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Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Girl , Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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stinkfist's ratings for Bitchcraft:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Bitchcraft overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Bitchcraft Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Bitchcraft Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Bitchcraft Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Bitchcraft Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Bitchcraft DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Bitchcraft A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  3/27/2009
You know how when a Serial Killer is on the loose the Police bring in an "expert" to try and catch the killer,someone who will think/act the way a killer would...Well for this review i am going to play the part of a bi-curious female I am going to watch the movie as a woman,not just any woman oh no i am talking one that likes nothing better than sitting watching these movies with my legs at quarter to three and my volcanic bubbling pussy frothing and twitching away in anticipation of girl/girl atrocities.I am one of those girls you see in the supermarket lingering and loitering with intent at the cucumber section with my freshly shaved pussy biting the leg of me,there is no fucking salad at home just me and a lubed up cucumber that can be seen from google earth lol.

Scene 1-Annette Schwarz,Lorelei Lee,Annie Cruz

Shall i let you into a secret i shaved my pussy prior to watching this title fuck watching desperate housewifes i am a desperate housewife well actually im not i am single and in possession of the wettest pussy in Britain,i like to wear tights with no panties on do you know why,because i am a sexual deviant i love my vagina looking like a mugger.Forget about those dungaree wearing lesbians to tell the truth God gave them beards & moustauches as punishment for wearing dungarees as a disservice to lesbianism,they should actually get scalding hot boiled eggs put up there arse and made to listen to KD Lang records at full volume

How did i get into girls you might ask well it all started with a tingle down below,soon it had progressed to 4 finger assaults on my shaved pussy while dreaming about girls,enough about my boiling hot pussy let the movie begin.The first thing i did was draw the curtains,art was never my best subject at school-maybe i should sketch the bedroom,i poured a glass of wine popped the DVD in the player and rested back into my chair,my sex toys were strewn all over the floor,they all had nicknames,"Permission to Pound "that was the ribbed one,the big black one was called "I Am the Reason You Masterbate"

And finally a huge dildo that would not look out of place in the power tool section at the DIY shop called "Last Rites for Your Pussy"..and with that the scene was about to start i slipped out of my black panties and gave them a sniff i was hungry,hungry for lurrvve.The scene starts of with sexy blond Annette Shwarz,she has her hair tied back and is wearing blue or is it purple fishnets,i think i am color blind too much flicking the bean lol.She has on satin blue or purple elbow length gloves and if looks could kill i would be typing this from a grave 6 feet under,did i mention to you that i am coming back as the walls of a womans vagina in my other life.

Annette has purple eyeshadow on and her lips are coated in red lipstick she also wears a dog collar,she lights up a cigarette then chats to the camera man,i hope that she gets brutalized lesbian style as my cunt has been dripping with debauchery all day.Who wants to sniff my knickers because guess what i have just rubbed them all over my sodden crack.My pussy is on high alert,a code red situation is taking place and with that the camera pans back and blond Lorelei is on her knees with an ashtray device on which clamps over her mouth a human ashtray for Annette,i wonder if QVC sell them i might take up smoking now,and with that i stuck a finger up my arse,ohhh naughty lol

Lorelei looks lovely and with her sexy dress and cleavage on display my legs parted and like a hot knife going through butter i found myself with 2 fingers buried deep in my fudge tunnel,on screen and Annette is soon on her feet and is wearing no panties and Lorelei gets her arse spanked with a riding crop and with her crying out Annette blows smoke in her face.She gets made to spread her legs and the riding crop rubbed along her pussy if you hear a buzzing sound it's only my dildo getting turned on,i have to plug it into the mains now since my pussy became a 24/7 attention seeking whore.

Lorelei looks so sexy with her cream stockings on and with a thrash of the riding crop to her ass she drops the ashtray,i sense some punishment coming your way darling.Annette grabs her by the hair and removes the rest of the device that was strapped around her neck and grabs her by the throat and berates her as she apologizes.She gets fingers inserted in her mouth and more rough play from Annette as she orders her into doggie position and pulls up her dress and grabs her pussy lips and squeezes them nice and hard,fuck Brad Pitt this is what women really want,violated by another female who knows all the right buttons to press

Annette sticks her tongue right up her arse,i think i am going to have to put sand bags down by my chair in case i get washed away,the last time my pussy got this wet was when i did that ping pong ball trick down the local Lesbian club,what a night that was,raped and sodomized by 6 women,pity it was all a dream.Her ass and pussy get the riding crop treatment and Annette looks like she is having fun i think my own oven is at gas mark 7 now as an incredible searing heat filled the walls of my vagina.The verbals continue from Annette and with choking and deep kissing between the girls when this bottle of wine gets finished it's going up my arse,yes the thick end of the bottle.

