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Big Wet Asses 21
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Big Wet Asses 21

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  All Sex , Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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pwing's ratings for Big Wet Asses 21:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Big Wet Asses 21 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Big Wet Asses 21 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Big Wet Asses 21 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Big Wet Asses 21 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Big Wet Asses 21 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Big Wet Asses 21 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Big Wet Asses 21 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by pwing  on  7/12/2012
It's difficult to put together a DVD that really stands out from the pack when everything getting released from Elegant Angel these days is of such a high caliber but that's exactly what "Big Wet Asses 21" does. The tease sequences are entities all their own and deserve not to be skipped or fast-forwarded through. The lineup of ladies here is beyond top-notch and although I had my own personal favorite performances here I wasn't thinking about anything other than whichever girl was performing on the screen at the time. If you're a fan of any of the performers here then you need to purchase this title a.s.a.p.. If you haven't seen some of the girls that are presented here then this is the title that you should use to get familiar. It's not that there's nothing wrong with with "Big Wet Asses 21" but rather it excels at doing everything right. This is impressive impressive work from William H. and the Elegant Angel camp and deserves full marks.
"Your cock is mine. For whatever I want, wherever I want." -Charley Chase
Charley Chase has the honor of kickstarting this 21st installment of the Big Wet Asses series. The scene follows a now familiar formula. An initial tease features Charley gyrating seductively as she strips off a green bikini. Throughout her various stages of undress her ass is doused with copious amounts of oil and water. Charley has been really impressive lately and after the tease fades to black and the scene begins you'll quickly discover why. She's like a woman possessed and having the singular focus of turning out scorching sex scenes. The performers attack each other right from the onset and when Manuel rips through her red stockings you'll discover that she's already got a glass buttplug in. The implement remains in place as the first position (cowgirl) gets underway and when it does come out it's replaced immediately with dick and these two get to fucking at a punishing pace. Chase's Reverse cowgirl (anal) here is mind-blowing! Her tits bounce wildly and she cums twice by my count and her eyes roll back into her head. Staying true to the title Manuel breaks out the oil during doggie anal and saturates her ass; fucking her hard and sending her into a frenzy. Shortly thereafter, when she is denied the cock and is forced to beg, she forgets herself and fists her butt! A legal no-no in American DVD porn which requires the frame to become partially pixelated for a brief moment. Fucking wow! Charley is just out of her mind in this scene! She eventually winds up with a jizz splattered ass that Manuel can't help but keep fucking after he unloads. In the final frames of the scene Charley's spreading out her butthole with four fingers moaning "Look what you did!". She's just perfect here and does a tremendous job of filthy talking her way through the scene. Oh what I would give for the unedited & unabridged footage of this scene.
"It's so big for my little asshole!" -Holly Michaels
When you're done catching your breath after watching the previous scene you'll be treated to Holly Michaels. She's got one of the most perfectly balanced bodies that I've ever seen and she's all smiles and seduction as she shows it off during her tease. Her ass receives the usual oil and water treatment while she massages and shakes it for the camera. As with the first scene Holly and Manuel don't waste any time jumping right into the action. Manuel's got a hand down her shorts immediately and eventually gets her to squirt a bit before shoving some meat in mouth while he fingers her butt. The fucking begins with a spirited cowgirl where Holly displays her talent with a mixture of hardcore grinding intersperse with short quick bouncing thrusts. The view is amazing when captured from behind and offers an inviting view of her eager pink aspire while she's being pounded. Before she transitions to doggie there's a pause in the action as oil is poured in thick waves over her ass. The interesting part here is when the bottle of oil is inserted and squeezed into her ass causing her to shoot out streams of the glistening goop. If her ass wasn't receptive enough before, it definitely is now! The majority of this scene is spent in cowgirl and for good reason. It's the perfect position to showcase Holly's ass. She's got quite a talent for riding hard and the way she moves when she's saddled up is beyond reproach. This is another really great scene and a wonderful follow up to Charley Chase's opening performance.
