do not understand that that particular scene much better than the award-winning scene with Sandra Romain, Sasha Grey & Manuel Ferrara from the first Fuck Slaves!

Plus, there are 9 trailers, which includes trailers for every single Bitchcraft movie in the series. There’s trailers for the first five installments of this hard-hitting series. I wish more DVDs were like this, where you could see trailers for an entire series instead of mixing them up all the time. Whoever was in charge of producing this DVD has done the best fucking job!!! Aside from the 5 Bitchcraft trailers, there’s trailers for Fetish Fuck Dolls (another 5-star masterpiece from Jake Malone), Fuck Slaves 3 (my personal favorite), Fuck Slaves 4 (so horrible, I didn’t care to review it) and the ridiculously terrible Crimes of the Cunt.

There’s 32 minutes of BTS footage, where Kristina Rose and Sammie Rhodes talks about some sexual experiences that freaked them out, Satine Phoenix explains how she had to beat some guy’s ass for being an asshole, Ariel X explains how she used to tie belts around her neck amid masturbating in her younger years, cuckolding and her need to be submissive, Sinn Sage wipes her ass after the cupcake aftermath (for those who have ass-wiping fetishes, this is for you!), Cecilia Vega talks dirty in French, Sophie Dee lactates, etc… And of course, there’s lots more booty shots, especially from most of the female cast.

Bitchcraft 6 was so much better than I had expected for it to me. I’m not the only one who thought the quality of Malone’s movies were declining in the year of 2009. I mean, Fuck Slaves 4 was ridiculous and I still stand by that. Aside from seeing the first Fetish Fuck Dolls, I have had no interest in seeing the rest of the series. But it seems like Jake Malone put his all into making the best movie of his career, as he did with Fuck Slaves 3. While Bitchcraft 6 is definitely rougher than Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4, some of the content is much more intense than Belladonna’s No Warning series as well, only in Bitchcraft 6, no one gets punched in the stomach as they had in No Warning 4 (fortunately)! I still feel that Fuck Slaves 3 is Jake Malone’s best work, but this is his second best achievement. Some people cannot handle verbal abuse and seeing someone’s ass getting spanked red with bruises, let alone cupcakes being ate out of another woman’s asshole, but this is what BDSM and the darker side of pornography is all about.

If you thought Belladonna’s Fetish Fanatic 4 or her No Warning series was repugnant and abhorrent, stay the hell away from this movie. Last week, I would have said that Bitchcraft 2 was the second best girl/girl movie (with Belladonna’s Fetish Fanatic 4 still being #1 on my list) and it would up being #20 on my list of The 25 Greatest Adult Videos. Well, let’s cancel that. Bitchcraft 6 is the second best girl/girl movie ever made and Bitchcraft 2 comes in as number three on my list. This installment is a lot rougher, hyper and move lively than the second installment. Even though the first and second Bitchcraft videos has a much better cast than this one (though I have not seen the first one), this one makes the second one seem almost as soft as an Ivory soap commercial!

As far as my rating scale for the movie itself, I’m giving it the same exact percentage that I’ve given movies like Iodinegirl, Ass Everywhere 2 and even Buttman’s Oddyssey, which is a 96.7%. Anytime the DVD packaging (quality and features) is fully loaded, that adds more percentage to my overall rating.

REPLAY VALUE: 97% - Extreme!
THE FILM’S RATING: 96.7% - A Masterpiece.
OVERALL RATING: 100% - Hot Shit! (Own this motherfucker today!)

The 5 Greatest Girl/Girl Videos…
1) Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4 (2006, Evil Angel)
2) Bitchcraft 6: Girls That Play Rough! (2009, Evil Angel)
3) Bitchcraft 2 (2008, Evil Angel)
4) Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic (2005, Evil Angel)
5) Belladonna: No Warning (2005, Evil Angel)

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