Some facesitting fun follows and this looks great with Annette parking her rear on Lorelei's face,if you smell burning it will be my pussy which is on the verge of igniting.The action looks great here such a turn on and with the camera angle changing more facesitting and tit and pussy slapping follow.I am tweaking my own nipples here as this is sending shock waves through my body,role reversal now and Annette gets her arse flogged with the riding crop and her cheeks end up bright red,my cheeks are bright red too,maybe it's the wine or maybe it's because i suffer from roscea lol.Annette orders this girl to punch her ass cheeks really hard,yes punch and that is what the blond does.

This is rough and nasty and with her choking Annette this is one girl you could not take back home to meet momma,she roughly squeezed and slapped Annette's tits and pulled on her nipples.The action swings to Annette reaching for a black double ended dildo,god i am getting so turned on.The 2 girls deep throat this dong and this is a major turn on,wow this looks so so sexy.My god my nipples stood out like Charles Manson at a flower arranging class.Annette wraps that dong around the blonds throat and chokes her with it,careful now imagine having to explain that one at the hospital "Miss are you the victim of domestic violence"..shut the fuck up and fist me lol,what lol.

This dildo is like a big eel,a big slippery violation that gets jammed down each girls throat till they gag and there is more saliva on show than what you would get at a Sex Pistols concert.Now with Lorelei lying back Annette feeds this dong into her cunt and begins to fuck her with it only pulling it out to lick her juices from it and both girls go on to deep throat it again at the same time,my pussy was ecstatic.The action swings to Annette getting her ass eaten out as she stands and leans over a chair,a glass toy get used on her asshole and i hope the neighbors are not listening as i am giving my pussy some serious abuse as they will end up phoning the RSPCA,complaining of a howling pussy

It is lovely to watch her tight little hole swallow and grip this toy as it gets led up the devils backdoor and as the ass abuse/spanking and asshole fucking continues until the toy comes out and Lorelei eats out her ass again,i am loving this action i am not a bi sexual female anymore,more bye bye bisexual as i want my body violated and taken over by a nymph.With Lorelei eating out Annette's ass she puts her feet onto the shoulders of this girl and tightens like a vice and begins to rock back and forth to control the action,forget about buying handbags and shoes i am going on the hunt for more Bitchcraft titles,my sodden beef curtains deserve the best.

Some whipping now as Annette gets her ass done and the last time i seen a girl with her ass in the air getting a whipping like that was in high school after netball practise,to be truthful i watched through the keyhole as the netball coach spanked and whipped the arse of another girl,her punishment for her laces coming loose.Vinegar tits mark 2 we called her and when she opened her legs you thought you were at the beach,the waft that used to come from her pussy God those were the days lol.Back to the action and Annette's cheeks flushed red as she got thrashed and spanked i am going to turn this dildo up to 11,yes this is the spinal tap version crank it up to 11 baby yeah.

The action swings to Annette between Lorelei's legs feasting on her big pussy lips and plunging her tongue in and out of her hole she goes on to tongue fuck her arsehole and this looks amazing,i think i will get on friends reunited later and see if any of the closet lesbians from my old school are on,my pussy needs licked like right now.Now a twist to the scene another girl is watching the action from the top of the stairs,holy fuck i hope it's not that netball coach from school,the girl is wearing a red latex mask and black boots and that's it and she has her legs spread wide and is fingering her juicy pussy.

Whoever told you that two's company three's a crowd deserves to have there eyeballs scooped out with a spoon and a hot poker rammed up there arse,bring it on girls i want multiple orgasms,shaved fish.Back to the action and Annette slips that glass buttplug up Lorelei's ass,it went up there quicker than Julia Roberts collecting an oscar.What is it about a woman's asshole that turns people on what does the chocolate box do for you,personally i fucking love it and watching Annette slap this toy deep into her ass while the blond rubs on her pussy has left me juiced up and ready to go.With Annette still smacking this toy in and out of Lorelei she is screaming her head of,

The last time i screamed like that it was at the January sales and some old coffin dodger beat me to a cashmere jumper,some great toy play is taking place,and in here as well as it was time to get out the "Last Rites for Your Pussy" dildo and treat my creamy love hole to maximum abuse.The latex mask wearing girl at lasts gets instructed to join the action and her first involvement is to stand and masterbate till she squirts over Lorelei's face,whatever happened to a coffee and some girly talk

More great squirting action as Lorelei gets her face soaked,the dark haired girl lies back on the steps and again blasts a torrent of juices all over her face and mouth as Annette held her mouth wide open.She licks this girls knee high boots and her face is still wet with juices,Annette orders the squirting girl back upstairs then shares a kiss with Lorelei before pushing her to the ground and heading upstairs,when she reaches the top she spits down at her and shouts something out,but my fingers were deep in my snatch and i could not make out what she shouted..