"Stop fucking teasing me! Put your cock in my fuckin' ass!" -Jessie Rogers
Trying to find a girl that's more attractive that Jessie Rogers is a fool's errand. You have just really got to appreciate what William H. has got on display for you here. Jessie's got an ungodly amount of ass and tits stuffed into her petite frame and when you add such a beautiful smile and stunning green eyes to that equation you've got the formula for stopping traffic (or whatever else might be going on). I never subscribed to the concept of "too pretty for porn" but if I did… Ramon implements the oil immediately, lathering her up from behind until her pink holes damn near sparkle. With her panties pulled to the side the sex begins in doggie. Jessie braces herself on a couch and pushes herself intently back onto the pole that's slamming her. Once again cowgirl is the showstopper position here. Jessie bounces hard and fast which leads to the absolutely best gape of the DVD. Seriously, if you're into that, this one is screenshot> save> set as wallpaper worthy. Similar to Holly Michaels in the previous scene, Jessie is gifted in the cowgirl position. She fucks like a female, porno version of the Energizer Bunny. A break in the action for another heavy dose of oil sees Jessie bent over into a piledriver position and after she's sufficiently greased she easily takes the legal limit of digits in her ass. She remains in piledriver once the fucking resumes then after a final reverse cowgirl Ramon unloads all over her face and neck. This scene should be labeled "Caution: Girl on camera is dirtier than she appears."
So there's quite the buzz surrounding this girl lately including her own self-titled DVD Remy La Croix. Seeing her here is my first exposure to her and I am definitely interested to see what she can do. First off I have to say that along with every other performer in "Big Wet Asses 21" she looks absolutely stunning. Garbed in matching rainbow colored bra and matching bikini bottoms she's all about seductive glances and smiles while she teases and whirls about for the camera. I don't want to take anything away from the other 4 girls tease sequences but Remy's is the one that I enjoyed to most. Here she's paired up with Manuel and once again he's got a hand down her bikini bottoms just as soon as the scene gets going. He jamming his fingers deep inside her and gets her to g off before she even gets a taste of dick. She's far from done though. Remy definitely holds her own amongst the other 4 stellar performances of "Big Wet Asses 21" by fucking with passion and showing that she can take a relentless pounding. Watching her fuck in cowgirl while a cascade of oil is poured over her lower back and ass is as much art as it is porn. The shape of Remy's booty as it's captured in this position is alluring, rare and extremely hot. As if this wasn't already enough, the scene concludes with her jerking her pussy furiously while Manuel pumps her ass full of cum. Remy La Croix, I'm on board.
"Do whatever you want!" -Brooklyn Lee
Here to close out a stellar installment in the Big Wet Asses series is Brooklyn Lee. She just can't seem to keep from exposing her pussy during her tease but I doubt you'll have any complaints as she receives the oil and water treatment. Manuel returns for the fourth time and takes a more physical approach with Brooklyn than any of the previous girls. She's receptive and takes it in stride as she catches some strong slaps to her tits and ass. This girl is hardcore and it's never more apparent than during anal cowgirl. By this point her ass has been spanked to a bright shade of red and she damn near loses her mind while she's getting railed. Barely able to speak coherently, she surrenders all control and screams for Manuel to do whatever he wants. He doesn't miss the opportunity. With her head firmly planted in a white couch she gets oiled up and plowed from behind; leaving her panting from the exertion. Between the energy she's expending from getting fucked into oblivion you might think that she's running out of steam halfway through the scene but a few discreet smiles lets you know she's not yet out of her depth. The fucking continues at an intensely laborious pace leading her to into a mind-bending orgasm that leaves her shaking uncontrollably. After she recovers she gets thrown over the couch for a position that begins as doggie then transforms into… Well you'll just have to watch it and see. When there's finally a break in the action she gets her ass filled with oil but instead of shooting it out (like Holly Michaels in the second scene) she jams in her fingers and lets it spill out over her hand. After one more final position (doggie) she fields a few cum ropes to the back of her throat and "Big Wet Asses 21" comes to it's conclusion. Brooklyn Lee is fuckin' filthy and damnit I like it!
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