Wow,what an intense scene-if you are a bi sexual female then please get in touch as i think we could share bodily fluids,this scene was rough and nasty and everything a quiet perverted bean flicker would enjoy.Pass the poppers please i am in love Annette was filthy and dominant and Lorelei took plenty of abuse from her and with Annie squirting over Lorelei's face what a fucking start to this movie.

Scene 2-Bobbi Starr and Sarah Jane Ceylon

The scene starts of with Bobbi wearing a red latex skirt and red heels with black elbow length latex gloves on she looks beautiful,she has dark hair and breasts so perky she could cause a riot at a lesbian club if she walked in wearing that outfit.She is brandishing a riding crop and at this point i am opening a window in here as my pussy is so wet and hot the windows have steamed up.I would give my right arm to lick out Bobbi,oh yeah i bet you say that to all the thalidomides i hear you cry wtf.And with that i took my black panties from the floor and dabbed my forehead with them to mop up the sweat.

With Bobbi telling the camera man that her friend is going to get punished she walks over to her and sweet jesus the back of her skirt oh my god lets just say it does not exist,what a peach of an ass Bobbi has,I hit pause on the DVD and rammed 4 fingers deep in my creamy hole and screamed out in pleasure.I will be on lesbian snatch patrol for about the next 3 months after this,i want pussy for breakfast,lunch,dinner,pudding the lot.The object of Bobbi's desire was waiting on her and this scene is outside and the girl in question is on all fours with her back to us,she is wearing a tartan mini skirt which Bobbi pulls up to show of a pair of white panties which hugged her ass the way a family member would greet you at new year.

She has on white school girl socks and black shoes and a white top and Bobbi uses that riding crop on her ass and when the camera pans around to the front this girl is lovely,Sarah is blond and has a pretty face her mouth has an 8 ball in it,Bobbi soon has her knickers pulled to one side and using her saliva she begins to slide a latex clad finger up her asshole until 2 fingers find there way up there and her asshole is tighter than scrooge at Christmas.I bet there is severe subsidence in that blonds panties,then a truly hot moment as Bobbi moves around to Sarah and orders her to lick her ass,she grabs her by the hair and in a more stern voice demands that she licks her fucking ass.Look if she is swaying i am available lol.

Bobbi instructs her to get her tongue up that asshole this is hot as fuck,then Bobbi has the blond sitting on a stool and gets her to pull up her kilt and pulls her panties right up her crack,in Britain we call that a wedgie anywhere else and its called serious assault lol.Shall i let you into a secret I am one of those girls you see in the supermarket lingering and loitering with intent at the cucumber section with my freshly shaved pussy biting the leg of me dreaming of buying the biggest one in the store,there is no fucking salad at home just me and a lubed up cucumber that can be seen from google earth lol.

Back to the action and Bobbi orders her to take of her panties and as she hands them over she is made to open her mouth and Bobbi stuffs her panties deep in her mouth,she gets made to bite on them as Bobbi pulls on them then gets her to let go and stuffs them all the way in her mouth.The action swings to indoors now and with Sarah slipping of her kilt she stands with her back to Bobbi who gently uses the riding crop on her ass,Sarah has 3 large tattoos one at the top of her thigh,one at her shoulder blades and the other above her ass.Bobbi uses the crop and slides it all over her back and along her pussy then gets her to turn around,Sarah's nipples are pierced.

Bobbi orders her to use her teeth to unzip her skirt,any crazy lesbians out there wanting a free to a good home house trained pussy please get in touch.As Bobbi's latex skirt sprang open Sarah gets ordered to eat her ass this is the stuff that dreams are made of.Bobbi says to her are you going to clean my ass out.and with her arms behind her back she begins to eat Bobbi's ass,this is hot to watch.Bobbi reaches for her hair grabs it and forces her face and tongue deeper into her ass,if ever i have fallen in love with a woman it's now.Bobbi makes her make slurping noises as she tongues her ass and makes her spit on her ass and says "Get it nice and clean"

Some nice tongue action between the girls now and Bobbi sucks on this girls tongue and slides all the way along till she pulls away from her tongue,this is sexy.She is treating this girls tongue like a cock and sucking on it,this looks fantastic.Now it was time for Sarah to get her asshole lubed up and a glass buttplug used on her,I am going to have to start wearing fire resistant knickers from now on as this scene will drift into my memory and cause a blaze down below.The screams Sarah let out as the buttplug was inserted in her with live with me forever lol,her ass was tighter then 2 coats of paint.

The next scene swings to Bobbi lying back with her legs spread wide as the cute little blond began to eat out her pussy,Bobbi grabbed her by the hair and was forcing her onto her pussy,Sarah gets made to gag on a glass toy till a tear runs down her eye which Bobbi licks up and while grabbing her hair calls her a good girl.The action jumps to Sarah inserting the glass toy in Bobbi's ass while she rubbed on her pussy.Sarah really sucks on Bobbi's clit while she uses this toy on her ass till a powerful orgasm rips through Bobbi,and at this point i had to turn down the volume if i had surround sound i think the police would be knocking on my door thinking i was hosting a roman orgy.

Bobbi then grabs her by the hair and slaps her face and says "Are you ready for you fucking" and with that the action swings to Sarah on her knees sucking Bobbi's strap on,some camera angle changes and Bobbi sits on Sarah's face before she is ordered to suck on the strap on again.I am going to burn my fucking bra this is amazing,you could hang a wet duffell coat from my nipples lol.The next scene has Sarah in reverse cowgirl as she anally rides the strap on and with a few slaps to the face from the camera man Bobbi reaches for her pussy and begins to rub on her clit.

Bobbi says to her that she has to ask her for permission to cum,hope she is not watching me as the walls of my vagina are filling up with condensation she then drops to her knees to suck on the strap on.Now you know why girls go the bathroom in pairs,secretly setting up anal get togethers etc.While Sarah is sucking on the strap on Bobbi grabs her by the hair and uses the tassels to whip her ass.Then a hot moment as Bobbi orders her onto the couch and with her lying with her head towards the ground Bobbi begins to face fuck her,holy crap this is amazing and with her getting her legs and pussy whipped by Bobbi as she gets face fucked i am in heaven

Now the action swings to both girls in 69 position,Bobbi is on top and pulls the blond up so that her ass is lifted from the floor then uses her tongue on her ass and pussy and when the camera pans to Sarah she is deep in Bobbi's ass,this is fantastic and so hot looking and Bobbi bites this girls ass and slaps her pussy.The scene ends with Bobbi getting up and leaving to go into another room.

Another amazing scene i might need a guide dog after this,although if the guide dog gets a hold of this Bitchcraft DVD he will end up blind as well,Bobbi was so hot and horny in this scene what a sexual woman she is,and to hear the dirty talk was hot fantastic.The sub Sarah was lovely and took a good stern seeing to from Bobbi..i will watch this scene again and again.

Scene 3-Dana Dearmond and Princess Donna

Straight into action we go with Dana getting her nipples roughly pulled on,what a start to the scene lol.Both girls are beautiful and as they share a kiss Donna slaps Dana across the face,fuck messing with her the slaps continue i felt that ouch,did i mention that both girls are gorgeous and Princess Donna is wearing black knee high pvc boots and and skirt and basque and with black fishnets on she is looking very dom.Dana who is on her knees wears stockings and heels and a choker,she has her hands cuffed behind her back,i wish i could join in the fun it would be amazing,i would love to play the dom female and violate a stunning girl.

On screen and as Donna pulls on Dana's nipples her face reddens,her nipples are sticking out like a vegetarian in an abattoir.I could watch girl/girl action forever lol.This must be the wettest my pussy has ever been,it's like someone has boiled a kettle inside my cunt it is dripping and my fingers feel like they are going to melt as i slide then deep inside my tight wet hole.If you like watching nipples get pulled twisted,bitten,sucked then you will love the action that is being served up on screen.Princess Donna slaps Dana's pussy nice and hard,holy shit i am going to get washed away in a sea of perversion if my own pussy gets any wetter,this is exciting to watch.

I have never been so thrilled watching a title,this is pushing all the right buttons for me.Some great pussy slapping is taking place and as Dana let out a cry i winced each time her pussy came under attack,i think she is loving it though as her nipples looked like they could poke an eye out.The action quickly changes to Donna brandishing a sex toy,it looks like one of those ones that give shock treatment what do i know i am knew to this bi sexual game.With Dana lying back she gets some shock treatment to her nipples,this thing looks dangerous-the closest i have come to something like this is when i got a tens machine from the Doctor to help with muscle problems and i fucked the settings up and was jolting around in the house like a Parkinsons sufferer on a pogo stick.

As Dana laughed as her nipples got shocked i let out a giggle,she was having fun,i was having fun and with my fingers wet from my juices i slipped them in my mouth and licked away mmm.Donna crams her fingers in Dana's mouth and gives her pussy the shock treatment,i let out a cry i felt that lol.Dana has a large tattoo above her pussy which looks nice and with her hot body she looks amazing.Now the action swung to Princess Donna sitting on Dana's face as she gave her pussy short sharp shocks,i am going to have to get myself on the bi scene very very soon.Dana's pussy is getting slapped and used and i am loving this.

When the camera changes to give a view of her eating out Princess Donna's ass my own breathing increased and i pumped 4 fingers in and out of my pussy lightning quick till the juices began to flow.Prisoner Cell Block H eat your fucking heart out lol.Dana even gets this thing used on her tongue,i wonder if she goes out when its thunder and lightning hoping to get a bolt of lightning zapping her pussy,Dana me love you looong time.looong time lol.Her laughs fill the air and could this be the girl my fallopian tubes have been dreaming about.Princess Donna is no slouch either and with her dom action she is turning me on,to see her slap pull and grope all of Dana's body is a joy to watch,she goes on to bite and lick Dana's tongue and drips some saliva into her mouth before ramming her fingers into her mouth and fingering deep in her mouth..

More hot action as Donna forces her tits deep in Dana's mouth and makes her gag on them.I am going to have to call the fire brigade my pussy is on the verge of bursting into flames.She smothers her tits into Dana's face until she is struggling to breath.Now it was time for Dana to eat out Donna's ass and as she went doggie style Dana ripped her fishnets open and began to lap away at her asshole then licks her fingers and drives them deep in Donna's hole and continues licking her asshole,in fact she attacked her asshole like a lapsed vegetarian would enter mc donalds and order up a big mac and gorge on it.

With Princess Donna looking into the camera demanding her pussy gets finger fucked harder she has amazing deep brown eyes and big fake lashes,she is sexy as fuck.Dana slips 4 fingers deep in her and pummels her cunt.Now it was time for a glass toy to get used on Dana's mouth till she got it wet and gagged on it.The action swings to Dana with a buttplug getting eased up her ass and this is connected to a device that administers shock treatment (i think) personally i seen what i thought was headphones attached to it and thought it was hooked up to a CD player lol.I thought Dana's asshole was going to get treated to some music pumped into her hole,whatever it is it is damn sexy and as Donna fiddles about with it Dana jolts about as a wave of pleasure and pain descends apon her asshole.

Her reward for taking this shock treatment is more face slapping and Donna's 4 fingers wedged deep in her mouth until she begins to turn the dial on this machine and asks if she can take it up to 80,holy fuck Dana will be wrapping her ass in cotton wool after this scene.I wish i could do all those perverted things to Dana,She looks amazing as she lies back with her shaved pierced pussy on display and this buttplug up her ass.This would not look out of place on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.When she opens her pussy flaps for Donna to lick her out i thought i was going to pass out,

Donna slaps the buttplug further in Dana's ass and feasts on her clit only stopping to slap Dana's pussy,the scene jumps to Donna and she has a strap on ready for Dana,she roughly pulls her hair up into a bunch and begins to fuck her mouth with it till she is gagging away.The action swings to Dana in reverse cowgirl as she rides the strap on while Donna reaches for her nipples and pulls on them.She gets ordered to take it up her ass and with that she slips of the strap on and goes down on it to get it nice and wet then back to reverse cowgirl and takes the strap on deep in her ass and begins to thrash around until a powerful orgasm rips through her body.

This looks great to see Dana get her ass violated by Princess Donna,after more fucking Dana gets ordered to deep throat the strap on and with Donna lying back on the sofa she does just that with the camera catching the action from behind Dana as she gorges on the strap on.The action jumps to Dana getting fucked in missionary position and Princess Donna really pounds her cunt,this is fabulous.She gets led over to the sofa and with her head resting on the edge of the sofa she gets face fucked while she gets her pussy whipped then slapped by hand.Now a really erotic moment in the scene with Dana lying back on the sofa and with her legs high in the air Donna stands over her and rips her stocking clad feet to gain access to her toes

And with Dana rubbing her pussy Donna sucks and licks and nibbles away on her toes then as she moves around to Dana she forces her whole foot into her mouth and begins to gag on her foot and licks the soles of her feet this is amazing and with Dana sliding both feet over the face and tongue of Donna this looks awesome.Just when i thought it could not get any hotter Donna begins to force her foot up Dana's pussy,yes you heard me up her pussy then begins to fuck her cunt and with her other foot she rams it in Dana's mouth,then both girls move there right feet to each others mouths and begin to suck on each others toes.The action swings to Dana on her knees and with Donna using her foot she presses Dana's head to the floor and begins to slap Dana's ass then violates her pussy with her fingers

Dana gets ordered to lie on her back and with her legs wide apart Donna uses her foot to press against her throat and goes on to use 4 fingers on her sodden pussy and with some spit play thrown in and clit licking and biting this is great,Donna also loves to choke Dana and really pounds her fingers in and out of her creamy pussy at about 100 miles an hour and with her now using a vibrator on her clit Dana is in total ecstasy.Donna squats over Dana now and makes her beg to lick her pussy as Dana tries to lift her head up to get a lick she is slapped on the tits and verbally abused.

Now it was time for Donna to go on all fours and with Dana using 4 fingers to really fuck her pussy this was hot to watch and as she picked up her pace she slapped her arse and spat on her cheeks holy god Dana is driving me crazy,with Donna having a powerful orgasm both girls swing around to face each other and indulge in some kissing and spit play then with Dana saying i love you Donna walks away.

Another stunning scene,this was a great pairing the chemistry was there and it made for fantastic viewing.Dana and Donna are really beautiful and really sexual and it was a joy to see them get rough and nasty with each other,another scene that will leave your retinas scorched.

Scene 4-Isis and Claire Adams

Can my aching pussy take anymore action,silly question of course it can but i might be on the verge of getting a guide dog after this movie,and with that the action was about to begin.The scene starts of in black in white and a beautiful girl looks seductively into the camera then as the color kicks in a blond with her hair tied back and wearing a leather cap begins to kiss and lick this girls face while gripping her throat.Both girls are wearing very sexy outfits the girl with plum colored haired looks very burlesque and has on a black and red basque she also wears red satin elbow length gloves and her hair is stunning and with her matching eyeshadow and bright red lipstick she is hot as fuck.

She has on a red and black dog collar and her nipples are pierced and she is wearing latex hold ups with red fishnet stockings over the top of them and latex knee high boots,she is doing it for me.The blond is equally as stunning and with her black leather hat and black satin elbow length gloves she looks fantastic,her lips are coated in bright red lipstick and she has dark eye liner and eyeshadow on she also wears latex hold ups and knee high boots.Both girls have beautiful bodies and with that the blond starts to dish out a spanking to the burlesque girl as she stands up outside and with the camera angle changing and black and white kicking in again it all looks very erotic.With the camera right back in there for a close up of the action and color restored the burlesque girl has her pussy pierced

She has 4 ring piercings through her pussy lips,i want this girl gets her pussy slapped and her cheeks spread apart and her tits groped and with that the action swings to inside,the burlesque girl is on her knees and with the camera looking between her legs her pierced pussy looks fantastic,the blond comes into view and walks towards her this is all set up for another classic scene.The blond only has her knee high boots on and red crotchless latex panties and looks every inch the dom,the burlesque girls figure is driving me crazy.What follows is the blond dishing out some punishment to her body using a riding crop,this is so sexy to watch her being punished she gets her hair pulled and ordered to play with her pussy.

Verbal humiliation now and the blond pulls her cheeks apart to show of her ass and pussy before the scene cuts to the burlesque girl forcing a glass toy up her asshole and as she is lying side on the floor with her leg raised high in the air this looks hot,the camera angle changes and she lies on her back and the blond is opposite her sitting on some stairs and is playing with her pussy while she barks out the orders while this girl fucks her arse with the toy and rubs on her pussy and holds the riding crop in her mouth.She gets made to slap her pierced nipples and the hot talk from the blond is getting me so wet.

The action swings to the burlesque girl being penetrated with a strap on as she lies back on a sofa,this looks so thick and as the blond begins to fuck her she screams out only to get her tits slapped then she gets made to grind herself into this strap on,this is amazing to watch.The blond takes over again and with this girl holding her legs high in the air as she gets done it looks so horny.She gets made to taste her own juices and again this looks hot as fuck then she gets face fucked.69 position now and the blond gets her to eat out her pussy and pull on her strap on while the blond feasts on this girls pussy.

The burlesque girl gets fucked doggie style and i make that 3 contented girls as i am really loving this.She gets fucked really hard and the blond reaches over and gets her to dribble saliva onto the palm of her hand then she rubs it into her face,Reverse cowgirl now and this looks great and when the burlesque girl fucks her arse with a glass toy at the same time it look sexy,i think there should be a national holiday of some sort to mark this fantastic title.After a good fucking she gets made to suck on the strap on and the toy at the same time to taste her juices and her ass before getting ordered to take of the blonds strap on and finger fuck her cunt.

I might never be able to walk again after this title,i have had multiple orgasms the walls of my vagina are on strike.To watch the burlesque girl spit and get this blond pussy nice and wet and messy then finger fuck her was awesome,she moves into doggie position and 4 fingers get hammered in and out of her while she rubs on her clit till she has a powerful orgasm then she makes this girl lick her pussy then moves around to share a sloppy kiss with her to taste her own pussy.The blond then slaps her face and spits on her and calls her a whore then walks away from her

Great scene and although i loved the burlesque girl the blond was amazing too,the action again is hard and nasty and plenty of verbal humiliation i am really loving this very intense title.

Scene 5-Ariel-Jada-Melissa-Ariel X

The scene starts of with the camera at the feet of 2 girls they are both wearing sexy heels and one is wearing black fishnet stockings and the other tan colored fishnets,they are bound at the ankles with red bondage tape and as the camera slowly pans up more tape secures them together at there knees.They both have shapely thighs and as the camera continues upwards there waists are bound with the red bondage tape,the girl wearing the black fishnets has red satin elbow length gloves on and with that the camera reaches the girls and the one wearing black fishnets has dark hair and the other girl is blond they both look gorgeous and share a passionate kiss.

The action then swings to 2 girls that i have seen before Jada and Melissa,Jada is wearing white pvc boots and white pvc hotpants and white pvc dog collar and looks sexy,Melissa has jet black hair and is wearing a black pvc number that exposes her cleavage and she has on black satin elbow length gloves and black pvc hotpants she just oozes sex appeal,she makes a move on Jada's huge tits and this is going to be great to watch.And with that both girls look at each other and say "Lets go" and they head to join the other girls,what a line up of girls in store here my pussy is going to be obsolete after this scene

The girls that are bound with the red bondage tape begin to get verbally humiliated and there asses and tits spanked while they cry out,they get made to kiss each other before the tape gets ripped from them,Melissa spits in the dark haired girls mouth while Jada set about her pussy this beats watching soaps on the television any day.The blond does not escape the punishment and her dark haired friend gets made to grind her ass into her pussy.Melissa leads the dark haired girl over to a carpeted area of the room via pulling her hair,Jada does the same with the blond and gets her to crawl on all fours over to this girl

The next bit of action has the blond being held by the hair and forcibly made to lick out the dark haired girl who was on all fours Melissa spanks her arse while Jada continues to hold her tightly by the hair,the blond gets made to finger fuck this girls pussy and this looks hot as hell,damn i am loving this and when a glass toy got inserted into her cunt there were hands all over the place taking turns to violate her.Melissa slips of her hotpants and sits on this girls face while the blond and Jada took turns to fuck this girls pussy with that glass toy.This is a feast on the eyes and i think it needs another viewing as i am trying to watch all the girls

She gets made to lick her juices from the glass toy before the action swings to Jada with her legs spread wide open and Melissa holds both girls by there hair and forces them to eat Jada's pussy and tits,Melissa slaps Jada's pussy really hard and gets the blond to do the same and she never even flinched,it's all pussy slapping and screams of pleasure and this is fucking amazing.The dark haired girl really bites on Jada's pussy lips and Melissa moves around to the blonds ass and starts having her wicked way with her,told you i will have to watch this again it's fantastic.Back to the dark haired girl and she is really squeezing Jada's pussy lips

Now the blond is eating out Melissa and as the camera jumps from girl to girl all manner of dirty acts are taking place,no complaints from me though lol.Then a hot moment as Jada fingers herself so hard she squirts all over this dark haired girls mouth and face.The action quickly jumps to Melissa dishing out a whipping to the blond girl and as the camera pans back Jada is assaulting the dark haired girls pussy.With both these girls on there knees and there asses at the mercy of Melissa and Jada this makes for great viewing.The next bit of action involves the girls lying back against the sofa and with there legs right back and on the ground what a fucking horny position for them to be in

With Jada and Melissa holding a buttplug each i think we all know what is going to happen next,this position gives total entry to the pussy or the ass without any messing about,i fucking love it.To see the girls get there asses used is fantastic and the dark haired girl has a great gape on her as Jada twists and pulls the buttplug in and out of her.Both girls get facesitiing duties now and with the experienced Jada and Melissa in control this is great.Reverse facesitting now and this looks sexy,Melissa goes on to slap this girls tits then orders her to eat her ass,the blond is getting her tits abused by Jada and fingers her pussy this is just great to watch and with more ass eating the girls get a rope tied around them and left strapped together as Melissa and Jada leave

This was wonderful so much was going on i will have to watch it again,a treat on this eyes indeed and with the experienced Jada and Melissa putting these beautiful girls through there paces it made for a truly magical scene.Hard and nasty that is the theme of this title and it really does deliver.

Scene 6-Lexi-Harmony

The final scene and the action starts with a knock at the door and as the camera man opens the door a rather nervous and hot looking girl explains that she has an appointment with Harmony,she is wearing a sexy dress and has lovely long blond locks and sexy eyes and a fantastic figure when the camera pans down she has lovely legs,i would not mind an appointment with her,an appointment sticking my tongue up her arse.She gets told to put her hands behind her back and gets invited in as she stands against the wall the camera man says "You are one of the whores aren't you" i hope to god she has not got the wrong house,there are a lot of people out there called Harmony you know lol

When she gets her dress pulled to the side and with no bra on her nipples were already hard,she gets told to turn around and stand against the wall and put her legs together,what a fucking ass she has and with her slim athletic legs i want to molest her lol.Her tan stocking tops are visible now and with a hint of pussy showing this looks sexy and with the camera tracing up and down her body we get some great shots of her legs and ass.When the camera man lifts up her dress to expose her ass i knew i would cause damage to myself tonight,think giving Stevie Wonder a cheese grater for his birthday and telling him it's a horror novel then bumping into him 6 weeks later and he whispers that it was the most violent book he has ever read in his life that is how fucked up i am,what lol.

With the teasing shots of Lexi's ass she is one hot babe indeed and with that she gets dragged with the hair and led outside and past a swimming pool to meet Harmony and she is beautiful,she has long blond hair and a lovely figure she is wearing a red fetish type jacket with zips all over it and black see thru panties and she is wearing black satin fingerless elbow length gloves and black hold ups with ties at the back and black heels.She wastes no time on feasting on Lexi's nipples.kissing,slapping and biting them before forcing her fingers into her mouth to make her gag,she goes on to choke her then share a passionate kiss with her this is shaping up to be great.

Lexi gets ordered to bend over and gets her ass eaten out and with the camera right in there to capture the action this looks amazing and with her tits getting roughly pulled on i am happy and with Harmony taking her by the hair we are on the move again only stopping to watch Harmony spread Lexi's pussy and bite her arse.Once indoors Lexi gets pushed onto her knees and Harmony helps her out of her dress before handcuffing her then she slips of her jacket then reaches for a leather blindfold and slips it over Lexi's eyes,It looks like Lexi is about to get the shock treatment as Harmony brandishes the zapper and after some taunting she has Lexi terrified.

Harmony goes on to give Lexi's nipples some shock treatment and this looks great and with Lexi blindfolded she does not know what Harmony will do next or when the next zap will arrive.Lexi's nipples are sticking out like a chocolate gateaux at a weight watchers class,she gets her tits slapped and then Harmony delivers shock treatment to her thighs and her pussy before she sits on Lexi's face and reaches around and gives her nipples the shock treatment,these girls are having fun.I would love to have these gorgeous women as girlfriends it would be a full on 24/7 lickageddon,with Harmony causing more pain to Lexi her blindfold comes of and was that a tear in her eye there awww

Some passionate kissing and licking now and this is hot,both girls are lovely and with Harmony reaching for a glass toy i cannot wait to see Lexi's pussy and ass get violated,she gets freed for her handcuffs and this glass toy shoved down her throat while Harmony pinched her nose.She gets made to go doggie style on the sofa and Harmony spreads her pussy lips and spits on her asshole before sliding her tongue all over her hole.I am in love with this woman,when she stuck a finger deep in Lexi's ass this was amazing and to watch as Harmony slipped a finger in her pussy and finger fucked both holes was really horny.

Harmony drives her tongue up Lexi's ass and she goes on to roughly slap her cheeks and pussy and Lexi is moaning like a 95 year old astmatic minus her inhaler,and another hot moment as Harmony grips Lexi's pubic hair and pulls and twists on it while licking her cunt.Mission accomplished my pussy is like Niagara Falls now,i will not be able to sit down for a week after this as my pussy is throbbing like a thumb that has just been flattened by a hammer lol.The action swings to Lexi playing with her huge nipples and lying back on the sofa she lifts both her legs high in the air and begins to slide a buttplug up her tight asshole.

She has a hairy bush that would not look out of place in the back catalogue of a color climax movie,to see this toy slip up her ass was amazing,how great was it,think about the Berlin Wall coming down and multiply by 100.We get some great close ups of the action as Lexi fucks her areshole with this toy while Harmony scrapes her nails along her ass cheeks and talks dirty to her then licks her pussy then makes Lexi taste her ass from the toy.I cannot take my eyes of her pubic hair,it's standing up like a mohican i would not mind getting punk and disorderly with her.Then with Harmony fucking her asshole with the toy Lexi slaps on her pussy till she squirts all over the place,that was hot as fuck.

Lexi licks all her juices from the camera lens before the next piece of action has her with her legs spread wide and holding her cheeks apart as Harmony licks and tongue fucks her gaping asshole,then it was Lexi's turn to lick Harmony's ass and a change of position and she got between her legs and began to feast on her asshole.It is wonderful to see Lexi's face buried deep in Harmony's ass,so erotic and horny.Then with Harmony lying back on the sofa and spreading her legs wide Lexi begins to eat her out and nibbles on her pussy lips,wow this is getting hotter and hotter and Harmony has a cute little landing strip and a lovely looking pussy.

Harmony grabs Lexi by the hair and holds her inches from her pussy then orders her to lick her and when she cannot reach she gets verbally abused,when she does get to lick her out it looks awesome and as she slides her tongue all over her slit she presses in really deep so that her nose slides all over Harmony's pussy then she goes on to really suck on her pussy lips.After watching this i think when i die my gravestone will read "She died with a wet pussy" and with that Harmony's body began to buckle as an intense orgasm ripped through her body.

Lexi gets dragged outside now and with her in doggie position she perched on the edge of a bench as Harmony made her asshole the focus of her attention she began to give her a milk enema and as she fills her ass with milk it was great to watch.Harmony tells her not to let any escape till she says so and with her permission Lexi squirted the milk out all over Harmony's face with a rasping sound,i think i have just fainted.she gets more milk inserted deep in her ass before squirting it out and into Harmony's mouth before some kissing follows..The End

Wow this was incredible what a truly fantastic scene the milk enema at the end was just so erotic to watch,both girls were beautiful and another great pairing.This has been a roller coaster ride of hard aggressive lesbian action all the girls were gorgeous and each scene brought debauchery on a high level.This title is a must have.

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